What Makes A Web Hosting Good?

You log on to internet and you would be flooded with numerous choices for web hosting services. With so many vendors at your disposal; the comparison is inevitable and it looks simpler to make a choice. However it is far from reality. What do you think, what kind of fantabulous hosting service provider should be, let me give a try to explain what makes a web hosting Good?

What Makes A Web Hosting Good?

Not all hosting providers define their offerings clear enough, which makes it difficult for individuals and businesses to decide on the right web host.

Performance stays on the top of the list as most of the players promise 99.99% of Uptime. But that’s not the fact unfortunately. Pure downtime well exceeds their red flag limit. You must research well & try gathering stats before deciding.

Ensure your website speed is good enough to sustain with your users’ experience. Sites taking more than half a second, needs fine tuning at the hosting side but be sure it doesn’t have to do with its designing.

Pricing is important than most other things. Every single penny deserves to be spent well, as is earned hard. A good shared hosting plan can be found for $5/month and that’s reasonable.

Check for renewal amounts and recurring modes. They can be confusing at times. Also enquire on the refund policy for you might cancel subscription owing to deficiency in services.

Customer Support is an essential and perhaps the most significant parameter to focus on. Does it provide round the clock services? Can you chat or speak with the agents live? Raising tickets and writing emails, is a thing of past and not enjoyed by customers these days.

Unmetered space, availability of control panel etc. are some of the other things that should be taken into account.

While you spend all your man hours to make the right choice, hosting vendors are a bit smarter to make it look all greener for you.

Let’s see this infographic that visually defines some of the basics that MUST be considered before selecting the right web host.

What Makes A Web Hosting Good

11 Questions Seo Providers Should Ask Their Clients

As we know that Seo has vast demand and market from where folks want to promote their business. If you are a Seo agency or a company so that is an absolute guide for it. In this Guide we will let you know what questions Seo providers should ask their clients before taking any Seo project. These question will build better relationship among you and your client and will help you in your project achievement.

11 Questions Seo Providers Should Ask Their Clients

Almost agencies or individual Seo people’s have not much experience so they perform some unwanted or strange things or never ask few crucial questions before start or taking any project. According to my perceptions, before start a Seo project of any company or website you should organize a question answer session to get listen all their queries carefully as well as you can ask your questions also to give meaning of this discussion.

Questions And their Associate Answers:

These questions will build friendly relationship between you and your clients or also create better understanding. Let’s see those question, which you should ask to your client before go ahead to pick this Seo project.

Q 1: From Which Category Your Website Belongs to?

This is simple straightforward question asking by you to your client. It is important for your o know about what kind of website he/she is running such as News magazine, a blog, entertainment website, company or enterprise based site and trust or organization etc.

Q 2: What’s Your Expectation from Seo?

This question will help your to take a decision, from what thinking he/she is observing Seo. So then you can design your Seo plan accordingly or better than his approach.

Q 3: How Much Traffic Your Are Expecting in a Month?

This aspect basically depends on your client budget but that is your responsibility to clear your doubts and get your question answers before to be hired for this project.

Q 4: In How Much Time Your Are Expecting Results?

Basic but meaningful question from Seo agency perspective. Basically 3-4 months are essentially required to propagate Seo properly. Must Read How Much Time SEO Takes to Show Their Results also read the comprehensive discussion on this topic How long does seo take generally?

Q 5: Did You Purchased Domain and  Hosting Yet?

Most responsive question, truly domain and hosting is considered as the first Seo step. Make sure that, if your client didn’t purchase domain and hosting so far then you are responsible to do that task with your on way. Must read Things You Should do Before Buy Web Hosting. Domain niche should be related to their client business category. Hosting should be 100% safe because it is important to choose a secure place where you entire website will be hosted, we recommend HostGator for shared hosting and Digital Ocean for advance Cloud VPN hosting.

Q 6: How Much Budget You Allocated For Seo?

