Top 10 SEO Interview Questions and Answers

SEO is a most appealing job that I ever had done in my life. Before you go to in someone else company for a Seo job interview, you should read these top 10 Seo interview questions and answers. I got these question from my experience, which I had suffered in past. Probably, these questions will definitely help you to get maximum points while giving interviews.

Top 10 SEO Interview Questions and Answers

SEO Interview Questions and Answers:

By the way, Seo has no threshold of Q/A but I will only talk about most essential and prominent. Because lots of interviews candidate have a headache that what questions will asked next person to you? Huge curiosity can make big headache in your mind. So let’s talk about of these top 10 emerging Seo interview questions and their answers.

Question 1: What is SEO and how many kinds of SEO?

Answer: Seo stands for search engine optimization and Seo two kinds respectively.

  • On-Page Seo
  • Off-Page Seo

Question 2: How Seo can be proved helpful in our business?

Answer: Seo is use to build website reputation in search engine by using white hat Seo factors. Seo is also use to maximize your business in the shape of grabing organic traffic from search engines. Seo is 100% effective and long relationship, Seo makes your website user or search engine friendly with the passage of time. Organic traffic boost your Alexa and domain authority. Organic traffic will be come on your site by using keywords searching on search engines so that is why it is 100% effective because user seeking their desire product and they got your web page in search results.

Question 3: Is Keywords have any importance in Seo?

Answer: Absolutely Yes, user’s come on your site by using or searching any particular keywords. So we can not overlook this necessary aspect at any cost. Keyword placement and their selection is another important scenario. Must read is keyword dead in Seo or not? I would like to quote most important thing here is that Google doesn’t use meta keywords in search ranking anymore.

Question: 4: How long Seo will take to show their results?

Answer: Their is not fix time, but on mysterious behavior I want to say approximately and minimum 3 month. Organic results will take time to show their effectiveness but once it’s done then it will be for long time relationship.

Question 5: What are noydir and noodp, differentiate both?

Answer: Noydir is use for Yahoo directory to stop use their own meta title and descriptions instead of us. And Noodp is use for Dmoz an open directory project to stop use their own meta title and descriptions instead of us.

Question 6: How would you describe cross linking and their benefits?

Answer: Cross linking can be possible from two ways, internally and externally. Link your old post in your new posts and vice versa is to be considered in internal cross linking. Link your blog post to another website or blog post and vice versa is to be considered in external cross linking. But the condition is that, your incoming and outgoing links should be away from spamming and should be under white hat Seo policies.

Question 7: What things are most beneficial to boost PageRank?

Answer: High domain authority backlinks can be the prominent cause of the high PR but under some circumstances. Your incoming backlinks should be Dofollow because nofollow links doesn’t consider in search engine ranking. Must read what is nofollow and dofollow rel attributes?

Question 8: Is Guest Blogging Good For Backlinks? (Logical Q)

Answer: Google doesn’t like this way to building backlinks overall. Because majority of folks use this way to building backlinks and thus they would have much spamming. Unlike, Guest posting can be fair deal for you if your backlinks looking like natural instead of premium. Google have numerous algorithms, which can easily understood your link building strategy so don’t be over-smart.

Question 9: Is Blog Commenting effective anymore?

Answer: It is but it is not, Blog commenting is useful but only from getting traffic perspective not from rank point of view. Blog commenting now became oldest trend, because that is now 90% considered in spamming and easy to do. Must read our reply in community forum on Is Blog Commenting Effective?

Question 10: How would you describe Image Optimization?

Answer: Image optimization is one of the most important factor of Seo. Image name and Alt tag should be relevant to your product name or article name. Secondly, do not use copyrighted images because it is against search engine policies. Image size should be standard such as 500×300, 600×400 etc. Images consumes lots of bandwidth in your browser to load from hosting server but if your images are optimized so that aspect directly impact on your site speed in good manner. From my experience, better website speed is considered as your Seo plus point.

We collected and mentioned above question from our day-to-day experience. Above questions belongs to basic and advance level Seo tactics. May be some question will be ordinary but have great worth in Seo field. For more discussion and your queries, you may join us on our community forum or can comment below.

How to Select Web Hosting Services in India?

