Coronavirus Putting Extra Load on Internet Service Providers

Coronavirus Putting Extra Load on Internet Providers

The pandemic of coronavirus is creating great hawk all around the world and now it has spread almost all around the world. As per the latest report by Worldometer, at least 164 countries are affected by coronavirus and 218,759 cases have been reported all around the world and until today 8,944 people have lost their lives because of coronavirus.

Coronavirus Putting Extra Load on Internet Providers


The top three most affected countries are China, Italy and Iran. With total reported cases of coronavirus, which are 80,894, 35,713 and 17,361 respectively. These figures are freighting and that is a reason that several of the organizations have delayed or reimagined their product launches and conferences because it requires their staff to travel to other countries.

Chief Marketing Officer

CMO of Google stated:

Coronavirus Putting Extra Load on Internet Providers

“Due to the growing concern around the coronavirus (COVID-19). In alignment with the best practices laid out by the CDC, WHO and other relevant entities. Google Cloud has decided to reimagine Google Cloud Next ’20, which will still take place from April 6-8”.

Microsoft Official

An Official from Microsoft said

The health and safety of our MVP community is a top priority. Due to growing concern, we’ve decided to shift our 2020 MVP Global Summit to a digital experience with exclusive, in-depth technical sessions on March 16-20.

Virtual Workplace

Along with reimagining conferences, the routine tasks of almost every organization around the globe are affected. Most organizations have directed their staff to perform their duties from home. So, it requires staff to use the internet and other related software like Skype and Microsoft teams. This decision, which by all means is appropriate but it has led to a significant increase in the load on internet service providers. Akamai, a firm that tracks global activity over the internet. It has reported that there has been a 50% increase in the load of internet service providers. Around the world, the internet providers are trying to manage the load of the increased number of users.

Vodafone Internet Service Provider

As reported by Vodafone:

Coronavirus Putting Extra Load on Internet Providers

“it is experiencing a 30% rise in internet traffic across its UK fixed-line and mobile networks”.

Talk Talk Internet Service Provider

TalkTalk another internet provides has said:

Coronavirus Putting Extra Load on Internet Providers

“Its daytime network traffic was 20% higher”.

Although, internet provider organizations are claiming. They are successfully coping with the demand for unusual traffic and expected to do it for a longer period of time. In this regard, the official from Talk Talk has said:

“We continually optimise our network for both our consumer and business customers and are well prepared to ensure they receive reliable connectivity”.

Until now, there doesn’t seem to be any major disruption over the internet globally. However, the chances are higher for countries that have weak or limited resources for the internet. So, if they struggle to provide internet services then there will be almost a complete shutdown of major business activities. In this regard, we as responsible citizens of this world would have to use the internet for those activities that are necessary.

Two Divergent Perspectives About Technological Advancement

Two Contradictory View Point for Technology Advancement

In this modern age of Information and Technology. The artificial intelligence is becoming utmost vital part of organizations, irrespective of nature and scope of business. In this regard, there are two divergent view point for Technology Advancement.

Two Divergent Perspectives About Technological Advancement

The proponents of the first school of thought believe that use of artificial intelligence or automation would lead to dwindling of labor forces. However, there are other psychologists and sociologists. Who are of the opinion that with employment of new technology. The only major change will be in the role of workforce. Which will be bolstered and it would be naive to consider technology as an alternate of human labor. For example, the Sassar an Industrial Psychologist has said:

How succinct a burger is at McDonald? But if, the frontline employee. Who doesn’t treat the customers properly than the taste of burger would be undermined and customers will be unsatisfied.

Pessimistic View Point for Technology Advancement

Those who are of the view that technology will dominate the in future assume technological advancements in robotics and computers will quickly exceed those of labor in several tasks. So, when the progression in technologies turn out to be more cost-effective than most organizations will shift their methods of production from labor-intensive to technology domination. As, it can be observed from the goal of the Cambridge Industries Group, who has planned to automate 90 percent of its workforce operations. Moreover, it’s not the job of the lower level workforce, employed in warehousing and transportation that will be impacted. In fact, the advancement in technology will also anticipate to affect the jobs of those skilled employees. Who are in supply chain planning.

