What Are Merge Tags in MailChimp

When we talk about email marketing so we must know about their basic factors as well as latest trends. As we know that MailChimp is one of the popular email marketing service provider and it has a features namely ‘Merge Tags’ to handle content dynamically. If you are not familiar with MailChimp anymore so read our article about What is MailChimp and its features? Let’s come back on topics, when you create a template or email format in your MailChimp account so the basic purpose of this template is looks professional and convey their message properly. Merge tags in MailChimp is an advance functionality in MailChimp which can easily handle your content headache dynamically.

What Are Merge Tags in MailChimp:

Merge tags is one of the core characteristics because each tag keeps as many as queries linked from the list directly. You can see your Merge tag option in your MailChimp account by follow this path List > Choose any List > SettingsList fields and *|MERGE|* tags.

Let me go into depth, let’s suppose if you have 10k subscribers in your MailChimp list so your company assign you a task to launch a campaign, which contains every subscriber name (Full Name) in starting as usual as well as mention each subscriber current living city name in the opening paragraph too. So let’s suppose you have each subscriber full name and city name listed in your MailChimp list already. So how you will implement this strategy, because each subscriber have different name even city name.

What you will do then? One answer is create MailChimp template for each subscribers as usual with their names and city name manually, this way is nightmare for anyone. No one have time to spend couple of days to create MailChimp template with each subscriber information separately.

The another most superior solution is ‘Merge tags’ which can handle your subscriber each listed field dynamically. MailChimp Merge tags allows you to assign a particular merge tag with particular field of column. In simple words, if you have three fields listed already respectively First Name, Last Name and Email Address. So what MailChimp will do, assign a particular tag to each column such as *|FNAME|* for Subscriber First Name same as *|LNAME|* for Subscriber Last name and *|EMAIL|* to show Subscriber Email Address so if you put these tags in your email template so MailChimp will pick all subscriber names directly from a particular column from which this tag belongs. So that is something kind of reference of a particular field. Review the below examples to understand this theory.

Email Template Example with Merge Tags: (Before Rendering)

Hello *|FNAME|* *|LNAME|*,
Hope your are fine today. Your *|EMAIL|* has been confirmed now! If you have any question to us so please let us know feel free. Thank you!

Above Example Preview : (After Rendering Merge Tags)

Hello John Lee,
Hope your are fine today. Your examples@gmail.com has been confirmed now! If you have any question to us so please let us know feel free. Thank you!

So from this way you don’t need to create separate template for each subscriber, only one template will cover all of the subscribers dynamically. I always love to work with Merge tags in MailChimp because it looks professional and saves lots of times even this MailChimp features is available in free plan so small entrepreneurs or bloggers can avail from it. There are no threshold of merge tags in MailChimp and also can create new merge tags in MailChimp with no worries. You can see the MailChimp All Merge Tags Cheat Sheets.

Let us know, if you find this article useful and valuable for your email marketing journey. If you have any question so please join us on our community forum to directly interact with us or can leave your comment below.

How to Show Play Icon On Image Hover

Recently I was testing some little strategy on my projects in which I need to show play icon on image hover. Showing play icon on image when someone navigate the cursor on that image. This was slightly tricky for me but I did it in a short while. So going to share this experience with my readers, which can learn from it and can do it better than this.

How to Show Play Icon On Image Hover

How to Show Play Icon On Image Hover:

In this guide we will show play icon on image hover with little work on HTML & CSS. You can use simply use your personal computer notepad to run below coding.

HTML Code:

<div class="itemsContainer">
<div class="image">
<a href="https://www.youtube.com"> 
<img src="https://www.example.com/Your-Pic.jpg" /></a>
<div class="play">
<a href="https://www.youtube.com">
<img src="https://www.example.com/Hover-Pic.png" /></a>

Above HTML, we also added link on Icon or the entire icon overlay. When someone click on icon then link would be work perfectly.

