How to Redirect Old URLs to New URLs in WordPress

Most critical issue from Seo and marketing point of view. Because if you are going to change your existed web page URL so you have so many responsibilities in this case. Why I’m saying this, because behind this change your entire website infrastructure which is associate with this particular URL will also disturb from user and search engine point of view. Here today we are reveal some search engine optimization factors, one of them is how to redirect old URLs to new URLs to stop generating 404 not found errors on your website.

Redirect Old URLs to New URLs in WordPress:

I’m writing this especially for WordPress users. Secondly what thing can be occur or can become the cause of of this issue? Let me elaborate this from my perspective.

Let’s suppose, if you changed a particular web page URL in today date which you published it a month ago. Now what will happen? First of all Google already crawled this web page so this is clear like mirror that URL is also crawled in Google. Let’s think, if someone user comes on your site from search engine via old crawled web page or URL, So what page will be display on their screen? A content page for which user came to your site OR 404 Not Found Page? Obviously 404 not found page, because the old URL no longer exist on this website because you changed the URL and user doesn’t know the new URL at this moment.

So this means, when someone user comes on you site via old crawled web page so they will not be able to reach on right page for which they came. That means, from your slightly mistake you are losing huge bunch of organic traffic as well as also the user trust for this domain. Also that is a leakage point or hole in your website, which Google or another search engine doesn’t like  or maybe doesn’t tolerate that is why this can be the reason of rank fall of your website in search engine.

What is the Alternatives?

The straight forward alternative to resolve this issue is “Redirect Old URL to New URL” from this way user will be able to reach your new web page from both condition. Let’s suppose if you applied this redirection rule on it then the users who are coming on your site via old crawled web page will be automatically redirected to new URL, which you setup behind the website. So the next question should be from your side is “how to redirect OLD URLs to new URLs”. Before go to explanation, below described solution is just for WordPress but the above strategy can be happen for all non-WordPress sites too.

Step 1:

You need to install and activate this plugin namely Redirection, this plugin is use to manage 301 redirection and keeping track 404 error page, doesn’t matter you know coding or not. This plugin doesn’t need any coding or developers help.

Step 2:

Go to WordPress Dashboard > Tools > Redirection then add the URLs simply on which you want to apply this redirection rule.

How to Redirect Old URLs to New URLs in WordPress

Above you can see the two URL fields one for OLD URL and second for NEW created URL. That is the most simplest way to resolve this issue with in few minutes. As well as this plugin will record the hits, that how many times user comes on your New URLs via OLD URLs, whether it is from search engine or another external website.

How to Redirect Old URLs to New URLs in WordPress Image 2

Above you can clearly see the hits on OLD URL that is just an example for better understanding.

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How to Embed Google Maps On Blog

Google maps is the most important thing where your business presence should be. Google maps provides an interface from where every user can easily listed their business on their specific location or can mark his location. Where your clients can write their review about your business, which can put a good influence or reputation on your business. Google business mapping also become the Seo factor of off-page Seo due to their perfection and efficiency. Today in this article, I will write about how you can embed your Google maps on blog or your company blog or corporate site.

First create your Google map then you need to put this map on your website pages such as contact us or about us etc.

Google map is free of cost for everyone, anyone can use it, built their own maps and can put it online.

How to Embed Google Maps On Blog:

Simply Go to Google maps and browse or search your location in the given search box on this page. When you got your location in-front of you so its time to get that embedding code of that particular location.

How to Embed Google Maps On Blog Image 1

  • First Search your location for which location map you want to put on your blog.
  • Secondly, On the left sidebar you will see the SHARE button.
  • After click on SHARE button a new pop up comes up and there will be two ways of sharing. One is by using short link second is embed map via using iframe code. Then we will go with Embed map option.

How to Embed Google Maps On Blog Image 2

  •  Now finally, copy the iframe code and simply paste on your website page where you like to display this map.
  • Now this code work will work perfectly.

Even you can resize this map or also can get the iframe code according to your size large, medium, small and custom size according to your requirements.

