Android Nougat, What Google Changed?

What is Android Nougat?

Latest release of android is its 7th version, Android Nougat. Its first beta release was made in March, 2016 for the developers testing purpose and Nexus devices are the first devices to receive its update with its official release in August 2016. It is a major change in Android OS version after marchmallow 6.0.1. Users having Nexus smart phone will soon get update of android nougat.

Android Nougat, What Google Changed

Split Screen Mode:

Split screen mode in a big enhancement in android Nougat providing multitasking visual. It can be activated in both, portrait and landscape. This mode could be activated by long pressing on the app. When screen is split, first app would appear on the upper section of screen, in portrait mode and other app can be run in the other section of the screen with resizing functionality. Resizing of an app on the screen could be done by dragging its borders over the screen to cover the space. Resizing is not possible while in landscape mode because screen will divided in equal halves. This functionality brings background multi-tasking to foreground multitasking. This is how android nougat makes user to not only monitor multitasking but perform also.

Android Nougat, What Google Changed Split Screen Mode

UI Tuner:

UI tuner feature makes user to enable or disable quick-setting option. It also allows user to enable gesture controls.  Enabling UI tuner is simple;

  1. Scroll down the shade and keep pressing setting icon for 10 seconds.
  2. New UI setting screen will appear showing message “System UI tuner has been added to settings”.

This option brings more controls over an app individually. It allows user to edit notification; their priority and quantity of notification to be displayed.

UI tuner was in marshmallow as a hidden feature but android nougat bring it as enhanced feature. Most of such features are still under testing.

Android nougat would also facilitate users to adjust screen zoom size making it easy for the useful for the users who have weak eye sight. This function will adjust size of the size of the display making it more prominent and visible.

Doze Function:

Android Nougat presents doze mode as more advanced. It not only works when device is stationed but when in motion or shaken with variation in its degree. It works obviously when display is off and hibernates. Its hibernation can be of varying degree/sub set of restrictions shutting synchronization or tasks running in the background. It is one the energy saving tools to extend battery life to put restriction when display is turned off.

Locale Support and New Emojis:

Multi locale support is quite helpful for multi lingual users. Android Nougat allows users to set multiple languages as primary and secondary languages and switch between them easily. New 72 emojis including various skin tones and expressions has been introduce which can be accessed by sliding right. Android Nougat not only support more languages but also their enhanced variants such as Arabic, English, French and Spanish. It also have partial variant support for many other languages also.

Android Nougat, What Google Changed Vulkan lava

Vulkan Support:

Google officially adds vulkan, java and jdk API for making app and games rendering easy for the developers. Android Nougat officially supports java 8 for making it easy for developers to test apps and support. It will help developers to choose between high and low performance sticks to run high graphics games. Vulkan API is only visible to apps. Vulkan supporting devices are such as Nexus 5SX, Nexus 6P and Nexus player.

Seamless and Fast:

Efforts has been done make Android Nougat faster and seamless. It is made faster to introduce the by introducing multiple restriction plans to stop background tasks and preload date to make it look seamless and fast. Concept of seamless updates has been introduced which means updates will be downloaded and installed in the background without bothering user. Downloaded updates will be saved on a separate partition over the memory and installed when phone is restarted.

In the race to make android more exciting and useful, android nougat certainly have appeal. From its appearance to its functionality, it has improvised than previous ones.  It gives more control to user through UI Tuner and gives user opportunity to express himself through messages, skins and emojis. It gives user authority to manage multiple tasks simultaneously and monitor them. It also makes user more secure by device encryption (device data) and file based encryption (user data). Now, user can direct boot from the system without enabling developer options. Android Nougat Officially supports Daydream VR and project tango. Blue light night mode is also one of its charms. Even, any app can be forced to appear in split screen mode even if it has not been designed to appear in split screen.

Nougat is going to faster, seamless and tough. But only Nexus user will be the first to receive its update while other have to wait to get it.

