A Contemporary Method of Testing Glucose in Blood

A Contemporary Method of Testing Glucose in Blood

As per the report published in 2014, there were 422 million diabetic patients in the world. Unfortunately, this figure is expected to rise in the near future and in 2035, as per the report of the World Health Organization the total number of patients could reach 580 million. In order to cope up with this disease, patients have to continuously measure their level of glucose in the blood. So to test glucose level in blood patients often employ portable glycosometer which requires at least a drop of blood that should be put on glycosometer’s strip to have the result on the screen. Some of the patients test their sugar once a day. Others have to take this test more than once a day to monitor their level of sugar in the blood.

A Contemporary Method of Testing Glucose in Blood

Tear Based Testing of Glucose in Blood

Process of pricking and then obtaining the drop of blood from patients is not only painful but also, it can cause infection. So to avoid pain and risk of infection scientist for several years are looking for safer alternatives. One such, alternative that has been recently created by USA and Brazilian scientists is a glass-based biosensor. It can measure the level of glucose in blood via tears of a person. This less invasive test for blood sugar uses the enzyme glucose oxidase in a person’s tear as identified by the biosensor installed in the goggle. This glass-based biosensor uses a common type of enzyme from patients’ tear which doesn’t require pricking and taking drop  of blood. In this way, the patient would not feel any pain. Nor, he will be at risk of infection. Moreover,  tears of the patient can also be used for other tests like the alcohol level.

A Contemporary Method of Testing Glucose in Blood

Process of Testing Glucose in Blood

The glass-based biosensor was generated by the scientists of the University of São Paulo’s São Carlos Physics Institute in collaboration with the University of California’s Department of Nano-engineering. In order to make this glass-based biosensor to work patient ought to have a tear. Which is usually obtained by exposing the eye of a patient to an eye sensitive substance in order to stimulate the lachrymal gland that produces tears in eyes. Once a tear comes into contact with glucose oxidase then it changes the stream of electrons. It produces a signal. Which is processed and recorded by a device fitted in the arm of eyeglasses. This device afterward sends report to a computer or smartphone with which it was connected.

São Carlos Chemistry Institute

Laís Canniatti Brazaca, the researcher and physician at São Carlos Chemistry Institute and a co-researcher said:


A Contemporary Method of Testing Glucose in Blood

“The concentrations of various metabolites in tears reflect concurrent blood levels, making them an attractive medium for non-invasive monitoring of physiological parameters”.

This less invasive method of testing glucose in blood would be helpful for several diabetic patients. Because they by employing this approach without any pain can check their sugar. Also, the patient would not run the risk of infection that might be caused by frequent prinking. Moreover, this method is expected to be less expensive because it would involve the onetime cost of purchasing an eyeglass. Which can be used for better vision. Also, it could assist people in testing other vital tests such as vitamins.

Tik Tok is Introducing Family Mode for Adults to Control the Activities of Teens

TikTok is Introducing Family Mode for Adults to Control the Activities of Teens

The Chinese own application TikTok is endeavoring to introduce parental control. By employing Tik Tok family mode, guardians or parents will able to link their Tik Tok account to their child’s accounts. So parents through their account can switch on or off the features of Tiktok for their children. Particularly, it incorporates the restricted mode. Where the manager of children accounts will able to filter the inappropriate content and even he/she can turn off the messaging service. Tiktok usually has an age limit of 13 years. However, there are pre-teens, who are still employing Tik Tok. As per the United Kingdom’s communication regulator namely, Ofcome. It has been reported that in 2019, Tiktok was used by 13 percent of all children. Who aged between 12 to 15 years and it was 8% higher than in 2018.

TikTok is Introducing Family Mode for Adults to Control the Activities of Teens

Tik Tok Family Mode Restrictions and its Method

Guardians or parents who have a Tiktok account or generate one for monitoring purposes can connect their account to their children’s account. So that they could be able to control the safety settings. Adults ought to open the application on both cell phones and then head to digital wellbeing setting so that parents or guardians can identify which cell phone belongs to them which one they require to control. Moreover, in order to connect the one phone with another, you need to scan the QR code from one phone to another, thereby providing control to parents over certain features of children’s accounts.

