How to Disable Magento Add to Compare Products

Magento has by default add to compare products feature integrated in it. Unfortunately you can not turn on/off or disable Magento add to compare products feature because there is not option in Magento interface to modify it according to user needs. Some people like this feature and some dislike and also want to remove this entire option or add to compare functionality from Magento store.

How to Disable Magento Add to Compare Products

Disable Magento Add to Compare Products:

In this guide, we will  let you know how to disable Magento add to compare products function or features entirely from you store categories list/Grid view, also from product pages and from sidebars.

We will use a powerful free Magento extension to perform this task without any obstacle. Simply follow the below steps respectively.

Step 1:

First simply install ET Advanced Compare Magento extension by follow Magento extension installation guide.

Step 2:

After complete installation process, navigate to System > Configuration then scroll down there you will find ET Extensions > Advanced Compare > Remove Compare Options. Simply select ‘Yes‘ remove compare feature option and also select ‘Yes‘ for Remove selected links option.

How to Disable Magento Add to Compare Functions Step 2

Finally save your configurations or changes. Now you have successfully remove or disabled compare products features from your store front-end.

Important Note:

Personally we do not recommend any inside code changes or editing to disable add to compare feature. Code changes or editing can create problems or errors in future so it can be risky for your Magento store. That is why, we prefer or mentioned above extension method instead of editing Magneto server-side coding files to avoid from errors.

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How to Delete Magento Orders Guide

Magento is well-reputed ecommerce open source platform, inside there hundreds of functionalities are exist in it. Sometime when you install any demo theme files or content it may come with default generated of examples of orders. And unfortunately at this moment inside Magento there is not tool to delete Magento orders from their backend interface. In this guide, we will let you know how you can tackle these situation and can delete Magento orders immediately as per your action.

How to Delete Magento Orders Guide

How to Delete Magento Orders:

Deleting orders function availability can make easy for you to handle you future orders. Because on online store’s many folks generate fake orders to check its ability or some other purposes. To prevent or tackle these situation, you need a delete option, by using this option you can simply remove or delete fake or unknown/unnecessary orders with a single click.

Step 1:

For this purpose to delete Magento orders, we will utilize a free extension namely Delete Orders. Simply first install this Magento extension by using this way read how to install Magento extension. All Magneto extensions will be installed from a same way so don’t be worried.

Step 2:

After complete the extension installation process, simply logout once and then login again otherwise 404 error can be occur.

Step 3:

Now it’s time to test the extension that this delete option is appearing and working or not. For this purpose, navigate to Sales > Orders simply check any order and select delete order option from drop-down Actions menu.

How to Delete Magento Orders Guide Step 3

Above image clearly showing the entire way after click on submit button, order will be deleted immediately without any obstacle.

How to Delete Magento Orders Guide order deleted

Now you can see the (1 record were successfully deleted) message clearly on your Magento account. Now you have successful deleted one record or order from your Magento store. Keep remember that, once you order is deleted then you can not retrieve your deleted order.

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WordPress SEO By Yoast Guide For Beginners

As we know that WordPress Seo by Yoast is a priority based Seo plugin. Most complete Seo recipe that designed and developed by Yoast team. This plugin handles your website all Seo functions and maintain your website reputation in front of the search engine. This plugin already using on well-reputed sites such as Mashable and Search engine land, which are known by their popular names. Today, here we will let you know about Seo by Yoast detailed guide especially for beginners.

WordPress SEO By Yoast Guide:

This guide basically purpose to spread awareness about plugin usage and their benefits. Many of KowledgeIDea users asked to us about their basics and functionality factors on our community forum, few prominent questions you can see in the under image.

WordPress SEO By Yoast Guide For Beginners forum discussion

We merge few forum topics in the above image, which was arisen there by community users. That is why we decided to make a comprehensively explained video tutorial for user convenience.

Watch Video On YouTube:

What we Covered in Above Video:

  • SEO Yoast Company or individual person settings
  • SEO Yoast Title & Meta configuration for post/page/taxonomies/authors etc.
  • Disable advance part of plugin for contributors or authors to prevent any big changes for search engine crawler.
  • XML Sitemap setup and few instruction related to Google sitemap precautions.
  • Breadcrumbs, cleanup header and social media business pages connections.
  • SEO Yoast new additional feature (Search Console) to check it out or highlight your 404 not found pages or error getting pages during crawling, and how you can handle these errors comfortably.
  • Post and pages Seo indication dots (Red/Green/orange) and how you can tackle these situations easily.
  • Search Engine Robots guide to prevent Seo holes and promote Seo rank or visibility in search engine.

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How to Install Magento in HostGator Manually

Today here we are going to express the way from which you can install Magento in HostGator shared hosting manually. We will not use any software during this installation like quick-install etc. So this guide is completely contains the manual methods so be enjoy.