This is something what you are asking how much you will spend on Seo to grow your business. Accordingly to our experience  minimum $500 per month and maximum there is no threshold. It can be $20,000 or more than this. Usually well reputed website’s around internet spend approximately $2000 to $5000 per month on Seo to build or maintain their search engine ranking.

Note: Around internet market , there are so many clumsy Seo folks who say’s that pay $100 or $200 for Seo for a month so that is something like joke also that commitment has no professional approach.

Q 7: Are you Building Backlinks By Itself?

As we know that building backlinks is considered as the most necessary part of off-page Seo. If your client are already involving to building backlinks from their on way so that can be risky because a Seo establishes an external link under the consideration of white hat Seo.

Q 8: Which Platform You Are Using To Run Your Website?

Most important question from my own perspective. Mostly user (80%) uses pre-made scripts such as for news magazine or blog site WordPress, For ecommerce site Magento and OpenCart for Community forum vbulletin and Discourse. Only 20% users preferred their own custom scripts that’s why they hire developers team so if your client is using own custom scripts so he will be responsible to integrate Seo features or options in his platform as Seo expert will say. Majority or above mentioned CMS or pre-made scripts already have Seo options to go ahead so there is nothing like panic with it.

Q 9: How Much You have presence on Social Media?

You should be aware about your future project each and everything to handle it comfortably. You should ask to your client how much presence they have on social media sites such as they have business pages or profiles or not if they have so please give us access to review it that is correctly connected with your website or there is any misplacement of any link so we can do it correct for you.

Q 10: Did You Use Any Seo Service Before this?

That is important for us to know about that because if you were used any Seo service in past so first we should check your website current Seo status or spamming rate. Why did you leave those people’s or agency Seo service? Are they did not fulfill their commitment as they discussed before taking this project?

Q 11: How Many People Have Access on Your Website Assets?

Last but effective question again from my point of view. If you were experienced any Service in past, and also if you handover your login or administrative details to any person or company so that can be danger for us during work so please change your all login details such as passwords, security questions etc. Must read How to make strong password that will help you to secure your accounts without any additional expense.

As we above said, do not handover your entire site rank any unknown, stranger and clumsy people’s because that can be put your site in danger. If you are a client or company who want to hire someone Seo expert so you should read Top 10 SEO Interview Questions and Answers.

Let us know, your opinions about Seo experts conversation questions and answers. If you have better one question so  must tell us through comment box or also can join us on community forum.

White and Black Hat Cloaking Guide in Seo Guide

As we know that, Seo is no more simple in 2016 seo trends because of many emerging changes. Seo journey since 2003 to 2016 is filled with lots of fluctuations. Today in this article, I’m going to discuss about cloaking, this aspect is not new but still their effectiveness exist and we should consider this while building Seo strategy of any website. Cloaking in Seo playing important role, Matt Cutts (Google Former Web Spam Head) also revealed or described cloaking on Google guidelines very efficiently.

White and Black Hat Cloaking Guide in Seo

We designed this guide especially for beginners so we will cover a-z approximately all stuff related to cloaking from white and black hat Seo perspective.

What is Cloaking in SEO?

Cloaking refers, when you represent different content & URL to humans and search engine robots. Cloaking is strictly prohibited and against Google webmaster guidelines, also can put your site rank down in search engine.

Cloaking can be done through various ways, put the content on the same time when robots (User-agent) represent the page in search engine. Cloaking can be done through hidden content or links through little modification in CSS files. Almost user claims that their website has been hacked and after retrieval back they receiving security warnings on their webmaster account or in a browser (UnSafe Site). This is only because of cloaking, because hackers put some malicious codes/scripts or malware of which humans cannot see it physically from their eyes but search engine robots can easily see it or detect it from their behind website coding.

There are so many reasons, if you website hacked by someone again and again so must read Things You Should Do to Avoid Hacking Your Website and also How to Tackle Hacked WordPress Websites. Read the Google guidelines to prevent your site from hacking.

Black and White Hat Cloaking?

If we talk about white and black hat cloaking so that is nonsense because cloaking is strictly prohibited no matter in which sense you are considering this. I found cloaking on many reputed sites but their cloaking sense slightly were changed like on Forbes web pages, before user goto exact required web page interstitial ads will be open and will automatically skip within 5-6 seconds.

