Learn 5 Important Things Before Starting Website

Do you know? What things you should consider before starting website. 80% of starters are not acquainted about their future plans. That is why, Probably beginners does face troubles in their journey. In today article, we will highlight things and aspect that are important before starting website.

Learn 5 Important Things Before Starting Website:

Website is not a tiny business because it is considered as the world largest online business. If you are deciding to starting a website to deliver your knowledge or services, so you are now becoming the member of spectacular and profitable business. It is not about me and you, it is all about folks to which you are going to serve.

Planning and Implementation:

Every business start with planning and then we implement our perceptions into visual forms. Planning is the basic level or step of success because it works in future definitely.

Important Things Before Starting Website Planning
Planning and Implementation

First you should plan about, what you will deliver knowledge or service. Secondly plan about website categories and their content. Thirdly plan about, how many fixed time in a day you can spend on your website to promote your business. Thus, Plan every small and large task in better sequence.

Domain & Hosting (Most Important Point):

Domain and hosting are playing primary role in website, without domain and hosting you may not go ahead. At this level, you should be professional and think from your 6 sense. Because domain should be relevant from your business category like if you want to run a tech based website then domain should be like techgadgets[Dot]com. Irrelevant and inappropriate domain name can spoil your website niche and search engine rank.

Another major thing is hosting, what you think about a good hosting? I will recommend you to read Buy Affordable and Reliable Web Hosting Service.

Important Things Before Starting Website domain and hosting
Domain and Web Hosting

Note: .com domain name and hosting is necessary to start online website business. So firstly you should invest at least $50 from your pocket to buy domain and hosting. We will recommend you to buy domain and hosting from HostGator (World largest and trustworthy web hosting service provider). Without domain and hosting, you can’t able to start your online business, third part domain names like example[Dot]WordPress[Dot]com and example[Dot]Blogger[Dot]com are not capable to earn money at commercial level.

Which Website Platform You Are Going With:

Platform matters 100% because after domain selection and purchase hosting you should think about website platform on which your website will be run.

Important Things Before Starting Website platforms
Which Website Platform Your Are Going With

Here are two concepts, one is custom design of your website layout properly from any designer or himself. Due to unaware of coding languages and low-level budget, every beginner level person can not go with custom web design. Secondly go with open source platform, where every thing is already decorate in appropriate form. Popular open source platforms for web building are WordPress, Joomla and Blogger. I will recommend you WordPress because it comes with additional and maximum features without any cost.

Read and Watch WordPress Guide For Beginners

What kind of Content You Are Delivering:

After chosen website platform, you should think about website content. Here is a prominent question mark, what kind of typical content you are delivering on your web page. As we talk above, content and domain relevancy should be exist.

Important Things Before Starting Website content
What Kind of content you are delivering

Two types of website exist on internet market, one of which are delivering their knowledge in shape of article and tutorials. Secondly offering something like web hosting, web development services in particular region etc. Both are good and have a bright future in this emerging online market.

Can You Give Proper Time With Consistency:

Biggest drawback when some quit the business only for the lack of time. This kind of situation occur when someone is doing dual jobs at the same time. Most of my students and friends told me that they are going to start their online business, so my suggestion is always same like before. Which is that “Do not play with double-handed because it can be risky and risk should not exist in online business”.

At least give 8 hours out of 24 hours to your online business. Because time is money and now it’s up to you how you earn this money.

Important Things Before Starting Website time
Time is money

Let us know, if you find this article same like for which you are searching. If you are searching reliable web hosting to start your online business then I would suggest you Buy HostGator Web Hosting. Must read HostGator review for your satisfaction. For more discussion and your opinions, leave your comment below.

50+ Top Business Directories Ultimate List

Did you still claim your business in online directories because it is necessary to view your business in searching results. Online business directories is just like a phone book, where numerous of service providers name, references are listed. Yellow-pages, business maps are considered as the finest and superior quality business directories. Website submission in popular directories is also known as the one of the prominent off-page Seo factors. Today we are going to reveal top business directories list, which will enhance your business clients after listing your website in directories.

