Avast Announced to Shut Down Jumshot

Avast Announced to Shut Down Jumshot

The free Antivirus softer provider, Avast is winding up the operations of its subsidiary company known as “Jumshot”. The subsidiary was started by Avast in 2015. Its core operations incorporate examine the consumers’ online behaviors through their clicks, searches and purchase trends across several groups from more than 150 websites.  Like, Google, Amazon, Walmart and Netflix. Avast Announced to Shut Down Jumshot

Avast and Its Users Data

Recently, Avast has been alleged to gather data regarding what its consumers did online and then sent it to Jumpshot. Who afterward tried to sell the information to some of its clients, as reported in media. However, Avast claims that its user’s personal information. For instance names, contact details or emails have never been sold or even shared with anyone. This claim of Avast is evident in the statement of its CEO, which was made public on 29th January 2020.

Avast Announced to Shut Down Jumshot


“Protecting people is Avast’s top priority and must be embedded in everything we do in our business and in our products. Anything to the contrary is unacceptable”.

Avast CEO Apologized

Nevertheless, there seems to be some issue regarding the privacy of data of Avast users and perhaps that is why, after acknowledging the issue concerning users’ data, Ondrej Vlcek the CEO of Avast has made an apology to its stakeholders.

CEO of Avast


“I realize the recent news about Jumpshot has hurt the feelings of many of you, and rightfully raised a number of questions – including the fundamental question of trust. As CEO of Avast, I feel personally responsible and I would like to apologize to all concerned”.

 Implication for The Shut Down of Jumshot

Overall, the shut down of Jumshott extends beyond Jumpshot and Avast practices. It shows that sometimes. How security technology runs the risks of going beyond its rightful boundaries and thereby brings to the breach of user privacy. This might be because the data related to masses are hot sell in the market. Almost every, organization in the market tries to have a greater chunk of information concerning internet users. So that they can sell it to other organizations or use it to their advantage in the best way possible.

Although, Ondrej Vlcek has claimed that Avast is abiding the laws related to user data protection but given the decision for the shut down of Jumshot. It will be of vital importance that relevant authorities should conduct an audit of Avast and Jumshot. So that real issues pertaining to consumer’s data protection can be pinpointed. This will be in the interest of technology organizations and their users as a whole.

Coronavirus Might Affect the Production of iPhone-9

Until now, Coronavirus has affected several countries of the world and China is suffering the most. The panorama of adverse aftermaths of this virus could be huge. It is expected to impact several industries or sectors that have their prime functional units in China. The manufacturing sector is anticipated to get most affected if, establishment chooses to shut down the vital installations. So, in case it happens then it is highly likely that the production of iPhone-9 might be delayed.

Coronavirus Might Effect the Production of iPhone-9

The Coronavirus has caused cough, fever and flu. These are common diseases but to date there isn’t any known cure for these common diseases, as caused by this novel virus. So prevention is better than cure because there is not any. A vast majority of Apple’s manufacturing is done in China. So the attack of Coronavirus could severely impact the supplies of iPhone to several markets, worldwide.

Reports About Production of iPhone-9

Recently, it has been reported by Bloomberg that if the situation of Coronavirus continues to aggravate, as it seems so, then it is most probable that the production of iPhone-9 could be affected most. The reason for which is the location of iPhone-9 manufacturers namely,  Pegatron and Foxconn. These top manufacturers of iPhone have most of their production facilities near to Shanghai. Which is almost 500kms away from Wuhan. Which is reported to be the main hub of Coronavirus’s outburst. Although, the manufacturing facilities seem to be quite far away from the Wuhan but as per the Bloomberg it isn’t far enough to escape from the effects of Corona-virus.

Moreover, in another report. It was revealed that Apple has ordered 65 million of its prior model of iPhones along with 15million units of iPhone-9. So that the aggravating issue of Coronavirus can be dealt with utmost care. Moreover,  this report also proposed that Foxconn has its own plan of keeping its production unaffected because of this novel virus.

Statement of  Foxconn Technology

The current position of Foxconn technology regarding the production of iPhones in China seems to be positive. It can be observed from the recent media statement of Foxconn, as reported by Matthew Kanterman.

“….monitoring the situation in China and following all recommended health practices. It declined to comment on production in specific locations but said, We can confirm that we have measures in place to ensure that we can continue to meet all global manufacturing obligations.”

