WordPress Vs Magento For Ecommerce – What’s Difference?

Mostly people’s thinks that WordPress is sufficient platform for ecommerce purpose. Is that true? Absolutely not. In this guide, we will reveal some interesting and knowledgeable parts of WordPress vs Magento and will also clear the both platforms structural purpose.

WordPress Vs Magento For Ecommerce - What's Difference

Is WordPress Good For Ecommerce?

Absolutely not, because WordPress basic creation purpose of WordPress is to build your own website without any knowledge of coding. WordPress is designed for create a website not particularly for ecommerce purpose. WordPress doesn’t fulfill ecommerce software or CMS criteria due to lack of ecommerce features.

WordPress offers ecommerce templates and plugins but that not means it will work same like Amazon, eBay or other ecommerce sites. Again repeating, according to WordPress features it is not compatible or doesn’t fulfill ecommerce website status. WordPress structure can make blog or news magazine website with perfection but not ecommerce.

What is Magento:

Similar like WordPress, Magento is also an open source platform to build ecommerce website. Did you listen that what I said, open source who build ecommerce website. Here we are using a word ‘build ecommerce website’ now sounds like good. Magento is particularly designed only for ecommerce purpose and this software can not be used for blogging or news magazine purpose because this software is designed under the consideration of ecommerce perspective not for blogging.

WordPress Vs Magento:

WordPress is restricted in limitation of ecommerce perspective. But Magento is able to cross the entire wall of ecommerce. What things or features made the Magento better than WordPress. Let’s check out comparison between WordPress vs Magento.


Characteristics WordPress Magento
Ecommerce Structure No Yes
Price Free (Open Source) Free (Open Source)
Deep Customization No Yes
Attributes Availability No Yes
Customized Layered Navigation No Yes
Product Management Normal High-end Interface
Category Management Normal High-end Interface
Customer Management No High-end Interface
Separate Promotion Manager No High-end Interface
Sales/Customer Reports Stats Simple High-end Interface
Currency Manager No Yes (Customizable)
Transactional Email Manager No Yes (Can be modified each email)
Seo Compatible From Seo perspective 30% From Seo perspective 99.99%
Customer Configuration No Yes
Product Page Customization (%) 20% 90%
Payment Methods Approx All Approx All
Separate Tax Manager No Yes (High-end Interface)
Shipping Methods Not Compatible with All 100% Compatible with all
Track Order Manager No Yes


Above we compared the both softwares and their features in details. Above details belongs to our years of experience with both CMS platforms.


Both are good on his places but to be honest with my passion Magento won this victory. Because here we are talking about ecommerce not about blogging journey. WordPress is excellent but for blogging and news magazine sites.

If you have any question and queries regarding Magento or have any better review so must let us know through community forum or can comment under this article.

6 Words You Need to Stop Using in Your Sales Emails

Sales emails are supposed to help you generate revenue, and they will if they’re done correctly. A lot of the times, sales emails result in people who are so annoyed by your pitches that they’re eager to unsubscribe and swear they’ll never use your services again. Sometimes it’s not in what you say, but rather how you say it. Adjusting the language of your sales emails can boost their level of effectiveness, and dropping tired words and phrases will give your potential customers a reason to keep reading.

6 Words You Need to Stop Using in Your Sales Emails Marketing

1. Trendy Internet Words:

The problem with trends is that they grow old fast. Abbreviations like “LOL” and “WTF” translate as juvenile after a while. Aligning your sales with memes seems immature – you want people to know you’re serious about what you’re selling, and you can’t do that if people are interpreting you in the same way they’d interpret an obnoxious teenager.

2. Prefixes that are Outright Lies:

One of the oldest tricks in the email marketing book is to add a prefix like “Fwd” or “Re:” at the beginning of a sales email. The idea is that people will be more inclined to open it if they believe it’s a conversation they’re already a part of. This might make them open the email, but when they realize what it is, they’ll also realize that you’re a liar. Would you give a liar your money?