50+ Top Business Directories Ultimate List
Top Business Directories Ultimate List

50+ Top Business Directories:

Business directory is one of the most important place, where your website should be listed. Folks folks comes on directories to find their wanted places like hotels, specified service providers, restaurant, computer technician etc. Business directories listed website shows in search engine results.

Let’s suppose if some go to Google and enter top restaurant keyword in San Francisco then Google will return some appropriate or nearly results of restaurant in San Francisco according to requested query. In this searching results, business directories listed profiles will be shown in search snippet or specified map can be shown in search engine to point the exact location path.

Let check it out the below following top business directories to claim your business today.

Business Directories URL Page Rank (PR) Domain Authority 
www.Google.com/business 9 100
www.linkedin.com 9 100
www.business.foursquare.com 9 92
www.merchantcircle.com 8 88
www.Smallbusiness.yahoo.com 7 100
www.dmoz.org 7 96
www.biz.yelp.com 7 94
www.yp.com 7 79
www.yellowbook.com 7 92
www.listings.mapquest.com 7 95
www.dexknows.com 7 81
www.whitepagescustomers.com 6 49
www.supermedia.com 6 53
www.boston.citysearch.com 6 90
www.manta.com/claim 6 86
www.dexmedia.com 6 54
www.mojopages.com 6 74
www.databyacxiom.com 6 56
www.yellowbot.com 6 73
www.Bingplaces.com 5 39
www.angieslistbusinesscenter.com 5 40
www.hotfrog.com 5 68
www.discoverourtown.com 5 61
www.magicyellow.com 5 61
www.judysbook.com 5 61
www.spoke.com 5 68
www.tupalo.com 5 67
www.expressupdate.com 5 59
www.localcorporation.com 4 51
www.ezlocal.com 4 58
www.getfave.com 4 51
www.yellowee.com 4 43
www.brownbook.net 4 66
www.myhuckleberry.com 4 52
www.ebusinesspages.com 4 56
www.smartguy.com 4 50
www.trustlink.org 4 59
www.tuugo.us 4 47
www.pushlocal.com 3 34
www.infignos.com 3 42
www.localsitesubmit.com 3 43
www.gbguides.com 3 30
www.storeboard.com 2 49
www.socialraves.com 2 32
www.ecarnegietech.com 2 38
www.fyple.com 2 39
www.wampit.com 2 30
www.enrollbusiness.com 0 44
www.corpfire.com 0 35
www.mapsharetool.com 0 21
www.nextbizdoor.com 0 12

Above mentioned top business directories is perfect collection and solution for Seo purpose. These business directories list will be proven helpful for doing Seo of any business.

Keep remember that, we also mentioned above list with Google PageRank and website domain authority so rank fluctuation can be happened with the passage of time.

Let us know, if you think that we deliver proper content as we promised. If you have another one popular and legitimate authority business directory site then let me know because I would love to add this one site in my collection. For more discussion and your opinions, leave your comment below.

5 Successful Social Media Use Cases

The practices of business marketing have been revolutionized since the rise of social media networking. Marketing experts immediately recognized the potential of these platforms, so they started establishing the online reputation of their brands. Not all of them do that successfully. With so many great examples, it’s a wonder how some companies manage to mess things up on social media. Let’s examine 5 Successful social media use cases, which show how smart marketing can boost the customers’ appreciation of the brand.

5 Successful Social Media Use Cases
Successful Social Media Use Cases

Successful Social Media Use Cases:

Let’s find out the finest one use cases, which will definitely boost your brand recognition and their appearance.

1. Oreo Daily Twist:

Creative marketing is nothing new for Oreo. The brand has been established as a cult in the food industry. During the blackout on 2013 Super Bowl, the brand team didn’t wait long before coming up with an awesome tweet that got 10,000 retweets in one hour. This free marketing was smarter than investing a huge budget for the actual Oreo Super Bowl ad.

That’s not even the greatest social media success of this brand. The 2012 Daily Twist campaign was accepted with praise both by the consumers and marketing experts. The company launched 100 Facebook posts in 100 days to celebrate the cookie’s 100th birthday. All these posts were fun and visually appealing.