Until now, there is no explicit information concerning the production of the iPhone-9 in China. Although, media reports and Apple are suggesting that iPhone-9 will be launched in March and afterward, it will be shelved soon. But at the face of it, we believe it would be a daunting task if, not impossible.

Swiss Post is About to Restart Its Drone Delivery Services

Swiss Post is About to Restart Its Drone Delivery Services

The Drone Operations of Swiss Post will recommence on 27th January 2020. The Swiss Post has suspended its drone services in August last year. It was because a test drone was crashed just 150 feet away from a group of children in Zurich. The Matternet M2V9 drone when it crashed, was carrying a weight of more than 10kg. So, it could have severe consequences for kindergarten students who were playing near the drone crashes.

Swiss Post is About to Restart Its Drone Delivery Services

After the crash of M2V9 drone in May last year. Swiss Post and an America company namely, Matternet which operates the drone staff. These organizations with the assistance of experienced aviation specialists have revisited their safety procedures related to drones. The four changes which were proposed by experts are provided below.

Recommendations by Aviation Experts

  • The Matternet need to adhere the new safety suggestions made by Swiss Transportation Safety Investigation Board and Federal Office of Civil Aviation after the crash of M2V9 drone.
  • Before the end of this year’s March, an independent body to monitor the safety-related process should be formulated.
  • The Swiss Post was provided more control over its drone operations.  Now Swiss Post would be able to audit the drone operations of Matternet.
  • Enhanced safety procedures for Matternet, incorporating the acquisition of a devoted head of safety.

Swiss Post is About to Restart Its Drone Delivery Services

These companies are trying to implement the suggestions of the experts to improve the safety of drone delivery operations. In this regard, the Matternet has inducted the head of safety.  Swiss Post is now more involved in actual operations of drones than before. Moreover, since the crash Swiss Post and Matternet have conducted more than 2000 test drone flights so that drone failure is avoided.

Overall, it is a healthy sign that both Swiss Post and Matternet have taken the required measures to make sure that drone delivery should be less prone to failures. So, after the adoption of new procedures and several tests. The Swiss drone postal services are about to be operational and expected to perform better than before.

Conceivable Aftermaths of Excessive Mobile Usage

Over Use of Mobile Phone

In this age of information and technology. The use of technology is so pervasive in our daily life that we cannot even imagine a life without it. Why we shouldn’t use it? When it assists us in performing several routine tasks in a more efficient way than before. For example, with the use of electronic washing machine. Within 5 to 10 minutes, almost anyone can wash a bunch of clothes without putting much effort. Likewise, mobile phones make us accessible to other phone-users almost anywhere anytime. So, what is wrong with such human-friendly technologies? Of course, there is nothing wrong with using technology to ease or enjoy your daily life. But there should be a limit to technology use because it does have some severe aftermaths.

Conceivable Aftermaths of Excessive Mobile Use

Particularly, for our activities related to the use of mobile. So, a simple question would be. How much mobile do we use on daily bases? This is a simple question. But it has far-reaching aftermaths for our mental and physical well-being. As per a report by ComScore’s. On average in the United State of America, people spend more than four hours per day on the mobile phone. This immoderate use of mobile phones accounts for almost a quarter of our daily awake life. It can cause serious health issues to mobile users. So, in subsequent parts of this essay. We will try to highlight core health issues that are often related to excessive use of mobile technology.

Over Use of Mobile Phone

Brain Cancer

According to a recent report published in the Journal of Public Health and Environment, it was indicated by some of the scientists that excessive use of mobile phone or wireless phone can be a cause of brain tumor which is known as Glioblastoma Multiforme. Moreover, experts proposed that this fatal disease is mainly caused by the radiofrequency radiation emitted by a cell phone. So continuous exposure to radio-active waves put a mobile phone user into high risk of being a brain tumor patient than one who is less expose to mobile phone radiations. According to another report, it was showed that excessive users of wireless phones have 50% more chances of developing a brain tumor than a normal user of mobile.

Possible Aftermaths of Excessive Mobile Use

Negative Attitude

Often, it could be observed that during a social discussion. People at one point in time trying to talk with a person. Who is standing in front of them and also, at the same movement in time try to keep itself abreast of what is happening on the social media? This act of mobile phone users might give another person’s a message of lack of respect or interest in its viewpoint. Overall, it would give a bad impression of an excessive mobile user and other people could have a bad attitude about such a person. Depending on the cultural norms and situation one is in, the above-mentioned act of a mobile user can be interpreted as disrespect for another who is in the nose to nose chat with the mobile user. Almost alike, assertions were reported by a study conducting in the United Kingdom.


