4 Ways To Increase Website Traffic

Nowadays, increase website traffic is something like hot chili because traffic insights is like a backbone of any website. When you start a blog journey then may be, these kind of problems must be happened with your blog carrier.

Increase website traffic

But remember that, no one can’t make professional without any fluctuations, life makes us experienced person with the passage of time. These up and downs will made us a well experience personality.

Ways to Increase website traffic:

Today i will show you these variations, which happened in my blog carrier. Increase website traffic procedure can be effortless, if we follow some rules and techniques.

Reanimate Old Post:

Almost bloggers doing a tragic actions, they publish post every single day but after do that they don’t focus on it again. That is why, your competitors will rank his articles on Google first page instead of yours. When i start blogging journey then my react same like this but by and by, I realized that my article are going to ditch because my old article had not giving me traffic now. So, i quiet to publish more articles for couple of time and renew my previous articles because we knew that, Old is Gold.

Website Design:

Website design is a vital cause of returning visitors. Website theme should be responsive or mobile friendly. Actually, We ignore this factor because we don’t want to understand the user needs. If we think as our user/visitor/reader perspective. So, we will know that factor is essential because user feel comfort, if they get his information quickly instead of wait on slow mode.

Website speed 100% matter, because search engines add this factor in 2015 absolute Seo. You can increase your website speed through image optimization. Search engines also rank site on the behalf of user-friendly layout and attractive free opportunities for users. Must care about user feedback and opinions because they are the source of your website progress. Make your site layout, menus straight forward until a common person can understand your website criteria.

Search Engine Optimization:

Hopefully, everyone will be the familiar with this aspect. Without Seo no one site not capable to get organic traffic. Seo keeps the website alive and fresh for search engines. Some crucial elements required to make Seo friendly site such as, XML Sitemap, Robots.txt file for search crawler instructions, Meta-tags, Create backlinks, Social media sites appearance and consistency in daily blogging. Must read On page Seo and Off Page Seo fundamentals to grow your traffic.

Invite Friends:

Responsible blogger needs to invite his family relations & friends on his community, where all can earn information and share to others same like social sharing procedure. Ready an attractive email invitation and send to friends. Invite your social media friends and appeal all of these that they also can contributing on your site without hesitation. Encourage your task and specially motivate his creative skills. If you are a WordPress user, then read how to invite friends on WordPress blog.

Let us know, if you have prominent way to accelerate the website traffic then we love to listen it. Yet if you have any issue or questions then inform us through comment. 😉

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