This campaign brought over 230 million media impressions for the brand. The Facebook engagement was boosted by 195%, and the fan base was increased by over a million. When you add the fact that each post was shared thousands of times, there is only one conclusion to make: that’s a great example of smart social media marketing!

2. Starbucks Tweet a Coffee:

This was one of the most successful Twitter marketing campaigns of 2013. It was really simple, so it’s a wonder how no one thought of it before. The company enabled people to buy coffee for their friends via Twitter. In order to do that, Twitter users had to sync their Starbucks account with the social media profile, and link a credit card to the account. Then, all they had to do was purchase a $5 gift card for a friend. The first 100,000 buyers got a free gift card for themselves, so they could enjoy the coffee together with their friend.

The campaign, which was launched in October, attracted more than 27,000 fans to buy gift cards and generate $180,000 for the company. Maybe Starbucks had greater ambitions, but the promotion was undeniably successful, since it required a low investment on the company’s part.

3. AirAsia Friendsy:

You would think that low-cost airlines don’t need much marketing. They offer cheap prices on flights, so that’s all what the audience needs, right? Of course not! AirAsia’s 2012 social media campaign proves that every single brand should invest time and resources in creative social media promotion. When the Malaysian company introduced its flights to Australia, it entered a highly competitive market with audience that was not aware of the brand.

Do you know what they gave away with this campaign? A private plane! The Facebook App showed a virtual plane, which the fans could fill with 300 friends. The company flew the winner’s team from Sydney to Kuala Lumpur and enabled the group to spend 3 nights in a luxurious hotel. After the free vacation, the plane flew them home.

The campaign was a great success: there were 12,500 entries, reaching over 2.2 million people on Facebook. The number of daily flights from Sydney was doubled, and the Facebook fan base grew by 30%. AirAsia also got press coverage valued over 1.6 million dollars.

4. Burger King’s Whopper Sacrifice:

How many Facebook friends would you sacrifice for a free Whopper? Burger King was onto something with this controversial social media campaign. When the company suggested people to delete 10 Facebook friends for a coupon for free burger, their application was installed almost 60,000 times in a matter of days, and over 200,000 friends were sacrificed. Facebook users went really far for a coupon; they even created groups that enabled people to add friends and then delete them for the sake of this campaign.

The Burger King’s encouraged an action that many Facebook users were already considering. Now they have an excuse for deleting friends they didn’t want in their list. Unfortunately, Facebook wasn’t happy about the sacrifices, Burger King had to bring the campaign down. Regardless of the way this ended, it was still a very successful marketing trick that proved how much Americans loved this burger.

5. Evernote’s Facebook Milestones:

Evernote, as awesome as it is, would be nothing without its impressive Facebook presence. The fans don’t find new posts every single day, but the ones they see are really useful. According to Evernote’s VP of marketing, Andrew Sinkov, the product was launched with small ambitions and the team didn’t know exactly how it would develop.

The Facebook campaign is not based on advertising or data mining. The promotion of the product is achieved by helping the users find the solutions they need. When a new feature is introduced, the social media campaign managers don’t just announce it via Facebook posts; they add a new milestone in the list. Each entry is linked to a post that provides more information about the particular feature.

The goal of this approach is to increase people’s awareness of the value this product has brought to their lives. This is a great way of using Facebook’s potential.

WordPress User Role and Permissions Beginner Guide

Do you know about WordPress user role and permissions or user capabilities. It’s  important to know that, how many user role exist in fresh installed WordPress and how many permissions every role can to do. WordPress website owner/administrator is capable to assign particular roles to his employees or website co workers. As a professional and responsible person, You should be aware about WordPress roles and their permissions.

WordPress User Role and Permissions Beginner Guide
WordPress User Role and Permissions – Beginner Guide

WordPress User Role and Permissions:

WordPress roles and their capabilities are captivating option. Administrator keeps all rights to edit/delete/modify each option as he like to do. Let’s check it out WordPress user and permission overview.