2# Two Divergent Perspectives About Technological Advancement

The claims that technology would significantly replace the workforces in near future are often supported by scientific inquires. For example, a recent study has proposed that 47% of jobs in the United State of America are expected to be replaced by artificial intelligence. Similarly, another study conducted in the United State. Which was intended to test the relationship of robotics technology on employment opportunity. It was reported that there would be a significant decrease in wages and employability.

Optimistic View Point for Technology Advancement

On the other hand, the optimistic view sees this technological advancement as an opportunity because the advent and usage of technology at the workplace would open new avenues of employment. It is because technology will not work in vacuum. In fact, it requires humans to control and govern it. Therefore, according to optimistic viewpoint, technology will not completely destruct the workforce, but it demands them to improve their capability.

3# Two Contradictory Prospective About Technological Advancement

So, as per the humanistic perspective, it’s not new. Advancement in technology, in a particular field, has taken place in the past and in the long run, it proved to be beneficial for employment. For example, with the introduction of spreadsheet in 1985. A large amount of data could be managed easily and with almost no error. Resultantly, the corporations welcomed this technology in their business with open arms and there was a 44% decrease in the demand of bookkeepers from 1985 to 2017. However, the introduction of the spreadsheet has led to a significant increase in the demand of the employees. Who can run these softwares. So the jobs of auditors and accountants have risen by 41% and reached 1.8 million in the USA from 1985 to 2017. Moreover, during this time the demand for financial consultants and managers had quadrupled and reached 2.1 million.

Two View Point for Technology Advancement


In the end, we are of the opinion that no doubt that the employability of technology for business operations is an inevitable reality. But does this necessitate the dwindling of employees and wage rates? The answer to this is “NO”. The usage of technology puts additional demand on corporations to maintain the smooth operations of the technology. Which necessitates the induction of new employees. Also, a deeper understanding of the business process provides a rationale for organizations to form new jobs to better serve their customer’s needs.

The eVito Van Travels Up to 421KM in One Full Charge

The eVito Van Travels Up to 421KM in One Full Charge

Mercedes is a German Multinational company and it has its head office in Stuttgart, Baden-Wurttemberg. Mercedes Company is well-known for its luxury vehicles and its product line also includes buses, trucks and ambulances. Recently, Mercedes parent organization Daimler has revealed the latest version of eVito for European market. Now the claim of Diamler for eVito, an electric commercial van is that it is  highly energy-efficient vehicle. The eVito in one full charge can travel up to 421 Kilometers. This latest model is above100% more energy-efficient than prior model that could travel up 150 Kilometers in one full charge.

The eVito Van Travels Up to 421KM in One Full Charge

Battery Capacity and Capability of eVito Van

The leap of efficiency in energy in the latest model of eVito is largely because of a new 90kwh battery and this battery capacity is more than double as compared to a prior model of eVito. Which was employing a 41kWh battery pack. The standard version of eVito comes with 50kW charging capacity however, buyer can ask for an additional of 110kw. This additional charging capability significantly improves the speed of charging for latest model of eVito. More precisely, this additional capacity of charging enable the eVito to have a charging of 80% within 45 minutes if, it was at 10%.

1#The eVito Van Travels Up to 421KM in One Full Charge

The eVito Engine and Luxury Features

As per the Diamler the latest model of eVito has a 150kW motor on board and it almost generates the power of 204 horsepower which can easily move up to 9 passengers. Keeping in with core competency of Mercedes, the Diamler has paid attention to the luxury feature of the eVito. Accordingly, the eVito has air suspension, active brake and a cruise control. Other luxury features of car includes Apple’s 7 inches touchscreen, LTE modem and Mercedes Pro service. This service assists the driver to manage the car’s operation in real time and even allows the driver to have continues updated information about the battery’s current state.  2#. The eVito Van Travels Up to 421KM in One Full Charge

For a more detailed review of eVito please click here.

