5 Important Things To Do After Installing WordPress

WordPress is a most chosen platform around internet for web development. Effective thing about WordPress is that, it is open source platform and free of cost. Easy to installation with in few clicks without any hurdle. Today we will discuss about, what important things to do after installing WordPress on your hosting. After installation, what essential things are needed to be implement.

5 Must Important Things To Do After Installing WordPress

Important Things To Do After Installing WordPress:

Majority of blogger doesn’t care about this aspect due to hurry in nature. But remember that, little changes can create huge impact on your website. Let’s find out the important things that you should to do after installing WordPress.

5 Important Things To Do After Installing WordPress
Fresh Installed WordPress Dashboard Preview

Change Default WordPress Tagline:

When you complete the WordPress installation process, you should need to change the WordPress default tagline immediately. Because this tagline will be shown in search engine as a website title.

5 Important Things To Do After Installing WordPress tagline
Just another WordPress site

If you do not change tagline then it can be a drawback for your website. To change this tagline go to -> Settings from WordPress Dashboard then -> General and replace the default tagline to new one.


5 Important Things To Do After Installing WordPress replace tagline
Replace ‘Just another WordPress site’ tagline to another one

Change WordPress Permalinks Structure:

WordPress permalinks structure is most important factor in Search engine optimization. Another name of permalinks is URL (Uniform Resource Locator) which is use to  locate a specific web page. Just you need to do is go to -> Settings from WordPress Dashboard then -> Permalinks and change permalinks Default to Post Name.

5 Important Things To Do After Installing WordPress change permalinks
Permalinks Structure Setup

After change permalinks structure then must click on Save Changes button. When you changed the permalinks structure then whenever you add any post,page,category and portfolio then title will be automatically selected as a URL.

Remove Unnecessary Stuff:

Fresh and default installed WordPress contains some freak data like Sample page, Hello World post and Hello Dolly plugin which are totally useless. The only purpose of these stuff is to presenting a demo site. You need to remove those post, pages and plugins.

Add Essential Plugins:

A new WordPress comes with default themes and plugins which are few in numbers. So it’s time to decorate your website according to market trends but something are crucial like Seo for marketing, Statistics reports, tracking reports, Security is necessary and much more. We will utilize plugins to accomplish our needs. Review the below list of plugin, which are important for basic purpose.

Remove Unnecessary Comments Tags:

Marketer and experts do not allow hyperlinks in comments, which most beginners blogger do that because they are backlinks hunger. Even these backlinks are totally nofollow, which means that search engine crawler do not crawl those hyperlinks. Default installed WordPress contains few html tags under comment box, which are looking ugly and make no sense unlike helpful to create hyperlinks. So you need to do remove those under comment html tag through this way, open your function.php file and add the below lines.

[su_highlight]add_filter( ‘pre_comment_content’, ‘esc_html’ );[/su_highlight]

Let us know, if you like this article and found useful for your journey. We mentioned only major aspect and factors, which are necessary for fresh installed WordPress. If you want more discussion on that topic and have another one queries then let me know via comment.

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