Past Perfect Tense – English Grammar Guide

In our previous article, we have discussed about the first two branches of past which names are:

  1. Past indefinite tense
  2. Past continuous tense

Today, we will discussion about the past perfect tense which is the “Third” branch of past tense. Now, we will discourse about the identification and structure of past perfect tense.

NoteWe use “Third form of verb” in all perfect tense.

Past Perfect Tense:

Past perfect tense shows to any work which occurred in past and after taking tiny time it had been finished. Like present perfect tense, we use “Third form of verb”. We use “Had ” as a helping verb in past perfect tense. we will use ”Had” with all subject.

Structure Of Simple Past Perfect Tense:

Subject + Helping verb (Had) + Third form of verb + Object.

For Example:

  1. I had written essay on Causes of poverty and its solution.
  2. They had eaten food.
  3. They had played football.
  4. Aliza had already written the poem.
  5. You had cooked food till then.

Note: Keep remember, in any sentence have mention about two works or actions so, then firstly we will mention about the Second action and then first action. In the second part, we will use past perfect tense While in the first part we will use past indefinite tense . To understand you, we have some example:

  1. They had eaten food before the afternoon.
  2. They had gone America before the sun rose.

The first part of sentence “They had eaten food” is called “Subordinate clause”.

The second part of sentence ”Before the time” is called “Principle clause”.

Past Perfect Tense In Negative Sentences:

In negative sentences we use “Hadn’t” after the subject and before the verb. We use “Third form of verb” like past perfect tense.

Structure Of Negative Past Perfect Tense:

Subject + Helping verb (Hadn’t) + Third form of verb + Object.

For Example:

  1. I hadn’t discussed about the fashion contest.
  2. They hadn’t cooked food.
  3. He hadn’t played football.
  4. I hadn’t written essay on Human rights violations and our society.
  5. You hadn’t cooked food till then.

Past Perfect Tense In Interrogative Sentences:

In interrogative sentences we use “Had” before the subject.If we use any word of “Wh Family” so then first we will use “Wh Family” and then we will follow the structure of  interrogative sentences.

What Is Meant By “WH Family”?

Those word which start from “Wh” . e.g.Whom, Whose, Which, What, Who, When………… etc are called “Wh Family”

Structure Of Interrogative Past Perfect Tense:

Helping verb (Had) + Subject +  Third form of verb + Object.

For Example:

  1. Had you cooked food till then?
  2. Why had you gone before ending the party?
  3. Had you discussed about the science and its inventions?
  4. Had you washed the clothes?
  5. Had Aliza already written the poem?

Remember Always:

Past Perfect Tense:

In Simple:

(He, She, It, Name, I, We, You, They) Had.

In Negative:

(He, She, It, Name, I, We, You, They) Hadn’t

In Interrogative:

Had (He, She, It, Name, I, We, You, They)

Test Your Intelligence:

True & False:

  1. They had gone mall for shopping.
  2. Had children go to school?
  3. They played football
  4. Did they washed the clothes?
  5. Aliza had completed  B.A in current year.


  1. False
  2. False
  3. False
  4. False
  5. True

Past Perfect Continuous Tense

In our last lecture, we have discussed about the Past Perfect tense, which is the  second last branch of past tense. Now, we’ll discussion about the Past Perfect Continuous Tense, which’s the last small branch of past. I have already told you past is the second large branch of tenses tree and every large branch has four smallest branches as past, which names are,

  1. Past indefinite tense
  2. Past continuous tense
  3. Past perfect tense
  4. Past perfect continuous tense

Past Perfect Continuous Tense:

Past perfect continuous tense shows to the work, which started in the past and still continue another time in past. This tense has great link with Past continuous tense and Past perfect tense.

In past perfect continuous tense, we use “Had been” as a helping verb.

We use ”Ing” and “First form of verb in Past perfect continuous tense. We use “Since, For” like Present perfect continuous tense.

Use Of Since:

We use “Since” for exact time.

For example:

  1. Date
  2. Any year like “2000”

Use Of For:

We use “For” not exact time.

For example:

  1. Two hours
  2. Half hour
  3. Ten minutes

 Structure Of Past Perfect Continuous Tense:

Subject + Helping verb (Had been) + Ing + First form of verb + Object

For example:

  1. They had been playing football for two hours.
  2. Sara had been searching about the Women role in society for half hour.
  3. The students had been discussing on Karl Marx and Aristotle for twenty minutes.
  4. They had been going to London since 12 February 2015.
  5. He had been going to walk since morning.

