Sony Xperia z5 Review and Specification

I bought Sony Xperia z5 2 weeks ago in a reasonable price from Lahore Market (Hafeez Center). Usually, Sony Xperia z5 has very nominal market in Lahore due to no physical presence of any distributor in Lahore city. That is first time experience for me to checkout Xperia device deeply from end to end.  Sony Xperia z5 was launched on 1 Oct 2015 with their stunning features. I’ll definitely elaborate Sony Xperia z5 pros and cons, which I observed in my usage time period.

What I Observed About this Device?

  • Powerful camera results, 23MP rear camera with 5 times zoom capability. Company said, 5x times zoom but I felt that is 4x times zoom but result are marvelous with 5K resolution.

Sony Xperia z5 Review and Specification Image 1

  • Front camera: 8MP (Best camera for selfies) 2x times zoom not more than this.
Sony Xperia z5 Review and Specification Camera Result Image 4
Picture Captured by Me – Captured From Sony Xperia Z5
Sony Xperia z5 Review and Specification Camera Result Image 5
Picture Captured by Me – Captured From Sony Xperia Z5
Sony Xperia z5 Review and Specification Camera Result Image 6
Picture Captured by Me – Captured From Sony Xperia Z5
  • Muti-focus feature which can give this camera bold shot similar like a DSLR.
  • Sony xperia itself has powerful photos editor, Sketch and sketch create additionally you may install third-party app like candy to capture lovely moments.
  • A free and finest app, you will always found in all Sony devices namely LifeLog, you can set your health and fitness goals with it.
  • Another interesting thing about xperia device is you can easily check your device legitimacy by going to your device Setting > Support but for that you need to sign-up to Sony website and provide your personal and device details.

Sony Xperia z5 Review and Specification Image 3

  • Initially specs of xperia z5 is unbeatable such as 3GB Ram and 32GB internal space and support upto 256GB. Device speed is pretty satisfactory because I installed 50+ apps currently and it is running smoothly. I found screen stuck issue very rarely like 1 time out of 100 times. But sometimes device becomes hot and I know the actual reason, because his body made from metal + plastic both somehow I felt this.
  • Xperia body and edges are remarkable, it gives you the feelings of iPhone and Samsung smoothness.

Xperia z5 has more other great features but above all came with twist. I’m in love with xperia z5 but the sad thing is that now Sony has no distributor in our region so some times this thing pain me.

My Observation:

Images captured by Samsung galaxy edge has more brighter than Sony Xperia z5. But quality and size wise Sony Xperia z5 has great and broad options like your mini DSLR.

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How to Move Email Any Specific Gmail Folder Automatically

One of the interesting task, you would love to learn is how to move email any specific Gmail folder automatically. This could be the most basic or most astonishing guide. First let me tell you, why you need to move your email from inbox to another particular folder? Because of categorize emails in a specific order. Let’s suppose, you are getting email notification from PayPal and you don’t like that this specific email land in your inbox because it can be lost among lots of other emails crowd. So the best way to change the direction or path of landing those specific email, which you don’t want in your Gmail inbox to assign a another folder to land safely there.

Move Email Any Specific Gmail Folder Automatically:

First of all you should have a Gmail account, afterwards you need to follow the below steps respectively.

  • On the bottom left hand side, beneath the inbox label you will found an option “Create new label” use this and create new one.How to Move Email Any Specific Gmail Folder Automatically Step 1See the above image for getting better understanding.
  • Now in this second step, go inside the recent one created folder. This is just to show you that folder has been created successfully.

How to Move Email Any Specific Gmail Folder Automatically Step 2

  • Now in third step, go back to inbox. And click on the top search bar right hand side drop icon before the search icon. It will expand the options to create filters.

How to Move Email Any Specific Gmail Folder Automatically Step 3

In the “From” field add the sender email which you wanna forward in that created new folder. Right now I added just HosterDay email as an example. Afterwards click on “Create folder with this search” button. You also can add the subject of that email whatever you like to write.

  • Now in fourth step, first check the “skip the inbox” and check “Apply the label” then chose the newly created folder or label then check the “Also apply filter to [Any number it could be here] matching conversations.” then simply click on “Create filter” button. That’s it!

How to Move Email Any Specific Gmail Folder Automatically Step 4

Now that specific filter has been created successfully. You may create as many as you like for future and that will automatically send emails into your those created or pointing folders. In case of any trouble or questions, use the below comment box or can directly join us via our community forum.

