How To Make Money Using Your Writing Skills

So, you want to be a writer. And you’re hoping to be of the not-starving variety. You’ve been told by all of your friends that writers don’t make any money. You’ve heard that you’ll be underpaid and overworked. There are certainly writers for whom that is true. And yet, you read stories all the time about people who have quit their jobs to pursue writing careers and have found success. In this article, we short listed few website from which you can make money using your writing skills quickly.

How To Make Money Using Your Writing Skills

Why the dichotomy? Why do some people so adamantly believe that writers cannot make money online, while others know for certain that it’s possible to not only survive, but also thrive on a writer’s salary? Perhaps the answer lies in their definition of “writing.” If you want to become the next J.K. Rowling or Stephanie Meyer, you will need a lot of talent, and a lot of luck. But to make money from writing, to make money just using your writing skills, is not so much of a skill as it is a science. There are a myriad of websites that will pay you to write for them. Companies need people to write their sales copy, and bloggers always need additional writers. This list will show you where to make money using your writing skills.

1. UpWork:

Upwork (formerly Elance) is a website for freelancers and clients to find each other. There are tremendous opportunities for writers. You could get contracted to write blogs, web copy, or ghostwrite novels. If you also enjoy editing, you can work with authors to improve their manuscripts. Freelancers bid on the jobs, which can sometimes drive down the pay. But if you learn how to use the site, you can make a good living from freelancing alone. Spend a little time researching the best ways to make money on UpWork. There are absolutely tricks to the trade.

2: Fiverr:

Writers can sign up on Fiverr to offer writing services at $5 a piece. You decide how much you will write for the $5. For instance, you might write-up to 250 words for $5, or you might write one resume for $5. $5 doesn’t seem like much, but after you have enough positive reviews, you can decrease the amount of work you do for the same $5, or you can offer premium services like a 24-hour turnaround, or up to 15 pages of writing for $40.

3: TopTenz:

Top Tenz pays $50 per article for anything they post. Payments are submitted the same day the article is accepted, and processed via PayPal. It’s a pretty typical top ten website. Topics include pop culture, history, politics, etc. While it’s not difficult to have an article selected, they website does have very strict formatting guidelines. Be sure to read their formatting manual before submitting your article. Improperly formatted articles will not be considered.

4: Craigslist:

New job listings pop up every day on Craigslist. There’s a category specifically for writers and editors. You can sign up for jobs that allow you to work from home, or find opportunities to write from an office. You can find everything from blogging to editing children’s Kindergarten applications. Pay will vary depending on the person posting the job. Always use caution and common sense when responding to ads on Craigslist.

5: Listverse:

List Verse is a website with a collection of truly bizarre, shocking, or unusual lists. The pay is good – $100 per article. But it’s not easy to have an article featured on List Verse. They are highly selective and only buy articles that you can’t find anywhere else online. Examples include, “10 Ghosts and Legends of the Ohio River Valley,” and, “10 people Who Provide Incredibly Unusual Services.”

6. The Daily Heckle:

The Daily Heckle pays writers to write 1500 word articles. The pay is roughly $10-$12 per article. It’s fairly easy to become a writer for the site. You just fill out their basic application, including a writing sample, and wait to hear if you’ve been accepted. The articles are sarcastic and humorous, and usually in the “Top Ten,” category. The moderators post their desired articles all the time, and writers reply with an “outline” of how they would approach the job. Whoever has the best outline gets the job.

7: EssayMama:

You can join Essay Mama’s team of writers to produce school essays, business documents, blogs, or web copy. The company also offers editing and proofreading services for their clients. Work is frequently academic and technical in nature.

Making money as a writer doesn’t come naturally. It’s not an intuitive process or anything you learn in school. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of opportunities out there. You just need to know where to look. This list is by no means exhaustive. You can certainly find many other ways to make money using your writing skills. But hopefully something on this list peaked your interest. Choose one of these website, and start there. Get comfortable with the guidelines and requirements of that website, and then move onto the next. Over time, you’ll learn which tools work best for you. Before you know it, you’ll be able to tell all the doubters that you can make money as a writer, and you know the ways to do it!

How to Sign PDF Document Electronically

The most often asked question by my readers is that how to sign PDF document electronically for free. As we know that on internet there are various website and paid apps, which are offering PDF sign availability but in this article today we will reveal free method and it should be 100% authentic and professional.

Putting your signature in PDF documents is now becoming essential especially for business workers or employees.

How to Sign PDF Document Electronically:

Signature is an important factor in business, especially when you are running your own small business like entrepreneur. Most of folks who are not acquainted with official way use scanned images of their signatures but that way is not point to professional approach. Your signature should be look like original handwritten not an ordinary signature image with blur layer.

Before go ahead, you should have prepare few things in your hand. Take a single page white paper and write you signature on it with black ink pen.