3. Anything With a Hashtag:

An email is not Instagram or Twitter. Many people feel that it’s effective to promote their current hashtags, which will increase the visibility of their brand. People who receive your emails aren’t stupid – they know hashtags do nothing in an email. You’re better off including a separate note about posting with a hashtag to promote the company in a manner that’s more direct, but not forceful.

4. Dramatic Adjectives:

“Shop with us during our WONDERFUL sale, where you’ll find AMAZING deals on the GREATEST items that are PERFECT for you.” The problem with these words is that they’ve been used so much in marketing that they’ve lost all meaning in that context. Every sales email loads up on the superlatives, and they all wind up right in the trash folder.

5. Charitable Words:

Words pertaining to donations or some kind of a request for help translate as bothersome to a lot of people. They don’t want to know what you need from them, especially since you don’t know them personally. If someone on your email list gets the vibe that you’re constantly asking them for things, you’ll stop becoming a place they want to do business with and start becoming a needy burden.

6. Words that Cheapen Your Value:

This isn’t limited to words that outright imply something is inexpensive, such as “discount”, but also words like “sale”. You might think this will encourage people to browse your website, but you aren’t even telling them what to look for. All they know is that whatever you have is cheap, and sometimes people aren’t on the market to buy something just because it’s inexpensive. Always lead with your best foot instead of trying to lure people in with cheap pricing.

Remember to focus on the content of your sales emails instead of trying to bulk them up to make them appear more interesting. Showcase new products and talk about what’s in store for your business. A “BUY, BUY, BUY” mantra does no good if you aren’t giving people a reason to buy, or worse, you aren’t even specifying what you’re encouraging them to purchase.

How To Do SEO For Website Step By Step

Great to see you on our web, on which today I will reveal some few tips how to do Seo for website step by step. As we know, Seo have two kinds and both kinds have its own several factors to improve rank in search engine.

How To Do SEO For Website:

There are so many things, which is considered during making and organizing website but few are most essential, that will we discuss here.

How To Do SEO For Website Step By Step

Step 1:

First of all, On-Page configuration happen when you start writing some articles on your website. In On-Page, keywords placement and selection, anchor text existence. Keyword placement is not an easy task anymore, search engine now become more trendy and require more flexibility in keywords placement and selection. Right keyword placement on right place is the most crucial achievement. Your keyword should be exist on several places such as headings, first paragraphs, article outlines etc. Another important side of Seo is, your anchor text should be correct and relevant to your hyperlink data.

Step 2:

After keywords placement on right target points, cross linking/internal linking is another important factor. Cross linking should be the most highlighted part of your Seo, because of this reason backlinking is still effectual and giving more pertinent results from search engine.

Step 3:

Image optimization is considered as third most potent factor of Seo. Image optimization is not about only Alt tags, there are further so many factors include in it such as image standard size, avoid copyrighted images and spotless images for better understanding.

Step 4:

Design a xml sitemap for a website to give a proper path to Google crawler that follow this designed path and index our entire site respectively.

Step 5:

Check your website speed and try to take an improvement in it. You can analyze your website speed or check website metrics on several platform such as GTmetrics, Pingdom tools and Google insight. Your website should be fastest and light weight because slow speed website have no value in search engine and you can check it out this announcement in 2016 Seo Guide.

Step 6:

Cross linking among external websites or blogs is used to build your website reputation around internet. That strategy also boost your website rank in search engine because if someone come on your site by clicking on anywhere from reputed website so that is a plus point for your website rank and that traffic will be considered in search engine rank. Only if coming links are dofollow instead of nofollow, Google doesn’t index or consider nofollow backlinks must read what is nofollow and dofollow rel attributes.

Step 7:

Social sharing is now becomes the part of our blogging because from this way your fans can be connected with you. Another side, social media sites have great place to spread your brand awareness among your target audience such as Facebook ad campaigns.

Important Note:

These above tips are already implemented on various sites and we got much response from that way.  Keep in mind, Organic Seo never can show their results quickly, Seo always takes time to show their perfection must read how longer Seo takes to show their results.