Virtual Reality – History, Types and Development

What is Virtual Reality:

Virtual reality comes from the definition of both virtual and reality. “Virtual” is something near and “reality” is human experience. It refers to technologies with high user interface which would give user sensation of reality. It is made through simulation of multiple sensational channels and interactions such as sound and images. It is often defined as artificial environment created with the help of technological gadgets giving sensation of an actual object is called “near reality” or virtual reality. This concept has suddenly started appearing into headline whereas it has been struggling through decades.

Virtual Reality, History and Types

Virtual Reality IDea:

Virtual reality became popular in early 90s when it came as topic for movies and games. In 1950s, a cinematographer Morton Heilig envision a theatre which would stimulate audience to draw them into stories more effectively. In 1960, he actually built a console called “sensorama” for single audience which used a display, speakers, fans, moving chair and odor emitter to give audience a reality based experience.

It actually came from 1950 when computer used to be huge were kept inside air-conditioned rooms.  Only a few people considered them more than just adding machines. But a young electrical engineer and naval radar technician named Douglas Englbart viewed them as source for digital display. Initially, flight simulators were used by US air force to train pilots during WWII.

Philco cooperation made a helmet called “Headsight” in 1961. This helmet had a screen and tracking system linked with closed circuit camera to enable user to feel the remote experience.  Later on, when the communication industry intercepted with computing and graphics technology, it replaced use of vacuum tubes with transistors and paved way for virtual reality.

NASA spend a huge amount of money on the research to fund the virtual reality projects. These researches were initially used to make vehicles to simulate training. Virtual reality has been away from public sight for long time. Then in 1984, Michael McGreevy, a computer scientist experimented for advancement in HCI (Human Computer Interactions) design. Media gave hype to the concept of virtual reality after 1960s and many other people started expecting to perform great things with virtual reality.

Types of Virtual Reality:

Virtual reality has many types such as

  1. Desktop Virtual Reality uses a computer display to present a graphical interface to the user. It gives user a 3D interface very close to real time objects. It is used in entertainment industry and gaming to give user 3D experience of the visual.
  2. Telepresence has a significance impact on industry and training. Telepresence system controls the processes and operation of a device at distance. Generally, these systems are based upon tactile input, similar capturing a real world visual and determining the response of a robot based upon the visual processing.
  3. Enhanced Reality is based upon creating touch like sensation using magnetic field. Giving user a high quality graphical interface a touch stimulus similar to actual one which can be useful in practice field specially when surgeon practicing operations.
  4. Immersive Virtual Reality is like creating an artificial world, giving someone experience of an actual world by surrounding him with nonphysical graphical images and sound and other stimulus.
  5. QTVR (Quick Time Virtual Reality) stores 360 degree image data as an image file format to convey actual presence of the environment. It takes a number of still pictures and creates a movie by combining those pictures.

Development in Virtual Reality:

It is thought that VR is a new concept whereas it has be

en there but hidden from the eye of the public. It has applications in many field like architecture, Sports and entertainment, education etc. Many gadget has been developed based upon virtual reality and still work continuous. Virtual reality glasses and displays has been launched to which actually gives the impression of a real time object. This concept has been widely used in film making to make high graphics image movements giving audience impression that they are not just watching a movie, instead they are living it. Not just I entertainment industry, but in robotics also.

Virtual Reality, History and Types Development

Robots are being made self-sufficient so that they could react upon certain on receive of certain kind of visual. Manufacture of such robots who could understand human emotions are example of this. Such 3D games has been launched which gives user sensation of actually living the game. Learning has become more effect through the concept of interactive learning which became possible by development in VR.

Virtual reality is not just limited to high quality 3D visuals but sound and other stimulus also. Many companies have launched headsets to give high quality sound impression along with images. Facebook’s owned consumer headset; Rift and HTC Vive are example of these. In coming days, it is going to be more advanced and present more powerful tools.

Google Updates Penguin 4.0 (Now Become The Core Algorithm)

Google Penguin is a filtered mechanism or algorithm, which find out the Google web spam search results. Because Google usual system can not deduct those spammy results. In simple words, Google Penguin find out those sites who are performing spamming activities in search engine. If Google Penguin filter find your website spammy so it would be penalized across Google search engine.

