Top 10 Most Downloaded Android Applications

As we familiar with that Android is now being popular in the emerging world. Android is also considered as number one OS due to his compatibility and also from developers perspective. Come back to this topic about top 10 most downloaded Android applications. we will not approach this article for games at this moment because earlier already written an article on top 10 Android games of all times. These apps are necessary in our life routine because it gives your phone more reliable and also extend your phone features.

Top 10 Most Downloaded Android Applications:

Android have millions of most downloaded apps but here we will short list only prominent top 10 most downloaded Android applications. Before going ahead remember that, this article consist on different surveys on internet, user feedback and various reviews.

1: GO Keyboard:

Go keyboard is a multi functional keyboard for Android devices. If you are bored with plain keyboard then give it a chance and try this once. Go keyboard comes with emoji, creative emotions and 60+ languages dictionary including french, English and further so on, which can predict or can guess your typing words, this is helpful in grammar. Interesting thing about Go keyboard is that, this keyboard is almost compatible with all apps.

Top 10 Most Downloaded Android Applications Go Keyboard

2: WhatsApp Messenger:

WhatsApp Messenger is a fast growing communication app for Android and other smartphones. Calls and chat is possible with WhatsApp comfortably. WhatsApp will use your internet connection to run same like other apps but WhatsApp will be free only for First year, second year will be premium on WhatsApp.

Top 10 Most Downloaded Android Applications WhatsApp

3: Messenger:

Messenger is top ranked app on Google play same like WhatsApp but Messenger is use only for Facebook interaction. It also have additional characteristics like emoji, emotions, record voice and send etc. You will not pay any cost for this messenger usage.

Top 10 Most Downloaded Android Applications Facebook Messenger

4: Facebook:

Who is not familiar with this well reputed Facebook app for Android phones. Through this app, you can connect yourself with your Facebook friends and loved one’s on your phones. You will get notification for your Facebook friends activities like comment and chat etc. You also can play Facebook games and can use  your favorite applications on your fingertips.

Top 10 Most Downloaded Android Applications Facebook

5: 360 Security Lite Speed Boost:

360 Security Lite app is considered as all in one pro solution for all smartphones. This security lite app can make your phone 10 times faster than from its current position internally. After installed this one app in your phones, your phones will be more smother, faster and every app will be run with reliability. In other words 360 security lite speed is a anti-virus and also remove unnecessary cache with time to time. Thus, your phone will be safer and quick responsive.

Top 10 Most Downloaded Android Applications 360 Security Lite

6: imo Free Video Calls and Chat:

imo free video calls and chat app is highly designed for video calls, chat for Android and other smartphones. There is no cost on chat, high-definition video calls so tension free and enjoy your long video calls with your loved one’s. There are so many further integrated features available in this app such as hundreds of free sticker to show your emotions.

Top 10 Most Downloaded Android Applications imo

7: Dailymotion:

Dailymotion is most popular app and most achievable app in entertainment category. You can directly watch recent and videos and also can share with your friends quickly. You also can watch live stream events, follow your favorite channels, mange your own channel, publish videos and further so many things.

Top 10 Most Downloaded Android Applications Dailymotion

8: Viber:

Viber is another stunning communication app for Android and smartphones. Viber is free of cost and everyone can join it through their phone number because your phone number will be your ID and you can do text, HD video call to your friends and families. Unlike, viber credits makes you able to call non-viber local and landline numbers.

Top 10 Most Downloaded Android Applications Viber

9: UC Browser:

UC Browser is famous and popular Android and smartphones browser, which gives you multi options including fast browsing experience, excellent searching, cloud downloading, custom themes, night mode and further incredible features which attract your attention on it.

Top 10 Most Downloaded Android Applications UC Browser

10: Zapya – File Transfer:

Zapya is most remarkable app for Android and smartphones. Through this app, you can transfer files among Android phones, iPhone’s, iPad’s, tablets easily without paying any cost. Zapya 200 times faster than Bluetooth and easily transfer files to multiple devices simultaneously. Zapya doesn’t use your mobile data connection or WiFi to transfer files so feel free and use it.

