Top 10 Discourse Plugins List

If you are using discourse at this moment so you should need to read this article entirely. Because it contains the major discourse plugins with their shot description. As we discussed earlier about our discourse one week review that discourse have plugin similar like WordPress to extend the capabilities and characteristics.

Top 10 Discourse Plugins List:

In recent few months, we experienced many things very well and still doing it. So i personally want to share our community forum experience with you about useful and major discourse plugins.

Top 10 Discourse Plugins List

As we know, discourse is now becoming an emerging software for community forums along their plugin usage makes it more extendable platform. Let see these plugin’s list with their short intro.

Plugins Usage
Docker Manager This plugin use for basic monitoring and upgrade facilities by using docker template, by default this plugin will be installed during discourse installation.
LazyYT This plugin use for load YouTube videos on discourse forum, by default this plugin will be installed during discourse installation.
Discourse Adplugin Official discourse advertising plugin comes with many stunning features advertisement label, advertisement positions and compatible with AdSense, Amazon affiliate and DFP.
Discourse Solved This plugin provides “Answer Solved Button” and admin/moderator even question creator can give him to the replied person for which you are sure that he/she gave correct answer.
Discourse bbcode Color Use for change text colors on forum topics via bbcode. For example [color=Red] and [/color]
Discourse Header Links This plugin will put links inside header like Menus ahead the header logo
Discourse Akismet This plugin will be use for detect and stop spam on discourse, for this purpose you need an API key which you can get from Akismet website.
Discourse Tagging This plugin provides tagging functionality in discourse, when user create topics during this they can attach tags with it.
Discourse Translator This plugin adds the translating ability in discourse by using Microsoft translator, for this you need a Microsoft translator API key.
Discourse Spoiler Alert This plugin will hide or drop blur on applied text.

Above all plugins are considered as major discourse plugins, to know about more new discourse plugin and their latest updates see discourse meta extensibility section.

Let us know, if you find this article and their mention sources useful for your discourse journey. If you do not know, how to install discourse plugin then read Install discourse plugins. For more discussion and your opinions, you may join us on community forum or leave your comment below.

Why My Computer Running Slow Windows

If you are in trouble due to slowness happening in your personal computer so it’s time to find out the solution. Some times beginner have not much knowledge about why their computer going to be slow whereas solution is in front of these folks.

Why My Computer Running Slow Windows

Computer Running Slow Windows:

Many times you felt that your computer not working with proper speed and getting slow again and again. Many causes are involved in this trouble but today in this article we will discuss only prominent troubles. Let’s raise these common problems and their solutions respectively.

Memory Overflow:

This problem happens, when your computer hard disk have no more sufficient space. Unless your computer needs free space for computer process such as browsing data, software load and further so on.

Purge Your Computer:

Almost computer user doesn’t care about their machine space which can be tragic sometimes. Let’s suppose if your computer have 30 GB internal space, if you try to install 29 GB game directly so this means you are putting load on your computer hark disk, a computer needs space to execute their programs so left 1 GB space is not enough to run program thus computer will be slow or can be stuck. So please release some memory to put space in it.

Scan Your Computer:

There are 60% chances that your computer affected with some kind of outsider calamitous virus. Here we are using the word “Outsider” which pointing to internet suspect websites which contains malicious virus/software’s which can ruin your computer reliability. You can prevent your computer from these malware and threats via install anti-virus in your computer. Personally window 7, 8 and further has itself keeps window defender, which is capable to scan your entire computer file and directories and can purge from threats. You may read here how to turn on and off window defender. Unlike, you can install avast anti-virus which is free for a year.

Do not put burden on PC:

Sometimes we play games or install which requirements too high and not suitable with your current system requirement. Thus, you are putting burden on your system, mostly at this condition your system can be warm or heat. This kind of actions can spoil your system condition or their internal components. So, you should need to check it out your game/software requirements first then go ahead for installation procedure.

You may try to avoid from above these situation and can adapt mention solutions. Because precaution is better than experiment 😉 For more discussion on your computer troubles, you may join us on community forum or leave your comment below.

Hide Unnecessary Items From WordPress Admin Area

Are you using WordPress, probably you will be annoyed sometimes from WordPress admin area unnecessary widgets or items. Friendly speaking as an administrator, I do not want to show these unnecessary items to another users like contributors, subscriber, author etc. Recently we talked about hide WordPress dashboard widgets temporarily on forum. Today in this article we will reveal that how to hide unnecessary items from WordPress admin area.

How to Hide Unnecessary Items From WordPress Admin Area

Hide Unnecessary Items From WordPress Admin:

As an administrator or professional blogger that is your responsibility to hide unnecessary places on your WordPress because this reduction of widgets will also improve your WordPress page speed.