How to Install Magento in HostGator Manually

Install Magento in HostGator Manually:

Way to install Magento in HostGator manually is not tricky just you need to simply follow the following ways to know about he actual way.

Watch Video Tutorial On YouTube:

What We Covered in Above Video:

  • Download Magento Old or new versions, which is compatible with your hosting plan.
  • Magento 2.0 can not be installed on Shared hosting plan because this version requirement are higher than previous old versions. (Magento 2.0 required at least VPN hosting plan)
  • Upload Magento files on your hosting server and set permission to go ahead on Magento installation page.
  • Create separate MySQL database to connect with Magento during installation.
  • Setup store default language, currency and location origin.
  • Built connection among MySQL database and Magento to store Magento data in MySQL table rows.
  • After built connection among both of them provide your personal info or set Magento backend admin login details and also change Magento backend source URL as per your requirement.
  • Finally, save your encryption key, which will help you in future to encrypt your Magento password.
  • Now you have successfully installed your Magento store, now you can access their frontend and backend easily. By following these path ( or etc.).

Important Note:

You must care about few things before proceed Magento installation.

  • Magento is little bit complex than other ecommerce platforms but it has hundreds of options for customization.
  • If you face any difficulty during installation or after installation so you can take your assistance anytime but service will be premium then we will handle or resolve your complexities or troubles.

Hopefully, you understood clearly all the above steps, which we covered in above video. If there is any trouble or misunderstanding so you may join us on our community forum or can elaborate your issues.

An Exclusive Guide to Playout Automation for the Readers

Well, starting from the cover point, the TV playout automation is a broadcasting Software that enables the use of broadcast programming technology to automate broadcasting operations. Today, it is being used on a broadcast network like a radio station and television station both of which without any human intervention. The unique thing about this is, it works when ‘live assisting programs’ goes on when there is on-air presentation is to be held. Live broadcast automation mode is seen both in television as well as in radio studios and satellite TV studio where a perfect Broadcast Automation Software is installed.

In addition to it, the software has three different work-flows—

  • Playout automation
  • On-Air Broadcast Graphics Automation
  • Live Broadcast Automation

An Exclusive Guide to Playout Automation for the Readers

Notifying Playout Automation:

A playout system is widely used in broadcast industry which has the responsibility of playing the media and converting it into different media formats for numerable uses. In simple words, a playout system could be as CD/DVD player and comprehensive multi-million dollar equipment used for broadcasting television network across the globe.

Complete Playout Solution:

Playout systems offer a genuine end-to-end solution for television playout. It covers every aspect of servers, graphics, asset management, and content management. In addition to it, all the components of the playout are designed to work seamlessly to deliver the efficient operations in the television and radio station where the parts go on-air.

The TV playout automation nodes are designed to provide high-density functionality both video and audio.

Key Features:

Presenting some prime features of playout automation service—

  • Unlimited text on-screen to highlight the particular text message on-screen
  • Live preview of running video
  • Quick plan for displaying upcoming programs
  • Video Play without gap
  • Universal graphics cover
  • Online editor for On-Air graphics customization
  • Seamless playback of media
  • Instant live video Ingest. Time-based event or as playlist item with multiple current sources
  • An inserting character generator for text and graphics overlay.

Application Verticals:

  • Satellite channel broadcaster
  • News channel broadcaster
  • Television channel broadcasting company
  • Live video broadcast whether it is game or any other event like a live show or newsroom

The Current Scenario:

TV playout automation has progressed from this system of mechanical devices in two distinctly different directions. Each of the automation uses computer technology for broadcasting content. There have been new developments in cloud broadcasting service, which has arrived with the benefits of faster content management to the viewers using advertising medium.

In The End:

TV playout automation is evolving into one of the most advanced technology, and the focus is shifting into having solutions that would work and help in every way across media. Thus, with several benefits on offer, this technology is here to stay.

How To Create Custom Mobile Marketing Strategy

When it comes to creating a mobile marketing strategy it isn’t a case of one size fits all. Your business, your goals, and your challenges are all unique, and you both need and deserve a strategy that reflects that. Here are 4 ways you can customize your mobile marketing plan to achieve the results you want most:

Look at What You Already Have:

Take stock of your existing marketing collateral, starting with your website. Access it from a variety of mobile devices and see how it looks and performs. 57 percent of consumers say that they wouldn’t recommend a business to a friend if that business’s mobile site was poorly designed, and 74 percent of consumers will only wait for a web page to load on their smartphone or tablet before exiting out and abandoning the site altogether.

Once you’ve turned off a customer it’s exponentially harder to get them back, making first impressions all the more important. Once you’ve optimized your website, emails, and app for a variety of devices (remember, apps can be viewed on more than one platform as well), don’t make the mistake of think your work here is done; regularly checking back to make sure links are still active and new content or widgets haven’t wreaked havoc on your marketing collateral’s readability is the only way you can ensure that your initial diligence will continue to pay off in the long run.