Top 10 Most Downloaded Android Applications Zapya

Hopefully, you will use and install these most downloaded Android apps also in your phones. Above list of most downloaded Android apps rely on user’s reviews, internet survey and many more things involve in it.

We do not charging and also not taking money for that list include each written word. All content is wrote for user convenience and interest. For more discussion, you may join us on our community forum or can leave your comment below.

Google Instant Search Guide

Do you know? What is the Google instant search and what are their advantages for Google users. 80% of the users of internet are using Google search engine to getting their expecting results. 8 September 2010 Google announced Google instant search on his Google official blog.

What is Google Instant Search?

Google said that Google instant is faster than your typing speed, which is incredible. Google move his HTML static page into AJAX application to improve his searching tactics.

According to survey 70% of Google users still not acquainted with Google instant search feature. Google engineer’s design this Google instant search for user convince and another reason is feature extending which is necessary part of every company product or services.

There are several interesting characteristics of this Google instant search.

Relevancy: If you are typing any keyword let suppose “How to blog” then relevant results will be appeared under drop down automatically.

Google Instant Search Guide demo

Predictions/forecast: Google algorithms and technologies predict or can estimate your perceptions thus, show similar results under this instant search. When you stop typing then result different under instant search than you continue typing again.

Rapid Reaction: Google instant search is quick and responsive from every preservative. Google engineers said, “Instant search is faster than your typing speed in Google search box“.

Interesting thing about this instant search is that, this Google feature will work on almost browser’s includes Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and further so on. Another fact is that, this instant search will be different with your geographies locations. So that’s means Google rolling his instant search according to country searching trends.

We also arise this topic (Google Instant Search) on our community forum. You also can discuss it further there.

Note: Sometimes Google instant search will not be available or will not work due to your low internet connection or speed. Because it works incredible with fast internet connection.

Let us know, if you find this article useful and beneficial for your future journey. For more discussion on that topic, you may join us on our community forum or leave your comment below.

Top 10 Android Games of All Time

As we and you know that almost android user’s likes to play games on his android phones. Personally I played many games on my android smartphone so far in my spare time, which is good for mental comfort. These one’s games will never feel you bore and will make your mind more robust and fast. As you and me knows that, Android have numerous games in different categories but today we will discuss on top 10 Android games of all time, which almost contains on my experience and different surveys around internet.

Top 10 Android Games of All Time:

Today here, I’m here to share my experience about top 10 Android games ever. Remember that, these mentioned games will definitely entertain you and make your mind more fast than before. Let’s see these android games to go ahead.

1: Subway Surfers:

Subway surfers is a popular android games, almost you will found this games on every android phone. Subway surfers is a limitless running games. Subway surfers available for Android, iOS and windows phones.

Top 10 Android Games of All Time Subway Surfers

 2: Relic Run (Lara Croft):

Relic run is a free to play fully adventure game. Lara croft is a fictional character of this game. Relic run is also endless running game but filled up with adventure places.

Top 10 Android Games of All Time Relic Run

3: Temple Run 2:

Temple run 2 is also another one never-ending running adventure game. The interesting fact about that game is that, this game designed and programmed by husband and wife collaboratively team Keith Shepherd and Natalia Luckyanova. According to Gameranking survey 93% android user’s like to play temple run 2, which is worthwhile.

Top 10 Android Games of All Time Temple Run 2

4: Asphalt 8 (Airborne):

Asphalt 8 Aribone is known as the finest racing game for android phones, developed and published by Gameloft french game developer. Asphalt 8 Aribone is a part of Asphalt series and similar that Asphalt 7: Heat gameThis games got 92% score/rating on Gamerating website.

Top 10 Android Games of All Time Asphalt 8 Airborne

5: Dead Trigger 2:

Dead trigger 2 is a shoot encounter zombie themed game for Android, iOS and Windows phones. Madfinger Games release this game on 22 August 2013 and they also release for Facebook on 20 Fab 2014. Dead trigger is a single player zombie shooter video game.