Permissions Role (Administrator)
Edit Post and Pages Yes
Remove Post and Pages Yes
Upload Plugins Yes
Active Plugins Yes
Add and edit themes Yes
Switch Themes Yes
Update Core Yes
Edit server side files Yes
Edit and add users Yes
Import and export Yes
Edit Menus and  Widgets Yes
Edit or Modify Dashboard Yes
Edit and Modify Comments Yes
Permissions Role (Editor)
Moderate Comment Yes
Edit Post and Pages Yes
Edit Published Post Yes
Edit Published Pages Yes
Edit or delete other post Yes
Edit or delete other pages Yes
Manage Categories Yes
Manage Links Yes
Permissions Role (Author)
Edit own Post Yes
Delete own Post Yes
Edit Published Post Yes
Upload Files Yes
Delete Published Post Yes
Manage Own Profile Yes
Permissions Role (Contributor)
Write Post Yes
Submit Post Yes
Manage Own Profile Yes
Upload Files Yes
Permissions Role (Subscriber)
Read Post and Pages Yes

Above mentioned roles and permission are practically authentic. If you want to offer or allow guest posting on your website then remember that setup contributor as a default role for every new registered person. Do not assign author role to any unknown person because with this option he/she can publish post directly without your permission. Security should be your first priority as a professional person. You also can utilize capability manager enhanced plugin to extend user roles permissions and can create new roles as per your choice.

Let us know, what you got it after read this article and also tell us if you found this article comprehensible. For more discussion and your respective opinions, leave your comment below.

7 Reasons Why WordPress Is Good For SEO

Do you know? Why WordPress is good for Seo and why bloggers gives his first priority. Most of the blogger’s and online business starters want to start their business with WordPress and minority of people’s don’t want to go with WordPress. Most of folks probably don’t know about WordPress Seo friendly integrated features. Which can boost their website revenue and traffic with in short time period.

7 Reasons Why WordPress Is Good For SEO
Why WordPress Is Good For SEO

Why WordPress Is Good For SEO?

Every website beginner wants ready to work platform, where they can kick-start their business. WordPress keeps all the capability of search engine optimization and most of the already integrated in it. Let’s check it out and review these aspect, which makes the WordPress more prominent platform from Seo perspective.

WordPress Permalinks:

Spectacular default integrated Seo feature in WordPress. WordPress provides absolute interface, where you can set up your web pages URL structure and make it Seo friendly. Particular or target keyword existence is necessary to make Seo optimized web page in search engine.

ALT Tag in Images:

Image is now become the part of Seo with Alt tag. You can easily insert alt tag in Images during writing or managing an article. During uploading images, WordPress ask about image title, alt tag, caption and short description. Alt tag is used to tell them search engine crawler that this image is belongs to this specific category.

WordPress Headings Tag:

During writing an articles or pages, you need to make your headings in prominent form. This heading (h1 and h2) with keywords will be considered as content optimization part in Seo.

Proofread Writing Tool:

This one tool is integrated in WordPress editor, through this tool you can correct your grammatically mistakes with-in few clicks. Thus, you can reduce content impairments and can optimize it than before. Correct and optimized content is the sign of better Seo.

Handy Seo Plugins:

Most treasured part of WordPress is plugins, where you can easily install and integrate best one Seo plugin with your WordPress. WordPress SEO By Yoast and All in One Seo both known as excellent performance Seo plugin in WordPress. Millions of active installed plugin users, which are getting benefit with this plugin and satisfied with their service.

Video Embed Code:

WordPress is compatible with all video portals (YouTube, DailyMotion etc) and their video’s embed coding script. Now in WordPress, you can easily embed any video code at any place inside your content body. Now you can entertain your users via multimedia stuff.

Cache Support:

Money saving bank, where you can save your lot of hosting bandwidth and money. Through WordPress cache plugins, you will be capable to improve your website speed (80%) and can save maximum bandwidth through cache browsing. W3 Total Cache is one of the outstanding and free cache plugin. Better website loading speed is the achievement and factor of Seo.

Above highlighted points are leading reasons that, why WordPress is good for Seo. Moreover, WordPress keeps many other reasons, which will compel you and attract you to choose WordPress.

