What is Blogging and How Does it Work

Do you know? What is blogging and how people’s are getting benefits with it. First of all, if you are looking for a blog definition so from my opinion blog is a site where you publish some informative content, where from your readers can read it. Blog is a website contains information, from different perspectives.

What is Blogging and How Does it Work

Every blog writing person called a blogger, and blogger can write blogs on many topics or under many categories blogging world have no threshold due to increment of user involvement in this field.

What is Blogging?

In simple words, blogging is an art of spreading information. Even KnowledgeIDea itself a blog, where we share any kind of ethical data for user convenience.

Who Can Make Blog?

Everyone, I already mentioned that blog is not limited for few people’s. Just you need a best domain and hosting to go ahead in this regard.

How Does Blogging Work?

Simply, blogger/you writes articles on what you know perfectly, then readers read that content  or articles and get their trouble solution.

Is it Able to Earning Money?

Absolutely, at this moment KnowledgeIDea earning $500 plus in a single month exclude community forum earnings. Even there are so many blogger around internet, who are earnings more than $1000 plus in a single month.

What Things are Required to do Blogging:

As we said earlier, simply you need a domain and hosting. Secondly, you need a narrative or topics to put on your blog, where users can arrive to read it.

Blogging Related Topics:

I personally wrote many of articles to help other one’s in the field of blogging. Some of essential topics are given below, which can boost your earnings and can motivate you.

Above mentioned topics are prominently similar with blogging category, hopes that will be proved helpful while your journey. There are so many helpful resources around KnowledgeIDea, which we wrote time to time for new beginners, you may search it on website search box to find other specific articles.

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Is Keywords Dead in Seo OR Not?

Did you know that keywords dead in Seo or not? Probably, almost Seo experts efforts working behalf on the keyword and their research. Many of Seo experts think that keyword is no longer exist and many of think vice versa. Here today we are going to describe that keywords role in Seo is still exist or not?

Is Keywords Dead in Seo?

In the today date, absolutely not because our hundreds of articles and precious clients getting or driving tons of incoming traffic by using keywords research and their implementation. Even Google each searches made successful with any particular keywords, which is entered by the users itself.

Is Keywords Dead in Seo google instant

Keyword placement in article is still effective but excessive usage of focus keyword can make you post spammy. So depends on your expertise to know about these tactics, you may join our Seo training program.

Google also bold searched or entered or acquired keywords in his searches. Thus you can analyze the keywords significance in the eye of Google.

Is Keywords Dead in Seo google searches

Let’s assume that if keyword is dead so why Google utilizing keywords in their algorithms. Moment of thinking.

According to my own opinion, keywords research is rising and there is no chance to be fallen. Because through this user can show or write their mind concept language in shape of keywords in search engines to get their results or solutions. Google itself providing keyword research tools to get appropriate estimation on which keywords mostly impressions and clicks are being made on each month.

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Exception Printing Disabled Error in Magento Overview

Probably, you are facing some tragic errors generating in your installed Magento package. By default, printing order for front-end users facility is turned off or disabled due to security reasons. Exception printing disabled error is the mostly occurring error in Magento. This thing can be occurred mostly, when you try to install new theme on your Magento. We can only point you to convey yourself to the error main file where you can see this entire error or can fix it because every theme has its own core files and different from another one.

Exception Printing Disabled Error in Magento Overview

Exception Printing Disabled Error:

Here we are only point your attention on main error file location which help you to understand this error in better manner. When you go that error like “Exception printing is disabled by default for security reasons.” and the next error line contains the error log record number like ‘Error log record number: 466449390815’ now what you need to do that is to find the error file and see what error or things are becoming the obstacle on your task. Follow the below way to locate the main error file by using the error log record no#1234567 etc like above.

Locate Your Main Error File Location:

Go to your Magento root directory or folder and then navigate to Var/Report then go inside. Simply find your matched error log record number which showing on you error page then open this file in browse view. There will be many errors which can see in this particular error log file. We are not able to describe the these errors solution because these errors associate with your theme files, as we said above that we can only point you to locate the main error file.

I have few resources which can you in this regard, read HostGator team written article on exception printing is disabled this will definitely help you to solve this problem. If not then contact to your theme company, they will help you only if you are using license version of your theme.

Let us know, if you found this article useful and valuable. For more discussion on this article, you may join us on our community forum or can leave your remarks under this article.

4 Reasons WordPress Is The Best Tool For Your Website

Fifteen years ago, most people who build websites were using tools like Microsoft FrontPage or Dreamweaver. However, the situation changed drastically when WordPress became the site builder of choice. Most business domains are created using that platform these days, and we wanted to find out more information. There must be something about WordPress that attracts so many people every year. We spoke to some of the industry’s leading experts to get the lowdown on the situation. They gave us four primary reasons WordPress is the best tool for your website and beats the competition hands down.