CSS Code:

.ImageContainer {
background: white;
    float: left; //It also can be right OR left
    position: relative;
    width: 300px; // You can change its width OR height
    height: 300px;
    margin-right: 20px;
.ImageContainer:hover .play{display:block}
  position: absolute;
  display: none;
  top: 0%;
  margin: 0 auto;
  left: 0px;
  right: 0px;
  z-index: 100;
  opacity: 0.9; // Reduce the opacity to increase the background pic visibility

Above CSS is pretty straight forward to go ahead. First one section handles the image styling only.


Whereas, second one shows the image hover styling. We setup recommended opacity but you can reduce it as you like to see it, opacity reduce the image hover colors or overlay and increase the actual background image visibility.


Furthermore, you can itself add your own custom CSS or html to modify the above code as your requirements.

Let us know, if you find this guidelines useful and valuable. Simply test this code in your code editors and if you found any issue or error then join us on our community forum to directly interact with us.

How Payoneer Can Be Cheaper

Payoneer is considered in popular online payment gateways due to their efficiency and instant payments. Payoneer is the best way to send and receive payment beyond the borders, I mean to say internationally. If you have no Payoneer Card so far so you need know that how to get Payoneer with $25 bonus. As we know that Payoneer has some pricing and fee structure, even recently Payoneer started to charge monthly fee $3 as well as $29.95 annually fee too. Which is not good for beginners who initially started their business.

How Payoneer Can Be Cheaper:

So what we are bringing out the conclusion here, this is quick and straightforward guide about how Payoneer can be cheaper than manually signed up. We noticed that Payoneer has two kinds of pricing & fee table one for usual clients like you and me and secondly for who partnered with Payoneer such as Infolinks, UpWork, Elance etc.

If you go to sign up directly to Payoneer that would be considered as manually signed up client. Unlike if you go to Infolinks Ads and from their website you request Payoneer then from the reference of Infolinks you will be automatically redirected on Payoneer website so this means Payoneer Premium partner Infolinks or whatever sending their clients on their behalf to Payoneer so you will be treated as a special customer.

Furthermore, your pricing fee structure will be much less than manually signed up clients even your Payoneer application approval chances is 99.9% than manually signed up users. Because almost manually signed up applicants application is rejected and that is what we already experienced.

Let me show you the screenshots of both Payoneer pricing and fee to make your doubts clear.

How Payoneer MasterCard Can Be Cheaper Image 1

Above shows that outside the US Payoneer maintenance charges is $6.95 except few mentioned countries in the above image. Secondly, Card replacement charges is $9.95 in case if your card is stolen or lost accidentally so you can request your new Payoneer from your account with this little fee. Third one is ATM withdrawal fee is $2.15 per transaction as well as $0.90 of per declined transaction. If you increase your monthly card transactions 4+ then monthly card fee will be go down from $3 to $1 that is also the better way to reduce your Payoneer expense.

Now let’s see the usually signed up user Payoneer pricing & fee and compare itself.

How Payoneer MasterCard Can Be Cheaper Image 2

Above image shows that Card replacement fee is $12.95 ($3 difference from Infolinks Payoneer). ATM withdrawal $3.15 per successful transaction ($1 difference from Infolinks Payoneer) and in case of declined $1 ($0.10 difference from Infolinks Payoneer).

Now all results are transparent, keep remember that I’m not saying that Payoneer creating difference among their clients. Infolinks or similar like companies did the lot of investment with Payoneer and signed contract that is why Payoneer giving them importance first. Now I did my best to convey my experience to you so now it’s your turn to do your best. If you have any question or queries so join us on our community forum or can leave your comment under this article.

How To Drive Traffic From Quora Community

First of all I need to clear few things before go ahead, Quora is a questions and answers community around internet. I familiar with Quora since past 4 years and today I want to share my experience to my readers. Quora is known as best due to their user-friendly interface personally I love it because that is very easy to navigate anywhere and the prominent part is traffic which you can grab from Quora without paying any single penny. Today I’m writing this article to let them you how to drive traffic from Quora community without doing spamming or any unwanted activities.

How To Drive Traffic From Quora?

Quora provides platform to all user to come here and discuss your issues or experience with another people’s which is the transparent definition of online communities. Right now you are here to read about how to drive traffic from Quora on your blog without putting any money on it. Here is all about concentration then your dreams will become true.