Top 10 Android Games of All Time Dead Trigger 2

6: FIFA 15:

FIFA 15 is popular soccer/football video game developed by EZ Canada. Interesting thing about this game is that, FIFA 15 game is compatible with various platforms induces Microsoft windows, PS3, PS4, Xbox One/360, Android and iOS. This game will make you the heart die fan of soccer, spectacular soccer video game that i ever seen. FIFA got 8 score out of 10 on GameSpot, which is able to appreciate.

Top 10 Android Games of All Time FIFA 15

7: Candy Crush Saga:

Candy Crush Saga is a famous and best ever puzzle game released by King on 12 April 2012First time games was released on Facebook, where Facebook user’s appreciate this one game. Game got results very fast and effective than their expectations.

Top 10 Android Games of All Time Candy Crush Saga

8: Angry Birds 2:

Angry bird 2 is another one puzzle video game for Android and iOS user’s. Angry bird 2 released on 30 July 2015 by rovio entertainment and this game have an old series name is Angry Birds. First time Angry bird released on December 2009. According to my experience, that is most sensitive game and can make you sometime angry due to his difficult stages.

Top 10 Android Games of All Time Angry Birds 2

9: Fruit Ninja:

Fruit Ninja is creative style fruit slicing video game. Fruit Ninja was released on 21 April 2010 Halfbrick Studios in Australia. In Fruit Ninja game fruit will be thrown up then player will swipe his finger on-screen to slice the fruits. Few interesting fact about Fruit Ninja is that, multiple slice is possible simultaneously, multiple player is allowed, game is compatible on other platform includes Play stations, Windows, iOS, Android and Xbox series.

Top 10 Android Games of All Time Fruit Ninja

10: Clash of Clans:

Clash and clans is an online video game developed by Supercell company presence in Finland. First time games was released for iPhone users 2 August 2012. After passed over some time, they released Android version on 30 Sep 2013. In this game, player construct communities and attacks other player to get more gold because gold is the way to increase or upgrade your defenses stuff, which makes you more superior from others.

Top 10 Android Games of All Time Clash of Clans

Hopefully, you will like these above Android best games ever i saw. Above games collection is based on various things like our experience, user feedback’s, internet site’s review and score. For your feedback and more interaction with us you may join us on our community forum or can leave your comment below.

Top 10 Android Benefits for Small Business Owners

Android now become the soul of smartphones due to their excessive advantage. Nowadays Android benefits are grabbing every next user attraction. Remember PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants)! They were primarily introduced for professionals but with the introduction of smartphones, those devices became obsolete and smartphones became a commonplace.

10 Android Benefits for Small Business Owners

One of the major reasons of popularity of android smartphones is their ever evolving apps that benefited everyone in handily and economically accomplishing routine tasks of communicating, organizing, playing, researching, networking, scheduling, and what not. Most of the apps are free and good enough for normal use but most of them also offer more powerful paid versions with enhanced features that can really help boost performance of a small business. Let’s take a look at top 10 Android benefits for small business owners.

1: Video Conferencing:

Most popular video conferencing app till date is Skype. It enables you doing a video conference with a group of up to 25 persons and sharing all sorts of files.

2: Digital Diary:

Evernote is used for taking notes along with any evidences such as photos, videos, or audio or text files. It also allows you to make checklists and add reminders. It is synched with cloud so your data is safe and accessible on other devices too.

3: Payments:

Paypal is a website where you can setup your account and have it connected to your bank accounts, debit cards, and credit cards, etc. Its app enables you to pay and get paid easily.

4: Tracking Expenses:

Expensify enables you to track your expenses and generate reports whenever required. Expensify can be linked with your credit or debit card so that it automatically record all transactions. You can also use pictures of invoices taken by your smartphone camera, it recognizes the information on invoices and records it properly.

5: Travel Planning:

Tripit makes an itinerary of your traveling. It keeps you updated of all your travelling information including your flight times, airport directions, any delays, weather reports etc.

6: Data Backup:

With Dropbox you can save your data on cloud (online storage space), one of the android benefits that you can’t undermine.

