7 Reasons Why WordPress Is Good For SEO

Do you know? Why WordPress is good for Seo and why bloggers gives his first priority. Most of the blogger’s and online business starters want to start their business with WordPress and minority of people’s don’t want to go with WordPress. Most of folks probably don’t know about WordPress Seo friendly integrated features. Which can boost their website revenue and traffic with in short time period.

7 Reasons Why WordPress Is Good For SEO
Why WordPress Is Good For SEO

Why WordPress Is Good For SEO?

Every website beginner wants ready to work platform, where they can kick-start their business. WordPress keeps all the capability of search engine optimization and most of the already integrated in it. Let’s check it out and review these aspect, which makes the WordPress more prominent platform from Seo perspective.

WordPress Permalinks:

Spectacular default integrated Seo feature in WordPress. WordPress provides absolute interface, where you can set up your web pages URL structure and make it Seo friendly. Particular or target keyword existence is necessary to make Seo optimized web page in search engine.

ALT Tag in Images:

Image is now become the part of Seo with Alt tag. You can easily insert alt tag in Images during writing or managing an article. During uploading images, WordPress ask about image title, alt tag, caption and short description. Alt tag is used to tell them search engine crawler that this image is belongs to this specific category.

WordPress Headings Tag:

During writing an articles or pages, you need to make your headings in prominent form. This heading (h1 and h2) with keywords will be considered as content optimization part in Seo.

Proofread Writing Tool:

This one tool is integrated in WordPress editor, through this tool you can correct your grammatically mistakes with-in few clicks. Thus, you can reduce content impairments and can optimize it than before. Correct and optimized content is the sign of better Seo.

Handy Seo Plugins:

Most treasured part of WordPress is plugins, where you can easily install and integrate best one Seo plugin with your WordPress. WordPress SEO By Yoast and All in One Seo both known as excellent performance Seo plugin in WordPress. Millions of active installed plugin users, which are getting benefit with this plugin and satisfied with their service.

Video Embed Code:

WordPress is compatible with all video portals (YouTube, DailyMotion etc) and their video’s embed coding script. Now in WordPress, you can easily embed any video code at any place inside your content body. Now you can entertain your users via multimedia stuff.

Cache Support:

Money saving bank, where you can save your lot of hosting bandwidth and money. Through WordPress cache plugins, you will be capable to improve your website speed (80%) and can save maximum bandwidth through cache browsing. W3 Total Cache is one of the outstanding and free cache plugin. Better website loading speed is the achievement and factor of Seo.

Above highlighted points are leading reasons that, why WordPress is good for Seo. Moreover, WordPress keeps many other reasons, which will compel you and attract you to choose WordPress.

Let us know, if you are satisfied with out discussion and found this article useful. If you have another additional reasons, which can make this article better then let me know. For more discussion and your opinions, leave your comment below.

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