Setup You Profile on Quora:

Initial but most achievable aspect after signed up. Did you know that, a good profile on Quora can reflect your passion or interest that how much strong you are in your skills. Probably you heard that “First impression is the last impression” same like this profile should be looks like professional and straight forward.

If you ask me what to mention in profile then my answer would be, your designation (Entrepreneur, CEO, Manager, Blogger etc). Secondly, your voice such as who you are? and why are you here? means what is your purpose to join Quora community? and in between describe your experience in any particular filed must. You also can see my Quora profile link and if you like it then can follow me. 🙂

Find Suitable Questions on Quora:

Quora is something like a huge list of questions and it is increasing in every minute so the next task after above steps, on Quora you should find suitable questions nearest to your expertise. Let’s suppose you are well-known expert of affiliate marketer so you need to find them those people’s or folks on Quora who posted questions related affiliate marketing. You can use Quora top search box for that purpose to browse relevant questions to your expertise.

Get More Viewers on Quora Answers:

Getting more viewership on Quora answers gives higher precedence to your answer than others. Probably, so for this purpose you must read the question carefully for which you are going to write an answer.

How To Drive Traffic From Quora Community Image 1

Above I answered a question on Quora which received 216 viewership so far so this means 216 times users watched my answer. This means, if people like my answers and think they are getting appropriate or satisfactory solution with that so may be they will be stick with my answer little while. That’s the way for which Quora analyzing viewership on answers and determine which one has good viewership and able to be on the top than other’s.

Upvote & Downvote on Quora:

Quora gives authority to every user to pass their rating against every answer whether it is Good or Bad. On Quora we call this Upvote OR Downvote. Let’s suppose if you reading any particular answer on Quora or you think that is not suitable OR Wrong answered OR you don’t like that whatever so you can rate it thumbs UP OR thumbs Down for that answer. It is totally based on reader nature and their understanding with that answer. High Upvotes is the sign of this answer is the best solution than other’s because so many members already read this and pass their votes in positive sense.

How To Drive Traffic From Quora Community Image 2

Unlike, downvotes puts negative impact for that answer is inappropriate and answered wrong etc. More downvotes can put your answer down down and more down than others. Maybe your given answer can be missed after few time period due to more go down.

That’s the reasons above I said your given answer should be relevant to the question and try to provide the solution. Most important thing most people forget to do that must read already given answers and try to write something unique do not repeat what people’s already said in this discussion because repeating same thing can be the cause of more downvotes OR less viewership.

Quora Followers Is the Sign of  Victory:

Mostly times when you answering questions regularly with putting any gap, so chances increased that people follow you because of your interest. But above conditions will be applied also in this sense.

How To Drive Traffic From Quora Community Image 3

In the above image you can clearly see that how much Matt Cutts (Google Engineer) has followers on Quora. More followers gives extra strength to your name or brand especially your written answers among millions of users.

Let us know if you find this guidance helpful for your long root journey.  Grabbing traffic from Quora is no more tricky but keep remember that Quora is not the way to building backlinks that is a platform to provide most relevant answer to their user. In case of spamming on Quora you could face any critical issue in future. So slow steady win the race formula is good than instant results. If you have any question to us regarding Quora so you may join us on our community forum or can leave your comment under this article.

Characters, Objects And Places In Oedipus Rex

Characters In Oedipus Rex:

Oedipus Rex:

The protagonist of the play and by birth he is the prince of Thebes but at the start of the play he did not know reality and believes that his father is the king of Corinth. His parents thrown him by the fear of prophecy.

Queen Jocasta:

Jocasta is the one of the main character of this play. She is the mother of Oedipus Rex and wife of king Laius and queen of Thebes but unknowingly she marries her son Oedipus and shows blasphemy that Oracle prophecy would not be  true. At the end of the play she hang herself.

King Laius/Laios:

King Laius is also the one of the main character of this play. He is the former king of Thebes and unfortunately he kills by his son. He thrown to Oedipus  after knowing the prophecy of Oracle. Unfortunately, according to the Greek Mythology man cannot defeat his fate as like with him.