The eVito’s Target Audience

The Diamler via its eVito van is targeting the commercial market. Which is an omen that shows that Mercedes Company is trying to cater to the general consumers who are looking for electric motor vehicles. Actually, eVito is real transformation of the idea which was revealed last year on Geneva motor show by a German Auto maker with name of EQV electric van notion. Other than eVito, Mercedes in its electric product line also has the sprinter cargo van.

3#. The eVito Van Travels Up to 421KM in One Full Charge

Competitors in Electric Car Market

In order to cater the needs of energy efficient consumers. It is not only Mercedes who is striving to make its name in fact, there are other car manufacturers like Ford Motors who are offering electronic cars for the customer. So, last week the Ford announced its all-inclusive model of an electric cargo van. Rivian, a Michigan originated venture is also working on an electric van to handle the delivery of Amazon. Similarly, Nissan is also in the competition of electric vehicles with its leaf powerd e-NV200 model.

Coronavirus is Compelling Organizations To Reimagine Conferences

Coronavirus Has Compelled Few IT Giants to Reimagine Their Conference

The epidemic of coronavirus continues to escalate. As per the reports of World Health Organization. In total, there have been 92,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus and the death toll has approached 3,011. Unfortunately, the patients and mortalities are expected to rise in near future. The fear to get stuck by this almost incurable virus has hampered almost every activity of life in every part of the world. For example, the iPhone 9‘s production is expected to delay and IT organizations are reimagine Conferences.

Coronavirus Has Compelled Few IT Giants to Reimagine Their Conference

The giant organizations like Google, Microsoft and Facebook are acting actively to avoid the wrath of coronavirus. Accordingly, as a preventive measure especially form the viewpoint of their employees. These corporations have replaced or canceled their core trade shows and conferences. Some organizations have announced to conduct virtual events like live product launches and video conferencing. In order to restrict the traveling of its employees to other countries. It is because coronavirus is swiftly crossing the borderlines. So in this article, we will endeavor to provide you a list and a brief description of the events. Which few, information and technology-based corporations have either postponed, replaced or even canceled.

Cloud Next 2020

Google has recently made an announcement by keeping in mind the health and wellbeing issues of its stakeholders that next conference will be conducted online. Now, keynote speakers and experts will contact audiences in a virtual environment. In simple words, it will be the multi-day digital experience for almost everyone. Moreover, Google is reimagining conferences in the future because of coronavirus.

Alison Wagonfeld

The Chief marketing officer at Google said:

Coronavirus Has Compelled Few IT Giants to Reimagine Their Conference

Due to the growing concern around the coronavirus (COVID-19). In alignment with the best practices laid out by the CDC, WHO and other relevant entities. Google Cloud has decided to reimagine Google Cloud Next ’20, which will still take place from April 6-8.

Cloud Next, this April is expected to lure almost 30,000 audiences in San Francisco. However, the virtual medium of the conference had led the google to announce. It will refund all the tickets purchased for the conference and also, google will cancel all the hotel reservations. Which were ordered via its conference booking system.

Most Valuable Professional Summit

Alike Google Cloud Next ’20, the Microsoft Corporation has also canceled its most valuable professional summit. The summit is expected to take place in third week of March this year in Bellevue and Redmond. Microsoft has announced to reimagine conferences into virtual ones which will be held in March 2020. However, their team is working on alternate arrangements for the actual conference. The cause of remodeling this conference is again the COVID-19 coronavirus that is spreading fast. An official from Microsoft Corporation has stated:

The health and safety of our MVP community is a top priority. Due to growing concern, we’ve decided to shift our 2020 MVP Global Summit to a digital experience with exclusive, in-depth technical sessions on March 16-20.

F8 Developer Conference

F8 developer conference is conducted by Facebook on annual bases. Where entrepreneurs and developers who generate various products and services over websites gathered mainly to share their experiences with others. Unfortunately, this conference. Which was expected to be held in San Jose has also been canceled.  Now, Facebook is planning to remodel it as a virtual conference. Just like, Google and Microsoft has planned to do. Again, this decision of Facebook management is taken by keeping in mind the health safety regulation issued by the World Health Organization to avoid coronavirus.

