40+ Important Computer Shortcut Keys

Nowadays every next person spending his day and nights with his computer or laptop devices. So computer shortcut keys can makes your life easy in this tough schedule. Computer shortcuts run commands very effectively and can make your work much faster than generally. As a passionate blogger, you should remember few important computer shortcut keys, which awareness built up your talent and boost your work. Let’s see below and memorize the below computer shortcut keys.

40 Important Computer Shortcut Keys


Shortcut Keys Short Description
CLT + A Use to select the entire sentence, paragraph, link or content.
CLT + S use to save any image, file, doc in your personal computer.
CLT + F Use to find or search anything in the current web page, doc and file.
CLT + G Use to find and replace content in MS Word.
CLT + H Use to navigate to history in almost browser like in Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Explorer.
CLT + J Use to open Downloads section in Chrome and also use to give justify alignment in MS Word.
CLT + K Use to open insert hyperlink in MS Word and also use to navigate to address bar in Chrome browser.
CLT + L Use to select entire address bar current URL and also use to give left alignment in MS Word.
CLT + Q Use to close current tab and folder.
CLT + T Use to open new tab in almost browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer etc.
CLT + U Use to open view source in all browsers. Secondly also use to give underline to any text in the editors.
CLT + I Use to italicize your text in any editor.
CLT + O Use to open new file or projects in all programs.
CLT + P Use to run print command. You can easily take print out by pressing this command, a printout options or pop up will appear.
CLT + M Use to move your paragraph further away from the margin.
CLT + N Use to open new program window in programs and also use to open new window in browsers.
CLT + B Use to make your text bold in all editors.
CLT + V Use to paste copied item.
CLT + C Use to copy anything.
CLT + X Use to cut any content or item to paste it.
CLT + Z Use to Undo your actions.
CLT + SHIFT + Esc Use to open window task manager.
CLT + Esc Use to Navigate on Start menu.
CLT + TAB Use to insert space or margin in your paragraph lines.
CLT + SHIFT + N Use to open new incognito window in chrome browser.
CLT + SHIFT + T Use to re-open the most recently tabs in Chrome, Firefox and almost other browsers.
CLT + SHFT + I Use to open inspect element in almost browsers. You also can open inspect element by simply press F12 key.
CLT + SHFT + O Use to open bookmark manager in chrome browser.
CLT + SHFT + B Use to show or hide bookmark bar in chrome browser.
CLT + SHFT + D Use to bookmark the correct open page in your browser.
CLT + SHFT + Q Use to exist from the current browser.
CLT + SHFT + C Use to open inspect element console section.
CLT + SHFT + Q Use to exist from the current browser.
CLT + SHIFT + DELETE Use to Clear Browsing Data pop up immediately or directly to in Chrome and Firefox.
CLT + F4 Use to close any program and browser.
CLT + R Use to reload your current tab in your browser.
Alt + Right Arrow Use to go forward in your current tab.
Alt + Left Arrow Use to go back in your current tab.
Clt + Alt + Right Arrow Use to rotate display right.
Clt + Alt + Left Arrow Use to rotate display Left.
Clt + Alt + Up Arrow Use to rotate display Up (Default or Normal Screen Display).
Clt + Alt + Down Arrow Use to rotate display down (Completely opposite to normal display).


Above we described 40 plus shortcut keys with short description, which helps you to understand the functionalities of shortcut keys.

Let us know, if you found this article beneficial for your future journey. If you are facing any trouble regarding about computer shortcut keys so please join our community forum or you can write your comment below.

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