How To Cut The Running Costs Of Your Online Business

We have posted many times about marketing ideas that can help you grow and get more sales for your online business. But, it’s often the case that you can create more profit by cutting back on your costs.

So, today, we thought we would give you some ideas on how to reduce the costs of your online business. Marketing works, for sure. But, reassessing what you’re spending can often yield even greater results.

Go Open Source For Your Software Needs:

Going open source is a low-cost – and sometimes free – alternative to mainstream software out there. It’s a sensible choice for when your business is just starting out – and plenty of established companies use them, too.

Take Microsoft Office, for example. It’s a massive investment that can be a sticking point for many businesses that are just starting out. Instead, try out OpenOffice – it’s free and has many of the features you get with the Microsoft version. Check it out here – Openoffice. It applies to other software, too. Photoshop is an excellent program, of that there is no doubt. But, you could go for something like GIMP instead.

Cut Back on Your Office Costs:

Let’s take a look at becoming more energy-efficient to reduce your office costs. All businesses use a lot of energy, whether through electricity, heating, or anything else. It’s vital that you instill a sense of efficiency into your staff. For example, even making sure everyone shuts down their PCs at night and turns out the lights when they leave the office can have an enormous effect.

How To Cut The Running Costs Of Your Online Business

It’s also a good idea to make sure that all your services are working properly, and get them checked once or twice a year. This applies to anything; from your heating systems to your plumbing. You’ll need to make yourself aware of how everything works, and find the best services available for the best price. For example, if your office uses a septic tank, it will need to be emptied regularly and safely. Head over here for more information on what to expect – AussiehydrovacIf you invest a little more in maintenance, it will save you a lot more, in general, repairs.

Watch What You Buy:

As soon as a business moves into an office, they start to spend an extraordinary amount of money on things like stationery. It’s crazy, to be honest! The number of pens and paper that companies go through can be astonishing, and often it is a needless expenditure.

Train your staff to be aware of the enormous amount of money this can cost. Also, keep track of your inventory, regardless of whether it is equipment, stationery, or anything else. You could even try implementing a buying ban once or twice a year. It’s amazing the amount of stuff that can turn up when people are forced to look for it!

There are many other costs of running an online business, of course. But these examples should show you many of the ways that you can trim the fat from your company and boost your bottom line. Why not let us know if you have any other suggestions?

Why We Move From iPage to HostGator

Recently 27 Nov 2015 black Friday, when HostGator opened their mega discount door for new customers. This time HostGator Black Friday Flash Sale 80% OFF, which was most appealing part of this deal so decided to take this 80% OFF package and let’s give a try. We are writing this article to let them folks about that why we move from iPage to HostGator.

Why We Move From iPage to HostGator?

Before HostGator we were running KnowledgeIDea on iPage shared hosting plan. We were experiencing iPage since 15 June 2014, in other words we started this KnowledgeIDea journey with iPage $12/Year deal. This iPage $12 deal came with all possible cPanel features, because this deal regular or recurring price is approx $143.4 so this deal was so cheap for first time to kick-start my journey.

But few things that pressurized to us to move our hosting from iPage to HostGator. iPage is good but only when you have limited budget or want affordable hosting package.

No doubt that iPage is offering most cheap hosting on internet and that is why it is famous among their competitors but we should always remember that “All that Glitters is not Gold” similarly we experienced few drawbacks in iPage which we cannot overlook for our business success. That is why we abandoned to go ahead with iPage anymore.

Let’s see the reasons why we move from iPage to HostGator.

iPage Downtime Period:

We were using and experiencing iPage hosting near about 1 year 6 months and experience was slightly terrible. Because in each month we received many downtime period like 3 mint, 13 mint and so on. Read how to track WordPress website downtime period quickly. Review the below downtime emails snapshot, which our system received on iPage hosting servers many times in each month.

Why We Move From iPage to HostGator downtime review

We received these email lots of time and after few minutes when downtime is finished then they also send another email which is look like the below email.

Why We Move From iPage to HostGator downtime email review

This is something what that should not be happen because with that issues you can not be able to do business with comfort. Downtime period issue will impact on your ads revenue and also on your vendors. So this is the prominent issue that is why we moved from iPage to HostGator.

No Backup Facility:

iPage doesn’t provide any backup facility with their hosting packages. If you want backup facility or feature in iPage, so you will purchase this feature separately at $12.95/year. This is ridiculous because if you are going to host your precious data on any hosting company servers, so hosting provider should need to facilitate their users with backup option to save their worthwhile data.

Recently, we talked with iPage team on chat concerning with backup option because we were confused when we were not found any backup option in our cPanel. So we decided to interact with iPage that why backup option not existing in my hosting cPanel.

iPage chat team said, they do not provide backup option for free you need to purchase their backup option which cost is $12.95/year. If you cannot bear that backup addons so you can take backup from file manager manually. Sounds like unprofessional or unexpected.

Conversely HostGator providing complete backup option where you can easily take and restore complete cPanel backups with in few clicks.