White and Black Hat Cloaking Guide in Seo Forbes Example

So that is shape or kind of cloaking but consider as rare or negligible cloaking level and Google doesn’t take action on well reputed sites immediately without considering other factors.

Let us know, if you found this article useful and valuable from your perspective. If you have any question related to cloaking in Seo so may join us on our community forum or can leave your queries below.

Importance of Guest Blogging in Seo

As we familiar with Seo, we know that guest blogging is not a new but so far most essential part of Seo. This is not an appropriate and satisfactory answer for anyone because if we are giving importance to that aspect so why we are giving? I mean we should elaborate each perspective that the importance of Guest blogging in Seo.

Importance of Guest Blogging in Seo

Importance of Guest Blogging in Seo:

Since 2005 and maybe before guest blogging was started and so far we love it due to his proficiency in search engine optimization. Now the prominent arisen question here is that, why we are giving him too much importance so far? Google itself do not like guest blogging link scheme and said on his support guide.

Buying or selling links that pass PageRank. This includes exchanging money for links, or posts that contain links; exchanging goods or services for links; or sending someone a “free” product in exchange for them writing about it and including a link.

So what you can figure out from above statement. Majority of bloggers trying to build numbers of links through paid guest blogging, which can put your site rank down than before. So if Google instructing us to prevent themselves from these kind of links so what is actual purpose of this article writing? Google always guide us utilize external links in your written article but links should be looks like natural not paid or link exchange.

So if your link seems like natural and organic, so that is a plus point for your site rank.

How Link Can be Natural OR Not?

As above we said, your external links should be looks like natural. Let’s suppose if you are writing an article about Microsoft surface review and in which you linked Microsoft surface word with Wikipedia directly or their Microsoft official site product page so this makes sense.

Secondly, you linked your this particular keyword with Huffington post written article or news on this product so this is also makes sense. Because Huffington post is considered the top rank american news aggregator and blog.

Thirdly, if you link this article with a site which domain authority less than 10 and relevancy doesn’t exist among both of them, your site and linked site so that would be considered spamming from search engine perspective. So that kind of link would be considered as paid and exchange, because of their irrelevance and appalling placement or structure.

Google also provide a way from which you can put external links without passing pagerank to another. Simply use nofollow attribute with your each hyperlink. Use the below structure of hyperlink with nofollow attribute.

<a href="http;//www.example.com" rel="nofollow">Example</a>

Precaution is better than quick or unknown experiment. So that is good practice to use nofollow attribute from your links for which you are not sure or do not want to pass your pagerank. Must read what is nofollow and dofollow rel attribute and their detailed discussion on nofollow and dofollow.

Guest blogging is useful and beneficial, if we use it with good faith. Guest blogging helps you to sustain your PageRank in search engine. Hope that article or sharing will give you a better thinking for future that how much importance of guest blogging in Seo have and how to utilize it in good faith.

Let us know, if you have any question regarding guest blogging and their associated aspects. You also can interact with us directly on our community forum or can leave your queries below.

Is Technology a Blessing or a Curse?

Technology is used to help the mankind in achieving their tasks in a small period of time. But, technology is progressing so fast that somehow it is also a threat for human beings. To see is technology a blessing or a curse? We are highlighting major benefits and threats of technology.

Is Technology a Blessing or a Curse

Benefits of Technology:

Technology is present everywhere. In order to clear thoughts about technology a blessing or a curse, we have to be unbiased. Now we have smart phones, laptops, cameras, GPS and many other gadgets in our home. If we look at few years back, these gadgets were in our thoughts only. Video calling is not a problem these days. But, you cannot think of talking and watch someone who is thousands of miles away from you. This is the blessing of technology. There is a great importance of technology in education as well.

Further, is we look at the progress of technology in the field of medicine, you will be surprised. Now there are unbelievable instruments which can help in diagnosis of different brain diseases. Moreover, there are some gadgets which can tell you about the calories present in the food. Now you can install applications on your cellular phones and avail the facilities of medicine and etc.

