4 Best comment Box Plugins for WordPress

4 Best Comment Box Plugins for WordPress:

Nowadays, the crowd of website and blog growing day by day on internet. So, competition no more exist in website figures now the competition found on best service. Assume that, a blog have lot of articles which bring us beneficial feedback through comments. As we know, underneath every article we always found a comment box for feedback’s. If you are a WordPress user then you better know, a default comment box already be there after installed WordPress. Same like this, WordPress have the lot of attractive plugin for comments and these plugins contains multiple features.

4 Best comment Box Plugins for WordPress

Today we will discuss 4 best plugins for WordPress comments. Some Peoples use comment box from Seo point of view and some use to get numbers of beneficial comments. As my own experience, I suggest my viewers beware about spamming because spamming can eaten your web rank easily. In other words spamming are invalid activity which are prohibited on internet. Let’s start talk about on commenting plugins. 

1. JetPack By WordPress:

JetPack is a powerful admirable plugin using for multiple purpose. When you installed JetPack on you WordPress this means you have a dozens of skillful plugins. JetPack has dozens multiple features. Jetpack could be using the purpose of comment/feedback, traffic stats, short-links accessibility,social sharing buttons, mobile theme facility, fair subscription box, sidebar widgets, related post option, shortcodes and many more features.

4 Best comment Box Plugins for WordPress

After installed this finest plugin you can interact millions of WordPress user. JetPack has no cost completely free. Automatically newsletter sending option for subscribers and get notification on same time when author publish new post on site, these features proved that, JetPack is appropriate solution for WordPress bloggers community. JetPack does update his plugin features with the passage of time. Click Here to download JetPack for your website.

2. Disqus:

Disqus is the another powerful plugin having efficient feature. Actually its use third-party website to integrate in WordPress individually. You need to install disqus plugin for WordPress and sign up on disqus website finally connected both each others. All comments will be moderate from disqus dashboard not your WordPress dashboard. Disqus is my preference due to the security reason disqus is the fantastic. In other words we can say, Disqus played important role to avoid spamming comments. Disqus comment system is quite simple, you need to provide username or password while publishing your comment. Disqus will send you alert email if someone reply on your comments.

4 Best comment Box Plugins for WordPress

Disqus is compatible with following platforms e.g (WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, Durpal,HTML&Js). One elegant feature of disqus is that, when you leave comment any blog through disqus then your disqus profile connected with your every single comment. If you are not interested to sign up on disqus while commenting so, you can use social media profile through Disqus like as (Google+, Facebook, twitter). This feature is already found in disqus. Click Here to download Disqus for your website.

3. Facebook Comment Box:

Facebook comment box similar disqus system, Means that integrate with your Facebook profile. Both plugins mechanisms are reflect each other. Otherwise let’s see, If you put comment on any site through Facebook comment box then published comment able to show in your news feed due to the reason of your profile were connected with Facebook comment box while commenting. and your friends are capable to see and reply this comment. In Above lines you will see, sharing is occurring friends to friends. Mostly,we use Facebook comment box when tons of traffic comes from Facebook to on our site. Check the preview of Facebook comment box as under:

5 Best comment Box Plugins for WordPress

4. Comment luv:

Comment luv is an appreciable premium WordPress plugin. Mostly user like him very much due to his ability of his features. Comment luv is Reliable and Seo friendly,Read 5 things that with increase organic SEO.In premium commentluv plugin, contains some advance anti spam and sophisticated features to decrease the level of spamming. Finest feature of comment luv is that, all links are Dofollow, means you can get strong backlink through comment. In other words we can say, website owner allows to Google to index our comments links. Behind your comments (rel=”dofollow”) this tag have presence,this relation tag proves the presence of dofollow links.

5 Best comment Box Plugins for WordPress

You can engage you traffic statistic from commentluv dashboard. Commentluv provide social media interaction like twitter.You can estimate the popularity of comment luv this way, Commentluv have 10k active users on websites or blogs.Hope you will be the next 😉 Click Here to download premium commentluv & read more.  

Let us know, about your opinion and feedbacks 😛 . If you have better choice instead of these then please share with us. We always respect and give honour to our users. You can subscribe our newsletter for new articles/post to keep update yourself. For further query oR share ideas in below comment box.

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Prizm Michal
9 years ago

According to WordPress, there are over 60 million people who have chosen WordPress as the platform for their website. WordPress is a very customizable CMS software, which means you can accomplish almost anything you want with it. It also has a lot of developer support so there are many plugins available, most of which are free.