4 Reasons WordPress Is The Best Tool For Your Website

WordPress Offers a Simple and Visual Approach:

Unlike some of the other solutions on the market today, WordPress offers a more visual experience. That means designers don’t need a wealth of code knowledge to build their sites. They can handle most tasks using a drag and drop process that makes things much easier. There are even plugins that allow you to create pages, mess with margins, and just about anything else you might want to achieve.

WordPress Allows Multiple Users:

Another significant advantage of using WordPress is that you can create as many user accounts as you like. You can also alter the permissions to determine how each user can change the site. Experts at the digital agency, Candid Sky say that ability is crucial. Some clients might have websites they need updating. It’s much easier to create new user areas for professionals who are going to improve the site’s design. They can then gain access and perform their work without using your user area.

WordPress Offers Thousands of Free Themes:

Creating a website from scratch requires a certain level of imagination. You don’t need any of that when you use WordPress because there are thousands of free themes. Of course, you can purchase your theme and alter it in any way you like. However, most of them work pretty well without too many changes. So, you just need to add your logo and play around with formatting options.

WordPress Has Come Great SEO Plugins:

All business owners know that search engine optimization is important. Indeed, that is why they spend thousands on the process every year. WordPress offers some great free plugins that could remove all the hassle. They add boxes to the bottom of your posts that allow you to add keywords, tags, and search engine descriptions. You can also control how your posts will appear when shared on social media websites.

The next time you plan to launch a new website, make sure you try WordPress first. It’s certainly not for everyone, and experts will find advantages elsewhere. However, it’s perfect for people who just want to build a site without working too hard. Some basic coding knowledge would be helpful, but it’s not essential. There are also many brilliant guides online that explain how to do almost anything. So, you can solve any issue that might arise with nothing more than your laptop and a WiFi connection.

Don’t make the mistake of using budget website builders you see on the TV because they always produce amateur results. Either try your luck with WordPress or contact a professional if you want to succeed.

Three cheers for WordPress!

The Best Ways To Make Millions Online

Have you ever wanted to be rich? Not just rich but a millionaire. Of course, you have but did you ever consider how you would go about doing it. It’s possible to get rich just by working online. We’re not talking about massive amounts of work either. There are plenty of ways where you can get the process started yourself and then let the business operate without your input. This might sound too good to be true but it is possible. Here are just some of the ways to make millions online and you can make your fortunes through the web.

The Best Ways To Make Millions Online

Start Blogging:

How rich is the most successful blog owner in the world? They’re a billionaire! Granted, that’s because they own the Huffington Post. But it shouldn’t be forgotten that started off as a blog and simply grew into a global news force. If you’re interested in getting started blogging for money you just need to decide what to write about. Incorporate some SEO into the content that you’re writing and you will soon find you get an influx in readers. Once that happens you can start to look for advertisers who would be interested in promoting their products on your site. At that stage you will be making money from your blog. To increase the amount look for more leads and build your online profile.

Become A Youtuber:

It’s staggering when you think about how much Youtubers make by doing, what exactly. Most of them set up their YouTube channel for entertainment purposes only. We live in a world where you can make money from people watching you play video games. if you have charisma, a certain flair and a little luck you could become the next YouTube sensation. You’re probably thinking “that’s never going to be me.” This attitude might be the only thing stopping you from becoming an online success story.

Start An Ecommerce Business:

It’s easy to get the money you need to set up an ecommerce business. Depending on what you’re selling the amount you need might be quite small. At that point all you need to think about is the type of platform you will use to sell. You may use a website but you could also consider using an app. Selling products through apps is a concept still not used to it’s full potential. If you have an idea for an online store, look into mobile app development and see if you can find a company to make it a reality.

Sell Your Services:

Lastly, you can consider freelancing your own services in an area of skill that you have. You’re not going to make a fortune at first. But there’s nothing to stop you turning a freelancing service into a fully fledged business. At that point the possibilities become endless. The only thing that’s stopping you from making massive profits is how much of a risk you are willing to take.

We hope this post inspires you to try making money online this year. You’ll be amazed by where you could be in January next year.

How To Choose Best Social Media Agency For Your Business

Social media is a fantastically powerful way to build your business. There has never been a better way to engage with your customers directly. You can build a community of dedicated customers and followers, and drive traffic to your site.