Google Updates Penguin 4.0 (Now Become The Core Algorithm)

As we know that, Google Penguin 3.0 was updated in 2014 October and on that time, Google Penguin penalized so many website which was free after two years in search engine again. But right now the strategy is completely different because now Google Penguin 4.0 coming with real time re-crawling or re-indexing, means if the webmasters doing the changes after crawling and revert back their changes to spam then this real time will check the pages constantly and if they found any spamming so it would be penalized.

Google Official Said;

With this change, Penguin’s data is refreshed in real time, so changes will be visible much faster, typically taking effect shortly after we re-crawl and re-index a page.

They also declared;

Penguin now devalues spam by adjusting ranking based on spam signals, rather than affecting ranking of the whole site.

Which means Penguin will impact on specific pages of the site not the entire site like before. Google Penguin 4.0 is not fully live in real time yet and I think it will take slightly time to come live (Couple of days from now).

Now according to this Google official statements, if your particular web pages is under spamming position so it will not put impact on whole site, so your entire website will not be punished for this single page on your site. I personally found this Google Penguin update very useful for webmasters from various perspectives.

Keyboard Typing Effect on Text in PowerPoint

As we know that Microsoft PowerPoint is popular for office presentations and also due to their efficiency in office works. Microsoft PowerPoint has so many animations effects by default in it to make the presentations super coot. But here I’m talking about the keyboard typing effect on text in PowerPoint, which is little bit tricky.

Keyboard Typing Effect on Text in PowerPoint:

Majority of users like to apply hand writing effects on text and this way is similar like that. Hand writing and keyboard typing both are slightly different but style similarly exist among them. Here are following steps by using which you can easily apply keyboard typing effect on text in PowerPoint without any obstacle.

Step 1:

Open you Microsoft PowerPoint and Create a new slide simply and type whatever text on which you want to apply keyboard typing effect.

Keyboard Typing Effect on Text in PowerPoint

Step 2:

Navigate cursor to Animation tab under this tab apply ‘Appear‘ Effect on this text first. Secondly enable ‘Animation Pane‘ to view the text on animation timeline.

Keyboard Typing Effect on Text in PowerPoint Step 2

Step 3:

Now under the ‘Animation Pane‘ section first select the text animation then click on drop down icon on this bar right hand side. Choose ‘Effect Options…‘ under this drop down options.

Keyboard Typing Effect on Text in PowerPoint Step 3

Step 4:

Finally a small ‘Appear Effect‘ window pop up come out. Now you need to configure few aspects under this effect, first set the animation text to ‘By Letter‘ secondly delay between each letter should be ‘0.1 seconds‘ then simply click on ‘OK‘ that all.

Keyboard Typing Effect on Text in PowerPoint Step 4

Now after click on ‘OK‘ button text would be animate with keyboard typing effect comfortably. You also can increase the value of delay’s but we setup the standard value.

Keyboard Typing Effect on Text in PowerPoint

Above we showed clearly that how keyboard typing effect will work. Now it’s your turn to put typewriter or typing effect on your particular text.

Let us know, if you find this article helpful and valuable. We love to hear back your feedback for this guidance. If you have any queries and issues regarding PowerPoint typing effect so let us know through our community forum or can leave your comment below.

Learn How to Promote Your OWN Business On Internet

On internet numerous ways are available to promote your own business. Almost are non-experienced but today I’ll reveal some effective and few will be usual from among these but will be work effectively to promote your own business on internet.

  1. Make a Website (Built your virtual shop to deal with clients)
  2. Stylize Your Brand (Logo, Web Designing, Creative & Unique Look)
  3. Create & Built Your Social Presence
  4. SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
  5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  6. Tradeshows (Physically Interact to Community)
  7. Press Release (See Your Business in Prominent Headlines)
  8. Email Marketing (Broadcast email on right time to right person)
  9. Affiliate Marketing (Sell our product with your reference and Get 30% commission of the whole amount)
  10. Infographics (Describe your service presentation or process graphically)

Learn How to Promote Your OWN Business On Internet

1. Make a Website:

Most powerful and valuable source is website from where your client can get satisfaction because of your virtually presence or keep in touch with you very easily.