Digital Eyes Strain

Excessive use of mobile can hamper your eyes’ vision. It is because the screens of mobile phones are smaller. So, users have to do more squint and strain to understand the ongoing activity on the phone. Moreover, it was reported by the American Vision Council that more than 70% of USA citizens are either not aware of this negative effect of mobile phone or they are in complete denial that they are at risk of digital eye strain.

Possible Aftermaths of Excessive Mobile Use

Weaken Your Immune System

The continuous contact with your mobile can have germs on your mobile phone. The slippery or oily deposit that one might see on his/her mobile phone after the use of day or so can have more disease susceptible bacteria than those over a toilet seat. In a study that was conducted at two academic institutes in the United Kingdom. It was revealed that 92% (n=390 cellphones) of the mobile phones were having germs over it and 82% of the human hand possessed the bacteria. This means smartphones can prove to be a device that might transfer bacteria to humans and resultantly, it could make your immune system vulnerable to germs.

Consequences of Over Phone Usage

Higher Level of Stress

Highly frequent use of cell phones could increase the stress levels. The continuous reminders, vibrating alarms and ringing keeps a cell phone user on the edge and unnecessarily active. This assertion was backed by the results of a study conducted in Sweden. The study indicated that there was an association between high mobile use and sleep disturbance in women. Moreover, the correlation for high mobile use with sleep disorder and symptoms of depression in the sample of men showed a significant relationship. So, it would not be unwise to infer that the higher use of mobile phones can lead to depression and sleeping disorders.

Conceivable Stress of Mobile Phone Usage


In nut shell, it can easily be proposed that most of us. Who are excessive mobile phone users, should have to curtail this act. Because it has severe negative consequences for our mental and physical health. Although, it would not be an easy task for most of us but for the sake of a better future. We need to take corrective measures and plan to control our mobile usage. In this regard, google and other organizations are offering several digital well-being applications like activity bubble and AVA to monitor one’s mobile usage. So installation of such an application would be a step towards reducing your mobile usage.

Samsung Electronics Lost Its Market Leader Position

Samsung Electronics Lost Its Market Leader Position

In year 2019, the American giant chip maker company namely, Inter Corporation has taken the number one position from  Samsung Electronics. The sales of Samsung’s semiconductors have declined by 29% in 2019 as compared to $78.5 billion in the last year. On the other hand, as compared to 2018. The sales of semiconductors for Intel Corporation in the year 2019 have not shown a significant decline. It stood at $69.8 billion. The meager revenue decline of 0.7% for Intel seems to be negligible. When compared with 11.6% of the worldwide decline in the server market in the 2nd quarter of 2019. As reported by International Data Corporation.

Samsung Electronics Lost Its Market Leader Position

Despite, the decline in Samsung Electronics sales. It has been able to capture almost 13% of the market share in 2019. This decline in Samsung can be attributed to the overall decline in the memory market. Further, the report of Gartner Incorporation, a leading research and advisory company has indicated that it is not the Samsung only. Who faced a decline but in fact, its overall industry in memory sector. Who is dealing with this situation because of oversupply and tumbling prices of dynamic random access memory and nonvolatile storage memory. So, Samsung makes 82% of its revenue by selling its memory chips. Its sale has shown a significant 34% decline in memory category.

Moreover, the report has indicated the total revenue in 2019 of the semiconductor market accounted for almost $418 billion. Which was 12% lower than the last year’s total revenue of the semiconductor market. The total share of the memory market for overall revenue of semiconductors was approximately 27% and it has declined by 31.5% in 2019.

Andrew Norwood

The Andrew Norwood, who is an analyst at Gartner has suggested that majorly cause of the decline in semiconductor was essentially because of a sudden fall in demand of the hyper-scale market which lead to an oversupply of semiconductors in the market. Precisely, Andrew Norwood stated:

Samsung Electronics Lost Its Market Leader Position


“Excessive inventory at DRAM vendors in the second half of 2019 pushed prices lower and resulted in an average selling price (ASP) decline of 47.4% in 2019”

For this year. Andrew Norwood has predicted that revenue of semiconductor market will rise. As the demand and supply reach to its usual equilibrium. Which will automatically lead to an increase in the average selling price of memory-related products.