How To Choose Best Social Media Agency For Your Business

We all know that social media is powerful, it can help you make more money from your business. But, we don’t all have time to put our thoughts into action. Social media is time-consuming. Meanwhile, we’ve got the core aspect of the business to run! So, we often hand over the reigns to expert social media companies. If you’re thinking of doing the same, how do you choose? In this post, we’ll show you everything you need to know.

Know What You Want to Achieve:

First of all, you need to go into these conversations with a plan and a goal. No-one knows your business better than you, so decide on a few rough objectives and plans first. That will help shape your decision on which agency to choose. Each have their own specialities and skills. Some are better for content strategy, while others are experts in extracting customer data. Decide your overall business goals, and use them to pick the right company.

Ask for Case Studies and Testimonials:

You’re looking for a social media agency with a proven record of success. Don’t trust grand claims and promises unless they have the case studies to back it up. A good agency will have a highlight reel of previous clients. They will have testimonials and in-depth case studies. If there aren’t any case studies on their website, ask for previous experience or references. You’re looking for an agency with experience in your sector or industry.

What is their Own Social Reach?

One of the easiest ways to see if a social media agency is worth their salt is by looking at their channels. What is their current social reach? How do they interact with their followers, and how do they approach their content strategy? Quite simply, do they practice what they preach? If an agency promises you 10,000 followers, but only has 200 of their own, something’s not right!

How Much do they Cost?

We know that you’re probably on a tight budget. However, a good social media agency is worth every penny. Our advice is to reject the cheapest options. You need an experienced, professional company, and that means paying the going rate. Research a variety of social media packages pricing, and get a sense of the average cost.

Is there Proposal Unique to You?

Most social media agencies will draft a plan or proposal free of charge. You’re looking for a plan that accurately takes into account the unique nature of your business. If they’ve sent a one-size-fits all proposal, you should probably walk away. Every company requires a bespoke approach with different targets, strategies, and audiences. Make sure your social media agency understands your business.

Using this advice, you should be able to hire an effective, powerful agency. Good luck!

GetResponse Vs Constant Contact – Right Branding Partner

A business can surely be made successful if it chooses to stay connected with its users more. Branding and promotion are the key aspects needed to make any business a huge success. Email marketing plays an important role in helping an organization to promote its business to next level and provide regular important updates to your customers. In this way you can stay in touch with all your clients and create a healthy relationship. GetResponse and Constant Contact are two resourceful email marketing tools that can be used to promote your business effortlessly.

GetResponse: A Brief Acquaintance:

In a short span of time, GetResponse has managed to win heart of over 350000 users worldwide providing the best email marketing services of all time. GetResponse has taken over most of its competitors in this field. This tool effortlessly attracts a wide range of customers towards your business and can turn a user into your permanent client. Its user-friendly interface allows easy navigation flawlessly throughout the tool. You can create and design your newsletters providing valuable information about product launches, updates and other aspects of company important for customers.

GetResponse Vs Constant Contact try it

Constant Contact: A Brief Acquaintance:

Constant Contact is one of the oldest companies providing email marketing services to businesses. They have been into this field since 1996 and are big players. Constant Contact has few limitations as compared to other email marketing tools, but provides crucial aid to its users. It is the email marketing service that is recommended to the beginners. Most of the growing businesses, might not love the basic features provided by Constant Contact.

GetResponse Vs Constant Contact constant contact

GetResponse with Constant Contact: The Difference:

Here are some of the points of difference that you can eye on to find which email marketing tool is better than the other.



Constant Contact

Design & Templates 350+ templates with easy customization options. 400+ templates are offered with easy customization options.
Interface & Usability Small and big organization both can use this tool. Recommended both for experts and beginners. Small business, requiring basic services can use this tool. Recommended only for Beginners.
Spam Checking Tool SpamCop is its own spam checking tool to detect spam in your newsletter. Spam filter is present with this tool to detect spammy words in your newsletters.
Contact Management Mailing list can be exported in premium version excluding unsubscribes and bounces. The contact list can be exported as spreadsheet in free as well as premium version
Pricing $15/month is the minimum starting range for 1000 subscribers. $15/month is the minimum starting range for 500 subscribers.

GetResponse: Top Features:

  • GetResponse offers more than 350 pre designed email newsletter templates to its users. WYSIWYG drag & drop editor makes it really simple for you to design the template in your way totally.
  • Social Media integration along with your Facebook and Twitter accounts is possible with this fabulous tool.
  • Forget about the ease of downloading mailing list without bounces & unsubscribes if you do not have a paid account. For free account users, the best option is to copy contacts and paste on the new excel sheet at their end.
  • Auto-responder system makes it really easy for a business owner to welcome his/her new customer with a wonderful greeting message.
  • The ‘SpamCop’, which is the predominant feature of this tool, is just amazing. It filter out all the spammy words that may not pass through the email spam filter of your client and also suggests about the necessary changes that can be made with those spammy words.
  • The performance reports can be delivered to you so that you can track how well the email newsletters are performing to optimize your business.
  • Google Analytics can be easily integrated with these newsletters to get exact and accurate results.
  • It offers you a 30 days free trial pack to check out its services and decide whether to go for it or not.

