Fashion Accessories That Have Come Up in Last Decade

Looking good is becoming more and more important in society today, so staying fashionable is important to a lot of people. One part of fashion that people tend to overlook is fashion accessories.

Fashion Accessories:

Trends in clothing and accessories have always made the world go round. Make a statement! No outfit is complete without fashion accessories. Here are accessories that have come up in last decade:

Fashion Accessories That Have Come Up in Last Decade

1- Fashion shoes:

Ladies like to expose style and fashion. Shoes are the most useful means by which they are able to express their style statement.
You will find wide types of shoes indeed available like long boots, wedges, sneakers, high heels; ballet flats will make anyone to go gaga over your appearance.

2- Handbags:

The handbag is the most the obvious choice to complete your look and hold your necessities. Handbags come in all shapes and sizes – big and unstructured to small and designer. Clutch, baguette, envelope, bucket, bowling etc. are simple yet stylish bags to carry. Don’t forget everything in between. Keep this life-easing accessory with you whatever size, shape, and texture you want!

3- Scarves *It’s all in one knot*:

PASHMINAS and chiffon! Oh, how I love pashmina and chiffon. It’s classic, sexy, grown up, playful, and timeless. It is a great investment because the styling possibilities and occasion opportunities are endless. Wear it for work; wear it for a night out. Wear it with every outfit. Silk, cotton, cashmere scarves also make their own fashion statement.

4- Oversized Sunnies:

Sunglasses are classic accessory that has been in style for nearly 25 years. Fashion trends broaden the potential for different types of eyewear with the creation of new designs and combining existing ones. Besides their classic appeal, sunglasses blend a variety of styles such as: fashion aviators, women’s oversized sunglasses, vintage sunglasses, colored sunglasses.

5- Watches:

When it comes to the latest trends, fashion watches are the timepieces that boast stylish materials that help them to stand out. Choosing a “fashion” watch is less about coordinating with your clothes and more about picking a style that is an extension of your personality. Fashion watches are meant to be stylish accessories as well as being a timepiece. There are many types of watches you can choose according to your dress and the occasions like you can choose a bracelet watch to give you a decent look.

6- Stylish belts:

One of the essential in all the accessories is the Belts. Belts are the ultimate way of adding some color to your outfit.  Bold Belts can even be helpful in drawing attention to certain parts of your body. Moreover a well-chosen belt can transform your look completely. Different types of belts like sash, braided, metallic and in neon colours are available to complete your look and complement to your body

7- Hair accessories:

Hair accessories add flair to your look. Hair clips and bands are ultimate fashion accessories that can change your look without changing your hair! Tiaras, bobby pins, buckle and other hair accessories are perfect for adding an expensive touch or a bit of glamour to a low-maintenance hairstyle.

8- Set of pearls and studs:

Jewellery comes in all different shapes, sizes and styles and each one can be used to make your outfit pop! Choosing the right set of Pearls and studs to go with your style is very important. For example you can choose solitaire studs and neckpiece if you are going in a party and a set of pearls can be preferable if u want a decent look yet classy.

9- Hand accessories:

Hands accessories like bracelet, wrist watch, a band, hand cuff and yes of course rings will always add up a X factor in your appearance. These are small yet play a major role to make you look different from the crowd. You can wear these hand accessories anywhere, anytime.

10- Jackets:

A really good jacket is a spring staple. Light enough for sunny weather but snug enough for cool evenings. A spring jacket can also bridge that gap between your winter wardrobe and your summer one, no easy feat. Jackets always give a different look from normal. Handmade jackets are being the priority by the people. These are work of art. Totally pure totally amazing! In winters, quilted jackets will keep you warm as well as help you to look different and amazing.

How to Add Google Plus Badge to Website

Google plus badges now makes easy to locate your profile, community, business pages instantly with a single click. Now Google plus badges can easily stick on website sidebars or anywhere where you like it. These Google plus badges comes with fantabulous features and abilities. In today article, you will learn about how to add Google plus badge to website quickly.

Add Google Plus Badge to Website:

To add Google plus badge on your website is not a tricky task, just you need to put your concentration on that tutorial. Google plus badges brings your fans near to your community page or your profile page, where they can become your followers and also can get future updates constantly. The huge benefit of these badges is that, it is redirect your users to your community/business page, where you also sharing your daily updates. Thus, community of fans established. Let see how to add G+ badge on your website.