Few Essential Benefits of Drones for Pakistan

Few Essential Benefits of Drones for Pakistan

In this fast-paced knowledge era. Technological innovations are taking place faster than before. One possible reason is ever-rising competition in most of the business fields. Which is why almost all organizations have given top priority for innovation. The Deloitte has indicated the goal of innovation was among the top six priorities of the 96% of corporations.

Benefits of Drones Technology

With this rapid change in technology. It demands other parts of society to evolve. Either to support the positives or to condemn/ban the negative aspects of technological innovation. There are severe consequences of technology usage. If, not dealt in a formal way. For example, the unfortunate death of Eric Garner in the USA when a police officer attempted to arrest him against an illegal act. This attempt was recorded on mobile by an onlooker and shared on social media. This act of a bystander later shaped into a racial protest against police and a jury member for not indicting the police officer.

Few Essential Paybacks of Drones.

Lack of Laws and Regulation for New Technologies

Developed countries like United State of America, United Kingdom and Germany. They often have laws and regulations to govern new technological products but this is not always true for underdeveloped countries. The laws and regulations to govern drone flying are rarely found in 3rd world countries. Often underdeveloped countries have no specific regulations for drone flying, what so ever. Accordingly, in the subsequent parts of this essay, we will discuss laws and regulations related to drone flying in case, it exists in Pakistan along with its essential benefits.

Undoubtedly, among underdeveloped countries like Chad and Sudan. Pakistan has the potential to improve its information and technology sector for which its government is continuously striving and it is expected that in near future information and technology sector of Pakistan will improve its global ranking. Accordingly, the promulgation of laws and regulations for the administration of drones could be considered as a positive step of Pakistan towards digitization and also, it might contribute towards the overall technology ranking of Pakistan.

Paybacks of Drones for Pakistan

Prevailing Guidelines and Essential Benefits for Drone Flying in Pakistan

Unfortunately, to date, as per our best of the knowledge. There is not any specific law prevailing in the country. Which either prohibits or allows the use of drones. So, more detailed questions about drone’s usage at various places in Pakistan and for different purposes are technically impossible to answer. Although, in the past few months. The Government of Punjab has used its authority under the code of criminal procedure to provisionally ban the unnamed aerial drone. It is a healthy omen but much more is needed instead of just taking short term measures. Because this drone technology in the future can prove beneficial for Pakistan in a number of different ways.

A few essential benefits of drones flying are as follows.

  • This technology can be used by Pakistan postal service to deliver the post especially, for the places where infrastructure is very poor.
  • Drones can be used by retail stores in Pakistan for product delivery.
  • Drones can be used to provide the initial rescue service.
  • This technology can be used to gather data about wildlife.
  • Drones can be used by Pakistan police to control the crime.
  • The drone can be used by the Government of Pakistan to assist farmers in village areas by continuously monitoring their crops and then providing them timely feedback.
  • More accurate weather forecasts can be made by using drones.
  • Traffic pollution can be reduced using drones.

Few Essential Benefits of Drones for Pakistan

Essential Benefits of Drones Flying Guidelines

The government of Pakistan should formulate specific laws to regulate drone usage for public and commercial purposes. These specific laws related to drones can be helpful for the government and other members of society in several ways, some of the essential benefits of drones flying guides are as follows.

  • Restrict the movement of drones in areas like near airports, in public parks and private houses.
  • Limit the height of drone flying.
  • Revenue generation for government by issuing licenses for drones.
  • Offer clear guidelines for new businesses that are planning to use drones in their delivery and packing process.
  • An effective guide for drone users to administer their surveillance.
  • Guide for media and others about coverage of personal and public events.

Few Essential Benefits of Drones for Pakistan

Given the importance of drone technology and its future prospect for economy and society, in the shape of delivery of goods, rescue service and weather forecasting etc. It is highly vital for Government of Pakistan to form official guidelines for drone flying so that individual or organizations who wants to use this technology should be aware of his and others rights.

Rising Trend in Organizations Towards Chat-Bots for Customer Service

Rising Trend of Organizations in Chat-Bots for Customer Service

In this modern era of information and technology. Use of electronic gadgets has become a norm. Now a day’s often organizations prefer a machine over human to perform various tasks. Among various operations of a company. One vital task is its customer relationship service. Which is helpful for an organization to maintain and generate customers. So, whether you are a manufacturing or service base organization. You should be mindful of the fact that customer service can be a core competitive advantage of you over your competitors. Therefore, keeping in mind the importance of customer services. Organizations have strived to adopt various technologies to satisfy their customers. One such a technology. Which is commonly used by organizations is chat-bots for customer service.