Jocasta’s brother and Oedipus uncle but unknowingly he becomes the brother-in-law of Oedipus Rex. He is a God-fearing person. After Oedipus he takes his charge and becomes the king of Thebes.

Ismene And Antigone:

Ismene and Antigone are the daughter of Oedipus Rex. Oedipus entrusted them to Creon that he take care his daughters after him.


An old blind man who can see the future. He was legendary in his profession and it was he who tells to Oedipus about his reality and says you are the killer of your father and husband of your mother and the brother of your children and don’t make the fun of my blindness because one day you would become a blind.

King Polybos/Polybus:

Polybus is the king of Corinth and supposed father of Oedipus. Polybus brings him.

Queen Merope:

Merope is the wife of Polybus and queen of Corinth and supposed mother of Oedipus.


Father of Creon and Jocasta.


Father of Laius.


A resident of Corinth who comes to Thebes for telling to Oedipus that his father Polybus has died and people of Isthmia wants him their new king and it was he who tells to Oedipus that king Polypus and queen Merope was not his real parents they adopted him and messenger got him a Theben residence.

Second Messenger:

Second messenger tells to people that Queen Jocasta has to hang herself and King Oedipus made him blind.


Jocasta gives Oedipus to shepherd that he throws to child and kill near to mountain Kithairon but shepherd does not kill to child and entrusted to messenger.


In Greek dramas writers used this techniques for releasing the depression and make the situation normal. These groups of actors tell the story by dancing and singing.

Objects And Places In Oedipus Rex:


Thebes is main place in this play. That’s was the Oedipus home state where he born but at the start of the play Corinth was his home state. Thebes is place where all events take place.


Corinth is the place where Oedipus brings up but he run away when he come to know the prophecy of Oracle that he would marry his mother and kill his father. After the death of King Polybus people of isthmia (Corinth is the capital of Isthmia) wants him become their new ruler.

Mountain Kithairon:

This is the place where King Laius and Queen Jocasta decided to kill and throw to Oedipus for avoiding the prophecy and they ordered to shepherd to get rid him but shepherd did not kill him and he entrusted Oedipus to Corinthian. From this way, he got his new homeland.


Delphi is small town which is situated on Mountain Parnassus. Greeks believes that temple of Apollo was situated at Delphi and which is situated at the center of the earth. We see that Oedipus sends to Creon towards Oracle for knowing the solution of plague.


Phocis is place where three roads meet and where Oedipus meet from Laius and there confrontation start  between them and the result of this Oedipus kills to King Laius.


Ancient temple of Greeks where people came for knowing their future and in this play Oracle predict the Oedipus tragic and horrible fate that he would marry his mother and kill his father. According to the Greeks man cannot defeat his fate.


Ancient Greek and Roman god of light, healing, music, prophecy and poetry.


Ares is the god of war and the son of Zeus and Hera. The elders people of Thebes pray to him that he help them to stop the destroying and save the Thebes.


Spinx was a monster who had woman bust and lion body and Oedipus defeated to Spinx by answering the riddle. People of Thebes selected him their king because of his intelligence.

Riddle Of Spinx:

What is it that walk on four legs in the morning, on two at noon, and on three in the evening. Oedipus correctly answered this riddle that this is man who crawls with the help of knees and hands as an infant and after this he walks his own legs and then in the old age he takes the help of stick ( in this riddle morning shows to infant baby and noon shows to young age and evening shows to an old man).


Plague is a disease, that was destroying and burning Thebes and that was the curse of God because they did not take the revenge of King Laius murder.

Does Changing Website Theme Effect on Seo Rank

Majority of users have misconceptions about that does changing website theme effect on Seo rank or website performance. Usually, a beginner have not sufficient knowledge about Seo but I realized that some people afraid with Seo ranking fluctuations. Because majority thinks, if they change their website theme or if do any customization stuff on their website front-end so their website traffic can be fall or some think that change will boost their website traffic. Whether it is WordPress based site or any custom coding site that doesn’t matter in this discussion.

Does Changing Website Theme Effect on Seo Rank?

