40+ High PR Social Bookmarking Sites 2015

High PR Social Bookmarking Sites:

High PR Social bookmarking sites are the prominent factor of Search Engine Optimization. Almost bloggers and SEO experts emphasize on the submission site in bookmarking sites. There is a lot of advantages of that submission, influential benefit is site traffic in the shape of strong backlinks, which can be the cause of high PR of our blogs.

High PR Social Bookmarking Sites

Remember that, In 2015 SEO Guide, we mentioned once again the worth or significance of social bookmarking site in the shape of sturdy backlinks. Keep remember few things before go ahead below shown site list rank can be fluctuate with the passage of time, and we will update this list again in future for user convenience. Let’s discuss the high PR social bookmarking sites, which will be help you to establish powerful backlinks. Review the below high PR social bookmarking sites.

Source Page Rank Alexa Rank (Global)
 www.Pinterest.com 9 26
 www.reddit.com 8 36
 www.stumbleupon.com 8 270
 www.delicious.com 8 1,591
 www.Cloudytags.com 8 13,213
 www.digg.com 7 617
 www.scoop.it 7 815
 www.slashdot.org 7 1,442
 www.diigo.com 7 2,058
 www.fark.com 7 2,972
 www.newsvine.com 7 4,288
 www.bibsonomy.org 7 5,682
 www.folkd.com 6 2,867
 www.metafilter.com 6 2,933
 www.blinklist.com 6 7,575
 www.gather.com 6 29,721
 www.Getpocket.com 6 1209
 www.icio.de 6 121,358
 www.kinja.com 6 1,936
 www.mylife.com 6 14,277
 www.squidoo.com 6 7,883
 www.bizsugar.com 5 10,192
 www.kaboodle.com 5 21,347
 www.stylehive.com 5 25,030
 www.buddymarks.com 4 28,784
 www.Bookmark-manager.com 4 25,373
 www.bookmax.net 4 15,512
 www.freelink.org 4 118,352
 ww2.ikeepbookmarks.com 4 34,847
 ww2.ikeepbookmarks.com 4 34,847
 www.lilisto.com 4 25,855
 www.linkagogo.com 4 13,340
 www.myhq.com 4 19,692
 www.wirefan.com 4 50,110
 www.hyperlinkomatic.com 3 18,518
 www.Cloudytags.com 3 18,518
 www.mysitevote.com 3 30,055
 www.segnalo.com 3 309,815
 www.sitebar.org 3 30,544
 www.iloggo.com 2 127,563
 www.sitejot.com 2 12,214
 www.startaid.com 2 15,863
 www.whitelinks.com 2 30,179

Utilize these above mentioned high pr social bookmarking sites and try to avail it. Usage of social bookmarking sites will enhance your site appearance or visibility on internet world. Delicious, StumbleUpon and Reddit are the internet front pages, which will increase your site searching rank or crawling speed. These social bookmarking sites are necessary element and foremost preference of SEO.

We concluded that, Social bookmarking submission task/action will increase your site traffic, We would suggest you to read, Top 10 Social Bookmarking Sites for SEO. Try to submit your daily published articles on Social Bookmarking Sites with consistency. Social Bookmarking have tons of traffic, Which you can divert on your submitted articles. For more discussion, leave your comment below. 😉

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Kumar Sanu
9 years ago

This is really awesome sites list for getting high pr social bookmarking links.

Maha khan
9 years ago

Excellent Content !!
thanks for sharing such a nice information with us.

9 years ago

Thanks For Sharing High PR Social Bookmarking site list.

Mohd arif
9 years ago

Hi Siraj,

Excellent Work bro, social bookmarking is best way for generate instance back-links for site, and can generate huge traffic on your website.

Thanks so much for sharing great bookmarking list.

Shanaya Robert
9 years ago

Bookmarking is still good way to create backlinks.
Thanks for sharing a great list of bookmarking sites list !!

9 years ago

This information is enormously helpful. Thank you for sharing the list of high pr bookmarking sites…!

Barbra Robert
9 years ago

Thank you for sharing the list of high page rank social bookmarking sites.

9 years ago

Very Informative post even I personally use these site for SEO.

Rahul Yadav
Rahul Yadav
9 years ago

Thank you very much for this post sharing.Really nice.

Kavya Jain
8 years ago

Its a group of huge website collection at one point.Thanks for sharing this websites.

Cado Magenge
8 years ago

Thank you sharing this 40 high pr social bookmarking sites list 2015, its very useful to me.

Sonia Bray
Sonia Bray
8 years ago

I have use your bookmarking list but there are few websites are not working so please update your list like connotea, bizsugar and buddymarks. Thank You so much for your kind attention.

Venkatesh Bandari
8 years ago

It really helped for my site. In getting traffic.

Darrin Benner
8 years ago

Your collection of Bookmarking Sites list are rally effective. I am searching this kind of Do-Follow Bookmarking sites List. So Fortunately I have got thats on your website. It’s a great collection you have on your Website.I am doing social bookmarking around this list. I think all SEO expert will searching your website for Good Job. I Really appreciate for your contribution to arrange all this things. Thanks for sharing .

7 years ago

Hello ! one of my keyword ” career after 12th commerce ” is positioned on google at 35 rank. i have done on page seo. how it can improve. Guide me

6 years ago


Thank you for sharing your knowledge, Could you please suggest Social bookmarking sites for Health Sector???