Let us know, if you have any question or queries so must ask your doubts or enhance this discussion on our community forum or can comment under this article.

How Fast is E-commerce Growing 2016

It is fascinating to see the fastest growing rate of e-commerce around the globe. According to studies conducted in 2016, it is shown that e-commerce is growing quicker as compared to other networks. In order to check how fast is e-commerce growing in 2016 as compared to previous years let us take a look at these charts.

Digital Buyers:

Here is a record of people who prefers to purchase products online. From this chart, it is cleared that the digital buyers are increasing day by day. From 2011 to the present year there is a significant increase in the number of buyers and this states how fast is e-commerce growing.

In 2011, 792.6 million people use e-commerce for buying diverse products. It gradually increases in 2012 and another two million purchases were recorded. The number of people increased to 903.6 million dollars. After 2011 there was a remarkable increase in the number of digital buyers. Social media such as Google as well as Facebook upkeep the promotion of e-commerce buying and selling. Even after 2015 the digital buyers tends to increase in number. At the present moment in 2016, the number of digital buyers are around 1321.4 million.

How fast is e-commerce growing 2016 graph

Google Trends:

According to Google Trends, the interest rate is gradually increased after 2011. It is said that seventy-two out of a hundred people now first search on the internet for purchasing products and then go to the market. E-commerce has increased the buyers satisfaction up to eight three percent. As a result, people are also willing to adopt ecommerce as their obstinate source of income. It is estimated that the e-commerce profits are going to reach 370 billion dollars after one year.

How fast is e-commerce growing 2016 Google Trends

According to market researcher’s prerogative, 1.672 trillion dollars were spent in 2015 in lieu of ecommerce. E-commerce is also growing in areas where local suppliers are unavailable. For the reason that online products are available for people of all areas. According to the sales of 2015, China is the largest e-commerce economy with 672.01 billion dollars. United States with 349.06 million dollars and United Kingdom with 99.39 billion dollars. Here we can see that the investment is growing to its highest points in the year 2016.

This picture is becoming beneficial for companies as well. Because now people are becoming more loyal to their favourite brands as they can purchase the products of specific brands through e-commerce. All these figures shows how fast is e-commerce growing.


These charts show that e-commerce is growing with the fastest rates in 2016. E-commerce industry has been providing the consumers even a bigger platform for searching products. The deals and trade revenue of these companies shows the growth of e-commerce industry. It is becoming precisely imperative as it offers all products online.

Things You Should Do to Avoid Hacking Your Website

Most effective part of a webmaster to maintain their website strength in search engine. Majority of our users claim that their websites gonna hack again and again Why? Most emerging issue around internet, many hackers try to hack or break every website firewall to take down and many people’s can become the victim of this act. Hacker put their identity on your website to become popular but that is the worst timing for you because your all efforts are under another hackers supervision. Today, in this guide we will let you know what things you should do to avoid hacking your website from hackers.

Things You Should Do to Avoid Hacking Your Website

Solutions to Avoid Hacking:

There are several things under consideration to avoid hacking your website.

Fast and Trusted Hosting:

No#1 reason form which websites are facing these hacking troubles. If your website not capable to protect your host data and give you guarantee that your data are on safe place. So please kick of that hosting companies and choose right hosting company which is capable to give his priority to your precious data. Personally we recommend HostGator and Bluehost to our all interested readers.

Sometimes users purchase cheap and local/onshore hosting instead of offshore. Must read Difference Between OffShore and OnShore Hosting and we suggest to our readers offshore except onshore.

Sitelock Security:

Almost every hosting company offer that service to add Sitelock in your package as an addon. Sitelock is a web security leader, a web security firewall to protect your website data. We recommend sitelock to every webmaster and it is not expensive security only $2/month can save your entire website.

AlphaNumeric Passwords:

Mostly users use their own/company or their beloved associate things like name, birthday year, pet name etc. That kind password can be easily cracked or breakable with little efforts. We recommend to use alphanumeric password with the mixture of upper and lower case letters.

