5 Best Alternatives To Access Blocked Sites

Most often countries block some sites due to lots of issues. Users of these countries faces various kinds of troubles and problems because some sites are essential for education and entertainment purpose. Same like, YouTube is blocked in Pakistan whereas Skype is blocked in UAE (United Arab Emirates) and Vimeo is blocked in India . Similarly there are numbers of websites, which are blocked by governments, service providers and by company. Today, we will talk about, how to access blocked websites. Keep remember that, we are promote this way only for educational purpose, if you misuse this way so you will be responsible for this not us, so it’s up to you.

5 Best Alternatives To Access Blocked Site

How To Access Blocked Sites:

Here are numerous ways to unblock the blocked websites. We will reveal only better one ways, which performance is excellent and competitive. Lets start to find out the best one.


ZenMate is a private secure and safe internet connection. ZenMate provides you freedom of internet access, where you can get access all unblocked websites. ZenMate is a free of cost service and no bandwidth threshold, it has some premium features like turbo speed and more location around the world and desktop apps but you can get access all websites in free plan. You can get access or utilize ZenMate by his Google Chrome Extension.

5 Best Alternatives To Access Blocked Sites zenmate

Hotspot Shield:

Hotspot shield is a free VPN service, which protect your privacy and hide your IP address. Hotspot shield is software, after installed this one software in your system you can get access on all block websites easily. But it has daily bandwidth threshold, after completed or cross the allocated bandwidth hotspot shield do not work more. They also deals in premium accounts with unlimited bandwidth, you can purchase this one software. Start your trial free.

5 Best Alternatives To Access Blocked Sites hotspot shield


HideMyAss is a virtual private service network, which offers private VPN service. HideMyAss is offers premium and free service but it is recommended for companies and organization who want to hide their IPs even hackers gives his preference to this service because they utilize dedicated VPN servers. If you have solid budget so you can continue with this service. Unlike HideMyAss offers free website access proxy to unblock all blocked website with in seconds. There is no bandwidth limitation but they will stick their ads above browser header.

5 Best Alternatives To Access Blocked Site hidemyass


Zalmos is one of the best online web proxy to unblock all website include YouTube, Facebook, Google and twitter etc. They provide free of cost web proxy and currently do not offering any premium plans.


4EverProxy is another one finest online web proxy, where you can unblock each website with ease. 4EverProxy provides you a SSL secure interface, where a user can manage their browser cookies, remove unnecessary scripts and objects before page loading then can open any of the blocked website with in single click. They have great loading speed with no bandwidth limitation and they do not deal in premium plan because all are free for user convenience.

Above these websites are spectacular opportunity for you because these are essential and free of cost. Let us know, if you think that these above resources are beneficial for you. Don’t forget to share your opinions and feedback to us via below comment box.

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8 years ago

Dear Siraj,

Thanks for this informations. Right apt time for this article. Guys are in dire need of this.:)

Looking forward to more informative articles in future.