For this purpose, we will utilize a WordPress plugin which called Adminimize. Currently more than 100k WordPress users using this plugin for their websites.

To hide useless or unnecessary things/items/widgets, you should follow the following method.

Step 1:

Now, before we start to describe anything for go ahead, you need to install and activate this plugin. After installed this plugin, go to Settings > Adminimize.

Hide Unnecessary Items From WordPress Admin Area step 1

Step 2:

Through this plugin you can edit and get control over all admin area widgets and items. Adminimize comes with ultimate options and you can set up each widget on/off for each user roles. So there is nothing like impossible. If you want to disable or hide WordPress dashboard widgets then choose Dashboard options under MiniMenu.

Hide Unnecessary Items From WordPress Admin Area step 2

Step 3:

Under Dashboard options, now you can easily turn on/off current dashboard widgets for each user role then simply press Update options.

Hide Unnecessary Items From WordPress Admin Area step 3

Now these user roles will not be able to edit or modify these widget from their own sides, even they can not see these widgets enable or disable option under Screen options.

Hide Unnecessary Items From WordPress Admin Area step 4

Now you can clearly see in the above image, that few widgets like (Activity, WordPress News, Quick Press) not showing under Screen options.

This plugin comes with various other features like import/export settings, set themes (each user roles admin area theme) and delete settings from database before uninstall this plugin.

You also can enable or disable WordPress notification, main menu bar and also can modify each option on this bar. I would suggest you to install this useful and catchy plugin to increase your WordPress website privacy.

Let us know, if you find this article and got your answer for which you are searching. If you have any query related to this article then you may discuss on our community forum or leave your comment below.

How to Create Facebook Page For Business

As we know that, Facebook is the most biggest social media platform where users can engage with each other. Whereas Facebook huge aspect is Facebook business pages/ fan pages. Almost world folks are connected with Facebook and using it from various perspective like a celebrity utilize Facebook to connect with his fans. But a beginner definitely can be in trouble because everyone is not familiar with Facebook features. When we talk about business page then this point is comes that so many people’s do not know even how to create Facebook page for business. Nowadays every business whether it is physical or digital have a Facebook business page to connect with his audience, no matter where they live.

How to Create Facebook Page For Business

How to Create Facebook Page For Business:

Facebook business page is now become the essential factor of any business success. In today article, we will show you how to create Facebook business page quickly with some interesting and creative tips. Let’s start,

Step 1:

Log in to your Facebook account, if you have no so create an account now.

Step 2:

After logged in your Facebook account, navigate left sidebar option “Create Page” this option will be appeared under Pages section.

How to Create Facebook Page For Business step 2

Step 3:

After click on create page, now you will select your page category to go ahead. Keep remember that, your business category should be relevant with your business.
How to Create Facebook Page For Business step 3

Step 4:

In this step, write concise description about your brand, products, itself etc. Secondly, setup your business page address/URL, it should or can be your business name like the below examples. or etc.

Enter/write/make most related URL because it will be Seo friendly.

How to Create Facebook Page For Business step 4

Step 5:

It’s time to upload Facebook business page profile photo then save and continue. If you are celeb then upload your shiny pic, in case of company upload company original logo. Page profile pic should be at least 180 pixels wide.

How to Create Facebook Page For Business step 5

You may skip 3 level, which is ” Add to Favorites” then fourth level  is crucial, which is “Preferred Page Audience” now enter your correct location, age, gender and interest then save. That’s all. Now you have successfully created Facebook business page.

One Facebook account user can hold unlimited Facebook fan pages, there is no threshold of creating business page. Facebook business pages are totally free of cost even their each feature is designed under consideration of user convenience.

Let us know, if you find this article useful and beneficial. Facebook business page can promote your business 60% more than normal business. For more discussion and queries join us on our community forum.

How to Track WordPress Website Downtime Period

Most creative question asked by my readers often times. How to track WordPress website downtime period or this procedure should be instant. Nowadays, mostly hosting services have these kind of troubles occasionally. That is why, we recommend only trustworthy and 99.99% Uptime hosting companies like HostGator. You also can read how to choose right hosting company article for your better understanding.

How to Track WordPress Website Downtime Period

Track WordPress Website Downtime Period:

Which way, I’m going to show is not an authentic but personally experienced by me from old times. This way is some kind of tactics or technical method from which you may track your website downtime period easily.

Note: Before going ahead, remember that this way is only supported to WordPress users not others.

We divide this tutorial in the following steps for user convenience.

Step 1:

Open your WordPress dashboard and go to Plugins > Add New. Search JetPack by WordPress plugin then install and active this one plugin in your WordPress. If you already have installed this plugin so could not be able to reinstall.