How to Add Google Plus Badge to Website

Step 1:

It is quite easy way, open your browser and go to Google then type ‘Google Plus BadgeGoogle developer page will come then go inside and then you will see multiple types of badges options.

How to Add Google Plus Badge to Website step 1

Step 2:

In this step, you will setup your badge basic aspects and grab the badge code and paste wherever you want.

How to Add Google Plus Badge to Website step 2

First you need to set up your profile/community badge as you can see in the above image. You should be logged in to your Gmail account, from which Gmail your community page/profile page is associate. Next, follow the above guidance and setup your badge. There are two layout of badge portrait and landscape both are recommended.

You can edit badge width as per your requirement.

Step 3:

After setting all the things, which you like to do it before placing the code. Now it’s time to copy the code and paste where you like to view on your website such as in sidebar, specific landing pages etc.

How to Add Google Plus Badge to Website step 3
Place G+ Badge Code in WordPress Text Widget

As you can see above that we have successfully placed/paste the Google plus badge code. That’s all.

Let us know, if you find this article good for which you are searching. If you have best one article and are interested to writing with us so you can contribute with us right now. For more discussion on this topic and your feedback’s join us via comment or our community forum.

How to Increase Google AdSense Earnings

Most effective frequently asked question from every new bloggers. How to increase Google AdSense earnings quickly without pay any thing. Getting an approval from AdSense is not an achievement because that is your first step for success, now what to do? Improve your earnings in AdSense is not like a technique, there are so many things that you should consider on it to get an improvement in your earnings. Today we will talk about all those things in comprehension form.

Increase Google AdSense Earnings?

Why you are in trouble about AdSense earnings, when I was got approval from AdSense. I persuaded myself to get the best optimum result from AdSense, but that was not an easy task like an eating apple. We will highlight most essential points in this article, which will help you to understand the relation between earning and AdSense.

How to Increase Google AdSense Earnings

Choose Right Keyword:

Google measure/analyze each keyword traffic and their activities from search engine. If you are familiar with Google keyword planner tool then you also can see the suggested bid rate on the same right hand side of the keyword analysis. Suggested bid rate is that price which advertiser pay to publisher when any click or activity happen on their ads through that particular keyword. Every keyword bid price will be different and fluctuate can be happen anytime.

Google keyword planner tool preview

So, now you need to choose the maximum suggested bid keywords and then placement those keywords in your article, if you do not know how to place keywords in article then read How to Add Keywords in Blog Post for Optimization.

Write Worthy Content:

Content is king forever, worthy content always makes your website worthy. Write straight forward and quality content and content should be purged from grammatical impairments. Users always likes effective writing and user-friendly content, which should be in understandable form.

Do not give up Mobility:

Your website should consist on mini devices friendly layout. Google also provides responsive ad units (234×50, 250×250), which CPC is higher than desktop CPC. I would recommend you to stick responsive ad unit, which can automatically set up their size according to this user device.

Google AdSense responsive ad units

Mobile ad units makes possible to maximize your monthly revenue because their clicks ratio and CPC are higher as compared to large devices.

Daily/Weekly Newsletter:

Newsletter is a magnificent source of returning visitors. Returning visitors can increase your website traffic and with traffic you may generate lots of AdSense revenue. Must stick or setup finest subscription form on your website prominent place, where user can easily see and can become your community member and can get future updates directly in his inbox. You can use MailChimp and Aweber for email marketing purpose.

Search Engine Optimization:

Search engine optimization is a best way to grab or redirect search engine organic traffic to your website directly. Actually, with Seo help you can grab sufficient part of traffic, which users will be definitely related to your website category. If you are beginner and do not have knowledge about Seo then can start our Seo training program toady.

Social Media Sharing:

Social media sharing will spread your article and news among thousands of folks with-in minutes. Social media perfection are rapid and finest. Let’s see the below Facebook published post “People reached” that how many people’s/folks/Facebook users still saw that post.

Social Media Sharing

Now let’s assume, how much traffic you can grab from only Facebook and further social media sites. More traffic will help you to generate lots of revenue.

Stick Your Ads in Sidebars:

You also can stick ads in to your website sidebars because stick ads clicks ratio is much than normal form. No one ad network do not stop to stick ads on sidebar.

Stick Your Ads in Sidebars

Stick ads will be stable, when you scroll down that means you can grab user attention on any ads easily. You also can stick affiliate banners and ad network ads without any hurdle. Read How to Create Sticky floating Sidebar in WordPress.