Konstantinos Papamiltiadis

As the director of Facebook said:

1-Coronavirus Has Compelled Few IT Giants to Reimagine Their Conference

“We’re planning other ways for our community to get together through a combo of locally hosted events, videos and live-streamed content.”

These few examples of giant organizations. Namely, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft show that almost everyone. Irrespective of size is psychologically or physically is affected by this growing epidemic. So, it demands every member of society to be socially responsible and play its part to minimize the impact of coronavirus. Reimagine conferences is one step taken by the IT organization to prevent the coronavirus to spread.

Top Five Free Browsers for Android Phones

Top Five Free Browsers for Android Phones

In this era of information and technology, almost every one of us uses internet for various purposes. For example, a student in Pakistan might search for top colleges in the USA  that are offering engineering degrees and a human resource manager would be looking for an electrical engineer, who can maintain a production plant. So, irrespective of nature and purpose the use of internet is very common in our life that sometimes we don’t even realize it. In simple words, it is difficult to imagine a life without the internet and especially products like free browsers.

Top Five Free Browsers for Android Phones

Nowadays with the invention of smartphones, access of internet isn’t just limited to home or office. In fact, it is always with you in shape of a smartphone. So then the important questions are:

  • Which means we use to access the World Wide Web?
  • Is it best mean available?
  • Are there other more efficient tools to explore the relevant websites on internet?
  • Does, it have an efficient way to control the noise while we visit websites etc.

All of these vital questions can be answered. If, we are mindful of various browsers and their features. Because it’ basic to any system that is actively connected to internet. It’s your browser that shows the different relevant options related to your queries. Therefore, it is key that we should be aware of the top-ranked internet browsing software and if they are free it would be an added advantage. So, in the subsequent part of this essay. We will provide you the list of top-five free browsers that are absolutely free for your android handset.

List of Free Browsers

  • Vivaldi Browser
  • Ecosia Browser
  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Opera Browsers

Vivaldi Browser

It is the most recent browser on our list which was generated by developers. Who worked at Opera so they were mindful of the main operations of a browser. Vivaldi Browser is equipped with various consumer-friendly features. The desktop version incorporates synchronization with cross platforms, an implaned note function, website screenshot, privacy mode and last but not least swift change of search engine when required.

To download this browser for your android set click Vivaldi Browser.



Best Free Browsers for Smartphones

Ecosia Browser

Ecosia is a socially responsible mobile web browser and its main focus is to make the world a green place. That is why it donate 80 percent of its profit to grow and look after trees or plants. Like other main browsers, this environmentally friendly browser offers features such as bookmarks, different tabs, privacy browsing mode and downloads. But being high on social responsibility factors. As an organization, Ecosia provides its users a sense of identification with its browser that they are part of something big and their activities are in some way will assist the world to be a better place.

To install the browser for your android smartphone click, Ecosia Browser.


Top Five Free Browsers for Android Phones

Google Chrome

This is the most well-known browser and ranked top in our list of browsers. This android browser is often pre-installed within a handset you buy and if someone after purchasing the handset keep using it then it would be a witty choice. Its main characteristics envelopes limitless browsing tabs, synchronize with google chrome besides latest martial designs available, highly supportive for most android operating systems and there are several other characteristic for basic or power browsing. Moreover, there are categories of chrome browser namely beta chrome, regular google chrome, chrome canary and chrome dev. All these types have always proved to have the latest browsing features for android before any other browser.

Top Five Free Browsers for Android Phones

For the installation of click, Google Chrome.

Microsoft Edge

The Microsoft Edge browser was launched by Microsoft incorporation 2015 for Windows. But recently in 2017, it has been launched for Android and iOS. Its core feature incorporates its lower usage of storage capacity and it also effectively synchronizes with desktop version. Other features of this software are hub characteristics, read bar code, privacy mode and voice recognition etc. This browser is most suitable who often uses other products of Microsoft in their system because it has the utmost compatibility with them.