Constant Contact: Top Features:

  • With Constant Contact, you get more than 400+ pre-designed templates that you can use to create fabulous email newsletters in order to stay connected with your client. It also supports WYSIWYG editor that makes the customization possible with ease.
  • Social Media Integration is possible including LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook like popular websites.
  • You are allowed to download the mailing list of contacts in both paid and free versions of this proficient tool.
  • Auto-Responder system helps you to greet your newly signed in customer with a welcome note preset by you.
  • You can keep an eye on performance of newsletters that you send to your clients through the reports. The reports give you a brief about clicks, opens, bounces, unsubscribes and other valuable data.
  • To get more accurate result, Analytics can be integrated to the email newsletters created by you.
  • It offers a 60 day free trial pack to its users so that user can test every feature of this tool and decide whether to buy it or not.

GetResponse vs Constant Contact: Pricing:

Pricing might not seem to be a concern if you are using GetResponse, but this is not the case of Constant Contact. At GetResponse, you can avail the minimum package starting at 15$ per month for about 1000 subscribers. At Constant Contact, you can avail minimum package starting from 20$ per month for around 500 subscribers. The prices for buying both these tools vary proportionally with number of subscribers. Plans had been mentioned below.

GetResponse Vs Constant Contact getresponse pricing

GetResponse Vs Constant Contact pricing


Above, we have gone through both of these awesome tools. We can clearly analyze that GetResponse has an upper hand over Constant Contact. Constant Contact offers very basic features and charges a higher amount for just few subscribers as compared with GetResponse. Also, Constant Contact is not at all suited for big business owners because of its inefficiency to provide advanced features. So, it is beneficial to buy GetResponse email marketing tool over Constant Contact tool. Do not hesitate to go for GetResponse!!!

Top 5 Magento SEO Extensions For Free

As you know that Magento is a finest and popular eCommerce CMS (Content Management System). Magento is famous due to his built-in features and customizable options. Magento have thousands of extension under Seo marketing category but few are tested and experienced by us, which we would love to highlight here. because of our users and readers convenience or better practice. In this article, we will reveal top 5 Magento Seo extensions which is enough to put enthusiasm on your website Seo.

Top 5 Magento SEO Extensions For Free

Top 5 Magento SEO Extensions:

As we said, Magento have the numerous extension for Seo but few are most popular due to many reasons. We will listed only those extensions, which have great reviews by his active users and have much popularity score in Magneto community.

Few are also experienced by us in our one of the great projects like Datta Express (Best Online Shopping Store in Pakistan). We only suggest or highlight only those extension, which can be proven best to improve your Seo on website.

Let’s check it out the prominent Seo extensions one by one with short description.

1: CreareSEO:

Creare Seo is one of the highest rated and also have 1000+ popularity score. It is totally free for all Magento community users. It has following core features like nofollow and noindex tag for categories pages, disable keyword option because keywords doesn’t exist in Google Search engine, real-time .htaccess and robots .txt file editor.

Top 5 Magento SEO Extensions For Free creare seo

There are further extended amazing features,  default meta titles/description for pages and products, twitter card integration for product pages, duplicate product button on product pages can be disabled to avoid replication, Google sitelink search support, organizations schema and much more.

2: Semantic SEO for Rich Snippets:

Semantic Seo for Rich Snippets is top listed due to his popularity score 10,000+ among Magento community users.

Top 5 Magento SEO Extensions For Free Rich Snippets

Through this Magneto extension, you can easily highlight your products details in search engines especially Google and Yahoo. By using this extension, you may be able to create rich snippets of each product include price user reviews, product availability in stock or not, category etc.

3: Layered Navigation SEO:

Layered navigation Seo is one of the best shopping store extension from many perspective. First of all this extension comes with price slider, which is essential almost for every online store because it makes easy to filter your budget level products with in seconds.

Top 5 Magento SEO Extensions For Free Layered Navigation

Another one important one features of this extension is Seo friendly URL during filtering products, while filtering products filter attributes can makes your URL ugly from which this extension stop to do it and also helps to improve its URL structure.

4: SEO Pack by GPMD:

SEO pack by GPMD is especially designed to improve on-page optimization on ecommerce store. GPMD popularity score is approximately 1000, which is sufficient to prove that performance is reliable and trustworthy.

