7 Reasons Why Your Social Media Strategies Might Not be Working

It is not working! We are not getting the desired results! But we made a plan! How can it not work? These arguments can come from a closed room of an organization with a number of social media marketers/stagiest having discussions about the failure of their social media strategy. Well, failure is an over hyped situation in this case. It is actually the way you see it. Here is a list of 11 reasons that may help you understand why the social media strategy did not work.

7 Reasons Why Your Social Media Strategies Might Not be Working

Talking about social media, it is digital marketing strategy that is still in its adolescence. Though this media is a fixture for everyday tasks, sometimes its unpredicted nature and frustratingly touchy feel can bother you. If you have faced ‘it’s not working stage and not been able to figure out why, this post can help you with that. Not every time what you do is wrong, sometimes how you do it also matters.

A guessing game with strategies is just not happening today where almost every business is seeking social media for marketing purposes. So here is how you can identify why your social media strategies are not working.

1: You Have a Wrong Definition of “Working”:

The marketing strategy for every business is to increase revenue. But a reality check states that social media is not supposed to. If it does, take it as an added benefit to your strategy. Social media is meant to increase interactions, growing a fan base and increasing CTR’s. As far as that is happening, your social media strategy is perfectly working for you.

2: You are Old:

Social Media is one medium that has a changing scenario almost daily. What might have worked for you yesterday might not work today because the world has moved on but you have not. So before you design a strategy, make sure you are updated with all the latest trends of the year.

3: Your Focus is not on the Right Medium:

You need an assessment of the platforms that you have been using for your social media purposes. If you were marketing on A, B and C platforms once upon a time, you need to shift your focus to a platform where your audiences are present. Keep investing in the wrong medium and social media strategies would never work for you.

4: You have ‘The Viral’ Fever:

Going viral is something that is trending on the internet today and thus a number of social media strategist put in their entire effort on making something that can go viral instead of doing something that keeps their audiences connected. To stay connected to your followers and fans you do not have to go viral. Obsessing over viral can keep you from doing something more effective.

5: You are Lacking Interaction:

Social media platforms are meant to interact with the followers. To be effective you should understand the needs of the customer and for that interaction is necessary.

6: You are Losing Patience:

Social media is not instant. It needs time to perform. You can’t just keep hit and trying every week. To be successful you need to wait till your medium is strong and you have a proper interacting session.

7: You are not moving your followers to your e-mail list:

When you are on social media and you have a number of followers, one thing that you are doing wrong is not moving these followers to your email list. It is observed that when you try to sell something on e-mail, people have a greater buying tendency for the same thing you try to sell on social media.

In the End:

So, it is for sure that none of you want to waste a lot of time on social media without results. It is enjoyable, addictive and can work wonders for you if you have the capability. It is better to hire a social media expert to increase what social media is meant to do.

If your social media strategies are not working, you have all the fixtures for yourself. Just the hire the right resource for your business. And if you are a social media strategist create a job alert so that you can be notified when someone is looking for you.

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