A Website can be a virtual shop, a service provider such as web hosting, client based servers,  online flight booking, pizza delivery etc. Even a restaurant guy can open their website and tell them all people’s around their city/state/country or to particular audience that what he is selling and share their contact details there.

According to my perception a website can be proven better than your thoughts. Just you need a right direction and right person who put you at the top of the stairs without facing any troubles.

To start a website, just you need a .com/.net/.info/.org/.edu domain name and a secure hosting server to start your journey.

Why Domain and Hosting & What that is?

Domain and hosting are two most crucial part of website. Without domain & hosting you cannot go ahead. Domain is a particular web address which helps users to reach to your business page same like your physical shop or office address.

Hosting is a place where your data will be stored such as text/images/videos etc. In simple words, hosting is a location which you rent out for a particular time period to host your website data, in technical line we says ‘servers’.

Usually a .com domain cost is $9.99 USD unlike Hosting cost vary with different companies. We recommend few hosting providers HostGator, Siteground and HosterDay. For initial level business their shared hosting packages are good to go.

You can simply check it out HosterDay pricing by using the below link:

All mentioned hosting providers are already experienced by us and above hosting servers data centers located in USA.

2. Stylize Your Brand:

Under this topic we will talk about some necessary things related to web designing. A good website should have a proper graphical designed logo. Sometimes logo puts a great impression on clients and compel them to take a try of services.

Another side of this branding is, your website layout structure. It should be simple and unique. Every website have three sections or parts such as Headers, Body Container AND Footer. Inside headers a logo right hand side section for a particular advertisement depends on client requirements and a navigation bar (Additional can be on top before the logo and right hand section).

Body container contains so many aspects as usual it depends on your business such as for a blogger inside the body container a post title or before title a full width images etc. and after the title absolute post content can be a combination of anything such as text, images, galleries, videos, slides, documents and so many.

And in the footer as usual copyrights text or can place few things such as social media icons, few specific links etc.

All graphically task should be done in Adobe illustrator or Corel Draw or Photoshop.

3. Create & Built Your Social Presence:

Until you have no social presence, you cannot be a pro-business person. Nowadays every internet user spending at least 2 hour in a day on social platforms whether it is Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. So the question is that how you can grab the business from Social media? Is that something kind of trick? Not exactly! But there are so many ways and one of them is Facebook Business Page. Same like this every celebs have their Facebook pages to interact their fans or convey their thoughts and daily updates etc. Only once click and your product is in front of millions of targeted audience.

Around internet there is no numbers of social media platforms but popular are few ones. Just imagine if you promote your product on all of them so how much business you can grab it in a day/week/month or a particular time period.

Social media presence also a great tool to keep in touch with your clients in every minute. Even you can sell you products on your social media pages by integrating apps with your business page. Just you need a plan and strategy from our expert’s consultants which can put your business on the heights of mountains.

4. SEM (Search Engine Marketing):

SEM abbreviation is search engine marketing, which is now becoming the most popular marketing trends in this era due to quick results.

In this area, SEM covered all kinds of advertisements in online market such as AdWord, Facebook and their special feature re-marketing as well as Adroll re-targeting. In re-targeting or re-marketing sense, let’s suppose if a user watch your ad on and quite from this website after few time period without clicking on your ads so advertiser note this action and probably after 2 or 3 days later if this person also search for same keyword and this time user go to another different website so advertiser run their database recorded query and show your ad their again. So thus, user will see your ad again and again and this strategy compel user to click on it, this kind of SEM strategies called ad for conversion or re-targeting.

5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

SEO covers almost all aspects of website even from designing to ending generate sales steps. But it is all about organic traffic not paid marketing as above SEM.

Search Engine Optimization has widely categorized and have many factors. It has two types, which are mentioned below respectively. Join Our SEO Training Program For beginners.

On Page SEO:

Off Page SEO:

6. Tradeshows:

Tradeshows now become the part of New trendy marketing tactics in 2016 from brand recognition perspective Yes. Actually tradeshows is the core factor of marketing. Attend tradeshows and interact with the community directly very effective way generate positive image in front of the world. First prepare yourself and note the highlighted points in the notebook then engage with communities. Almost popular bloggers, entrepreneur are doing or following this strategy to build their brand image among their audience.

