50+ Google AdSense High Paying Technology Keywords

As you will be familiar with Google AdSense and their finest earnings. I already wrote an article on 50 top Google AdSense high paying keyword but this article contains only Google AdSense high paying technology keywords. So now our purpose is clear to show about tech niche based keywords, which CPC much higher than your expectation.

Google AdSense High Paying Technology Keywords

Google AdSense High Paying Technology Keywords:

Recently I have made a collection of rich Google AdSense technology based keywords. Which will help you definitely or you can write an articles on them to generate many rich traffic on your blog.

Why we are publishing those premium and selective technology niche based keywords? The only purpose is to spread awareness about technology trends, secondly through these keywords you can write article which will be relevant with these keywords then it will be benefit for you.

Keep remember that few things before go ahead, CPC bid can be fluctuate in future so these list so we will be not responsible for any fluctuations.

Let’s start to revealing those high paying technology keywords.

Keywords CPC Price
Android developers $6.27
Android app developers $10.80
Android developer blog $10.25
iOS developer $17
iOS developer portal $35
Social media management $12.35
Small business tech support $24.50
IT support services $23.89
IT support companies $24.00
Small business technology $23.00
Mobile app development $28.50
App development cost $14.50
Android for business $35.64
Using facebook for business $7.00
Facebook python sdk $25.16
Tech blogs $10.35
Online tech schools $22.07
Automotive tech schools $16.74
Custom application development $21.01
Desktop application development $22.05
Web application developers $15.66
Best uk web hosting $37.41
Small business web hosting $37.35
Dedicated web hosting $38.50
Dedicated web server hosting $46.63
Managed hosting service $31.92
Managed wordpress hosting $17.47
Install wordpress theme $15.31
Seo firms $31.83
Seo service company $24.63
Seo companies $21.48
Top seo software $30.82
Search engine optimisation tools $14.35
Creating your own website $12.83
Tech education $10.55
Smartphone application development $22.38
IT network services $50.69
Content delivery network architecture $19.32
Best content delivery network $12.74
B2B email marketing best practices $29.35
Effective email marketing $30.89
Automated email marketing $44.93
Custom software development $34.13
Software development companies $29.70
Data analytics $30.35
Data analytics software $30.50
Website builders $23.77
Build a website $24.95
Web hosting php $14.59
Server monitoring tools $26.27
Social media monitoring tools $17.02

Above collections of keywords approximately representing the technology niche keywords. This collection will be proven better, if you utilize it in better way and direction. We collect these premium keywords from Google instant search, Google keyword planner tools and many are associate with our years of experience.

Let us know, if you finds this article and list useful and valuable. For more discussion you may join on our community forum or can leave your comment below.

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Shahid Laashary
8 years ago

Siraj Brother I want to know about my site is ban for adsense or not, it is showing ban, when we try to check it please help us to remove that restriction on our website or if you have any trick or tactics then also let us know.

8 years ago

Hello Mahmood,
I have a small question. I want to use google doubleclick ads. But don’t know how to use it. Can you please tell me a details? It will help me.

Thank you.