Let us know, if you think that my written article is useful for your journey. These above mentioned steps will definitely increase or improve your Google AdSense earnings. If you have any question and discussion then ask me on our community forum.

Google AdSense Vs

Do you know? Which one is most reliable and high paying ad network between Google AdSense Vs We will discuss that what are the difference exist in both platforms and will also talk about both pros and cons.

Google AdSense Vs

Probably you already will be acquainted with both of them ad networks. Google AdSense Vs, tough competition exist among them. Google introduce AdSense program 18 June 2003, when it was new for every one. Forever AdSense be the first priority and choice of all bloggers and webmasters.

Unlike AdSense, Yahoo and Bing introduced ad network platform. is a contextual text ad network instead of banner ads.

Google AdSense Vs

Let’s start distinguish among both of them.

Google AdSense Review:

Google AdSense is a publisher ad network, where Google offers to every webmaster to monetize their websites with their advertisements. Google provides multiple types of ads include banners ads, text ads, link ads, mobility ads and video ad units. There are different types of ads with different sizes.

I have some snapshots of my past experience with AdSense, let’s see,

Google AdSense Report

As you can see in the above Google AdSense 7 days report, paying results are pretty good. 27 Sep 1,125 impression /11 Clicks and earning $1.33 which is great because we are receiving 35% traffic from India that is why $1.33 is enough according to Indian CPC, Watch List of AdSense Highest Paying CPC Countries.

Google AdSense Pros & Cons:

The huge benefit of Google AdSense is his revenue which is always higher than all other ad networks. Unlike that is not an easy task to get an approved Google AdSense account, especially Asian countries include India, Pakistan, China and Bangladesh. Read 13 things to Do before applying Google AdSense Account. Review:

As we discussed above that powered by Yahoo and Bing. considered as the another spectacular ad network after AdSense and their paying results comparatively low. is a contextual text ad network not banners.

Review the below snapshot and analyze the earning and impression. earning report

In the above 8 days earning report, I do not found worthy than AdSense.  Because both receiving same countries traffic and also same impressions per day but results are opposite to each other.

I can understand that demands large numbers of impressions but price set for one thousand impression like 1000 impression = $1 at least but they are not paying much good anymore like AdSense. Yet I have 4 month passed away, when I was got approval from Pros & Cons:

Sometimes pay good but after sometime not instantly like AdSense, personally I rate 3 out of 5 according to my perception and experience. In cons, getting an approval from is harder than AdSense because until you have not received good amount of page impression till that time they will not approve your account. Read How to Get Approval Fast (Yahoo Ads).

Let us know, if you find this empirical article useful for your future journey. If you like it then share it with your friends unlike if you have any question related to this topic then you leave your comment below and also can join me on our community forum.

One Week Discourse Review

Discourse is an open source community software developed by Jeff Atwood. One week ago we started KnowledgeIDea forum by Siraj Mahmood. We developed this community forum to engage our readers on one platform to find out the best solutions. Almost our readers send us feedback emails/Q&A/suggestions etc so our experts or team members think that is the good time to launch our own forum community where every new beginner can interact with another one users and community members.

Even my experts team include me working on KnowledgeIDea forum to make it more splendid for initial starters. We already wrote an article on KnowledgeIDea announcement of our community forum. Let’s talk about discourse review which we experienced in the earlier one week.

One Week Discourse Review
One Week Discourse Review

Discourse Review:

We was running KnowledgeIDea since 15 June 2014 and from that time we were not assume about any community forum. Before launch our community forum, we analyze and test each forum software and their infrastructure like PHPBB, Vanilla, bbPress, SMF (Simple Machines Forum), MyBB, vBulletin and discourse.

We were need an appropriate and fast trendy forum platform for our journey. We found Discourse the best one, fast, new style forum software. Two huge reasons in discourse, which grab our attention first is discourse is free open source software secondly it has all possible characteristics which are incredible such as user trust level system, super page loading speed and so many optimized integrated features in it.

More than one week ago, we finalize our decision and go ahead with discourse. 20 Sep 2015 first time I personally installed discourse on linux, it’s taken probably 45 minutes for me because it was slightly complicated and first time for me to install something on linux based server. We followed the discourse installation guide step by step.

But after installation, everything was pretty good. One important thing, I was forgotten to mention because it is crucial to know for you. Discourse can not install on any shared hosting, you should need to buy VPN server to run it. Personally we are using most powerful and affordable Digital Ocean crafted cloud servers.