Secondly, You should also have a webcam doesn’t matter it is integrated or separately. You will capture your handwritten signature from PDF reader software interface. For better understanding, watch the below video tutorial that will help you to understand all the aspects in-depth.

Watch Video Tutorial:

By using above method, you do not need to put your precious money anywhere. PDF readers just scan your signature lines and shape excluding background, signature background will look like transparent. Once you captured your signature, make sure that press ‘Accept‘ button, after press accept button signature will be stored or saved in your windows and you will be able to use it with time to time in future.

Let us know, if you found that article creative and helpful for your task. If you have any issue and question regarding this tutorial then join us on our community forum or can leave your comment under this post.

Role of Dedicated Servers in the Online Business

Dedicated servers are exclusively designed for large-sized websites that contains information in the form of blogs, articles, video links, audio files, and the other information. For the internet marketers it’s a great deal to work on dedicated servers. The entire server space will be dedicated to a single owner that will help in reliable performance of server that is responsible for website fast operations.

Role of Dedicated Servers in the Online Business

Better Facilities:

Anyone can select the service providers of their choice by using the internet. In a dedicated server facility you can install additional hardware and applications. Aside from this, you’ll get additional facilities such as full hard disk space and bandwidth that allow you to work seamlessly. This will be helpful for clients in many ways and you’ll also get other web features that will be helpful in seamless performance of a website.

Seamless Operations:

The advanced dedicated web servers support the ultra-modern technology that will allow data centers to perform in seamless manner. To get excellent results on the web space, a dedicated server is helpful in providing uptime guarantee of high-performance, along with the regular backups and system maintenance. The advanced dedicated server facilities enable high-level of security round the clock that is the main requirement in this competitive world.

Better Technical Support:

The dedicated servers are generally owned by a single owner that will be helpful in hosting a website to the internet platform. The host providers generally provide all type of facilities to customers as add-on services that assist in achieving better technical support, and software upgrade facility.

Offered at Suitable Costs:

The dedicated server facility offered in the market for free of cost, and some of them offer them at suitable costs, so that the business owners & individuals can avail them easily. The clients that are opting for dedicated server will get valuable quality web services in return that is also important for a business.

It is helpful in enabling the fast data transfer rate that is associated with the uninterrupted internet connectivity & bandwidth space. It provides users with the quality access to the websites that is the chief requirement of any online business.


Dedicated servers allow easy handling of main server; you can easily update, edit, & customize the website content. Many online businesses are rapidly expanding in the web space just because of the dedicated server hosting facility that will allow you to gain potential customers from the market. You can easily select service providers from the market space that offer relevant services to customers.

How to Create Google Forms For Survey

Did you heard about Google forms before reading this article? Probably not, Google forms comes with most appealing features maybe you will not be acquainted with it. But today, in this article we will let you know about how to create Google forms for survey and their benefits in usual office online works.

How to Create Google Forms:

Google forms made easy for you to create online survey on quick bases without doing any tricky efforts. Most appealing part of this Google product is that, just you need a Gmail account to go with it. Google forms is completely free of cost same like other Google products.

If you are a company then you can easy made an eye catchy forms for getting feedback’s or surveys from your users or employees. Google forms also have incredible integrated features, which we will highlight during this guide time period. Google forms data will be recorded on spreadsheets on backend side (Same like working as MySQL database tables and fields or Excels spreadsheets is the good example of this recorded data), which you can easily check it out or can manipulate on your Google sheets account. You can easily export or download all over data with in minutes in csv, xlsx, pdf of in further formats for user convenience. Simply watch the below complete guide video tutorial.

Watch the Video Tutorial:

In the above guide, we approximately covered all over the aspects of Google forms. Google forms can be used on professional level like in company stages, ecommerce website survey, world social media surveys etc.

Let us know, if you found this video tutorial guide help and worthy for your journey. If you have any issue regarding Google forms or during video any issue, you may join us on our community forum or also can leave your comment below.

How to Install WordPress on Localhost

You probably heard many times this word ‘WordPress installation on localhost’ but maybe you will not be acquainted with it. This guide is especially design for beginners, who are interested to know about how to install WordPress on localhost step by step. This procedure will take your several minutes but that is effective from developers point of view.

How to Install WordPress on Localhost

Install WordPress on Localhost:

WordPress package installation on localhost is pretty easy instead of tricky. I also wrote an article earlier that how to install WordPress on HostGator shared hosting, but this time this installation will be in our computer hard disk not on shared hosting or else. Sounds looks like complex but after read that entire article, you will feel so comfortable with this guidance. Watch the below complete video guide tutorial for WordPress installation on localhost.

Above guide contains and covered all approximately aspects of WordPress installation on localhost.

Your required Xampp to run localhost server on your own computer. Simply Download Xampp and install in your machine then perform all above steps as we done.

Hopefully, above video tutorial will be sufficient for you guidance. Let us know, if you think that you found useful and valuable content here. We love to assist you in this regard, you also join us on our community forum and can leave your comment below.