5 Big Mistakes to Avoid During Blogging Journey

Blogging is incredible, if you are on right way. Almost blogger have various kinds of problems during his blogging journey. If you have high quality content, so it is not enough for making money. You need to improve your searching performance in search engine. Beginners bloggers do 5 big mistakes during his blogging journey, these mistakes create problematic issues.

5 Big Mistakes to Avoid During Blogging

5 Big Mistakes to Avoid During Blogging:

We find 5 distinctive and common mistakes that almost bloggers do. Let’s find out these following mistakes.

Ignore Guest Post:

Beginners are not aware about guest post advantages, that’s why, they ignore this crucial aspect. Guest post gives you strong Dofollow backlinks, and gives you opportunity to introduce your community on another platform. On blogging initial level, mostly bloggers are not acquainted with it. Ignorance from guest post is the huge mistake and push your site into ditch from itself.

Guest post actually laying your site links on internet, same like cobweb. Guest post will provide you opportunity to introduce your bands and product among thousands of readers. You can Write with us to boost your site rank.

Ignore Refresh Content:

Bloggers do not focus on refreshing previous content. Actually they are still not acquainted with it. Majority of bloggers put concentration on publishing articles everyday. But they forget to update the previous content.

Mostly bloggers claim that, they are receiving traffic for few days on new published articles but after passing weeks there is no more traffic on that articles. The logic behind this act is that, Google algorithms focus on fresh content instead of old, So, if you update your old articles with time then you can maintain your site traffic with ease. You can avoid this mistake to update your old articles with consistency and can improve traffic ratio.

Increase inactive Time Period:

Increase inactive time period on site can push your site into narrow ditch. This mistake can happen with beginners, because newbies have no exact time, but a finest blogger is responsible for his duties.

Sometimes, beginners ignore publishing post and put some gap, similarly inactive time period comes. This inactive time period rises big distance among you and your competitors. Search engines always gives preference to regular website instead of inactive sites. You can avoid this one mistake, and can perform your task better than your competitors.

Stop Creating Backlinks:

As we familiar with importance of backlinks and its advantages. Sometimes bloggers put his concentration on articles and ignore this crucial aspect. But the actual fact is that, Backlinks drives tons of traffic on your website in the shape of refers site. If you think that, you have enough external links so, remove this error from your mind, Backlinks can easily drop anytime from partner sites.

Please never stop creating backlinks. As a SEO consultant, we would suggest you to create 2-3 backlinks on regular basis, it will keep your site healthy and wealthy every time.

Repeat exist Content:

This is a common mistake during deciding topic. Mostly bloggers repeat existed articles and this repetition can creates lot of problems. Firstly, Search engine don’t like these articles because it is a replication from others. Secondly, these kinds of articles creates competition among those article, who already existed on search engine. Thirdly, next competitors can steal your content words during writing their articles.

To avoid this mistake, you need to write something unique from others. Don’t behave like a copycat, perform your duties as a professional and responsible person.

Let us know that, which mistakes you find in this article that which you were doing. These mentioned mistakes only write for reader convenience. You can avoid these 5 big mistakes during blogging and can become a successful blogger. For more interaction, submit your feedback or opinions via comment.

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