If you are seeking out a reliable internet website hosting services in India which could offer fine web hosting services that suits to then you definitely are on the right vicinity. You will find a lot of net website hosting carrier companies on net. You have to do research on net to get cheap and reliable net hosting service company in your internet site. There are various forms of net hosting services provided via internet hosting agencies, you want to choose from them in step with your desires.

How to Select Web Hosting Services in India

Domain Name:

Once you choose a suitable area name for your website, net web hosting company will contend with all registration formalities. All you have to do is to discover an area call with the extension of your choice.

Server Choice:

Dedicated Web Hosting Services:

Through managed and dedicated web website hosting service you could get reliable, scalable and affordable website hosting offerings that enable small- and medium-size groups to successfully grow their businesses.

Shared Hosting:

Small companies constantly prefer shared hosting because of no server maintenance value, in case you choose shared hosting on your website would not pay price for server renovation which may cost low.

The compatibility and efficacy would be the very last elements that hold relevance in the system. The services that get disbursed must have these factors in them which make the provider company appearance more honest.

Choices in Web Hosting Companies:

With a plethora of net web hosting corporations out there claiming to offer the exceptional of internet web hosting services, the selection of selecting one out of them becomes quite a herculean venture. in case you take all of them on face cost, each other seems to face out from the rest and they all generally tend to appearance better than the opposite.

Features of Hosting Package:

The subsequent thing that desires to be brought into consideration is the package deal of functions that the provider issuer deploys. The most green provider carriers cater to corporations with features inclusive of starters, domains, emails, and home windows based totally offerings, short web sites, VPS and reseller and dedicated hosting applications. These are simply some of the capabilities which might be supplied with masses of others in the dock. Helping SEO and SMO offerings are also deployed depending on the package availed through the organization. Most of these capabilities would assist the organization within the future.


The reputation of the internet hosting services provider must receive consideration. Without that truth, the selection of web hosting services in India could be very hard. This may also assist in understanding the truth whether or not the clients that the issuer became associated with in the past have an awesome opinion approximately the company or no longer.

77 USD Dollars Lead in a Single Day with Google AdSense

Yesterday I made 77 USD dollars in my Google AdSense account with KnowledgeIDea advertisement. That was very honorable moment for me to achieve this lead. Behind this achievement, lots of day and night struggle with consistency. I personally want to share my ideas, how I did that because sharing increases humans knowledge instead of hoarding.

77 USD Dollars Lead in a Single Day with Google AdSense

I have a proof of my AdSense account screenshot, actually i was much shocked because this was first time for me to seeing that incredible results in a single day.

77 USD Dollars Lead in a Single Day with Google AdSense Proof

Second snapshot of this AdSense earning.

77 USD Dollars Lead in a Single Day with Google AdSense Proof

77 USD dollars achievement have few secrets and tactics. Personally, I found few things which was become the reason of this wealthy income.

Behind every success some secrets are hidden. Here are few prominent things and aspects, which are considerable in this wealthy income.

Right Ads Placement:

According to the above report, 60% clicks made on top headers and above the fold ads. Which are highly paid by advertisers. Read about how to best placement Google AdSense ads. According to Google heat map, above the fold places are premium and their ads always have highest bidding on reputed sites.

Where Traffic Comes:

Most important factor to determine the CPC is, where you are getting traffic? Every country have particular CPC and value. Above 77 USD traffic statistics overview is that, 40% AUS, 10%US, 30% India, %7 Pakistan and further so on.

If you are getting traffic from well-known reputed countries such as US, UK, CANADA, AUSTRALIA and Netherlands etc, so these countries have great conversation value and their online presence is much robust than other countries such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri-Lanka and so on. Geolocation 100% matter during determine CPC and bidding price. Learn List of AdSense Highest Paying CPC Countries.

Our concept is not about which country is inferior or superior, here actual agenda is what countries have strong presence or their user has interest. Let suppose, online shopping can be the new action for India and Pakistan but in US and UK it is daily routine task and people trust and like to purchasing items online stores instead of department stores. These things put impact on users interest and also on whose companies are running online business.