Let us know, if you are satisfied with out discussion and found this article useful. If you have another additional reasons, which can make this article better then let me know. For more discussion and your opinions, leave your comment below.

Past Continuous Tense – English Grammar Guide

I have already  discussed  about the important of English grammar and tenses. We know that, English has become an international language. In this era, everyone want to speak in English. But problem is that majority people face number of problems because they can’t speak and learn English. For speak English, we should have gone to basic English grammar and tenses. As we know that, the example of tenses is like a tree which has three large branches and every branch a four small branches. We have discussed, in our previous articles about the first large branch which is “Present” and their small branches names are:

  1. Present Indefinite Tense.
  2. Present Continuous Tense.
  3. Present Perfect Tense.
  4. Present Perfect Continuous Tense.

Past Continuous Tense:

Like a “present” second large branch is “Past” and their small branches names are:

  1. Past Indefinite Tense.
  2. Past Continuous Tense.
  3. Past Perfect Tense.
  4. Past Perfect Continuous Tense.

In this article, we will discussion about the  identification and structure of past continuous tense


Past continuous tense show to the work which started in past and still is continue in the sense of speaking. On the other hand, we can say that,  past continuous tense show an incomplete action.

In past continuous tense we use helping verb“Was/Were” with “First form of verb” and “Ing”.

Use Of Was/Were:

We use “Was” with (He, She, It, Singular name).

We use “Were” with (I, We, You, They).

Structure Of Simple past continuous tense:

Subject + Helping verb (was/were) + First form of verb + Ing + Object.

For example:

  1. I was going to school.
  2. Children were taking part in sports and games.
  3. We were eating food.
  4. Aliza was writing an essay on  Science and Information Technology.
  5. They were talking about the Fashion.

Past Continuous Tense In Negative Sentences:

In negative sentence we use “Wasn’t” after the “subject”  and before the a “First form of verb”

Structure Of Past Continuous In Negative Sentences:

Subject + Helping verb (wasn’t/weren’t) + First form of verb + Ing + Object.

For example:

  1. They weren’t Playing football,
  2. Aliza wasn’t writing an essay on Women role in society.
  3. They weren’t taking about the Social media.
  4. She wasn’t singing a song.
  5. We weren’t going to school.

Past Continuous Tense In Interrogative Sentences:

In interrogative sentences we use “Was/Were”  before the subject.

Structure Of Past Continuous In Interrogative Sentences:

Helping verb (was/were) + Subject + First form of verb + Ing + Object.

For example:

  1. Was he going to school?
  2. Were children cleaning the house?
  3. Were they playing football?
  4. Was she singing a song?
  5. Was Aliza writing an essay on blessing of science for human beings?

Remember Always !!

Simple past continuous tense:

(He, She, It, Singular name) Was

(I, We, You, They) Were

In Negative:

(He, She, It, Singular name) Wasn’t

(I, We, You, They) Weren’t

In Interrogative:

Was (He, She, It, Singular name)

Were (I, We, You, They)

Test Of  Intelligence:

True & false:

  1. She was doing homework.
  2. Aliza eating food.
  3. They weren’t go to school.
  4. Was Aliza singing a song?
  5. They were play cricket.


  1. True
  2. False
  3. False
  4. True
  5. False

Top 10 Real Estate WordPress Themes With Responsive Design

WordPress has an incredible collection of WordPress themes in every field of online profession. Same like in real estate, WordPress keeps comprehensive and high quality real estate WordPress themes. Real estate is a separate and better running business, where folks comes to search their dream land in his particular budget. WordPress real estate themes is designed under consider to the user convenience and handy tools.

Top 10 Real Estate WordPress Themes:

WordPress always care about his billions of community member and fans. Real estate is one of the prominent and vital business in online market, which is emerging and spreading in this rapid world. Now we are going to show our magnificent and best real estate WordPress theme with responsive designs.