Tik Tok is Introducing Family Mode for Adults to Control the Activities of Teens

Some aspects of this controlling feature are as follows.

  •  Controller (parents or guardian) can turn off or on a restricted mode.
  • The controller can block certain content.
  •  The controller can restrict the incoming messages to a particular selective set of people.
  • Parents can put a maximum limit per day for the usage of Tiktok for their children

These features are available for Tiltok users for some time but it requires to be set on your child’s phone manually. Additionally, such features require users to set a password that needs to be revised after every 30 days.

Parents Discretion

So by employing Tik Tok family mode parents could become a good digital partner of their children, who can not only guide them about the appropriate use of Tiktok but can monitor their activities. It is vital because Tiktok in one way or another has caused serious damage to people. Especially, who are in their teens? In fact, there have been cases where people particularly, teens have lost their life. So, Tiktok is not an appropriate application for the pre-teens. Nevertheless, it is a software and its pros and cons depend. How, we use it. Therefore, it should be the choice of the parents or guardians whether they want their young ones to use the Tiktok or they want them to use it within certain restrictions set by them. In this regard, an expert from children’s Charities’ Coalition on Internet Safety in the UK said:

“I spent a lot of time on TikTok recently. The simple truth is it is no place for youngsters of 13 – their declared minimum age”.

Google Map Understands the Sensitivity of Border Line

google map

Recently google has redrawn the world border and now the borderline is different for viewers. The google map has incorporated an intelligence feature that shows border with respect to the political philosophy of a country.

Google Map Understand the Sensitivity of Border Line

Border of Kashmir

If a person looks for the borderline of Kashmir from outside of India than it will appear in the dotted line. This conveys the meaning of a disputed area. As reported by the Washington Post.

“the borders on Google’s online maps display Kashmir as fully under Indian control. Elsewhere, users see the region’s snaking outlines as a dotted line, acknowledging the dispute”.

Particularly, If someone tries to view the border of Kashmir from Pakistan than google map will show that it is a disputed area. This policy of fairness basically shows what people of that country want to see or what their government claims are.

Google Map Understand the Sensitivity of Border Line

A Google spokesperson said:

“Google has a consistent and global policy to depict disputed regions and features fairly, showing claims made by the disputed or claiming nations on its global domain”.

Google Fairness Policy

By adhering to this policy of fairness google does not become a part to any right or wrong which is mainly dependent on the region you are in. So in this way google now will able to cater the needs of its viewer better than before. Google officials are of the opinion that through this intelligence feature. Google maps could provide better and more update accurate knowledge to its users. As per a post, it was explained that from Argentina to UK to Iran the border which is shown by Google map vary from the viewers and it depends on the geographic location you are living. This is because Google and mapmakers, they simply change the dynamic of the map, subject to indigenous political philosophy.

Mission of Google

The mission of Google Corporation is to cover the entire world.  Now with this adoption of borders with respect to the perception of the viewer. In a particular region might add towards a positive image of google service than before. Nevertheless, it is expected to have a significant impact on map users. Because almost 80% of the market share in the mobile maps is captured by Google Corporation.

Borders and religious matters are very sensitive issues and it can have severe consequences for Google Corporation. Moreover, with the passage of time google map service has learned a lot. That is why the decision related to the border are shrouded in secrecy and even those who actively take part in its management at the web are also not aware of its dynamic. As it was reported in a post related to google map service:

“It is influenced not just by history and local laws, but also the shifting whims of diplomats, policymakers and its own executives,” the report quoted as saying people familiar with the matter on the condition of anonymity.

Perhaps it’s the mindfulness of Google Corporation to generate such a product which cater the need of its customer. Which led Google to be one of the best map service in the world in just a decade and a half.

Top Five Technological Advancements of Last Decade

Top Five Technological Advancements of Last Decade

When we pounder about technological advancements. Which we employ in our routine life than we come to know that there are several of them. Some of which have never existed few years back. It ranges from food delivery applications like Food Panda and online movie streaming service like Let Me Watch. So, in last decade and so. There are so many technologies that we employ in daily life. Which were invented or discovered in recent past.