Step 2:

After installation process, go to plugin settings there are more than 25 module exist in Jetpack.

How to Track WordPress Website Downtime Period step 2

We already activated this module that is why in the above image it is showing configure link.

Step 3:

After activate this module, go inside configure and setup/edit/add your email on which you want to receive downtime period email notification instantly.

How to Track WordPress Website Downtime Period step 3

This monitor module will check your website status in every five minutes, if they found any downtime period then they will instantly email you as a notification on your provided email.

Hopefully, you understood all the aspects from every perspective. If you want the alternative solution of this downtime period then there is only one solution which is “Change your current hosting”, we would suggest you only HostGator, which is 99.99% Uptime.

Important Note:

Here are few things to be noted. Sometimes downtime period occur due to themes internal issues, unlicensed theme usage also be the cause of this issue. I would suggest you to buy WordPress theme instead of free or unlicensed themes. You also can contact your hosting customer care via phone/chat, they will assist you with better approach.

Let us know, if you like this article and found useful for your website journey. I f you have any issue regarding this article so you may directly discuss this issue on our community forum or leave your comment below.

10 Essential Plugins You Should Install on Fresh WordPress

A fresh installed or default WordPress contains few plugin like Hello Dolly and Akismet. In this article, we will talk about plugins you should install on fresh WordPress. Most innovative and creative article for newcomers.

10 Essential Plugins You Should Install on Fresh WordPress

Plugins You should install on fresh WordPress:

As you will be familiar that WordPress have thousands of useful plugins to extend WordPress characteristics. But keep remember that, a fresh installed WordPress comes with certain and few plugin. Our actual point is that, what the next plugins that a starter need to install in his fresh installed WordPress.

Review the below list of important plugins, which definitely should be the adorn of an ideal website.

1: Akismet:

Akismet by default will be installed in your WordPress but crucial part of WordPress for security purpose. Akismet is an anti-spamming plugin, which secure your website from spam comments and drop Spam comments in Akismet spam box. Install Akismet right now. You should need an Akismet API key to connect your WordPress website account with Akismet (Akismet powered by WordPress). Akismet is totally free for individual web holders.

2: WordPress SEO by Yoast:

Most wanted plugin for Search engine optimization (SEO). WordPress SEO by Yoast have lots of integrated features such as Meta-tags, robot tags, XML sitemap, breadcrumbs, keyword measurement tools for post & pages, social media business page integration, especially import/export the entire plugin settings with a single click and much more. Install WordPress Seo by Yoast plugin right now.

3: Contact Form 7:

This plugin is important in WordPress because it is use to creating contact page to stay in touch with your users. Contact form 7 plugin is use to create multiple types of contact pages, you also can include or exclude fields from your contact pages like Name, email, comment, website etc. Contact form can be embed anywhere with a distinctive shortcode. Install contact form 7 plugin right now.

4: Jetpack by WordPress:

Jetpack by WordPress plugin is comes with number of feature like multi-talented plugin. Jetpack powered by WordPress same like Akismet. Almost 1 million+ users utilizing this one captivating plugin, you will be the next luckiest one. We already described their features list in my earlier article, Read Jetpack WordPress Plugin Incredible Features List. Install Jetpack by WordPress right now.

5: W3 Total Cache:

W3 total cache is popular one plugin, which is used to improve website speed by using browsing cache and compressing server-side files. You also may read the complete earlier article on W3 total cache settings guide. Install W3 total cache plugin right now on your WordPress to boost your website speed.

6: Register Plus Redux:

Register plus redux is a complete user registration system, includes forms, automated registration and confirmation emails for new users, customized user interface, unique invitation code for particular user for sign up and much more integrated properties. Install Register plus redux plugin right now.

7: WordPress PopUp:

WordPress popup is a smart popups plugin, from which you can easily highlight your promotions and offers in-front of users. WordPress popup is fully responsive, highly customizable and pretty simple plugin for all WordPress users. Install WordPress popup plugin right now.

8: WP User Avatar:

WP user avatar is basic and essential plugin use for uploading avatar/profile images from user interface. Unfortunately, WordPress have no option where user can upload their own profile images so that is why we utilized this one finest plugin. Install Wp user avatar plugin right now.

9: Shortcodes Ultimate:

Ultimate short-codes are the mega pack of create short-codes like buttons, tables, labels, tabs, spoiler, column, box, member, section, pricing tables and further numbers of short-codes. Let’s try to install Shortcodes Ultimate plugin right now.

10: Google Analytics by Yoast:

Google Analytics by Yoast is no#1 WordPress Analytics tracking system. By using this plugin, you may track each user and their activities, can track clicks on specific labels like downloads, affiliate link and much more tracking in-depth. Simply connect your Google Analytic account with this plugin then this plugin will track each activity itself and you will be able to see reports from your GA. Install Google Analytics by Yoast plugin right now.