Real Homes:

Real Homes Real Estate WordPress Themes
Real Homes – WordPress Real Estate theme

Real home is known as #1 themeforest real estate selling theme. Real homes come with ultimate features and responsive design. Theme design layout is responsive and compatible with every device like iPhone, iPad and desktop. $25 worth visual composer free with this package, through this page builder you can design amazing pages with-in minutes and according to your requirement. Homepage finest HD quality revolution slider with numerous effects and style.

Advance search system and user can filter exact property, for which they came. Simple gird and list style property view. Complete user login and registration interface include submit property front end access. PayPal payment method built-in integration with this theme package. Real homes further have incredible premium features include custom widgets, galleries, demo content etc.

WP Residence:

WP Residence Real Estate WordPress Themes
WP Residence – Real Estate WordPress Theme

WP Residence is a real estate theme with marvelous characteristics. Complete responsive design layout and can be open in any mini devices. $25 worth drag and drop visual composer support include in this package. Drag and drop builder makes easy to build each pages with in few clicks. Built-in two payment gateways PayPal and Stripe. Advance searching fields to find best approximation results. User login through social platform such as Facebook, Twitter and Google plus.

Reales WP:

Reales WP Real Estate WordPress Themes
Reales WP – Real Estate WordPress Theme

Reales WP is known as modern and intuitive real estate WordPress theme. Reales theme is a complete responsive design layout, which is compatible with each device. Reales real estate themes includes, Google maps integration, front-end property submission, advance property searching filter to browse required queries. Complete typography access for website colors and font branding. Multi-language support and powerful user login and registration forms interface.

Quick Sale:

Quick Sale - Real Estate WordPress Theme
Quick Sale – Real Estate WordPress Theme

Quick Sale is known as best real state consultancy WordPress theme. Quick sale have mobile friendly with high retina ready layout design. Quick sale contains includes $25 worth visual composer to build efficient pages instantly. Online booking and consultancies forms for user convenience. One click demo installer along 27+ galleries styles with advance login user interface.


Realty Real Estate WordPress Themes
Realty – Real Estate WordPress Theme

Realty is known as unique and pro features real estate WordPress theme. Complete responsive layout design compatibility with almost mini devices. Front-end Google map integration to point property location. Front-end property submission access makes this theme more user-friendly. Users can add their favorite properties in their wish list and also can compare those properties with another one’s. Custom slider and slide show facility with amazing effects and movements. Excellent agent and user profiles to make easier to contact for seller and buyer both.  Property featured listing payments through integrated PayPal gateway and much more features.

AgentPress Pro:

AgentPress Pro Real Estate WordPress Themes
AgentPress Pro – Real Estate WordPress Theme

AgentPress Pro is a premium real estate theme come with fastest loading speed (Approximately 1.3 sec). StudioPress developers design or develop this finest theme for real estate online business. AgentPress pro comes with Genesis framework, which keeps incredible internal capabilities. AgentPress Pro real estate theme package includes, custom headers, 4 colors styles for branding, custom background colors or image, custom top and main navigation menus, totally responsive design for every mini device (iPhone, iPod, iPad and Desktop). AgentPress Pro is light weight coding theme with all possible integrated features.

Winning Agent:

Winning Agent Real Estate WordPress Themes
Winning Agent – Real Estate WordPress Theme

Winning Agent is a third-party theme on StudioPress. But winning agent theme associate and come with Genesis framework. Both framework and child theme works collaboratively. Winning Agent theme package contains these features, Mobile friendly layout design, custom header design along top and main navigation system. 4 colors theme style to promote brand in positive manner. Custom header, sidebar and footer widgets to extend theme visibility.

Real Spaces:

Real Spaces Real Estate WordPress Themes
Real Spaces – Real Estate WordPress Theme

Real Spaces is a powerful and handy real estate WordPress theme. Leading features of real spaces is responsive layout design, PayPal integration for paid features listing from sellers side. Attractive revolution slider on homepage and property pages to extend page charms. One click demo content install features make this theme more convenient for users. Advance searching and filtration box to find particular or required properties with in few minutes. $25 worth Isotope gallery plugin to show or represent finest collection of properties. Dual website theme layout supported design boxed and wide layout. Multiple user accounts from single credentials and can submit properties, edit profile info features available in this real estate template.