Threats of Technology to Mankind:

No doubt, there are countless benefits of technology. But, it has some dangerous threats too. As in education sector, students are relying on Google for their research work. They do not work on their own. Furthermore, weapons are one of the major threat of technology to the world. Now, a single missile can destroy the whole country, even the half of the world. Most of the people these days wear spectacles. Because, the technology gadgets are very dangerous for eye sight. So, while proving technology a blessing or a curse, technology can be a curse too.

Technology is involved in all our daily tasks. Now, we cannot imagine to think our lives without emails. We think the world would be nothing without technology. Because, we are dependent on technology for each and every single task of your lives.


We can’t deny the fact that we are somehow hooked by the technology. One cannot deny the importance of technology in our lives. Whether you like it or not, you have to use it in your daily tasks. So, in conclusion we can say that technology is a blessing for mankind. But, there are bad effects of technology too. We can avoid these effects with a little care. So, one can get clear thoughts about technology a blessing or a curse.

How To Make Extra Income Online In Your Spare Time

We could all do with a little more money in life, right? The good news is that it has never been easier to set up different sources of income and make a little extra in your spare time. There are some popular ways of making money from home, of course – head over to our guide to find out more. But, the truth is that these are time-consuming, and if you’re working 9-5, it’s difficult to make them worthwhile.

So, we have put together an alternative list that will help you make some extra cash in your time outside of work. Some of them are easy to set up and start while others might take a little dedication. But, all of them are valid ways of getting a bit more money in through the doors each month. Let’s get started.

How To Make Extra Income Online In Your Spare Time

Switch your Savings Account:

A lot of people have money in savings accounts but leave them in there for some reason. However, by changing accounts, you can take advantage of new deals and get your money working a lot harder for you. New customers always get the most competitive rates, so you should be switching your accounts as often as you can. Just get online, find the new deals, and you will soon start to make more money.

Make Online Payments with Cash Back Credit Cards:

Whether you are spending on business or personal credit card, make sure you are using one with cash back features. If you are spending the money anyway, it makes complete sense to get as much as possible out of the experience! And, the best thing about it is you don’t even have to change your spending habits. Just go about your business and the cash comes rolling in over time.

How To Make Extra Income Online In Your Spare Time

Start to Invest Online:

Another thing you can do in your spare time is looking into online investment. There are a few options available to you, including stocks and shares, property, and the bonds markets. Investment is not without its risks, of course – and the stock market can be a volatile place to have money. But, it’s something you can keep on top of when you get home, from the comfort of your PC. With a wise investment head, it will bring you safe and steady returns.

Sell Your Skills:

Finally, if you have any hidden talents, why not put them to good use? Maybe you have an eye for a great photograph and could think about selling your pieces online. It could prove to be a reliable source of income for you over time. If you are into arts and crafts, you could set up a little store on Etsy or a similar service. And, who knows – it could even be the start of a brand new career!

As you can see, there are many ways of making money online that don’t require you to put in a full-time shift. And, if you want a little extra towards next year’s vacation, there is plenty of options for you. Let us know your thoughts – and feel free to leave us some more tips on making money from the comfort of your home.

How to Determine Seo Strength Of Any Website

As we familiar with Seo is a necessary part of website and never can be overlooked at any cost. Mostly people’s and our website readers asked to me many times that how to determine Seo strength of any website? Because that is crucial to know about web site before start any project with it or sometime it is for competition. To determine Seo strength of any website, we utilize lots of gadgets, tools, strategy, analyzing and review from different perspective to measure its strength.

How to Determine Seo Strength Of Any Website

Determine Seo Strength Of Any Website:

To determine or measure any website strength in search engine you can follow-up that ways clearly. As we above said, that there are numbers of factors involvement in ranking matters and if you can find out these factors outcomes so you can determine Seo strength easily.

But keep remember that few factors answer will be based on estimation not an exactly but from that way you can get out the most relevant and closest answer.