I would recommend you to join from our reference and get $10 credit in your account, thus your first month will be totally free. Because you should need at least to buy digital ocean $10/month package to run discourse comfortably.

Discourse Major Features:

Discourse has lots of features. Let’s talk about each of them respectively,

  1. Ease of use
  2. Fast Speedy interface
  3. Light Weight Coding
  4. No redundant widgets
  5. User trust level system (Badges)
  6. User profiles
  7. Login via Facebook, G+, Github, Yahoo
  8. Email broadcasting or notifications
  9. Global chat system
  10. Backups
  11. Deeply settings and configurations
  12. SEO friendly
  13. AdSense, DFP, Amazon friendly
  14. Topics/threads like system
  15. Topics/threads flag system
  16. Dozens of light plugins and much more.

There are other’s numerous characteristics of discourse but above are prominent and essential.

Ease of use:

Discourse is designed under consider user convenience. Simple, create topic/threads and start discussion among forum users. Interaction on discourse is too much easy due to his ability and simplicity.

Fast Speedy Interface:

Speed 100% matter and you are responsible for that. Discourse page loading time as much as faster than other forum software’s, that is my one week experience. At this time, my forum page loading speed approx 2.45 sec and that is great news for our all members because here is no waiting mode.

Search engine also prefer fast web pages content delivery sites not slothful.

Light Weight Coding:

Discourse is developed with light weight coding scripts and languages. Light weight coding is better than tricky and hefty coding scripts because hefty coding can make your website more slow.

No Redundant Widgets:

Discourse has no additional widget even by default have no sidebar. That is why, discourse speed reliable because additional sidebar and widget scripts takes long time in browser to load. If you are interested to add sidebar then install discourse dynamic sidebar plugin.

User Trust level System:

Discourse have different and many badges for every different level users. Every badge comes with excited permissions in community. A regular member trust level badge user can edit, modify next member thread/reply easily. Thus every trust level badge have comes with interesting and stunning characteristics.

User Profiles:

Every user can manage their profile username, emails, short description about himself and can manage or mute notification with a single click. Badges/reply/created topics/private messages can be managed from user profile page.

Login Via Social Network:

Discourse allow user to sign up via Facebook, Google plus, GitHub, Twitter and Yahoo. Simply give authorization on your social profile to access first name/last name and your email during sign up. Keep remember that, your info for registration will keep private.

Email Broadcast:

Discourse have an appropriate interface, where you can send test emails to check it out that is your connection on the way or not. Registration, email conformation, reply notification, your created topic reply by another user notification and further forum newsletters notification via email. You also can manage these notification from your user profile interface.

Global chat system:

Discourse also consider as a global chat system among their community members. Any community user can also chat with another member with ease. See this plugin here.

Automated Backups:

Discourse will take automated backups daily of your discourse local files. So there is nothing to worry about that be chill.

Deeply Settings:

Every and each aspect of discourse is customizable even their headers, body containers, CSS stylesheet and also can add up additional stuff as per your requirements.

SEO Friendly:

Discourse is designed according to Seo modern trends and strategies. Sitemap doesn’t exist in discourse software, therefore read do we need sitemap anymore? Keep remember that, setup your discourse meta title and description under settings option.

Advertisement Friendly:

Every user likes to monetize its community forum because this one aspect increase his interest in forum interaction. Discourse have by default option to add up top header banner and footer banner. But if you want more ads like inside or under your forum replies and topics then install light weight discourse ad plugin.

Topics/threads Like System:

Now every discourse community user express his support and highlight his interest in following topic/replies by like their topic or replies, this “Like” button will be appeared under every topic and reply.

Topics/threads Flag System:

As we discussed earlier that discourse is designed by considering security issues and troubles or avoid spamming issues. Discourse have flagging system, by this feature community senior member can flag suspicious topics and replies then community moderators will manipulate, modify or finalize those flags. Flags system working as an anti-spamming support.

Dozens of Light Plugins:

Discourse have numbers of plugins from which you can extend his capabilities and characteristics. Prominent and vital discourse plugins are following as, discourse letter avatar, bbcode color, discourse API, discourse tagging, discourse docker, discourse answer solved, spoiler alert, Akismet hipchat and many more.


Our more than one week experience was so graceful and excellent. Discourse is one of the best one community forum software, which I had ever seen. Discourse features are incredible and priceless. Discourse is totally free open source, if you have any problem in installation and further problems in category related field then let me know via KnowledgeIDea forum.