7 Best Magento Extensions for Your E-Commerce Store

Are you on your way to building your e-commerce store or are you upgrading your e-commerce site to expand your business?

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Magento, an open source e-commerce software and platform, has won and continues to win the hearts of different online merchants across the world. Its comprehensive and competitive features make it stand out among the other e-commerce platforms.

Magento e-commerce websites are awesome in itself. But, with the variety of Magento extensions you can choose from, you can spice up your e-commerce site even better. Here are seven best Magento extensions to get you started:

Mageworx Instant Cart:

Ratings:                                  5/5

Popularity Score:                  624

Installation:                           $79

Mageworx’s Instant Cart extension makes online shopping through Magento much quicker and easier. It boasts of a Web 2.0 feature and responsive pop-ups that allow addition and removal of products to cart without the boring page reloads. In fact, more than 1,300 Magento e-commerce stores are using this extension in 65 countries worldwide.

With Mageworx’s Instant Cart extension, you will be able to:

  • Add and remove any product to cart without the boring page reloads,
  • Add products to wish list and compare products with AJAX,
  • Edit cart products or update shopping cart through AJAX,
  • Estimate shipping fees using AJAX,
  • Enable or disable extensions for individual stores,
  • Easily customize your layout through CSS,
  • And many more.

Because of Instant Cart extension’s many notable features and free updates, 100% of its reviewers greatly recommend this extension. More than that, you can also count on Mageworx for professional support regarding this extension without any additional charges.

Automatic Related Products:

Ratings:                                   4.9/5

Popularity Score:                   1921

Installation:                             $149

Defining related product suggestions for your customers can significantly increase your e-commerce revenue and sales. aheadWorks’s Automatic Related Products extension can make this task easier for you. Through this extension, you can auto-assign and define rules for specific products and create related product blocks for people who visit your store.

With ahead Works’s Automatic Related Products extension, you can:

  • Customize the visibility of blocks depending on user group,
  • Sort related product blocks according to priority,
  • Sort products in block,
  • Display out-of-stock and non-existent products in block,
  • Predefine block positions,
  • Fully customize rules,
  • And many more.

Although the Automatic Related Products extension isn’t free, many still purchase and recommend this product for its features and the outstanding support that comes with it. This extension is the best choice for cross-selling and cross-promoting your products.

Yotpo Reviews:

Ratings:                                   4.7/5

Popularity Score:                   7296

Installation:                            FREE

Product reviews and customer feedbacks help build up the credibility and trustworthiness of your e-commerce store, thus, drive you more sales. With Yotpo Reviews, you can generate tons of these reviews in a breeze. In fact, over 100,000 e-commerce stores across the world are using Yotpo.

Out of 148 reviewers on Magento’s website, 141 or 95% recommend the Yotpo extension. With Yotpo, you are able to:

  • Make it effortless for your customers to leave feedbacks,
  • Turn your e-commerce site visitors into loyal shoppers,
  • Display reviews anywhere on your site,
  • Connect closer to your customers and visitors,
  • Track and follow the ROI you generated from Yotpo’s features,
  • Better improve your products and services through the reviews,
  • And many more.

Figure out what your customers think about your products and services through Yotpo Reviews. Many online merchants describe Yotpo as a great extension that requires easy installation yet yields good results.

M2E Pro:

Ratings:                                   4.6/5

Popularity Score:                   81511

Installation:                            FREE

To help achieve your e-commerce sales’ full potential, you need your products and services to be visible in marketplaces all over the web. This is where M2E Pro comes into the picture. M2E Pro fully allows the integration of Magento-based systems into marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, and Rakuten. With M2E, managing multiple sales channels becomes much convenient.

Get listed in major marketplace listings and see your business grow. Here are the specific tasks M2E Pro can fulfill for your e-commerce store:

  • Automate organized stock synchronization across multiple channels,
  • Serve more orders with M2E Pro’s ability to quickly process a huge volume of orders,
  • Increase your product visibility across multiple marketplaces,
  • Simplify the management of your e-commerce business – from products to pricing, orders, and sales,
  • Maximize time and resources with fully automated marketplace listings,
  • Offer remarkable customer service through automated responses to feedbacks,
  • And many more.

If you are looking for an effective multi-channel solutions extension for your e-commerce business, then, M2E Pro is the best choice for you.

WordPress Integration:

Ratings:                                   3.8/5

Popularity Score:                   88839

Installation:                            FREE

FishPig’s WordPress Integration extension helps integrate your WordPress blog with your Magento e-commerce store in a matter of minutes. With this extension, you can harness the benefits of the two most powerful platforms in the web for an improved e-commerce experience. Harnessing the power of these two can give you an edge in the e-commerce industry.

The wonders WordPress Integration extension can do to your business is vast. Here are some of them:

  • No core file modifications required,
  • Magento themes can also be used for your WordPress blog,
  • Keep the same URLs of your existing WordPress blog,
  • Single login from Magento Admin to WordPress Admin,
  • Associate WordPress blog posts with Magento products,
  • Seamlessly integrate your WordPress and Magento accounts,
  • And many more.

Merge the SEO, user-friendly, and information management features of WordPress with Magento’s e-commerce features and rise above your online competitors.


Ratings:                                   3.4/5

Popularity Score:                   4037

Installation:                            FREE

A remarkable customer service plays a significant contribution to the buying decision of online shoppers, and one way to give them this experience is through the Zendesk extension. Zendesk is designed to deliver only the best customer service and support to your customers and potential buyers. It is the leading customer support extension.

Zendesk extension features comprise of:

  • Single sign-in for Magento Admins,
  • Support tickets creation without having to leave Magento,
  • Compilation of all types of queries in one place,
  • Easy-to-add widgets for your e-commerce site,
  • Relevant support tickets displayed on customer dashboards,
  • Support tickets creation from Contact page requests,
  • And many more.

Even without a huge customer service staff, especially on holiday shopping seasons, you still can provide your customers a great shopping experience with Zendesk’s help.

Canonical URL:

Ratings:                                   3.4/5

Popularity Score:                   258

Installation:                            FREE

A search engine optimized e-commerce site hands you an edge over your close competitors. With the Canonical URL extension, you can change your product URLs to improve their indexing on different search engines. This will surely improve your chances of getting your product found by potential customers and drive more traffic to your e-commerce site.

Get your products visible on various search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing to improve your e-commerce site’s sales opportunities with the Canonical URL extension.

Make the most out of your Magento e-commerce site. Consider the best Magento extensions listed above and see great results in your business!

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