7: Social Media Management:

Hootsuit helps you manage all your social media accounts in very time efficient manner.

8: Emails Management:

MailBox allows you to get your emails from different accounts into one place and give you options to categorize these emails.

9: Team Management:

Kanbanflow is a project management tool. With this tool you can assign tasks to your team and stay aware of the progress.

10: Swift Typing:

With Swiftkey virtual keyboard you can type by sliding, without lifting your finger or thumb, is also among other android benefits that help occupied businessmen work smoothly.

Is Google AdSense Banned in Pakistan

Most frequently asked question by majority of visitors and users, Is Google AdSense banned in Pakistan or not? Yet no one clearly knows what Google trying to say? I was slightly confused when the time of applying AdSense for my own site because rumors makes me scared about AdSense approval or decline.

Is Google AdSense Banned in Pakistan

But when i decided that let take a look Google guidelines review and then i started to learn it entirely. So let’s begin,

Is Google AdSense Banned in Pakistan?

Absolutely not, according to my review and sources AdSense did not ever get banned in past. AdSense just makes his rules and polices strict for particular countries for which they received more spamming activities. So you should not to be regret. I have some clues, which can definitely help you to find out actual propaganda.

As we are familiar that PayPal is banned in Pakistan because PayPal blacklist Pakistan country from his sign up form, from where user’s were able to become the part of this Community.

Same this concept will be applied here, still Google AdSense didn’t blacklist Pakistan from his program. So how could you say that Google AdSense doesn’t no longer supported to Pakistan. Lets talk with the proofs, i have a snapshot in which you can see clearly that Pakistan country name still exist in Google AdSense program.

Is Google AdSense Banned in Pakistan proof

Above image clearly showing that Pakistan country name still exist in Google AdSense program.

So the next question will be from your side, if AdSense is not banned as we said above so how you can get approval without any hurdle?

That will be good practice, if you read the eligibility to participate in Google AdSense especially for Asian countries Pakistan, India, China etc. Unlike i wrote an appropriate article earlier on “13 things to Do before applying Google AdSense Account” just try then let me know, what you got the result.

Note: To be honest with my passion i would say, please do not buy AdSense account in any condition from anyone because purchased AdSense account can be down any time permanently because AdSense team analyzes his account holders each activities with the passage of time.

The Rise and Fall of Guest Blogging

As you heard from many blogger’s mouth that they are focusing on guest blogging to building backlink so please stop! because you are doing spamming in search engine “Say no more spam with guest blogging”.

The Rise and Fall of Guest Blogging

Now guest blogging now become a horror dream which is no longer suitable factor to improve website rank.

Rise and Fall of Guest Blogging:

In recent years ago, Guest blogging was so popular due to this popularity every second blogger were trying to build their backlinks through this guest blogging. I have a prominent example of a guest article paragraph, Let’s see,

Apple iPhone 6 has incredible features and consumer review, you should need to read the review first before purchase this product.

Above quoted one and half line showing the guest posting backlink strategy, this looks like natural but in actual it is openly spamming. Google search engine algorithms have various ways to measure these paid links in your content, which purpose is only to pass PageRank which violate webmaster Google guidelines.

Sometimes journalist writes an articles and they pass some reference or sources, which is essential to describe in their the article so it is ok, this will not violate Google guidelines.

In another case, if you are allowing or accepting guest post on your website or blog so is it good way to increase articles on website? Exactly not because from this way you are allowing someone to stick or insert another site links on your blog article, almost these links are paid therefore Google do not give value those kind of sites’s who is seeking to selling links on their website content. That is why, Guest blogging is no longer exist in search engine rank.

Former head of the web spam team at Google Matt Cutts also disclosure that “the decay and fall of guest blogging for SEO” and personally i would prefer you to review link schemes in Google guidelines.

In another case, if you are intent to accept guest blogging on your blog, then i personally suggest you to use nofollow attribute with in guest post links, thus Google will not consider those link with this attribute and will not pass your site PageRank. Because you cannot take guarantee of another site suspicions activities, which can impact on your site if that site linking is dofollow with your site.