Understand Head Terms and Long Tail Keywords

Both head terms and long tail keywords are most prominent type of keyword in search engine, on which you will found so many gossips around internet. But nowhere else, you will not get the most appropriate answer with examples. First let me elaborate both of them separately afterwards I’ll move forward to differ both step by step.

Head Terms Keywords:

Head terms or head keyword are most major or general root of most of the keywords. In simple words, fewer words and concise keywords.

Example 1: USA politics

Example 2: USA news

Example 3: USA sports

Above all three keywords are fewer words and very concise because of short in length those are considered as head term. Because you can make thousands of keywords under those major or behalf on these head keywords.

Remember that time, when you start typing in Google so, in return Google also suggest some major keywords initially.

Understand Head Terms and Long Tail Keywords Image 1

In the above Google instant you can clearly see all keywords are almost head terms.

Long tail Keywords:

Let’s come to long tail keywords after head keywords. Long tail keywords is already proven from its own name, let me elaborate. In simple words, if your keywords greater than three words, so it can be considered as long tail keywords. Somehow it is equal or greater than four words. It could be a complete query typed by any user while searching in search engine.

Example 1: usa latest news on trump

Example 2: usa today sports college football scores

Example 3: us democratic party news today

Example 4: how old do you have to be to run for president of usa

Understand Head Terms and Long Tail Keywords Image 2

Above image shows Google suggestions, which can be considered as long tail keywords because they are long and don’t fall under head keywords.

Head terms vs Long tail Keywords:

Both are good to rank in search engine but here the thing is which works with time instant. So to be honest, rank on head terms is similar like eating watermelon at once which is nearly impossible. But rank your web pages on long tail keywords is something like eating apple which is easy to do.


Head terms and long tail keywords both are crucial and you need to know about these terms to become a SEO specialist, because these small factors creates a big hype where your destination is exist.

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Why I Recommend Entropay Than Payoneer

Nowadays everyone knows the difference between the Payoneer MasterCard and Entropay Prepaid Visa Card. If you’re in hurry and need quick comparison so check out the forum topic otherwise read this complete article. Today I’m writing this article to let them my readers why i recommend Entropay than Payoneer? Most of the folks will be suspicious why my title giving more precedence to Entropay whereas it is virtual prepaid card conversely Payoneer is a hard or physically MasterCard.

Why Recommend Entropay Than Payoneer?

I started to use Entropay first than after I experienced Payoneer. Few years back, I was using Entropay for Facebook and other online money buying products.

Pros For Payoneer MasterCard?

  • Payoneer Company will ship this card on your given location free of cost.
  • A Hard card, means physically you can touch this similar like your bank ATM card.
  • Its flexible and trustworthy company with millions of satisfied customers around the world.
  • You can withdrawal money anywhere in the world from any of the nearby ATM machine to you, which has the MasterCard label on it.
  • Online account access to check your transactions and reeving payments.
  • You can integrate your Payoneer card to withdrawal your payment directly from your ad networks such as infolinks and also from the merchant namely 2checkout etc.
  • Payoneer is free and anyone who has national identify card or passport is eligible for that.

Cons of Payoneer MasterCard?

  • It is slightly expensive as compared to Entropay.
  • It has fixed monthly fee.

Entropay Virtual Card Pros?

Entropay is one of the fastest growing company and somehow I felt and experienced EntroPay is better than Payoneer in terms of cost and user perspective. Let me first elaborate their characteristics.

  • Entropay is a virtual debt visa card
  • Entropay charge 4.95% of each amount you upload in your card via your bank ATM debt or credit card.
  • If you have Entropay premium verified account so you can upload more than $20k/month and that is pretty enough amount.
  • With verified premium account you can create as much as virtual visa cards and can use it online where ever you like.
  • Entropay virtual visa card expiration time frame is almost 1 year at current time.
  • You can also withdrawal your virtual visa card finds directly in your bank account.
  • Entropay doesn’t charge for each transaction, they will charger only one time when you upload money as I stated above.
  • You can also watch your incoming and outgoing payment statements for each card separately.

Entropay Virtual Card Cons?

  • It is not a tangible card like Payoneer
  • It doesn’t accept almost (Local) bank ATM’s while upload money in your card.

I personally used both and what I realized is? Payoneer name seems expensive from cost perspective and Entropay is cheap. Eventually, I admire both cards qualities and functionalities that how it helps to freelancers and digital marketers. I would love to listen your stories and experience with these both cards. Please let me know your thoughts in below comment box and in case of trouble or questions join us on our community forum.