CitiLights Real Estate WordPress Themes
CitiLights – Real Estate WordPress Themes

CitiLights is a premium and crafted property listing portal. 100% responsive layout design with high quality retina ready website design. Highly rated real estate theme (4.72 out of 5). Google map to point particular property location. Advance and detailed filters to browse your required queries within small time period. Front-end property submission by agent and complete agent subscription or pricing tables view. Latest and trendy agent dashboard view, which grab agent attraction and make him more potential. dsIDXPress plugin integration to beautifully express your listing in front of buyers. Various payment option, this theme do not rely on single payment gateway and much more fantabulous features.


Realocation Real Estate WordPress Themes
Realocation – Real Estate WordPress Theme

Realocation is a modern and magnificent real estate WordPress theme. Fully responsive layout design, which can be open in multiple devices with ease. Advance filtration system to get approximation results. Front-end property submission by using agents profiles. Complete pricing tables options to build or develop new plans and packages according to your choice. Powerful agents login and paid registration system, where each agent can easily promote their featured listings. Bank wire transfer and PayPal supported, which makes easier for agents to convey their payments on schedules and much more.


What is Sitemap in Seo – Beginners Guide

Do you know? What is sitemap in Seo and why sitemap existence is crucial for website life. It is the most prominent question in Seo field, which answer is that, without sitemap a website can not go ahead because it works like website road-map.

What is Sitemap in Seo:

Sitemap is a road-map of any website contains each web page address (URL), last modified date and frequency. Sitemap is essential task in Seo and considered as the one of the on-page Seo factor.

What is Sitemap in Seo - Beginners Guide
What is Sitemap in Seo – Beginners Guide

Search engine crawler needs sitemap, because sitemap makes easy for crawler to find out the each web page through their web pages address (URL). Thus, search engine crawler index every website pages by follow the website sitemap. Similarly, this whole procedure proves useful in Seo and makes the website structure more search engine friendly.

What are the Primary Key of Sitemap:

XML sitemap file exist in your hosting root directory, where your website primary files exist. If you are WordPress user then recommend you to use Google XML Sitemap because it is easy to use and contains deep customization features.

As we mentioned above XML sitemap consist on several things like URL, frequency and last modified date. To understand the existence of sitemap in seo, you should know the sitemap key factors and their usage.

Address (URL) in Sitemap: URL help to search engine bot to follow this URL and index this particular page content.

Frequency: Frequency indicate that, when crawler will come to crawl web pages data. Homepage frequency should be set on daily and article/post/pages frequency should be weekly as per your choice. You also can setup post and pages frequency to daily, only when, you are updating your website these pages daily.

Priority: Priority indicate that, which pages are more valuable or less valuable on website. Priority makes easy for search engine to align their website pages in best possible form. Such as, homepage priority should be 100% unlike website pages priority should be 80% similarly post/article pages priority should be 60%.

Modified Date: Modified date defines that, when the last change occurred on this particular page.

Read How to submit website sitemap to Google Webmaster Tool

Also read our recent written article On-Page Seo factors and Off-Page Seo factors respectively. Seo is crucial because without marketing no business can not grow.

If you are already using WordPress Seo By Yoast then XML sitemap availability is already exist in this plugin.

Let us know, if you find this article useful, so don’t forget to share this beneficial article with your colleagues. For more discussion and your feedback, leave your comment below.

Register Plus Redux WordPress Plugin Features

As we know that WordPress have numerous plugin for multiple purposes. One of the finest one WordPress plugin is Register Plus Redux , which keeps stunning and astonishing features.

Register plus redux is a WordPress registration form plugin, through which contributors, authors, editors and subscriber can register himself on a particular website and can become member of this community for which they are applying.

Register Plus Redux WordPress Plugin Features
Register Plus Redux – WordPress Plugin

Register Plus Redux:

Register plus redux plugin role is vital and  prominent on website because it is working as a central part of user entrance on website. If you want to construct or built registration form then it is a finest choice for you because this plugin have complete monitoring and customizing interface from WordPress dashboard.

You can monitor each user activities and can modify from your end. Let’s find the Register plus redux features in-depth.