Let’s start to checkout the ways, through which you will be able to determine Seo strength of any website.

Check Alexa Rank:

If you are a webmaster so you will be definitely acquainted with Alexa and their analyzed ranking algorithms. Alexa is a free or paid tool for webmasters, from which webmasters can find out their website various Seo factors such as external backlinks, upstreaming sites etc. Alexa assign two kinds of rank one is for particular region and secondly for globally but measure these rank from their own way or algorithms. We have few creative discussion topics on our community forum regarding Alexa rank.

Use MozBar:

Moz is considered as no#1 Seo learning source and also entertaining their users with free Seo tools. One of his Seo measurement tool is MozBar. MozBar can easily measure any website page authority, domain authority, social sharing and also highlight on-page and off-page elements. Very effectual and trustworthy tool especially for bloggers, from which they can accurate their Seo mistakes and also can rectify search engine schema scripts not found errors.

External Links Strength:

It is an important thing to check out the website outgoing links, that how many external link your website have? You can use link count checker tool to find out the external and internal both link strategy. We have few topics and article related to backlinks. Let’s review it,

Dofollow have much precedence than nofollow links. So try to give your first priority to dofollow external links instead of others.

Find Out Errors and Bugs?

Almost website’s claims that their site rank remains constant not growing and falling. Because of many reason, in which one of the prominent one reason is existence of bugs on your website. Google also consider each bugs and tell them webmaster through Google webmaster tool for their user convenience.

If you are tackling or rectifying existed errors time to time so that is an additional plus point for your website rank.

Important Note:

Google have innumerable algorithms to measure your website rank. No one can give you exact outcomes or results, but we can do our best and can get nearest best estimation for our clients to improve it more. Google is not bound under any circumstances so that is our core responsibility to update yourself with the passage of time.

There are so many further ways to determine Seo strength of any website by using above methods. Let’s give a try to see what will happen in outcome. If you have any issue or for your question/answers you can join us on our community forum or can leave your comment below.

Unbounce vs GetResponse Review: Which One has a Better Landing Page Creator?

Improvements in business can be done in various ways; however one of the best ways of doing this is with the use of internet.  Nowadays, major part of the population is using internet and it has flourished as one of the best modes of advertising the business. There are variety of landing pages available in the market which includes GetResponse and Unbounce. Going further, we would discuss the similarities and differences in features of the software and how it can be used for marketing of business.

GetResponse & Unbounce – Similarities:

Both the tools are considered to be the best email marketing and landing page tools. Business houses based all over the world supports the use of these tools. Some of the similarities between the tools have been discussed below;

  1. The landing pages can be easily created without the need of having any technical or HTML knowledge. Easy and customer friendly steps can be thus followed for the creation of landing pages.
  2. The response of landing pages can be easily checked by using some of the testing features. Moreover, some effective changes can be made in the page to attract a large bunch of customers towards it.
  3. The landing page can be designed by adding some images, videos or links in it.
  4. The auto responder system is available which sends a welcome email to every new subscriber.

GetResponse vs Unbounce: Landing Page Features & Comparison:

Below we will discuss some of the most important features of GetResponse and Unbounce which shall enable the user to get a clear picture and also judge as to which landing page creator is better and should be opted for.

Landing Page Templates:

GetResponse and Unbounce, contains some of the interesting landing page templates which can be used as a strong branding option by the companies. Variety of templates is available which can be chosen to meet the expectation of business houses. The best thing is that the user is not required to gain technical knowledge to make such changes. Currently GetResponse is offering approx. more than 100 designs while Unbounce has more than 85 designs to offer to its users.

Unbounce vs GetResponse Review Which One has a Better Landing Page Creator

Unbounce vs GetResponse Review Which One has a Better Landing Page Creator

Landing Page Creator Interface:

The GetResponse landing page builder has quite a user-friendly interface which can be operated on without the assistance of others. While on the other hand, Unbounce is a bit advanced and has some interesting features available. One of the best things about GetResponse is it offers the drop down menu option on its home page to enable users to easily access the option. However in case of Unbounce one has to get accustomed with the operation functions to reach to the option of their choice. Thus GetResponse is preferred in comparison to the others in terms of navigation.

