7 Important Things to do After Published Post

Do you know? what things are important to do after published post. Probably, almost initial bloggers do not aware about this thing and its advantages. If you written a finest quality post so, it is not enough from Seo perspective. Because nobody knows that, you written a article/post today, I’m talking about that, people have no specific source to find or read your post until they reach to your post via search engine. Secondly, article writing is an art but there is lot of further things you need to do after published a post.

7 Important Things to do After Published Post

Things to do After Published Post:

Here is few things to do after published your post, these are crucial to promote your website. It has innumerable advantages. Let review these things.

Update Your Facebook Status:

If you have published your post on your website, so don’t forget to share your article on Facebook. On Facebook you can get lot of traffic from shared links/post. Facebook fan pages and groups can increase your website traffic ratio day by day. Add this activity in your routine because this activity will help you to built your own community.

Tweet Your Post:

Twitter have its own preference on every stage. Tweet you recently published post on your twitter profile, your followers can directly engage with your tweets with ease. Your followers can view or can built conversation on your tweets, which might be very valuable for your website.

Pin Your Post on Pinterest:

Must pin your published post on your Pinterest profile, because there you can also generate lot of traffic. You Pinterest followers can see your post directly on his news feeds. Try to pin your post in different and many categories instead of single category.

Stumble Your Post:

StumbleUpon is a discovery engine, which recommend different kinds of data of his users. Add your web pages articles/post here, which can also give you high level traffic mostly from USA, UK and Canada. Users directly access your web pages and can make conversation, when StumbleUpon recommend your website of his users.

Share Your Post at Google Plus:

Don’t forget to share your published post on Google plus profiles and pages, because Google show these shared post in his search results. Similarly, you can get organic traffic, which can improve your website ranking faster and faster. Secondly, Google plus will send your post in email to your followers, which is directly linked to your website.

Submit Your Post in Social Bookmarks:

Submit your published post in social bookmarking sites is a essential component of Seo. If you have published your post so it is your responsibility to construct valuable links, which point to this specific post directly. So social bookmarking is a finest procedure/way, which helps you to built your post precious backlinks through social bookmarking sites. Major social bookmarking sites are following as, StumbleUpon, Pinterest, Deliciousbibsonomydiigo, digggetpocketslashdot and specially Reddit.

Send Email to Subscribers:

After publish post, it is your duty to broadcast a spectacular designed email to your all subscriber. These emails will update your users with your website fresh content and will keep stay in touch. You can also include your affiliate links promotion to promote your business and website.

Let us know, if you find this post meaningful and useful. If you have better one ideas than these so share with us. For more discussion or your feedback, join us via comment. 😉

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