Let us know, if you are ready to go through with these above plugin and find this article useful for your journey. For more discussion on this topic, you may join us on our community forum or leave comment below.

Digital Ocean $10 Credit FREE For Sign Up

Digital ocean is one of the most reliable cloud VPN service provider company. Simple cloud infrastructure for developers and even beginner can easily join it because there are thousands of articles and tutorials, which for help for beginners. Now anyone can get Digital ocean $10 credit free when they sign up on digital ocean. What digital ocean offering discount for this cloud server, from which you can save your precious money.

Digital Ocean $10 Credit FREE For Sign Up

Digital Ocean $10 Credit Offer:

Now we are going to elaborate this $10 credit offer in Comprehension form. Digital ocean is 5 times cheap than other VPN hosting provider because at this time, if we compare HostGator basic VPN server package then it’s cost near about $19.95/month which is approx double from digital ocean prices.

99.99% Uptime server guarantee, “digital ocean says, if we fall to deliver then we will credit your all amount

Digital ocean VPN servers are complete user-friendly and there’s nothing like complex stuff. At this time digital ocean not offering yearly plan, you will be charged for per hour like if your droplet utilize our server for 5 hours then we will debit or charge 5 hours price according to your selected package.

Digital ocean offering $10 referral credit special offer, you will get $10 in your account if you will sign up/register with our referral link.

[su_button url=”” target=”blank” style=”stroked” size=”8″ center=”yes” radius=”5″ icon=”icon: bullhorn”]Get $10 Credit NOW[/su_button]

How you will Get $10 Credit after sign up:

Digital ocean introduced the referral $10 credit offer due to customer satisfaction. Thus, you first month will be free, if you create a droplet of $10/month, two month will be free if you create $5/month droplet. $10/month VPN server package is pretty good deal according to my experience with digital ocean.

After sign up with our referral link, you will be eligible for $10 credit offer. Just you need to verify your account identity via govt issued document like National identification card or passport. Another and last step is that, add you bank account  or associate PayPal account with your digital ocean account for future billing.

After complete the above procedure’s, you can see $10 credit your account settings > Billing.

Digital Ocean $10 Credit FREE For Sign Up account view

You can clearly see the $10 credit in the above image.

Note: You can not withdraw $10 credit, only can use in digital ocean. Identity verification and associate billing method (Credit/Debit Cards, PayPal) is required for redeem $10 credit offer. We also highlight this special offer on our community forum.

How to Turn On Safe Browsing in Google Chrome

Nowadays, every kind of data or information available on internet websites. Some data are prohibited for children’s due to unethical existing data on few websites. Parents and elder person’s are sometimes worried because this unethical data can spoil their children’s habits and life’s. Today out main agenda is that, how to turn on safe browsing in Google chrome, actually Chrome is almost using browser that is why we choosing this browser for that purpose.

How to Turn On Safe Browsing in Google Chrome:

That is why, some parents in Asian countries do not allow their children to utilize internet in early ages due to this prohibited websites and its contains data. But that is not the proper solution, you should need to block those unethical sites from your side, thus children can not able to see or open these sites even accidentally will not be able to preview those data. Let’s see how you can turn on safe browsing in Google chrome with ease.

Step 1:

First you need a Gmail account to enable safe browsing in Google chrome, if you have no then create an account.

Keep remember that, you should be logged in to your Gmail account during searching on Google for safe browsing.

  1. Log in to your Gmail account.
  2. Go to then navigate to search settings.

How to Turn On Safe Browsing in Google Chrome step 1

Step 2:

Now check/enable “Turn on SafeSearch” and also can enable “Lock SafeSearch“. Turn on SafeSearch option will block all violent and adult content in search engine or explicit adult images etc.

How to Turn On Safe Browsing in Google Chrome step 2

Unlike if you enable “Lock SafeSearch” then this option will strictly locked malicious and adult domains completely which contains unethical data whether it is in text, images or videos etc.

Personally I would recommend you to turn on safe search and also enable lock safe search because both can easily control all over the prohibited and adult data.

How to Turn On Safe Browsing in Google Chrome step 3

Simply click on Lock SafeSearch button and wait for a minute until Google lock 100% unethical websites successfully. That’s all. Now during search on Google your safe search will be locked.

How to Turn On Safe Browsing in Google Chrome safesearch locked

Hopefully, now you will be able to locked those suspicious and unethical websites immediately for your children safety.

Let us know, if you find this article useful for your home safety because that is essential step for your family. Share this method, if you like it. For more discussion on that topic, you may join us via comment or our community forum.