Organic VS Social:

From where your website receiving incoming traffic? Social sites, direct from search engine (Organic) and from referral sites. Organic traffic are rich and not easy to grab in a single day it sip your efforts. Unlike Facebook traffic is worthwhile because easy to grab due to user interest and referral sites also. Above 77 USD traffic comes from 65% Organic, 15% Referral sites, 15% Direct and 5% Social media sites.

There are so many other factors and algorithm involve in to determine the real CPC price, but above are most necessary and considerable from Seo perspective.

This achievement put the enthusiasm inside me to work more. If you like this story and successful bogging journey and have dreamed to become a millionaire so simply share this story nonstop. If you have any question and thoughts so you can join us on our community forum or can comment under this article.

Important Things to Do After Webmaster Site Submission

Here are few tips and important things to do after webmaster site submission. After submit your website in your webmaster account, Google will send you an email with few tips. Improve your website presence in search engine by following these tips and important instruction.

Important Things to Do After Webmaster Site Submission

Google webmaster is just not the name of website submission to Google. This is a place, where Google crawler highlight website errors or missing 404 pages to resolve it for site better ranking. This is a place, where we can connect to search engine activities, which search engine taken during crawling or analyzing our site web pages.

Watch on YouTube:

What we described in Above Video:

We guide and describe few important aspects of Google webmasters crucial options to improve your website in search engine.

  • Set or configure preferred domain in your webmaster account.
  • Setup or submit your website XML sitemap.
  • Google Webmaster console error detection and solution.

This video is an extraordinary or remarkable guide on Google webmaster functions. If you find any issue or trouble while watching this guide so you may put your comment under this article or can join on our forum.

Absolute SEO Guide in 2016

In 2016, Seo is changed slightly but not entirely. Some emerging changes occurred in Seo, which is highly considerable in Google search engine. As we revealed absolute Seo guide in 2014 and also in recent year 2015. In this article, we will let you know about absolute guide in 2016 year and this year almost every algorithm now become smarter than before.

Absolute SEO Guide in 2016

No doubt Google continuously updating his algorithms with the passage of time. 29 January Google officials release a statement that Google Panda is the part of Google core ranking. Which turned Seo into new diversion.

Here are few prominent aspects or factors of Seo, which are now becoming emerging in 2016.

Responsive Website:

Search engines especially Google always which sites, which are not compatible with mini devices. Responsive layout sits always take increment in incoming visitors figures and also increase monthly revenue.

SEO Absolute Guide in 2016 Responsive Design

If your site is not compatible with mobile phones so that can be the cause of low rank site because you cannot overlook this factors. Here we have an appealing collection of WordPress responsive themes, which can help you to build your own site without any coding skills.

Website Speed:

Seo new turn for website browsing speed is incredible. If your website is slow and taking too much time to load your web pages so that is a red signal for you. Slow website speed can be the reason of falling in ranking.

SEO Absolute Guide in 2016 Website Speed

If your website taking 5 seconds plus to load your web pages so that is a thinking moment and you should improve your site speed. Here we have 10 ways to improve your site speed as soon as possible. You can check it out or analyze your site speed on several sites such as Google Insight, Pingdom tools and GTmetrix.

Guest Blogging:

Guest blogging is an old and still effective way to build relationship among websites. We call this one aspect “Relation building strategy” and almost bloggers knows from the name of “Link building strategy”.

SEO Absolute Guide in 2016 Guest Blogging

Unlike Google clearly describe in his guide that link building is useless because most of the people use this way from unnatural side, in simple words your backlinks should be looks like natural instead of unnatural. I already declared this one aspect on my community forum reply here.

Content Still King:

Content was and still the most necessary and core part of Seo. Content value and worth never can be end that is my own assumption and imagination from Seo perspective. As we are watching from many years, Seo changed many times but content was always be on the first priority and still it is.

SEO Absolute Guide in 2016 Content

Keywords placement and keywords chosen tactics are also worthwhile aspects from Seo perspective. I have an interesting topic for all optimistic blogger must read Is Keywords Dead OR Not?

Important Note:

Previous Seo skills also exist, we only were talking about new and emerging aspects, which came in Seo 2016. Seo in 2016 was not effected entirely but slightly change can change your blogging journey and can be the reason of successful blogger.