Very rarely but again want to say depends on the time period and circumstances. Let’s suppose if you just want to change your WordPress theme which takes around 2 minutes maximum in installation and activation then go live. Your all post, pages even permalinks structure will not be changed. All things will remain same like before only the outer layout will be automatically change. So in this condition, your site will not gonna be down while changing the theme only. Because your post and pages will be live while changing theme.so traffic will not be disturbed or down from this point of view.

Another case, let’s suppose after changed the website theme or on the instant of the same time, you want to make few customization or developing stuff to make it attractive or add some creative features in it. So in this condition, mostly webmasters feels to put site under maintenance due incomplete website then they simply create a website maintenance page and show on their website front-end like a single landing page for users. From this way, incoming traffic would be down for a specified time period.

With this way your website losing precious traffic but your landing page giving them an instruction so almost people can understand this condition so that way is good from brand recognition safety. (Recommended Way in Critical Situations but only for short time period such as 10-15 minutes not more than this)

Above we only talk about short time frame of website unavailability but unlike if you want to down your site for 1-2 days then what? 1-2 days or more cannot be considered a short time frame then above ways is not helpful in this situation. In this condition I would say create separate sub domain r sub directory like (e.g. example.com/test OR demo.example.com) because to keep live website while working in this longtime period can spoil Seo rank for big sites which are receiving enough incoming traffic.

By the way, it is naturally understood to them that they will not do that kind of mistakes. Because no one wants to put their huge traffic in garbage. Recently I commented on Quora with the same asked question Does changing website theme affect its SEO, ranking and performance?

Does Changing Website Theme Effect on Seo Rank

Above image showing the same thing which I had stated before. Everything is simple and transparent now in front of you short time period can not down your Seo rank because your site pages or post are live and user can see it.

Let us know, if you find this article useful and valuable. We always consider to our previous users feedback and then try to improve our side to serve it good than before. If you have any question so you can comment it below or can ask to us on our community forum for detail guidance.

7 Things to Consider Before Buying a WordPress Theme

WordPress is most widely used CMS in the world. There are millions of websites on the Internet built on WordPress.

I take it as a most powerful blogging platform which allows easy customization at beginner level.

The most popular blogs like TechCrunch and Mashable are hosted on WordPress platform.

A WordPress installation has two primary segments:

  1. Plugins
  2. Theme

In this post, you will learn about the things that must be considered while buying WordPress Theme.

Do you know about the role of a WordPress theme?

A theme in any WordPress installation decides the layout of the blog or website.

How the site would look like to the readers, the theme layout takes this responsibility.

A quality Theme gives best user experience. Therefore, we should consider few things while choosing a right theme whether you about to start a blog or a website.

7 Things to Consider Before Buying a WordPress Theme

Most of the WordPress users don’t know what they should consider while buying a perfect WordPress theme.

This post is completely focused on the key points you are expected to consider while buying a theme.

1: Free or Premium Theme:

Being a beginner blogger, you won’t be ready to purchase a Premium theme.

(Truly speaking, I also find it difficult to buy a premium theme for my blog. However, after two months I bought a theme that was complementing to my blog.)

In this case, you can use a free theme. There are multiple options in the WordPress.org. You can go there and choose one relevant plugin for your blog.

It was earlier when you were able to get only poorly coded free themes. Now the WordPress developers have created several good quality WordPress themes for the users. They made them available to the world through the WordPress community so that anybody can download them.

Some of the premium theme developers like MyThemeShop is also offering free premium looking theme in the WordPress.org.

Well, premium themes have more advantages over free ones. While I tried to find the pros and cons of paid themes, the cons were only a few.

Read below what were those pros and cons.

Pros of premium themes:

  1. You get frequent updates with the premium themes corresponding to the WordPress version.
  2. Premium themes are less common compared to the free themes, so you get able to set a unique style apart from other blogs.
  3. Premium themes come up with the ultimate customer support in the form of online chat, email ticketing system, and forum support.
  4. Several in-built features that reduce the need to install extra plugins.

Cons of Premium Themes:

  1. The price varies from few dollars to $100+ that might not be affordable by everyone.
  2. A lot of features may confuse the users.

There is no any fixed criterion to prove free themes dangerous for the users. While premium themes come from the trusted sources, you needn’t take worries about them. On the other hand, free themes are required to have several precautions before using.