Examples of Weak Password:


Example of Strong Password:


Example of very Strong Password (AlphaNumeric) Recommended


AlphaNumeric password can not be breakable. Earlier, we had written an article based on How to make strong password?

Another one thing, some clumsy webmaster assign administrative rights to another editors or authors, which is totally prohibited from administrative perspective. Avoid that kind of strategies and actions.

If your website based on WordPress so we written an article on How to Tackle Hacked WordPress Websites. Must keep in mind all tips and security stuff so that will be a victory for you. If you have any questions or queries so may let us know on our community forum or can comment below.

How to Tackle Hacked WordPress Websites

Most usual issue in our blogging life, when someone hacked your entire website or put some malicious or suspicious files inside your database or content. That was most annoyed and disappointed time because your entire efforts are going to be in a ditch. Someone (Hackers) getting benefits and putting your entire site into spam, and from Seo perspective Google doesn’t like that websites. Google doesn’t like that website, which have no security and can be taken down easily. If your website or blog have robust security so that is additional plus point for your website ranking. In this article, you will learn about how to tackle hacked WordPress websites by using following tactics.

How to Tackle Hacked WordPress Websites

Tackle Hacked WordPress Websites:

Step 1:

First of all, you should need to purge your entire website from suspicious data. Hacker can make unknown directories or folders in your hosting root directory such as wp-content/sneak or wp-content/dumb etc.

If you find these unknown or suspicious directories of files simply delete it. Keep remember that, before delete any file on server-side first take backup before perform that task because it may be the cause of server down issue.

Step 2:

If you are using WordPress so problem can be belonging to your theme, only if you are using cracked version themes on your website. So you should be aware about installed theme that is suspicious or malware contains or not. To clear these doubts about your theme simply install this plugin Theme Authenticity Checker (TAC), to check it out your theme contains the malicious files or not.

Step 3:

Secondly, to search or analyze your all database files you should also need another plugin name is Exploit Scanner, it will scan your all server files respectively and will let you know about suspicious files and their location.

Last but not least, you should check your website on sucuri once because it is a globally distributed security website to check it out or analyze your website suspicious files or hacked websites malware’s.

Hopefully, above methods will definitely help you to rid of these malicious malwares from your website. If there is any question regarding how to tackle WordPress hacked websites so must pass your suggestions and queries.

Best 3d Software for Architecture Students

3D software in the field of architecture helps students in designing and modelling of the tasks. There are many software available but some of the best 3d software for architecture students are suggested below.


AutoCAD is basically a broad spectrum standard which provides architectural students and professionals to make their designs worthy and flawless. It measures very small details so there will be no mistake in the overall structure. This is why it is useful for students. With AutoCAD, students will experience striking visual effects.

Best 3d Software for Architecture Students AutoCAD

It is suggested to architecture students because it sorts accurate dimensions. Because of these reasons it is considered as the best 3D software for architecture students.


This is an architecting tool which gives an opportunity to its users to make their designs 3D. People can get models according to their requirements with great ease. It is a comprehensive tool for the students of architecture. It supports 3D computer graphics, demonstration and exhibition of design as well as interpretation of the technicalities tangled in the design. It executes the designs for people who are in learning stages of architecture.

Best 3d Software for Architecture Students Maya

Maya provides their users a version which is a free download trial. You can get help from experts available on the website. In addition to that, tutorials are also available for the proficiency of the software.

3D Max Design:

AUTODESK provides free downloading versions of both architecture software. 3 Dimensional Max Design also provides the best possible tools for animations. It extracts prime solutions regarding to expert architects, planners as well as people who are graphical experts.

Best 3d Software for Architecture Students 3D Max

It is the best 3d software for architecture students because it provides all possible aids which helps them in creating the extra ordinary results. You can find tutorials and citations and archives related to many topics which will help in overall designing of the model structure.

These three architecture software are produced by a single company.


