Experienced Tips to Protecting Your Computer From Viruses

I personally experienced so many things in my 4 years carrier in technology field. Virus is known as the most scared thing in our life’s because of their harmful impact on our devices. Keep remember that, virus only comes when your device connect with another device (Pen Drive, Printer, CD/DVD, Scanner, Mi) or connect with global network such as internet etc. If you do not give any input to your computer then virus cannot be impact on your device. Today we will discuss about experienced tips to protecting your computer from viruses or malware. In the meanwhile, I will share those things and tricks which we did experienced in that time period.

Experienced Tips to Protecting Your Computer From Viruses

Tips to Protecting Your Computer From Viruses:

As we said above virus is the most scared thing ever in our life’s when it comes. Because due to virus in your computer, your precious data can be corrupt, your data can be stolen in case of hacking through viruses. So that is really important thing for you to keep your data or computer safe and prevent those kind of tragic virus attacks. So let’s take a look the ways from through you can save your computer from malware.

Do Not Download Unnecessary Files:

Mostly virus comes through internet connectivity and their associate files. When you download any software from any suspicious or malicious website so it comes with virus. On that time, if your computer doesn’t have any antivirus which can prevent the virus then virus infect your computer entirely. You should keep yourself away from that sites which contains troubles. Secondly install antivirus which can prevent virus to come in your computer.

Unavailability of Antivirus:

Mostly user’s doesn’t care about security whereas that is the most important factor especially for professional persons. Antivirus works as your computer firewall or shield, which is capable to stop incoming virus threats or attacks. So that is better practice to install a best rated antivirus in your computer.

Input Devices Attacks:

Virus can be infected your computer only when you inject something in it. I mean to say here is, until you don’t give any input device such as USB, Printer, Scanner etc. Probably, USB contains some kind of virus which can put your computer in danger. So that is important aspect, always scan any input device if your computer have any antivirus so this facility will alarm you when virus comes out. Purchased CD and DVD from local shopkeepers also can be contained viruses so must scan everything before proceed to next step.

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How to Turn Off Window 7 Automatic Updates

Here today we have a straightforward article on how to turn off window 7 automatic updates step by step guide. That procedure is really important for those person who are annoyed with again and again window 7 updates when they start their computer and updates process comes in front on the screen. This process takes lots of time depends on what kind of updates computer required. But consuming time on those things which are not necessarily important for us is wastage of time.

Turn Off Window 7 Automatic Updates:

This guide will be concise but for better understanding we will utilize step by step screenshots for reader convenience. Let’s see,

Step 1:

Open your computer and navigate your cursor on your Start button > Control Panel.

How to Turn Off Window 7 Automatic Updates Step 1

Step 2:

Their select and go inside System and Security option.

How to Turn Off Window 7 Automatic Updates Step 2

Step 3:

Now Select Turn automatic update on or off option under the section Window Update.

How to Turn Off Window 7 Automatic Updates Step 3

Step 4:

In this final step, Choose Never check for updates (Not recommended) option under the important updates section. Unchecked the Give me recommended updates the same way I receive important updates option and check Allow all users to install updates on this computer.

How to Turn Off Window 7 Automatic Updates Step 4

Now you had successfully turned off window 7 updates for future. Now computer will not process automatically updates in your computers especially for that user, from which user you did that process. This settings will not disturb other users automatically updates.

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