Top Five Free Browsers for Android Phones

For free download press on Microsoft Edge.

Opera Browsers

This is also very effective browsers for android phones which was first released on the 10th of April,  1995 by Opera. It also works for Window and iOS. This browser is often found help in controling noise like unexpected advertisements while one is viewing a website because it has a partial feature of ad block in it. Moreover, it has its own dashboard where you can find new and favorite stores along with an option to compress and save the video of your liking. Alike, other major browser by making an account with opera user can synchronize the data of android version with desktop. This software like Microsoft Edge also does not require much space on your storage drive.  

Top Five Free Browsers for Android Phones

To download free click on Opera Browser.

In nutshell in this article, we have provided internet users a list of top free browsers for android phones. So in this article authors have provided brief descriptions related to all five top free browsers. Which smartphone users can opt, depending on their requirements. For example, if a user requires low storage consuming browser than he or she should look for Opera or Microsoft Edge. Moreover, if a user is high on social responsibility factor then he/she should choose the Ecosia Browser.

Apple Agrees to Pay $500 Million for the Settlement of Batterygate Matter

Apple Agreed to Pay $500 Million for the Settlement of Batterygate Matter .

Apple is an American organization. It has its head office in California. Almost anyone, who has even a wee bit of knowledge about information and technology than he or she would be definitely mindful of Apple. Basically, it is a technology-based organization that deals with computer software and consumer electronics etc. Among its fine line of electronic products one with which consumers often identified itself, is iPhone handset. Since the inception of iPhone almost a decade ago, Apple has been a part of several controversies however, one that has been most impactful in recent past is the battery-gate scandal. A name that has been adopted over internet when apple was accused to throttle the older iPhone model to save battery life.

Apple Agreed to Pay $500 Million for the Settlement of Batterygate Matter .

Batterygate Issue

Batterygate controversy initially emerged at the end of 2016. When it was found that iPhone handset unexpectedly started to shut down during the update of its operating system. Especially when its battery reaches 30%. Accordingly, in the last month of 2016. Apple started to look into the matter.  Subsequently, in February 2017 apple reported it is able to reduce the unanticipated shutdowns for 6S and iPhones employing 10.2.1 iOS. However, in late 2017. When a developer revealed benchmark evidence. Which showed that it was an intentional effort on the part of Apple to slow down the operating system of older versions of iPhone to promote the sales of new models of iPhone. This allegation was later accepted by Apple. So in order to compensate this intentional control over operating system. Apple later in 2018 offered a battery replacement for particular models of iPhone at discounted rates.

Apple Agrees to Pay $500 Million for the Settlement of Batterygate Matter

Slowing down a consumer’s iPhone through update was found to be a breach of an implied contract between iPhone consumer and Apple Incorporation. Therefore, Apple Incorporation was sued by several of its consumers for breaching the contract during 2017 and 2018. So after the prosecution of two years last week court has given its verdict and now Apple has given its consent to pay $500 million to settle the case of batterygate. However, Apple didn’t accept any wrongdoing from its part. In fact, as per the court document the Apple has agreed to pay $500 million just to avoid the lengthy and cost consuming battel with its consumers.

Settlement Details

As per a report anyone in the USA. Who used or still owns iPhone. Namely, iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s and 6s Plus or employing iOS 10.2.1 or even later version. Moreover, owner of iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Who are employing 11.2 or later would be eligible for benefits from Apple Incorporation for the settlement of the case. So such consumers could be compensated by Apple Incorporation with an amount of $25. However, this amount is dependent on number of claims approved. Notably, the names who were actually part of this case against Apple Incorporation expected to get $3500 at max. Whereas, the attorney who was actively involved in this case would get 30% of the settlement amount which is $90 million.

Apple Agreed to Pay $500 Million for the Settlement of Batterygate Matter

In the end, it could be said that Corporations almost always exist to improve their profit. So in order to be lucrative, they intentionally consume the rights of its consumers. Therefore, it is highly recommended that there should be consumer consortiums. Who could safeguard the rights of consumers and most of them are often unaware of technical aspects of products.