Analyze Your Data:

Unless you’re just starting out, you should have some data that shows who your existing audience is and why they like you. Find out what sites are referring customers to you, what devices those customers are using to connect with your site, which pages on your site they visit most and stay on the longest (you can even use specialized plugins to see where your readers’ eyes linger the most), and what type of content seems to create the most conversion.

How To Create Custom Mobile Marketing Strategy Analyze Data

By understanding what works already you can amp up already successful strategies to encourage even bigger and better numbers and stop wasting time on the least successful avenues. Cut the dead weight and reallocate your energy and you’ll doubtlessly be pleased with the results.

Think About Who You Want to Reach:

In order to target a specific audience you need to have a very good idea as to who that target audience is. Ask yourself the following:

  • Who would my product or service benefit the most?
  • Who can afford my product?
  • What are the demographic gaps icon on my current audience?
  • Where can I improve?
  • How can I most efficiently and effectively create change?

Simply blasting your message out to anyone with a cell phone and a few minutes of spare time is a waste of resources. Taking extra time to narrow your focus and perhaps create several email or SMS messaging lists so you can aim different campaigns at the audience best suited for that particular promotion is much more intelligent. Remember, mobile marketing can be very expensive – in regards to both time and money – so working smarter instead of harder can be the difference between sinking and swimming on to entrepreneurial success.

Get Creative:

If you want to stand out from the crowd you’re going to have to dress differently. In terms of mobile marketing, that means creating something that creates new trends instead of following them. Infographics that deliver information in a fun and memorable way work, as do viral videos, mobile apps, and games. You can also create dynamic cross-platform campaigns that encourage consumers to visit your social media sites, website, and app, such as a promotion or contest.

How To Create Custom Mobile Marketing Strategy Creative

Social media giveaways that promote interaction have proven especially successful. By “gating” content (meaning trading a “like” or share at the outset in return for an entry or coveted information to follow) can help you build email lists or glean important demographic information that can prove very useful when creating future marketing strategies. In return, you give users a fun contest and, hopefully, a popular reward that promotes your product and goodwill at the same time.

How to Install WordPress within a Minute on Bigrock?

Whenever we talk about the best performing blog sites, then we think of creating them in WordPress. It is the world’s famous blogging platforms that allow bloggers to create different types of websites. The best part is that it is a complete content management system wherein uses’ from different industries can start their own blog sites that further helps to get good ranking on Google search. There are many hosting platforms in India that you can select, but BigRock is a premium host provider that you can use to install WordPress within a minute.

How to Install WordPress within a Minute on Bigrock

For many startup businesses, they have created websites on WordPress. Here step by step guide for new users’ to get start with WordPress on Bigrock is given below.

New Account Registration on Bigrock:

Step 1:

To start your WordPress installation with Bigrock, you have to follow the process in which the first step is signing up to create a new account; you have to click “Sign up Now”.

Step 2:

Further, you have to enter your domain name, if you don’t have a domain, then you have to create it first before starting installation procedures.

Step 3:

You can also select domain name through Bigrock, and the best thing is that it comes for free with WordPress hosting account purchase.

Step 4:

Once you are done with the domain registration services, you have to fill in your personal information, now select which hosting package you want to avail.

Step 5:

There are many packages & offers will come in front of you at the time you sign up, you can select the best one as per convenience.

Step 6:

Complete domain privacy is assured with a paid service that allows personal information to be kept private.

Step 7:

When you have filled your information correctly, now you can choose a hosting package for that click the “Next” button to complete the purchase process.

Step 8:

Now, you’ll be asked to enter a password for your account, try to make it strong and secure so that no one can access or misuse your account.

Step 9:

This is the final step of registration process, now you are able to log into your account, and get started installing WordPress.

Installing WordPress from BigRock:

Step 10:

Bigrock has simplified the complete process, and made this complicated thing easy for users’ by using the new feature cPanel that is designed especially for installing WordPress in quick & easy manner

You can start installation process by going to the cPanel, now scroll to the section and choose the “One-Click Installs” button.

Step 11:

Once you press this button, you’ll be directed to a page where you have to press on the WordPress icon to start installation.

Step 12:

When fully installed in your system, you’ll get site URL, the admin login URL, your username, and password, use these credentials to start creating blogs, writing posts, and creating pages.


Bigrock provide the easiest way to installing WordPress with dedicated 24×7 technical & customer support. You can quickly get started with one-click install facility that is offered at an affordable price. You can also enjoy the comfort of a 30-day money back guarantee and the option to cancel at any time.

How to Get Original Licensed IDM

Internet Download Manager is one of the famous and authentic download accelerator by Tonic Inc. Around internet users are not much acquainted with its characteristics and also how to get original licensed IDM online. In this article, we will completely guide you, how and where you can buy original licensed internet download manager.