Rising Trend of Organizations in Chat-Bots for Customer Service

Chat-Bots for Customer Relationship Services

Basically, chat-bot is an application. Which interact with humans using text messages via different platforms. Essentially, organizations are using chat-bots in its operations. Like, customer support, online assistance with ordering and maintaining schedules. This trend of using chat-bots by the organization in different customer related matters are on the rise.

As per a recent press release by global Newswire. It was reported that in 2018. The market value of chat-bots was $1.17 billion. In 2026, it is expected to reach $10.08 billion. Likewise, an oracle survey has indicated. Almost 80% of businesses are planning to use chat-bot service in next one year. This inclination of business shows. Chat-bots have positives. Which is availed by certain organizations and several other are planning to reap it.

Rising Trend of Organizations in Chat-Bots for Customer Service

Pros of Chat-Bots for Customer Service

Chat-bot is a time effective technology. If, it is used correctly. Usually for customer service. Human agents spent 75% of time in manual research. Whereas, only 25% of the time is spent resolving the issue of a customer. Moreover, for chat-bot user organizations. There is no wait time for their customers to connect with service agent. Unlike, human a chat-bot at one point in time can handle several incoming queries of customers. Therefore, in this way an organization can act swiftly to handle customer issues. Also, it can channel its human capital for other operational activities of the organization. Notably, it has been indicated in a report. Published in United Kingdom on 9th May, 2017 that healthcare, e-commerce, banking and retail industry will be able to save $8 billion per annum by 2022.

Rising Trend of Organizations in Chat-Bots for Customer Service

Cons of Chat-Bots for Customer Service

In contrast to benefits of chat-bots for customer service. There are some disadvantages which an organization should consider before employing this technology. Organizations should carefully choose among various chat-bot applications. It means that. The purpose of chat-bot must be well understood before allowing it to interact with customers. Because every chat-bot service has not advanced artificial intelligence and natural language system. These advance level technologies enable chat-bots to respond to customer queries. After taking the context into consideration. Moreover, chat-bots with advance artificial intelligence and language technology are able to condition themselves based on prior data. However, there are other bots in market. Who are simple path-based bots. These bolts, neither have the capacity to give context specific reactions to customer’s queries. Nor they can condition themselves based on prior data.

Chat-Bots for Customer Service adoption in Organizations

Chat-Bot Organization Fit

So, an organization must first understand its purpose of using bolts. Because if, a purpose of an organization is to make sale and look for new leads. Than advanced technology bots are an appropriate way forward. Primary path based bots are good for initial phase of greeting and guiding customers about core services of the organization. If there is a misfit between bot and organizational goal. Then, instead of retaining or satisfying customers. You might start to lose your customers.

  A reporter at Media Post Agency. Larissa Faw has reported.

Three-quarters of Americans (73%) reveal. They would likely not use a company’s Chat-bot again. After having a bad experience with it”.

Reliance on Technology

Given the rising trend of chat-bot usage in corporations. It would be naive decision to majorly rely on bolts for vital operations of organization. Such as customer services. Because it is a point. Where you can generate customer loyalty and additional sales. So, instead of substituting/replacing humans with chat-bots. It is rational to use a combination of both. Especially, in matters where product functioning are complex.

Moreover, there should always be an option for customers during their interaction with bots to switch to an agent. Because it is almost impossible for bolts to access the tipping point of customers. Which means chat-bots, as compare to human cannot properly judge. When does a customer get annoyed or frustrated. Exactly, when to pitch new offering to customers. Moreover, there will be a certain niche in your target market. Who does not want to interact with chat-bots. In fact, they prefer to wait for few minutes for a human based customer service.

Trend in Chat-Bots for Customer Service

Economic Ramification

In nut shell, it would not be witty decision to heavily rely on technology. Although, at present organizations are planning to do so. For example, Cambridge Industries Group, a Chine’s top supplier of telecoms equipment is planning to automate 90% of its workforce operation in near future. Such transformation, though have some benefits. But overall, we believe it could prove catastrophic. Especially because heavy reliance on technology will make the most of human capital redundant. As various reports and leaders have envisioned.