Hopefully, these tips and sharing will give you lots of joys. Try to implement all above tips that will definitely help you to gain knowledge and boost your search engine rank. If you have any further question and trouble so may ask any question on our community forum or can leave your comment under this article.

How to Remove Decimal Point From Magento Price

In Magento most occurring and annoyed issue is decimal point among your store prices. Almost users are facing these troubles because by default Magento use two zeros after decimal point so it can be panic for you because so many folks or users dislike this features. It is a built-in feature but that can be remove because everything is possible if try to resolve it. Today, we will let them our user how to remove decimal point from Magento price from store frontend and backend sides completely.

Remove Decimal Point From Magento Price:

Removing decimal floating point and zeros after decimal point from Magento price figures. From Magento interface, it is not possible to do that but by using additional, this can be done with ease. Simply watch the below video guide, we explained every thing in side in it.

In the above video, we described the way to remove decimal point and after zeros step by step.

Important Note:

We do not recommend to edit or modify Magento back-end files, especially for non-developers or clumsy folks. This editing can generate errors in future, which can spoil you efforts. But if you have knowledge and acquainted with coding skills then you may go through on you own behalf.

Let us know, if you find this article useful and valuable for your ecommerce journey. If there is anything for which you want assistant so you join us on our community forum or can comment under this article.

Essentials Your Online Business Needs For Success

One of the best ways to make money online is by launching an online business. That being said, every day 1000’s of people start online businesses. So if yours is going to be a success, you need to do things differently to your competitors. You also need to ensure that when it comes to building up a successful business, you know what you’re doing. Want to know what the essentials are for online business success? Have a read of the tips and advice below: 

A Well-designed Website:

As an online business, your website is a crucial aspect of your company. That’s why it’s so important that it’s a well-designed site. This means that unless you know all the ins and outs of creating a professional website, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. Spend some time looking for a web design company that is affordable and comes recommended. Try to find out who designed your competitor’s website and consider using them.

Essentials Your Online Business Needs For Success

Although you’ll be leaving most of the design of your website down to the professionals, there are some aspects it’s essential that it has. To encourage customers to come back to your site, it should be stylish and well-designed. It should also be simply laid out, and most importantly, easy to navigate. A website that is difficult to use instantly puts people off, so it’s crucial that it’s easy to use. If you want to drive traffic to your site, it’s worth having a blog section added onto it. That way, you can create unique content that’s interesting and informative, as a way of advertising your site.

A Commercial Address:

If your business is in its early stages, the chances are that you’re running it from home. While there’s nothing wrong with this as long as you have a productive space to work in, this can put potential customers off.

Essentials Your Online Business Needs For Success commercial address

Should a client see a domestic address attached to your business, they’ll know that you’re only a new company. This sadly can put people off using your business’s services or products. So it’s best to use a virtual office address from a company like Level Office. So that your business appears more professional and better established.

Good Quality Customer Service:

Just like any company, if you want your business to succeed, it’s crucial that you offer good quality customer service. Obviously, you won’t be dealing with customers face to face. But that doesn’t mean that your customer service can’t be top-notch.

Essentials Your Online Business Needs For Success customer support

For example, when a customer contacts you via the contact form on your website. It’s crucial that you reply to them as quickly as possible. It’s also important that when you reply, you always write in a formal, and polite tone. The more professional you are, the better. To improve your customer service, even more, you could also consider adding a live chat feature to your site. That way, customers would be able to get answers to their queries much more quickly. You wouldn’t have to deal with these enquiries, yourself; you could always hire a virtual assistant to deal with them for you.

If you want to ensure that your online company is a success, it’s crucial that you take these tips and advice into account.

How to Setup Auto-Responder on Business Email

Today,we will talk about auto-responder characteristics and their benefits from business perspective. When you receive an email in your inbox, you click it to read through it and if it’s important you just about to hit the reply button. Then, you see a message “This is an automatically generated email, please do not reply to this message.” We all have come across such emails in our personal email accounts and business email accounts. These are auto-responder email messages generated by the system that can be adjusted to send automated replies to various recipients. It can be sent out from any email address, there are no set criteria’s for it.