How to Get Original Licensed IDM Online

How to Get Original Licensed IDM:

Hopefully, you already familiar with IDM slightly that is most widely use download manager. You can easily resume, scheduled, stop and modifying their download speed as well. Now comes on the actual point, where you buy original and authentic licensed IDM key. The actual process is that, you simply download the trial version of download manager and put the purchased serial key inside your download manager then it will be registered for lifetime.

[su_button url=”” target=”blank” style=”stroked” background=”#F86300″ size=”8″ center=”yes” radius=”5″]Buy IDM Online NOW![/su_button]

Simply click on the above button to purchase original serial key of internet download manager. Another important things, which I like to mention here is that if you purchase IDM from physical store or reseller then price would be around $30 unlike if you purchase online then price would be $24.95 thus you can save $5.05.

Above button pointing out the original resources directly to company, where you are buying this IDM directly to company without involvement of any third-party person.

Personally, I purchased license (IDM Serial Key) recently for lifetime and going to share screenshot of my licensed product with you for your satisfaction.

How to Get Original Licensed IDM Online

Verification of Original Serial Key?

This purchased license IDM (Serial Key) will not be fake or generated from any keygen. After purchase your IDM serial key, your email or order will be listed on IDM website database and you can check it here or also can retrieve you serial number in case of lost serial number without any obstacle.

How to Get Original Licensed IDM verification

Important Note:

You can use one IDM serial key for per computer. For additional usage buy another license to proceed. Once you purchased your license key then it would be for lifetime. You will need to fill all information in product form page before you go to payment procedure. Admissible payment methods are Credit Cards , Checks and PayPal. If you are going to pay with PayPal then fill all form fields or required information then simply checkout with PayPal. After pay your invoiced bill you will receive further information through email, which you provided during billing.

Watch Video Guide:

Hopefully, you understood the way from which you can buy IDM online easily. If you have any further question or issues or want discussion before you made purchase so you may directly join us on our community forum or also can comment below.

Why a cover letter is Important to find Your Next Job?

Why a cover letter is Important for resumeIf you are searching your next job, then make sure that you have another of your important document ready – the Cover Letter. This is the equally important to impress the recruiter. Although candidates usually ignore its importance, and they mostly focus on making drafting a CV.

Why a cover letter is Important:

In most of the cases, a cover letter is even more important the resume. This is because the employer will read the cover letter first and then flip the resume pages. The cover letter you draft must address the position, you are applying for and shouldn’t be a generic one. You have to type job specific cover letter so that the recruiter finds interest in your profile.

Mistakes Job Applicants do:

A common mistake made by most applicants is that they prepare a generic cover letter and use it for all the job applications. As no two jobs are identical, the approach of your cover letter should also not be identical for two different positions.

Read on to get some tips on how to frame the perfect cover letter

Write to the Point:

A cover letter must have a title. The cover letter should be used to highlight your key skills and recent experiences in your present job. However, you must keep this description short and brief.

Address the Correct Authority:

It is of utmost importance to address your cover letter correctly. Find out from sources who is the head of the dept or you could be your next boss. Professional networking websites are great help. You can also search for official website of the company. Addressing your cover letter to the concerned authority means it will be read faster and your chance for getting the job offered will be heightened.

If the contact details of the person are not available, in such cases it is safe to address as “Dear Sir/Madam”.

Sound Professional:

The content of your cover letter should always sound professional and business like. Using of colored front and bold fronts should be avoided. If you are attaching a printed CV, then make sure to use a clean paper and keep it free of any creases. Proof read your cover letter before submitting it keep an eye that it is 100 percent typo-free. Here lies the cover letter importance in getting a job.

Keep it short:

Writing a cover letter does not mean writing an essay. You don’t need to pen down a huge paragraph stating why you are the right choice for the post. Highlighting 3 to 4 relevant career prospects and how to transfer them to the task will do all the talking. Address the key skills that are highlighted in the requirement of the role and point out how your experiences will serve them.

By doing this the attention of the reader is easily attracted to the segments of your CV that highlights your role.

Sound Positive:

Your cover letter must portray your positivity and enthusiasm. Your CV should also contain positive words and highlight your skills and state that you were successful in your previous projects. The most important thing to keep in mind while doing a job application is that each and every aspect of your cover letter as well as CV should present you in a positive way. Though your CV is of utmost importance to judge your skills for the job post, the cover letter must also not lag behind.

How Important is the Cover Letter?

The importance of cover letter in finding a job is manifold. The resume covers your professional journey. In your cover letter explain your previous role and why you are suitable for the applied position.

If there are lengthy breaks in your employment career or if you have changed the face of your career, a cover letter can highlight these areas in a positive manner.