How to Embed Google Maps On Blog Image 3

That is perfectly fine, even you also can add your custom CSS inside this iframe code if you are a developer or knows slightly coding.

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SEO Tools That Works Harder For You

There are plenty of seo tools out there in market , almost every online influencer love seo tools to make their blog run on auto-pilot. Tools which they use to drive thousands of traffic in matter of days or in few cases in minutes.

SEO Tools That Works Harder For You

Today i will reveal those three you can use to generate some creative content covert those visitors in to sales. Lets get in to those SEO tools which might help you arsenal increase your traffic.

 #1 Google Trends

Many of bloggers doesn’t take this tool seriously, due to lack of confidence in the tool instead they focus on “Google keyword planner“.

Google trends” is all about , what is trending around the world. It has very good filter options which you can choose around and target your audience. Most of the topics in Google trends are low competitive ,many of them have no competitive which makes ranking part easy.

Google trend also teach us ,what exactly people like in certain country. To understand a basic needs of particular country.

#2 WayBackMachine

Now now, you might be wondering how we can use “WayBackMachine” part of seo strategy?!

Let me share you a true story on how a hobby of re-search on how competitors driving thousands of traffic in matter of days without backlinks to their sites?

While going through research i came across a keyword, which had around 10k traffic a month, on the first position “” was ranking, i tapped on the site to check the content and the site was move another location while content was missing.

Article which has 10k traffic is missing with 170 backlinks, so i used “WayBackMachine” to get access to that content then later i have emailed all sites linking to that post to replace with my content after few weeks that post is now giving me around 4.2k traffic per month.

#3 Ferzy

Ferzy is a keyword difficulty checker, it analysis “XYZ” keyword which you are willing to rank for your blog/website. It gives you how many links are pointing, DA (Domain Authority), PA (Page Authority) & age of competitors domain. So you can try and check keyword difficulty by FERZY.

It gives you a very good idea whether to proceed take next step try to rank for it. With this tool you can make better decisions.

Wrap up:

These were my simple tools you can use to generate better content , find missing recipes lost through time and understand your market better. When simple changes makes bigger difference in SERPS.

You creative ideas what makes the difference in online world today. I’m sure alot of things are running though your mind , thats how we are bound to. Feel free to leave a few words of comment o make a bigger impact.

How to Buy Domain and Hosting With HosterDay

As we know that HosterDay is an emerging finest hosting provider around the internet. In our most earlier written article, we already described HosterDay features review. These features make HosterDay more superior and user-friendly web hosting provider. Today, I’m writing this article to let them know to my readers about how they can buy domain and hosting with HosterDay step by step.

How to Buy Domain and Hosting With HosterDay

Buy Domain and Hosting With HosterDay:

HosterDay is straight forward about his commitment to their beloved customers. I just made an absolute guide video because I think video can explain this one aspect better.

Actually, purchasing domain and hosting with HosterDay is simple especially for those people’s who have no credit card facility even have no PayPal. That is what we like in HosterDay, almost Asian countries have the same problem of payment gateway’s issue. They have great enthusiasm to buy hosting to start their online business journey but a usual or common person can not bear the expense of credit cards. Or PayPal is not supported in most Asian countries properly such as in India and Pakistan. That is why, HosterDay introduced the payment option Bank transfer for their customer convenience, they don’t want to lose even a single customer with their excellent services.

This guide is actually designed for step one to finalize step. At the checkout process, simply insert your personal information and choose Bank transfer option to pay your invoice then proceed. Then HosterDay will provide you the bank details as well as your invoice, simply deposit your invoice payment in their provided bank account and send them an email [] associate with your transaction id or reference to let them know that you submitted your invoice payment in their bank account. Now finally they will send you your hosting cPanel details on your provided email with in 24 hours after receive your payment. There is no delay in their service, they have dedicated support team on phone, live chat and also on support ticket on their website.

Let us know, about your experience with HosterDay. We love to listen your feedback from customer point of view because it can be beneficial for other users. If you have any questions so join us on our community forum or can drop your comment under this article.