These above reasons are vital and we cannot overlook these aspects. Because if your business basics are weak so you cannot compete of your competitors in the online market. That is why we choose HostGator to reliably handle this business as fast as possible. For more discussion with us you may join us on our community forum or can leave your comment below.

3 Easy Ways To Make More Money From Your Online Business

Running an online business is the best way to make money online. If done correctly, you can make a tonne of cash. Want to know some easy ways in which you can make more money from your online business? Have a read of the advice below:

3 Easy Ways To Make More Money From Online Business

Have A Good Payment System:

One of the keys to a great online business is the payment system. It should be your mission to make payments quick and easy for the customer. No one wants to spend ages filling in forms and details before they pay. Make sure your site accepts payments from all major credit and debit cards. Also, try to get other payments on your site, like PayPal or Skrill. These are two quick and easy ways for people to pay for things.

The quicker and easier payments are, the more people will want to use your business. Consumers love to have a fast checkout; it makes things so much better. Keep your customers happy by providing a good payment system. Happy customers lead to a happy business, that makes loads of money.

Keep Track Of Your Stock:

When you’re selling lots of items, it can be easy to lose track of everything. So, you end up forgetting that some things are sold out. If you forget an item is sold out, then it will still say it’s in stock on your website. Meaning that people can click on it and buy it. But, you then have to explain that it’s out of stock, and you won’t get it back for a while. This is an inconvenience to you and them. They don’t get their item, and you have to wait before you can sell it again.

To prevent this issue from happening, keep track of your stock. There are loads of items that make parts inventory easier for you. You can keep a record of how much stuff you have. When you see stock running low, you order more in. So, by the time you’re out of stock, you already have some more coming in. It means you won’t end up stuck with nothing to sell for a few days or weeks. Meaning you can sell more stuff, and make more money!

Find A Good Courier Service:

Naturally, you need to find a way to send items to your customers. The easiest way to do this is to find a courier service. Nowadays, it won’t be heard for you to find one that you can use. What you need to do is find the best one. Find one that offers quick delivery, at a low price. You don’t want to end up overpaying for shipping costs.

Having a quick delivery service will make your online business seem far more appealing. One of the things people look for is how quick they can get their stuff. If you find a good courier service that offers next day delivery, you’re onto a winner!

You must take these things into account if you want to make more money online. Ensure you check the, off your list, and your online business will be booming.

Things You Should do Before Buy Web Hosting

Did you know that which things you should do before buy web hosting? Probably not sure or do not know. If you are going to buy web hosting or deal like black Friday and cyber Monday or else then you should have to care because you are investing on some place where your data will be host in future. So that place should be trustworthy and secure from security perspective.

Things You Should do Before Buy Web Hosting

Things You Should do Before Buy Web Hosting:

Web hosting is a necessary part of your business because that is the base of your business or website. Let’s suppose, if someone is facing issues with his web hosting servers in every second day and getting virus or hacking troubles, then unfortunately his/her life will become a headache. You can save yourself from these worries by following these precautions, Let’s have a look these things you should do before buy web hosting for your business.

Read Hosting Company Reviews:

According to my experience approximately (80%) reviews consist on facts, which is written by experienced users who are already availed this web hosting service. So that can be plus point for your, simply search on Google about that web hosting company reviews. Read what folks are saying about that particular web hosting service. You also can browse or search web hosting reviews on KnowledgeIDea search box.

Check Their Hosting Plans:

Every web hosting company offering their own package and plans for their consumers. A good web hosting service always facilitate their user with premium and unlimited plans. Web hosting package should be affordable and trustworthy as we said above. Recently we wrote an article on how to choose right web hosting company, this article will also help you to sustain your decision on right way.

Technical Support:

Web hosting technical support is the most essential factor because technical support always gives customer satisfaction. Around internet many local web hosting companies do not providing technical support due to their lack of this feature many paid member facing huge troubles with these kind of companies. So that will be good practice to check it out that your web hosting company providing premium technical support or not? That is crucial for your and your business better future.

Is it Secure Website?

Most of the freak web hosting companies have no security layer SSL (Security Socket Layer) a green bar which you can see on bank websites to protect their users privacy. This is necessary that web hosting should have SSL protection, majority of web hosting companies have SSL protection on user interface not on website homepage so that is Good and satisfied from my perspective. Because SSL is required on client/user interface side like hosting login area, hosting cPanel etc.

Perfect Price:

Here perfect price should be consist on few things, first is that hosting price should be affordable and valid according to this deal. Most of the hosting companies offering deals for their only new customers which is spectacular opportunity for all of the new members. A beginner can not bear much higher prices because that kind of price is out of budget of initial person.


Above mentioned points are experienced by me. The writing this article purpose is only to spread awareness in folks that which things they should consider before purchase web hosting. Our recommended web hosting companies are following as HostGator (Using by us) and secondly digital ocean vpn cloud crafted server.

Let us know, if you find this article useful and valuable for your business journey. If you want more interaction on this article or topic so you may join us on our community forum and leave your comment below.