(I have recently seen a hacker attack in the blog of my friend, and she was using a free theme).

2: User experience must be the Priority:

Google also gives much importance to the user experience. If your theme is offering great user experience, it will reduce the bounce rate as well.

The WordPress theme you want to install should be responsive to the handheld devices like tablets, smartphones, etc.

(According to a post on Search Engine Land, the mobile searches are growing much faster than the anticipated. Google also declared its Mobile friendly update recently.)

However, now most of the Premium WordPress Business themes come with the mobile responsive feature. If this feature is absent in the theme then, it may raise a red flag. So, it’s better to check the mobile friendliness through this tool. Read our detail guide on Why responsive web design is important?

3: Check for the Feedback:

Take the feedback in the form of user experience. If you prefer a buy a theme, you should first check for the feedback in the public forums.

This is an awesome method to get the most genuine suggestion regarding any WordPress Theme. Social media also play a vital role in it.

For example, you can join the Facebook groups and can ask group members for their unbiased suggestion regarding any theme you choose to buy from a certain vendor.

Whenever I decide to change the theme of my blog, I turn my face towards FB groups and most of the time I get the best advice from the bloggers who already used the same theme.

Many times, plugins might create conflict with the theme. I have also experienced this situation in which a plugin destroyed the CSS of the theme.

You should closely look in the support communities for any such incidence and read the complete thread to know the reaction of commentators.

4: Seo Friendliness:

Do you know what SEO factors make a theme SEO friendly?

These are: loading time, clean coding, are a few factors that make a theme seo friendly.

Well, in the present time, almost every theme you buy or a free theme from WordPress.org is seo friendly.

You can read the description of the theme to check the SEO friendliness.

The SEO friendly themes assist in ranking your site in the search engines.

Before purchasing a theme, test the speed in Pingdom. It’s widely accepted a tool for the site speed test. Put the Theme demo URL in it and see what comes in the states. If the theme’s loading time is high, avoid using the theme.

5: Identify Your need:

You must be aware of your theme.

What do you expect from a theme?

How many navigation menus do you want in the theme?

Do you need a customized footer?

What’s your niche?

The availability of the font types.

Background color customization.

Formatting style of the content is according to your requirement or not?

Layout and number of columns.

Is theme having best ad placement spaces?

All these things matter a lot when you choose a premium WordPress theme for any website or a blog.

6: Easy customizable or not?

This is the crucial area to evaluate any premium WordPress theme. I also feel stuck sometimes when couldn’t find an essential setting.

Well, premium themes come with the complete documentation so the users can get most out of the theme. If the documentation is accessible to you, read the entire details mentioned in it.

If the theme vendor has attached a video demo, users are expected to watch it. It contains the configuration and other related info that may help you deciding a right theme for your site.

I have seen few theme vendors offering customization with the demo theme. If you are getting such facility, I highly recommend you go for it. Make all the changes that you want to see on your site and compare with your expectations.

7: Look into Existing Support:

Support is the backbone of any business. With better customer support, a company can win the millions of customers and can gain mouth publicity.

The premium theme vendors make efforts to deliver best user experience through the themes. They release frequent updates to remove the bugs within themes. Nevertheless, some issues might occur and may create trouble for users.

In this situation, the customer support comes into the scene and takes over the responsibility to remove the users’ troubles.

A reputed theme vendor, offer the customers support via different means. They could be via email ticketing system, live chat, and community support in which the company developers remain active to give the proper answers to users queries.

Better customer support is the best side of premium themes. You get the complete support throughout your subscription period.

You can also interact with the customer support before buying a theme. Ask more question about the theme you want to buy. They can also tell you about the attractive discounts so that you can save the money.


I have tried my level best to include all the points that a person should consider while buying a premium WordPress theme. There may be some more important points that you consider while purchasing a theme. Share those things in the comment section below. It would add value to this post.

A theme should reflect better user experience and will improve the engagement with the readers. These are the real characteristics of the ideal theme.

If you find this post informative, and you feel it improved your knowledge about WordPress themes, don’t forget to share it on your favorite social media networks. Spread the words and let others know about it.