Top 5 Magento SEO Extensions For Free GPMD

By using this extension, you can perform many things like indextion control on product and category pages even will help you to add meta robots tags noindex nofollow attributes on filter pages.

5: Internal SEO Linking:

Internal linking is most vital part of on-page Seo. Internal Seo linking extension will create internal links on particular or chosen keywords, and you also can add further attributes like URL title, URL target open in new tab, link bold italic etc. Simple and responsive extension from Seo point of view.

Top 5 Magento SEO Extensions For Free internal linking

Personally, I would prefer this extension to my all readers because you can exclude all CMS pages like homepage, customer service pages etc and set limit per page internal link so there is s much customization features accompanied this extension.

Hopefully, these all above mentioned extension would be the part of your online store. Let me know, if you have any question or like that listed Magento extensions. You may also discussion with us further on that topic on our community forum or can leave your comment below.

Best Vacation Spots in Pakistan

Pakistan has one of the world’s enormous and magnificent vacation spots. The country is an inimitable blend of momentous ethnicities which entices sightseers and holiday makers. There are lots of noteworthy vacation spots in Pakistan, where you can enjoy your holidays and get relaxation.

The Twin Cities:

Islamabad and Rawalpindi covers all attractions and colors for holiday makers. Both cities are rich in historic traditions and mysterious natural places to visit. The prominent vacation spots in Islamabad are Shah-Faisal Mosque and Daman-e-Koh. Shah-Faisal mosque is situated in Margalla hills. The lightening of the mosque enhances its enchanted exquisiteness and appeal the visitors.

Best Vacation Spots in Pakistan Islamabad

Rawalpindi on the other hand regale visitors with its history and many watchable places. The twin cities are the major vacation spots in Pakistan.

Best Vacation Spots in Pakistan Islamabad night view

The twin cities are also prevalent as the superb vacation spots of Pakistan because they serve as bolthole from summer heat. Vacation spots in Pakistan has fascinated millions of people with its icy peaks and striking lakes. The twin cities present a combination of flora and fauna. Rawal Dam and Pakistan Monument along with Shakarparian hills and other countless places would astound any holiday maker.


Murree is located approximately 60 kilometers away from Islamabad. It is the most eminent and preferred vacation spot for people who wants to spend their vacations at an innocuous place. Murree is a great destination for people who wants a tinier foretaste of hill stations.  It presents the prettiest sites for holiday makers. Holiday makers’ stopover Murree to enjoy snow fall which is another delicacy of the time of year.

Best Vacation Spots in Pakistan Murree

Bhurban, Patriata and Neelam Point are located near Murree where people are amused with chair lift flights and enchanting eating places. People visit Murree to enjoy the snowy Alps of Kashmir and amazing views of the top of Nanga Parbat are pivotal lures for holiday makers.

Best Vacation Spots in Pakistan Murree in winter

Swat Valley:

High mounts, green fields and vibrant lakes, this place is considered as a great vacation spot. For the reason of its natural beauty, it is said that fairies abode in the lakes of Swat. Swat is surrounded by many eye-cooling marvels and exotic greenery which is a great attraction for tourists. The lavish green scenarios, ice-caped peaks and proper arrangement of fishing compel tourists to come and explore the vacation spots in Pakistan.

Best Vacation Spots in Pakistan Swat

Gabral, Mahodand, Pari Lake, Kundol Lake, White Stream Lake, Bashigram Lake and Daral Lake are the most popular vacation spots of Swat Valley. The valley’s sky touching mounts provides spectacular visions for holiday makers. Boating, fishing and exotic restaurants of Swat valley gives great experience to visitors and surely it is a great vacation spot.

Best Vacation Spots in Pakistan Swat Valley


Skardu is popular for its incomparable icy peaks and glaciers. It is a doorway to the prodigious mountain peaks of Karakorum. Skardu is a great attraction for tourists as its peaks remains icy throughout the year.

Best Vacation Spots in Pakistan Skardu

People prefer to stay in hotels of Skardu because of the tantalising sights of beautiful greenery scenes of Skardu. Shangrilla and Mashaborum attracts most of the holiday makers due to its mind-blowing architectures which gives people great picture of the valley.

Best Vacation Spots in Pakistan Skardu resorts


Pakistan is a place which attracts tourists and vacationers from all over the world. Pakistan is a place of great exploration and natural splendour. Hunting, desert jeep expeditions, camel treks, fishing, mountaineering and hill walking are few activities which attracts the tourists to visit vacation spots of Pakistan. The country is a hot spot for people who wants to make their holidays memorable and relish their memories even after.