Organization employing chat-bots for customer service

A report by Oxford University and Deloitte:

“For customer services occupations. There is a 91% likelihood of automation, putting it in the top 50 jobs most likely to be lost. For call and contact center workers, the likelihood is 75%”.

A democratic presidential candidate. Andrew Yang stated:

“Automation might make workers obsolete in the future. It certainly has displaced many of them since the start of the Industrial Revolution”.

Chief Economist at Bank of England warned:

“The UK requires a skills revolution to avoid AI leaving vast swathes of people technologically unemployed”.


It is inferred here, the corporation should most rely on skilled humans for their customer services. Human capital has greater potential for understanding the needs of customers. Especially because of their ability of empathy. Importantly, well trained human agents have a higher probability of generating new business. Because of their ability to judge a customer’s need context better than a chat-bot. Moreover, this humanistic philosophy will bring more fruitful results for the overall economy. As compare to pure rational productivity base school of thought.

Why to Use Near Field Communication Technology in Mobile?

Near Field Communication Technology in Your Mobile

Steadily technology is evolving and it is making our routine life activities much easier than it was before. One such a technology is near field communication which is easily accessible to most mobile phone users. With help of near field communication technology secure and instant transactions. Such as, booking movie ticket and reserving hotel seat and passes for bus or train travel can be managed over phone by its users. So, in subsequent part of this essay authors will try to explain few key questions and pros related to near field communication technology.

Near Field Communication Technology in Your Mobile

What is Near Field Communication?

The near field communication technology is a key to your mobile through which various mobile functions can be hasted. Basically, it is a type of wireless communication between two electronic devices. Where one active device receives data from another but inactive device and then perform a task as coded in it. The use of this technology is not new. Initially, it was used in 2002. However, in last few years several organizations such as, banks and resultants have started to use this technology especially for their payment model. Preliminary lack of use of near field communication technology was because of dearth in necessary sophisticated infrastructure and supporting devices which is steadily improving now.

Near Field Communication Technology in Your Mobile

Basically, this rise in near field communication is because of evolving role of mobile phone which now a day is not only a communicating device with another being. In fact it acts as watch, mini camera, computer and calendar etc. Similarly, near field communication technology application will be a vibrant part of most mobile phones in future.

How Does Near Field Communication Work?

Basically, it is your mobile. Who via radio active frequency reads the instructions coded in contact-less credentials. An easy to understand example is the billing process. So at stores such as, Walmart and Tesco when you present a product at till for payment. Then instead of searching for price. Cashier uses radio-active frequency to charge price for the product. Similarly, near communication technology in your mobile reads different tags and perform a task specified in it. Basically, these tags can be found in shape of fobs or plastics. Information in these fobs controls the functions of a mobile. Moreover, information in these fobs can be altered through mobile.

Near Field Communication Technology in Your Mobile

Pros of Near Field Communication

Instant and Secure Medium of Payment

Once you have installed the required application in your smartphone such as boon and VCpay . Than in few seconds without any contact. You actually scan a fob to pay for a product. Whereas through traditional methods such as, credit card. There is great distance proximity between device so there is less security. However, with the near field communication technology in your mobile the proximity distance between devices is usually 10 to 15 centimeter which provides better security and satisfaction. As said by the Daniel Berg, vice president at  ASSA ABLOY.

Near field communication


“The most fundamental benefit of mobile contactless credentials for access control is that you can actually deliver the keys digitally because you will have universally secure elements in the mobile phone”

High Tractability

In a commercial setting. It is much safer and easy via security managers to control all the electronic tags through a central access control system. Moreover, manager can promptly deliver tags with the suitable level of access to employees and visitors. Notably, in case any of the fob which goes missing or stolen than you can instantly through phone can track precise activities of your fob or even you can cancel it. Whereas, ATM and credit card tracking or cancellation require certain procedure performed by issuing organization. So with near field communication technology in your handset user can control its fob instantly.

All in One

By using near field communication via your mobile you can save the information of cards like credit card, debit card and hotel door card. So, in case you forget any of the card than you can use your phone. For example, in Germany and UK several people use near phone technology via their mobile to use bus or train service.

So, based on above discussion. It would be a rational prediction that in near future the trend of using near filed communication technology via mobile phone will rise. Because it allows simple, secure, prompt and centralized control to users over several common but essential activities.