Auto Responder System:

Both the tools i.e. GetResponse and Unbounce welcome their new subscribers with a warm welcoming note. This has been made possible with the help of Auto-Responder, which sends an email as a new customer signs or subscribes to the page. This is simply astounding, and hence it is difficult to differentiate GetResponse and Unbounce based on this feature.


Users have the option of amending the templates in both GetResponse and Unbounce.  WYSIWYG editor is used in both the tools, which is useful for dragging and dropping the items and thus creating beautiful and appealing designs. Herein, even texts and images can be added, which is one of the best things about customization. Based on this feature, again it is hard to differentiate between the tools.

Split Testing:

It is one of the most interesting and useful features which help the client use different versions of landing page and record the response of the audience. Thus with this, necessary and important changes can be made to attract the customers. Both GetResponse and Unbounce offers more than two variants to its users at a single point of time.

Unbounce vs GetResponse Review Which One has a Better Landing Page Creator

Unbounce vs GetResponse Review Which One has a Better Landing Page Creator


GetResponse and Unbounce can be used for checking the performance of a landing page. Thus with these tools one can properly report and reach out to a conclusion. Client can thus track the number of subscribers or clicks on the page and also test its effectiveness. Moreover Google Analytics can also be linked along with these tools, which is yet another interesting feature of both GetResponse and Unbounce.


GetResponse and Unbounce is capable of functioning brilliantly on different kind of platforms. Moreover the templates available with both the tools are compatible with mobile devices. Herein GetResponse has an edge over Unbounce when it comes to compatibility of the templates on advanced mobile devices like phablets or tablets.


The landing pages created with GetResponse and Unbounce can be linked with different kinds of CRM software. Along with it, different social networking sites can also be linked with the landing pages. This has undoubtedly increased the level of marketing for a specific product and given a boost to the business.


The package at GetResponse can be availed at a price of just USD 15 per month however Unbounce is available at basic service package of USD 49 per month. Obviously GetResponse is better than Unbounce in terms of pricing and reachable for individuals too.

Unbounce vs GetResponse Review Which One has a Better Landing Page Creator

Unbounce vs GetResponse Review Which One has a Better Landing Page Creator

Reasons to Buy GetResponse Over Unbounce:

There are various reasons owing to which GetResponse is considered to be better than Unbounce out of which some of them have been listed below;

  • GetResponse can be purchased at much cheaper price in comparison to Unbounce. Thus this tool has proved really beneficial for the owner of small-scale firms.
  • The template designs on GetResponse are more in comparison to Unbounce, thus making it a better tool.
  • The GetResponse landing page is quite easy to use in comparison to Unbounce.
  • The user interface is easy for GetResponse when compared with Unbounce.


If user needs to invest in any marketing tool, then probably GetResponse is the right choice to make. It is wise choice especially in terms of price and features it offers to the customers.

SEO By Yoast 3.1 Features and Review

Yesterday Seo by Yoast has been updated with additional incredible properties. Joost de Valk CEO and founder of Yoast itself introduce this new Seo by Yoast 3.1. As we know that, earlier they also made much upgrades for user convenience on SEO By Yoast 3.0. Joost de Valk said they received lots of feedback from customers or users side so they try to make the best Seo recipe through this plugin. Seo by yoast 3.1 now came with new features and few previous real-time updated features.

SEO By Yoast 3.1 Features and Review:

1 March 2016 Seo by Yoast 3.1 were released with impressive and effectual characteristics. Everyone got an update plugin notification on their WordPress dashboard to update this plugin into newer version. Seo by Yoast 3.1 came with four major changes, which I experienced yesterday and now want to share my entire doings with our readers. Let’s check out this review, that what we experienced with that version in a day.

Updated Real Time Snippet Editor:

Yoast team updated the layout or style of snippet editor with additional new progress bar. That is looking pretty well and now progress bar will evaluate the title and description characters length or will also notify you if this limit exceeded or below then Seo.