This is a reality that there are certain very useful technological advancements that have been introduced in past decade. They have made our life easier than before. For example, with the introduction of Ubar application. We can easily arrange vehicles using our mobile phone to travel from a destination X to a destination Y. Moreover, with help of Easy Paisa. We can pay utility bills and make payments in few minutes by using our mobile. Keeping in line with the above discussion. In this article to the best of our understanding. We will provide a list of recent technological advancements that have significantly impacted our everyday life.

Prior Ten Years Technological Updates

 LED Light Bulb

The LED bulbs are more energy-efficient than the incandescent bulbs. Which were used in the last decade. These old bulbs use to spend a great part of electricity on generating heat. However, it was until 2010 that LED bulbs were expensive and unfeasible for domestic use. Instead, they were mainly employed in industries. Afterward, it was General Electric and Philips. Who developed more energy-efficient bulbs that can be used by the general public. These bulbs use 80% less energy than its predecessor incandescent bulbs and they can last 25000 hours.

Best 5 Technological Updates


Initially in 2010, the name of iPad was mocked by many people and also, people did not like the size of iPad. Despite all, the criticism until today 400 million units of iPad have been sold. This spawned rivals from the likes of Google, Samsung and Microsoft. In this decade the iPad has become a key device for business. For example, if you visit a food chain or retail store. Then you will able to experience that several organizations are using iPad as an alternate for cash register and often for inventory tracking. At present, there are more than a million applications for iPad in the application store that can be useful for different industries like real estate, medicine and education.

New Technological Updates

Driver Less Cars

Apple and google have recently initiated the testing of fully automated cars. Several main car producer along with ride managing organization such as, Lyft and Uber have since adhered suite and now passengers can hire driver less cabs which are beta tested in several cities like Pittsburgh and Phoenix. This is a major contribution of car producers who are working on such technology because it would have several significant benefits in shape of safer road and less accidents. As per a report through self-drive car there will 90% less loss of life in road accidents.

New Technological Advancement


Amazon Alexa

Alexa was introduced by Amazon in 2014 and it is adding a great deal in order to bring the internet product to customer’s home. Alexa is a voice recognition device that can perform pre-set tasks such as, current weather conditions, access Wikipedia articles and create a list of things as told. Since its introduction the more people have been using Alexa. With the help of Alexa you can ask Alexa to order a burger and switch on the room lights etc. Now a days voice-enabled virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa are used by thousands of people in their houses all around the globe. At present, there are more than 1 billion voice searches per month and it expected to rise in the near future.

Top Technologies of Previous Ten Years

Kindle Paperwhite

The first paper-white was launched in year 2012 through amazon the king of online publishing. The paper-white is felt and read just like a book or it mighty be closer to it. It has converted millions of people from paperwhite to e-readers. Rivals are not been able to compete on choice or price. Amazon on continuous add audio books and default set of a dictionary to this electric podium.  With easy access to several 1000 of new titles people are strongly bonded with it and most often they travel with Kindle.

New Technology Updates of Last 10 Years

In nut shell, under this article to best of our knowledge. We have tried to provide a list of most basic technology that has been either updated or introduced in the last decade and they are substantially assisting us in our daily life.

Steve Wozniak, One of The Oldest Employee of Apple Corporation

Steve Wozniak, One of The Oldest Employee of Apple Corporation

Steve Wozniak, the Apple’s co-founder who left the corporation in 1985 is still receiving a salary from Apple on weekly bases. Wozniak in a recent episode of a podcast with Guy Kawasaki’s has told that he is still getting a paycheck of $50 each week from Apple Company. Moreover, he also claimed that he is the only person, who is getting the paycheck from apple since its inception. So technically,  Steve Wozniak the Apple’s employee is the oldest among staff.