Register Plus Redux Features:

This plugin has numerous and spectacular features, which are listed below.

  • You will able to add your company logo above any registration form for company or website branding.
  • All incoming visitors on your website will be eligible to register himself on your website as a contributor, subscriber, author and editor.
  • Every users will verify their legitimate identity through email verification link, email will be automatically placed on user’s email which they provided during registration.
  • User can not be able to reset their password without knocking administrator door or permission. (Optional: By Default this option is disable and we do not recommend to enable this option)
  • Grace period, With in particular time period all unverified users account will be deleted automatically. (By default grace period is 7 days, you can increase or decrease this time period from your side)
  • Registration redirection, creative option for all users because through this tool you can easily redirect your user after registration. (i.e. any particular page, Welcome Page etc.)
  • Auto login user features allow you to automatically login your created account after complete your registration process.
  • You also can edit and modify registration form fields like first name/last name/email/website/contact/short description etc.
  • Password strength indicator or password measuring tool, which will detect that your password is strong, Good, normal, poor and mismatch.
  • Invitation code, this facility allow users to request or demand a particular code for registration. Administrator will provide you this particular code. Without this code no one can register himself. You can generate more than one invitation codes for multiple purposes from your end.
  • Allow terms and condition/website polices check box and make them required for registration.
  • You can easily customize email notification messages, which user will receive after registration and also web administrator.
  • This plugin also deal in custom register/login CSS , where you can insert/write your necessary CSS as per your need.

You can avail the above features by installing this one spectacular WordPress plugin. This is not about plugin promotion, it’s all about our experience with this plugin. If you are planning to open your web doors for all incoming visitors then try this one plugin because it is free with all features.

Let us know, if you find this article useful and found these features better for your future journey. If you have more interesting and empirical ideas then share with us. For more discussion and your respective opinion’s, leave your comment below.

Media.net Review – Pros and Cons

As we know that media.net is one of the spectacular contextual ad network by Yahoo and Bing. Getting an media.net approval is a remarkable achievement. Media.net is considered as the best one Google AdSense alternative due to their high quality advertiser and publisher satisfaction. Now we are to talking about media.net review and their pros and cons for readers convenience.

Media.net Review - Pros and Cons
Media.net Review – Pros and Cons

Media.net Review:

No doubt media.net is trustworthy and high paying ad network for publishers. The actual thing about any network is that, what they are paying Excellent/Good/Normal/Poor. In my opinion Media.net is Good and better than other contextual ad networks. See the below 23 June 2015 earning report of our media.net account.

Media.Net Review - Pros and Cons revenue proof

Earnings fluctuations can be happen due to website niche or traffic and various factors include in it. Media.net quick analytic reports and real-time statistics are the prominent great features in it.

ProsMedia.net real time tracking,  daily reports, 24 hours premium technical support by account manager. Ads customization, colors branding and major ads sizes.

Cons: Not an easy task to get account approval. Low earnings for beginners, media.net takes time to analyze your complete website. Do not accept Master Cards, credits cards currently. No responsive ad units.

Minimum Traffic Requirement: 1000+ Page Views/Daily

Supported Payment Methods: PayPal, Direct Bank Transfer.

Supported Ad Unit Size: 336×280, 300×250, 728×90, 600×250, 160×600, 728×20, 468×60, 200×200, 300×600, 160×90, 250×250 and 120×300.

Paying terms: CPM (Web Page Impressions)

Technical Support: Excellent (4.9 OUT OF 5 Stars)

Overall Rating: 4.5 Out of 5


Media.net is a stunning opportunity for all interested publishers. In beginning, you will feel like that media.net not paying enough money as per your thinking. Because it is due to that Media.net team specialist are analyzing your website niche, search queries and organic keywords strength on your web. After 2-3 weeks, your earnings will be come in normalized form for which your website is eligible. We will recommend you to read , How to Get Media.net Approval Fast (Yahoo Ads).

Let us know, if you are satisfied with this review and want to become media.net publisher then apply for media.net now. For more discussion and your respective opinion’s, leave your comment below.