7. Press Release:

In fact, press release is the factor of off-page Seo but marketing too. Press release should be concise and their headlines should be consist on significant words. Press release can be done on several platforms such as news magazine sites, even own sites, Facebook pages/notes/ LinkedIn etc. But we recommend to write your press release on news magazine popular sites such as Huffington post, nytimes, Forbes etc.

8. Email Marketing:

Email marketing is not new but style and way now become more modern. Broadcast emails on right time to right audience is now possible not few users only, even you can send or target your audience in millions and can send it simultaneously without any trouble.

You can individually setup your email templates or formats for multiple task such as for welcome email, membership purchase email, and daily/weekly/monthly newsletter update. Every email format would have different style and format even can target audience categories such as technology users, science users or can play with the users provided data dynamically. Launch specific campaigns for target audience and can get a complete audit report about clicks, impression, received, opens, geo locations and much more.

9. Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is old but still most effective business, especially for those guys who are receiving good amount of traffic on their sites. Affiliate marketing meaning, if you sell another shopkeeper product then he will give you a small part of commission in their product amount depends on shopkeeper margin and product value. Affiliate marketing is very transparent business on internet but for this you need to become a very genius guy.

  • Find the best affiliate companies who are offering big commissions like Shopify, HostGator, Elegant Themes
  • Promote their links, banners through various ways, (Blogging, Email marketing, Social Media Sharing and Most Effective is YouTube video marketing)
  • Affiliate marketing is more effective than ads network, because sometimes your PPC goes down or some fluctuations spoil your whole withdrawal budget but in affiliate a fixed amount or commission is assigned for you against any selling product or service.

10. Infographics:

A better way to present products, services and their process how to and how to done. Actually infographics is an emerging and classy way to express the product in graphical form. Same like that you can put these infographics to guest blogging sites by linking them your pages, Even almost folks put their website addresses on infographics images, and it is also work as a watermark to make their infographics copyrighted.

Let us know, if you think we wrote a good one article for our readers about promote your own business on internet. But keep remember that all are not free approximately required little investment to perform those tactics or steps. If you have any question so please join us on our community forum or can leave your comment below.

What Google Says About Link Building

Here I have just a short review of my research related to search engine optimization, nowadays almost bloggers are doing the same thing which is link building through guest blogging. Almost are paid links, even some companies following the same strategy. But did you ever think a moment, what Google think or stated that kind of link building. In simple words I mean to say what Google says about link building in the sense of guest blogging.

What Google Says About Link Building

What Google Says About Link Building:

In Google links schemes everything is transparent for everyone.

Google clearly says “Buying or selling links that pass PageRank. This includes exchanging money for links, or posts that contain links; exchanging goods or services for links; or sending someone a “free” product in exchange for them writing about it and including a link” This can negatively impact a site’s ranking in search results.

In summary, if think about usual marketing companies who are offering link building services doing the same thing, which is against Google polices. In the recent year we wrote an article about Rise and fall of guest blogging which reflects the almost same thing.

What is the Bottom Line:

Here Google also described in their link schemes that create high quality content which gains popularity naturally on internet community. Also said that, link are additional points for you, and someone find your content really valuable for their own readers and they link to it. So here Google already put their perceptions and quality guidelines, which users needs to memorize it before go ahead.

Guest blogging is Good but if someone is doing that task only the sake of link building so that doesn’t make sense from Google point of view or a tragic glitch for your site future. Google also said that, if you are not sure about link which your guest blogger put inside their content so simply use Nofollow meta tag with this link. You must read about What is nofollow and dofollow rel attributes.

Let us know, if you find this article useful for your blogging journey. Have any question? Please join us on our community forum to directly interact with us or can leave your comment below.

Remove URL Of Deleted Pages From Search Results

This question can be slightly tricky for almost beginners that how to remove URL of deleted pages from search results. First of all we need to know that why they need to delete those pages? What the reasons are there you should follow-up. The most significant cause is 404 errors on your website. Which cannot be tolerated because it impact your search engine ranking as well as on user experience with your website.