SEO By Yoast 3.1 Features and Review

Admin Overhaul (New):

Most essential and fulfill with deep customization capability. Seo Yoast team added this feature in XML sitemap option, from which you can particularly allow or disallow sitemap pages as  per your requirements. Even you can allow or disallow or customize the sitemap of contributors, subscribers, authors, editors setup each of these individually. Yoast team added right left toggles to enable and disable each sitemap aspect. Now modify your XML sitemap as your desire.

SEO By Yoast 3.1 Features and Review admin overhaul

Primary Category (Dual Selection):

This is what, I  like it very much because from this way now you can select multiple categories  and make one primary, which one will be sown in breadcrumbs. Now your article can be exist on multiple location, which is remarkable feature of this new version.

SEO By Yoast 3.1 Features and Review primary category

Redirects Improvements (Paid):

Another spectacular features but premium, but I would suggest all of readers go through with it. Because that is the solution of the crawling errors, 302 not found pages or even you can be able to create redirects manually from your posts or pages Yoast setting interface.

SEO By Yoast 3.1 Features and Review redirects Improvement

Above we mentioned all experienced features of Yoast Seo 3.1 version. Hope that will maximize your zest and will give you a chance to do something different with your Seo strategy. If you have any question regarding Seo by Yoast so must let us know through our community forum for discussion and also can comment below.

How Often Do You Use Coupon For Discounts?

Online Shoppers now have another reason to smile. With the growing number of coupon websites available for all the leading e-commerce sites, shoppers can now get attractive discounts on all their favorite brands with coupon codes and cash-back offers.

How Often Do You Use Coupon For Discounts

Who does not love using coupon codes for shopping online on their favorite sites? Let’s face it folks! We log into at least one e-commerce site every day to check out the latest offers and discounts! If you are a girl reading this, you will definitely be smiling and nodding by now (although we wouldn’t rule out the men yet!). Both the genders are addicted to the online shopping apps that have crowded the virtual world over the last three to four years.

Coupons and discounts are a major attraction with online retail sites. This phenomenon took off a few years back, with the emergence of the e-commerce site that sold the same brands at apparently cheaper rates. This trend somehow caught on with customers across the globe. Youngsters were especially driven to this ‘discount’ trend like moths to a flame and online shopping coupon codes in India have now become a huge hit with the next generation of empowered shoppers!

Coupons Galore and Paying Less For More:

Paying less for more seems to be the ‘mantra’ of the new-age virtual shopper. Although this expectation does not always play for the newer e-commerce sites, customers definitely look at online shopping as an eternal shower of discounted items!

To keep up with this trend, coupon websites have now taken over the online retail market in a big way. Not only do these sites witness huge traffic even on weekdays, coupon sites often crash during holidays for obvious reasons! There are many new coupon sites offering coupon codes for shopping that are now coming up to keep up with the demand from online customers.

Why is it More Fun Shopping With Coupons?

This is a question that actually deals with the basic psychology of shoppers across the globe. Girls have been the subject of a lot of sexist jokes that relate them to any seasonal sale going on anywhere on earth! This affinity towards sales is what drives most girls to check out coupon sites before shopping online. It is just more fun to feel like you are paying lesser than others with your coupon code!

So, is this coupon code trend a reality or just a bubble that is going to burst soon? That is a secret that only the coupon site owners and the brands that offer these discounts will be able to divulge! However, we cannot deny that it is definitely more satisfying when you have online shopping coupon codes in India since we Indians love discounts more than anybody else!

Discount Coupons – Real or Fake?

Online shopping has its perks. However, you should be careful while logging into sites that are not well-reputed. There are quite a few fake sites that give away coupon codes claiming discounts that do not exist! These are often rejected by the actual retail sites when you try to apply these codes while paying. Always go for a reputed coupon site and use your coupons to get amazing discounts and offers on your favorite products.

So, as long as the trend is here to stay which could be for quite a long time, use these coupon code sites if you still are not using them and see how you can get those expensive products at amazing prices.