Steve Wozniak, One of The Oldest Employee of Apple Corporation

Steve Wozniak

During the podcast when Kawasaki’s asked Wozniak that, are you still the employee at Apple Company. Wozniak honestly stated:

Steve Wozniak, One of The Oldest Employee of Apple Corporation

 “I’m still an Apple employee. The only person who’s received the paycheck every week since we started the company. I get a small paycheck and out of it after whatever goes into… Whatever the funds that companies have for saving your money. I mean, I don’t even know. I’m so non-financial. I’ve never read financial papers.”

This amount, which will be approximately Rupees 2, 65,000 per year isn’t paid in connection to its service in fact, it has symbolic value attached to it as further told by Wozniak.

Steve Wozniak an Undiplomatic Person

Further discussing about Apple corporation the Wozniak told that he has strong feelings about the company and also, mentioned that he was mindful of the fact that as he was an outspoken and honest person, so he felt a misfit for the inside operation of Apple corporation. Furthermore, in podcast Wozniak told that its money, which often changes people and he was one who has never bothered about it so never affected by greed of money. He said that I never follow stocks and have never looked for his shares of apple. It’s known to most that Wozniak contribution to apple was mainly in the field of hardware and software engineering. Whereas, he let Steve jobs to handle the business side of the Apple corporation.

Steve Wozniak Still Successful

Wozniak lack of inclination towards matristic aspects could be judged from the incident. When he didn’t reluctant to express its concerns with Apple Corporation, regarding their decision to take away the headphone jack from its phone. Wozniak criticized the Apple Corporation for this. Moreover, he called the Apple watch as not persuasive to purchase. Despite being its unusual inclination towards the money he still has a hefty net worth of above $100 million entailing its business and stocks.

If, you want to listen to the complete podcast of Steve with Wozniak Guy Kawasaki’. Please click here.

Updated Operating System, A Must Requirement for WahtsApp Users

WhatsApp Mandated, Its Users to Employ New Version of Operating System

Android phone users. Who are using an outdated operating system. Now they are no more allowed to use the service of WhatsApp and even other applications owned by Facebook. As, it was stated by officials of Facebook that it is our key goal to make sure. All Facebook-owned applications should become more secure for its users. So, smartphones employing Android 2.3.7 or older and iPhone users. Who are using iOS 8 or older will not be able to use their service. Particularly, WhatsApp and Facebook. In simple words, new version of the operating system in android phone is a must requirement for WahtsApp users.

Updated Operating System, A Must Requirement for WahtsApp Users

Updated Operating System For WhatsApp

The operating systems for which WhatsApp is plummeting its support are bequest operating systems that are no longer can be updated by its users. Moreover, few devices like iPhone-4 which only work with iOS 7, will also not be suitable for the use of WhatsApp. As Ben Wood, chief of researchers at CSS Insight (a research and advisory company) has stated:

WhatsApp Mandates Its Users to Employ New Version of Operating System


“WhatsApp clearly had no option but to ensure its service remains secure, however, it faces the difficult side-effect that the app is no longer compatible with older smartphones.”

WhatsApp Warned Its Users

This decision pertaining to WhatsApp and other Facebooks owned apps would have an impact on several users. Who are using older versions of operating systems for their mobile phones. The WhatsApp which is one of the most installed application of the last decade has warned its users almost two years ago in 2017. So now from 1st February 2019 onwards all the older users of the operating system have to either look for a new mobile or must have to download a new version of an operating system. So, an updated operating is a must requirement for all WahtsApp users

A spokesperson of WhatsApp said:

WhatsApp Mandates Its Users to Employ New Version of Operating System

“This was a tough decision for us to make, but the right one in order to give people better ways to keep in touch with friends, family, and loved ones using WhatsApp.”

WhatsApp’s Dual Value Strategy

So, by all means, it’s a good step taken by WhatsApp and Facebook management. Although, some users might not appreciate it. But given the importance of user’s data security and fines that these organizations have to bear in the past for matters related to user security. It is wise on the part of WhatsApp. Otherwise, who knows one day they might have to take the drastic steps. Like Avast, who is currently planning to shut down its subsidiary, Jumshot. Who is alleged to sale vital customer’s information, as obtained from Avast. So prevention is better than cure and overall, it seems to favor both, the service provider and its users.