Note: All given information is experienced by me and would recommend you to use nofollow attribute, for which link you are not sure. Eventually, I want to say that if you writing guest post not for only backlink then it is good one thing but backlinks via guest post is not a better approach according to Seo perspective. We also discuss “Is Guest Post Good Way For Link Building” this one topic on our community forum. Enjoy!

What is Sitemap in SEO Complete Guide

Do you know? What is xml sitemap in Seo probably not or yes. Recently we published an article on sitemap important key factors such as priority, last modified date, crawling frequency etc.

In fact, these keys factors are playing crucial role in sitemap but was article only based on textual guide now today we are going to stick an appropriate video tutorial on Sitemap in Seo guide. After watch this video, I’m 100% sure, you will be able to understand all sitemap factors. Let’s see,

Watch on YouTube:

Watch on Dailymotion:

What we described in this Tutorial?

In these tutorials, we revealed some interesting things which is necessary from Seo point of view. Let’s see,

  • What is Sitemap in Seo?
  • How to locate sitemap on any website?
  • How Google crawler find your website pages?
  • How many URLs is Google for each sitemap?
  • What is the maximum limit and size of Sitemap?
  • Sitemap website pages priority purpose?
  • Sitemap page crawling frequency like hourly, weekly, monthly and yearly etc.
  • Which crawling frequency is suitable for each website page according to Seo tactics?
  • What is the purpose of last modified date in sitemap?

Hopefully, you enjoyed this above tutorial and understood all mentioned tips and guidance. For more discussion, you may join us on our community forum or can leave your feedback under this post.

Google Webmaster Tools Guide For Beginners

Almost my site readers and viewers requested to me to make an appropriate tutorial about Google webmaster tools guide for beginners. Google webmaster tools is an essential and awesome tool, where you can monitor your website activities in search engine (Google).

Google Webmaster Tools Guide:

Google webmaster tools is one of the prestigious tool to connect yourself or your website with Google search engine crawler.

Through this webmaster tools, you will be capable to submit your website sitemap to Google directly.

Watch on YouTube:

[su_youtube_advanced url=””]

Watch on Dailymotion:

What we described in this tutorial?

In this Google webmaster tools guide, we reveal and described following factors and aspects.

  • HTML improvements (Improve or remove meta tags bugs)
  • Sitelinks (You can demote sitelinks as per your choice)
  • Search Analytics (Track search engine snippets impressions and clicks)
  • Link to your site (Track and see those sites, who are connected with your website and vice versa)
  • Internal Links (Track and see website internal links, also how many times each page is linked to other internal page)
  • Manual Actions (Find or track any web-spam activity here)
  • Mobile Usability (Find website responsive theme errors on each pages, error’s will be highlighted here)
  • Index Status (See how many post and pages Google crawler indexed so far on particular dates)
  • Content Keywords (Watch particular keywords strength on your website and how many time you utilize those keywords and their related variants)
  • Blocked Resources (Track those page’s who is blocking server side resources including java scripts and CSS stylesheets)
  •  Crawl Errors & Stats (Track and checkout crawling errors includes server error, soft 404, not found errors etc. Crawl statistics will available there under crawl statistics on each day stats)
  • Fetch as Google (Check each website page and find that of which page crawler can crawl or blocked)
  • Robots.txt tester  (Can edit and test your existed robots.txt file through this tester)
  • Sitemaps (Add or submit your website sitemap to Google)
  • Security Issues (If there is any malware, virus occur on your website then Google bot will track it and show under this section)

Let me know, if you like this tutorial guide from every perspective. For more discussion and your feedback’s, you can join us our community forum or can leave your comment below.

7 Tips for Building Ecommerce Website

Whenever customers need to decide on any kind of purchase, they start by searching online. This is the first indication as to why an e-commerce website is required for any business setup. E-commerce websites can be used to sell digital or physical products, appointments or consultations, or intangibles making it a perfect and suitable solution for all kinds of business purpose. Today, we will talk about 7 tips for building ecommerce website.