Overview of Upcoming Models of Samsung Galaxy S Series for Potential Users in Pakistan

The Samsung Corporation is one of the top-rated South Korean organization. It deals with different types of electronic devices ranging from routine appliances like Washing machine to small electronic chips which are often used in the industry. Among its products, the smartphone industry is one which is dominated by Samsung Corporation for decades and to date, it has obtained the highest market share in cellphone Industry. Samsung is able to obtain the top market position is mainly because of its innovative culture. Which is depicted through the various categories of its smartphones that each year have new and user-friendly features. There are several series of Samsung smartphones for example, Samsung Galaxy S Series and Samsung Galaxy M Series. So in this short article authors will try to guide, the potential Pakistani users about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S Series.

Upcoming Models of Samsung Galaxy S Series

Inquires like from where Pakistani’s can book Samsung Galaxy S series smartphone. Moreover, this paper will also provide a brief detail of specification and accessory one can obtain with three latest models of Samsung Galaxy S Series.

The Samsung this Thursday has announced an extra bonus of above Rs.5000/- on galaxy S20 series in exchange for older cellphone. This smartphone comes in different colors that are cosmic gray, cloud pink cosmic black, cloud pink. Moreover, the S20 Ultra series of Galaxy comes in cosmic gray and black. In terms of its pricing, the Samsung Galaxy S20 will cost Pakistani consumers almost Rs.1, 64,999/-. The prices of Galaxy S20 Plus and Galaxy S20 Ultra are Rs.1,88,000/-only and Rs. 2,16,000/-only respectively.

Overview of Upcoming Models of Samsung Galaxy S Series for Potential Users in Pakistan

Pre-Booking of Upcoming Samsung Galaxy S Series

This year Samsung is offering pre-booking for the potential Pakistani consumers for all three models of Samsung’s S series. The pre-order accessories, you could obtain with these upcoming S series of Samsung are as follows.

  • Along with its core components like storage and CPU, the pack of Samsung Galaxy S20 will incorporate the tripod and smart band.
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 plus in its accessory will incorporate Smart band, tripod and wireless battery.
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra with its pack would have a tripod, smart band, and galaxy bud plus.

Overview of Upcoming Models of Samsung Galaxy S

Sources to Book Samsung Galaxy S Series

The latest series of Samsung Galaxy S20 can be booked through virtual and real stores. Pakistani consumers could make their reservations by using the following web sites. However, sometimes some of these pre-order pages do not function properly in Pakistan.

Coming Models of Samsung Galaxy S

Specification of Samsung Galaxy S Series

Galaxy S20

The Galaxy S20 smartphone of Samsung will have the following specification.

  • Internal Storage 128GB.
  • Camera 12MP+64MP+12MP +10MP (selfie camera).
  • Battery 4000mAh.
  • Display 6.2 inches.
  • Operating System Android 10.

Overview of Upcoming Models of Samsung Galaxy S Series for Potential Users in Pakistan

Galaxy S20 Plus

The main specification of Samsung Galaxy S20 plus is as follows.

  • Internal Storage 128GB.
  • Camera 12MP+64MP+12MP + 10MP (selfie camera).
  • Battery 4500mAh.
  • Display 6.7 inches.
  • Operating System Android 10.

Overview of Upcoming Models of Samsung Galaxy S Series for Potential Users in Pakistan

Galaxy S20 Ultra

The core specification of Samsung Galaxy S20 ultra is as follows.

  • Internal Storage 128GB.
  • Camera 108MP+48MP+12MP + 40MP (selfie camera).
  • Battery 5000 mAh.
  • Display 6.9 inches.
  • Operating System Android 10.

Overview of Upcoming Models of Samsung Galaxy S Series for Potential Users in Pakistan

In this article, authors have endeavored to provide precise information to the potential Pakistani consumers about Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S series. So by reading this essay readers would be able to know about the specifications and prices of Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 ultra. Accordingly, the users would be able to book and later purchase a phone that best matches its requirements.