Blender is considered as one of the most powerful software available for architectural students. It is helpful for students because it offers real time view.

Best 3d Software for Architecture Students Blender

Its tools contain keyboard shortcuts for professional and proficient work stream. Likewise, now you can practice easy weightiness portrait, mirror rolling as well as coloured assemblies through this architectural software. It allows its users to work with twenty diverse brushes.  Now learn image qualities and different


If you are an architecture student then these software will help you in discovering the world of designing. These are the best 3d software for architecture students. Many software has automatic feature and work in both 2D and 3D according to your necessities.

Keywords Cannibalization in Seo

Do you know? What is keywords cannibalization and how to tackle that issue. Probably, you never heard this word before. It is slightly typical to understand cannibalization in Seo but not impossible. Let’s elaborate this topic for better understanding because it is crucial in search engine optimization. Keywords cannibalization is something kind of hole in your website and that should not be exist on your site. Keywords cannibalization existence on website can create many problems which can demote your site rank.

Keywords Cannibalization in Seo

Keywords Cannibalization:

If we describe keywords cannibalization in simple words, so that mean is if you’re utilizing any single particular keyword on several pages. So that is not an easy task for Google crawler or spiders to understand that word pages are most relevant on this keywords.

In other words keywords cannibalization is that, this is an internal linking structure problem when you are targeting multiple pages on same keywords or any single keyword so then cannibalization issue is occurred.

Let’s suppose, if you have 4 pages on your website and all these four pages focusing on single or their sub keywords such as snowboards, kids snowboards, teens snowboards etc

Keywords Cannibalization in Seo

So Google robot is confused because robot can not understand that what page is most relevant from above four that is Seo cannibalization issue.

So what is the solution or alternative of this tragic issue from Seo perspective. Your all pages should be point to original and most relevant page instead of another irreverent pages. See the below image for better understanding and clarification.

Keywords Cannibalization in Seo

In the above image, you can clearly see the cannibalization issue solution. All pages, which contains snowboards sub keywords pointing to its original and most relevant page keyword snowboards through hyperlink. Now Google can easily understand the entire theory of above internal linking strategy.

Watch Video on Dailymotion:

Keywords Cannibalization in SEO by knowledgeidea

Let us know, if you find this article useful and better for another users. We always try our best to deliver best optimum solution to our users, if there is any suggestion or for your Q/A you may join us on our community forum or can leave your comment under this article.

7 Key Benefits of TV Playout Automation Services

TV playout automation is the new buzzword in the broadcasting industry. The integration of cloud with broadcasting services allows broadcasters to embrace cost-effective broadcasting without actually having to compromise on the quality. The best part is that setting up playout automation is not at all capital-intensive, and thus, you don’t need to break the bank start broadcasting your content.

7 Key Benefits of TV Playout Automation Services

Playout automation provides ease and flexibility in the distribution of media content to content owners and broadcasters. It has emerged out as a clear and more viable alternative to traditional broadcasting methods that do nothing but burden the broadcaster with massive overheads.

In addition, given below are some of the key benefits to adopt TV playout automation.

7 Key Benefits of TV Playout Automation:

1. Streamlines and Integrates the Workflow:

The automated functionality of playout systems allows content owners to streamline the workflow and ease the complications associated with broadcasting. These systems have the ability to integrate content with asset management systems, which paves the way for a smooth transition. In addition, the content is WAN optimized that allows for a greater coverage.

2. Highly Secure:

Playout automation systems are usually equipped with highly sophisticated security features that prevent channels from being vulnerable to the risk of DOS (Denial of Services). The servers are backed with firewall protection thus allowing the content to flow within a secure environment. In addition, a security network is woven around the content to minimize the likelihood of security breaches.

3. Reliable and Consistent:

Playout systems are known to be highly reliable and consistent and enable content owners to ensure uninterrupted broadcast. The resilience of these systems ensures that you never lose out on connectivity and your viewers enjoy consistent content delivery. The servers are nearly failsafe that augments the overall reliability of these systems.