7 Tips for Building Your First Ecommerce Website

The website acts as your very own showroom where users or customers can research for the desired product and find reasons for why the product is apt. Every person’s life is very hectic and what can be better than being able to shop things with the help of a click. Going by all the logistics, these reasons are enough to tempt a business owner to start planning how to build their own website.

Here are certain ideas which will help you take your first step!

1) Easy navigation:

Of course, your customer will not like a website that is quite complicated and poses a difficult interface to reach the desired product. If the appropriate information is provided in the correct place, it will make things easier for your customers. How can you do this?

  • Arrange the navigation-bar: Make navigation as easy for the customers as is possible, place the navigation bar strategically in a horizontal position or vertically, so that it is present all the time to help the customers out.

2) Product description:

This is the part that plays an important role in your website as much as everything else does. Since you cannot speak to your customers directly, you need to give them reasons why they should buy the product from your site, what can be better than providing them with an exclusive content.

  • Hone the content: Provide an image of the product and list a few bullet points to indicate why the product is worth being bought. Provide a more elaborate content giving description and specifications of the product after the customer scrolls down.

3) Product reviews:

This is what every e-commerce website is incorporating in every product section, so as to inform the customers about the experience that other customers have had with the product. What lies beyond this?

  • Good or Bad: Whenever you allow the customer to review the product, make sure there’s this button which helps the customer leave the comment they wish, if it is good or bad.
  • Further filter the review section in such a manner that all the comments in the favor of the product come on top and the ones against at the bottom. This will help customers vouch for the product instantly.

4) Visible Pricing:

The price of the product should be clearly visible for the customer to view. This will help the customer compare it with the other websites and decide on which one is a better buy. How can you enhance this further?

  • Clear-cut sale section: This section is extremely important to notify the users that there is an ongoing sale on your website, which will tempt them to look for the product on your website and avail better offers.

5) Order button:

The button prompts the customer to immediately take an action and invest in the product right away. Make sure that it is as visible as is the pricing of each product, which will help the customer to click and embark on a purchase.

  • Prominent shopping cart: As and when customers keep adding items to the cart by clicking on “order now” button, the shopping cart must be present there to notify the customers whenever they revisit the site about the items, they had planned to buy.

6) Optimized Search Module:

You need to give customers something that is quite handy to use and which will easily redirect them to a page where they can look for their desired products in a more advanced manner.

  • Omnipresent search-box: Make sure that a search box is ever-present on your site so that when customers scroll down, they do not have to keep coming back on the top to refine their search again.

7) Chat/Online Support:

A very effective medium to clear the doubt that any customer might have regarding the product is a chat widget. This will also keep the customer hooked to your website and also inform you of the potential customers that visit your site.

It is very obvious that you can add numerous features to your website to make it more appealing to the customers, but the above points are like the essentials of a bare e-commerce website that needs to be met.

How to Enable Cookies in Chrome Browser

Do you know? what browser cookies are playing role in Google chrome. In Google chrome browser cookies store website addresses and their particular data, which implement you will see then you type any address then browser automatically detect those sites, which you already using because these are stored in browser cookies, that is why browser knows these sites. Now it’s time to learn about, how to enable cookies in Google chrome browser which can help you to memorize your website address locations.

How to Enable Cookies in Chrome Browser preview

Enable Cookies in Chrome Browser:

Quite easy way to enable cookies in chrome for data storage, just you need to follow the following steps respectively.

Step 1:

Open you Google chrome browser then navigate to browser settings.

How to Enable Cookies in Chrome Browser

Step 2:

Scroll down and click on Show advance settings…

How to Enable Cookies in Chrome Browser step 2

Step 3:

Under privacy section, click on content settings… button and go ahead.

How to Enable Cookies in Chrome Browser step 3

Step 4:

Under cookies section, make sure Allow local data to be set (recommended) option should be selected.

How to Enable Cookies in Chrome Browser step 4

If your settings have same as above image, that’s all. Now your  Google chrome cookies has been enabled.

Let us know, if you find this guidance useful. For opinion more discussion and you can join us on our community forum or can leave comment below.