Remove URL Of Deleted Pages From Search Results:

I saw similar question on many forums but everyone has their own perspective on this issue. So I just decided to raise this question among KnowledgeIDea readers. Removing URLs temporarily or permanently from Google search engine snippets or results is no more difficult. Google put this ability or you can say feature in your Google webmaster tool but that is temporarily according to Google saying. But on that time what, if someone probably you delete your website post or pages but till that time Google crawled it.

This means Google listed your website this particular page in their database, now it will be appear when someone call it. But the issue is that this web page no longer exist on your website. So in these cases there are several solutions based on your strategy and circumstances.

By Using Google Webmaster Tools:

Go to your webmaster account then simply go inside your website webmaster dashboard interface. Navigate to Google Index > Remove URLs add your URLs there and hide and remove your URLs from Google search as well as from Google cache too.

Remove URL Of Deleted Pages From Search Results

Google will remove this URLs after sometime, because here Google described this is temporarily so mostly folks can be confuse but think if you already deleted this and it is no longer exist so how Google crawl it again and how it come back again so this means it is permanently if your web page doesn’t exist anymore.

By Using Redirection:

Mostly times you don’t want to lose that traffic, even 404 not found users who are getting this error. So in this case, first use the above method to submit your request to Google to remove these particular URLs. Then secondly, till that when Google receive your request and implement on it, your website losing probably many users so how to tackle or avail from this traffic. I know these are 404 errors but fact is that they are humans and they are not getting any results from you for which they came to your site.

So if I said also get advantage from this traffic too, so this means use 301 redirection method in this case or simply redirection. For this must read our article on How to Redirect Old URLs to New URLs in WordPress.

There are another several way such as use Meta Robots Tags noindex attribute, which can stop search engine to crawl this page. But above are well experienced and good to go. We mentioned above all superior ways, in fact I would like to say implemented ways of remove URL of deleted pages from search results.

Let us know, if you find this guidance useful and valuable for your journey. For questions and issues join our community forum or can put your comment below.

How to Create New Merge Tags in MailChimp

As we described what is merge tags in mailchimp in our earlier article. By default in MailChimp there are three merge tags, which is automatically generated while creating the new list on MailChimp. These three are *|FNAME|* for subscriber first name, *|LNAME|* for subscriber last name and *|EMAIL|* for subscriber email. But maybe on any occasion, you need some further new fields such as city name, education, position etc to store further data in your list about your subscribers because sometimes additional data helps to filter out particular subscribers and then broadcast emails to them. So, here now we will talk about how to create new merge tags in MailChimp to make your email marketing dynamic.

Create New Merge Tags in MailChimp:

Creating new merge tags is not an tricky because it can be done with in few clicks. Simply follow the below steps to create new merge tags.

Step 1:

Simply login to your MailChimp account by using your credentials.

Step 2:

Navigate your cursor to List Option from main menu.

How to Create New Merge Tags in MailChimp Step 2

Step 3:

Choose your particular list for which you want to create new merge tag. Then Go inside this list. Select Settings > (List fields and *|MERGE|* tags).

How to Create New Merge Tags in MailChimp Step 3

Step 4:

On that page, you can see the existed merge tags. Along two button at the bottom one is “Save Changes” and Second is “Add A Field” Click on second button and create new field for your subscriber form first. Such as City name, education etc.

How to Create New Merge Tags in MailChimp Step 4

Step 5:

Choose the type of field text/number etc then type the name of this field such as ‘City Name’ or other, now finally set the merge tag of this particular field. You can add anything in merge tags box but add what you can easily memorize for future usage.

How to Create New Merge Tags in MailChimp Step 5

Above we added *|CITYNAME|* merge tag for ‘city name’ field because it the most convenient approach to memorize this merge tag for future usage in email templates. Another one thing if you don’t add any merge tag in this box so MailChimp by default already have merge tag for this box which you can see it beside every merge tag box *|MERGE3|* etc but these are not relevant to the fields and are not be able to memorize.

Let us know, if you think we reached our message to you in positive manner. Unlike if you have any question or issues regarding this so please join us on our community forum or can leave your comment under this article.