4. Simplified Operation:

Playout systems are designed in a way that the user comes across minimum operational hassles. The user interface is usually laid out in a well-thought out manner and media management comes across as really easy. These systems are known to provide a high-grade of reliability, which is one of the reasons why most broadcasters are migrating to TV playout automation services.

5. Constant Monitoring:

Playout systems come with extensive equipment that facilitates 24×7 monitoring. This set keeps a diligent check on network, devices, playlist status, asset, video playout etc. Some systems also provide configurable alerts that help with supervision. In addition, most of the playout system providers offer round-the-clock customer support through a team of knowledgeable technicians, equipped to address all sorts of issues.

6. Disaster Recovery Plan:

These days, many playout automation system providers offer an extensive disaster recovery plan. This plan involves absorption of all the critical data elements on the server so that a secure content archive is formed within the servers. This allows the content owners to recover the data in cases any damage is caused to the system.

7. After-Sales Support:

After sales support is another great advantage of playout systems. The platform is customizable so that it is ready to adapt to the latest trends in the marketplace. Moreover, the user is also provided with a wide-range of customization options to administer changes in the content delivery in a swift and effective manner.

To boost your business prospects, TV playout automation systems is indeed vital. These systems are the best way to enhance the cost-effectiveness of advertising initiatives, and at the same time, improve the overall quality and efficiency of the broadcast.

Facebook Post Engagement Campaign Review

Yesterday I spend more than $25 on Facebook post engagement to test its results and reaches. I spend these bucks to know about Facebook ads estimation and their outcomes. I ever heard that Facebook ads are cheap but never experienced due to lake of time. From recent two days we were experiencing Facebook post engagement results and outcomes, now which I want to share with my every blog reader or visitor.

Facebook Post Engagement Campaign Review:

Facebook have different ads or campaigns objectives or strategies such as Page likes, Post Engagements, website clicks etc. Facebook campaign revenue depends on the way from which you configured or setup your campaign. By the way, that is another scenario.

What Facebook Ads Are Cheap?

I decided to run all possible ads objectives to find out the actual and best outcome. That which one suitable, effective and cheap. Let’s see below, what I found after the run a campaign of objective page likes.

Facebook Post Engagement Campaign Review Page Likes

Above image clearly expressing many things, per page like cost $0.19 and after 9 page likes then total amount spent $1.75 which is costly because we are targeting only one country (Pakistan) in this campaign. Mostly Asian countries likes are cheap like Pakistan, Sri-Lanka, Bangladesh etc. But 0.19/per page like is costly because in $0.19 approx 20 post engagement (Likes,shares and comment + Page Likes) can be possible without any doubt. I did that personally, which I said.

Let’s see the review of post engagement ad objectives and their outcomes for better understanding.

Facebook Post Engagement Campaign Review Post engagement

Above image showing splendid results of Facebook ad objective post engagement. 5,059 post engagement (Post Likes, Shares and Comments plus Page Likes) each post engagement price value is $0.03 – $0.002, which is much excited and fair deal from advertising perspective. Above post got 10k+ reaches or impressions only in $13 cost.

I spend approx $13 on the above post engagement and 10k+ folks watch my ad or campaign live. I got many website visitors approx 430+ website clicks or traffic redirected on product page to generate sales.

Facebook Post Engagement Campaign Review Post engagement website clicks

Can you imagine? 434 website visitors + post likes+ shares + comments + Page Likes (Additional benefit with no cost) = Only in $13 of Post Engagement campaign. Post engagement comes with additional advantages with in cheap price unlike Page likes campaign is vice versa.

Even website clicks are also expensive instead of post engagement, according to my experiments each website click for Pakistan country estimation would be approx $0.03 – $0.01, but sometimes there prices increase very fast due to advertiser bidding fluctuation.

Hopefully, that above my experience will help you to run your campaigns rapidly and effectively. If you want any assistant regard Facebook campaigns and help in your campaigns or want advise so do not hesitate to comment under this article or also can join us on our forum.