How to Setup Auto-Responder on Business Email

Auto-Responder Help You to Stay Connected:

The versions of auto-responders were designed for providing better email management mainly to large business organizations. Another use of the auto-generated is to inform a sender of the temporary absence of the email account holder, it generally happens when people are out of office or out for a vacation.

Auto-responders for Business Marketing-Campaigns:

The rapidly increasing popularity of internet marketing, particularly the email marketing has promoted the use of auto-responders in business emails. The automated reply system has now become a powerful marketing tool used by many business owners that use it to manage their email marketing campaigns effectively.

Are you going on a family vacation or going to be away for one or two days from your business emails, you may need to setup an autoresponder to reply to your email with a pre-defined message.

Here are points how you set up auto-responder on business email:

  • Login to webmail
  • Click on the settings icon on the right side top corner.
  • Click on Settings
  • From the menu on the left side, Click on ‘Vacation Notice
  • Set a Subject for the auto responder
  • Type in the content/ message for the autoresponder under Text
  • Select number of days between vacation notices to the same sender
  • Check the box next to email address to enable
  • If you would like to set the Autoresponder operational between specific dates, you can select the start and end date.

One size does not fit all Email Solutions to suit your needs!

In the End:

The auto-responder feature is the most important part of the email that is useful for online business. If you’re not using it, you will need it sooner rather than later. With an auto-responder, it is possible to build and maintain emails that you receive during the vacation. To look for the available options, you can browse through the net in order to find the best choices in the email auto-responder.

How to Hide Unfilled Magento Attributes

Today, in this quick guide, we will let them our readers how to hide unfilled Magento attributes on their store frontend. In Magento everything is on the way and perfect due to his depth in customization.

How to Hide Unfilled Magento Attributes

During adding or listing products in Magento, you need attributes to adding additional specifications or further details about product. Sometimes you made different attributes sets for different kinds of products such as computer and mobile phones etc.

Every set of attribute in Magento has many single attributes and every single attribute has contains a value. Sometimes few products have complete specs and sometimes few have less, similarly some attributes have no value due to less specs and on store frontend these attributes showing nothing or ‘No’ ‘N/A’ value which is not suitable for reputed stores.

Hide Unfilled Magento Attributes:

To hide unfilled Magento attributes in store frontend is possible from two ways, first is by using ET Hide Empty Attributes but this extension cost would be 10 Euro. If you can not bear this extension cost then second method is free of cost but not recommended due to editing code inside Magento files. Follow the below way to hide unfilled attribute in Magento.

Step 1:

In the first step, open your Magento root directory via cPanel or FTP client Filezilla.

Step 2:

In the second step, navigate to /app/design/frontend/[YourTheme]/[YourThemeLayout]/template/catalog/product/view and locate attributes.phtml then open in any code editor.

Step 3:

Now simply locate below code of lines.

<?php foreach ($_additional as $_data): ?>
 <th class="label"><?php echo $this->escapeHtml($this->__($_data['label'])) ?></th>
 <td class="data"><?php echo $_helper->productAttribute($_product, $_data['value'], $_data['code']) ?></td>
 <?php endforeach; ?>

Simply replace the above code of lines with the below piece code and save changes.

<?php foreach ($_additional as $_data): ?>
 <?php $_attribute = $_product->getResource()->getAttribute($_data['code']);
 if (!is_null($_product->getData($_attribute->getAttributeCode())) && ((string)$_attribute->getFrontend()->getValue($_product) != '')) { ?>
 <th class="label"><?php echo $this->htmlEscape($this->__($_data['label'])) ?></th>
 <td class="data"><?php echo $_helper->productAttribute($_product, $_data['value'], $_data['code']) ?></td>
 <?php } ?>
<?php endforeach; ?>

Now you have successfully hide the unfilled attributes in Magento. Simply open your browser and navigate to your website in browser and check it out the implements, it will definitely work and your products all unfilled attributes will be hidden for store front.

Important Note:

We do not recommend editing in code, if you are non-developer or have no knowledge about coding. This may cause unknown errors in future but if you have slightly touch with coding editing and their relevant task so you may go ahead on your own risk.

Let us know,  if you find this article useful and worthy. If you found any trouble or question, so you may join us on our community forum or can comment under this article.