Negative Sentences Of Past Perfect Continuous Tense:

In negative sentences, we use “Not” in the of  “Had been” e.g. Had not been.

 Structure Of Past Perfect Continuous Tense In Negative Sentences:

Subject + Helping verb (Had not been) + Ing + First form of verb + Object

For example:

  1. Aliza had not been cooking food for 1 hour.
  2. The child had not been crying for 5 minutes.
  3. The students had not been talking relevant to Fashion for half hour.
  4. He had not been working on this project since 1990.
  5. He had not been going to walk since morning.

Interrogative Sentences Of Past Perfect Continuous Tense:

In interrogative sentences, we use “Subject” in the mid of “Had been” e.g. Had he been.

Structure Of Past Perfect Continuous Tense In Interrogative Sentences:

Had + Subject + been + ing + First form of verb + Object

For example:

  1. Had Alex been playing football for 2 hours?
  2. Had  he been washing the cloth since morning?
  3. Had they been doing work on the project since 2000?
  4. Had they been searching on top ten chicks fashion styles?
  5. Had  Aliza been making a tea for 5 minutes?

Remember Always:

Past Perfect Continuous Tense:

In simple:

(He, She, It, Name, I, We, You, They) Had been.

In Negative:

(He, She, It, Name, I, We, You, They) Had not been.

In Interrogative:

Had (He, She, It, Name, I, We, You, They) been.

Test Your Intelligence:

True & False:

  1. Had David been writing a book 1996?
  2. Had Alex and David been cooking pizza for 5 hours?
  3. Engels had been exercising for half hours.
  4. Warid company had been working  2004.
  5. Students had not been fighting for an hour.


  1. False
  2. True
  3. True
  4. False
  5. True

Future Indefinite Tense – English Grammar Guide

In our previous articles, we have discussion about the Present and past, which are large branches of tense and the third one is “Future”. Like past and present this large branch has four small branches, which names are following below:

  1. Future indefinite tense
  2. Future continuous tense
  3. Future perfect tense
  4. Future perfect continuous tense

In this article, we’ll discussion about the first small branch of  “Future indefinite tense”. Why this is necessary for our usual life? What is meant by Future indefinite tense? What is the identification of Future indefinite tense.

Future Indefinite Tense - English Grammar Guide
Future Indefinite Tense

Future Indefinite Tense:

Future indefinite tense shows to any work, which would be occurred in future.

In future indefinite tense, use will and shall as a helping verb.

Use Of Will and Shall:

1st Condition:

In normal condition, we’ll use will and shall with

Will (He, She, Single name, You, They, It)

Shall (I, We)

2nd Condition:

If the sentence show any type of threat, determination, obey, Compulsion then we’ll use will and shall

Shall (He, She, Single name, You, They, It)

Will (I, We)

We use “First form of verb” like Present indefinite tense.

Structure Of Simple Future Indefinite Tense:

Subject + Helping verb (Will/shall) + First form of verb + Object

For example:

  1. We shall go to London yesterday.
  2. I shall start work on new theme.
  3. I hope, you’ll do enjoy in party.
  4. He’ll take loan from bank.
  5. You shall obey your teachers.

Future Indefinite Tense In Negative Sentences:

In negative sentences, we’ll use “Not” after the will or shall e.g. Will not/Shall not. There are below some examples for understanding you,

Structure Of Future Indefinite Tense In Negative Sentences:

Subject + Helping verb (Will not/shall not) + First form of verb + Object

For example:

  1. Aliza will not take part in fashion show.
  2. He will not obey you.
  3. They will not play cricket yesterday.
  4. He will not take first position in exams.
  5. I shall not sign on new project.

Future Indefinite Tense In Interrogative Sentences:

In interrogative sentences, we use “Will/Shall” before the subject e.g. Will He/Shall I. In interrogative sentences, if we use “WH Family” like  (Why, Which, Where, When, How, Who) so, first we will use “WH Family” and then “Will/Shall” and then subject e.g. Where will he. There are below some examples for understanding you,

For example:

  1. Will he deliver speech on social media?
  2. Will the government include the Karl Marx and Aristotle in new edition?
  3. How will you make a tea?
  4. When will the police caught to thief?
  5. Shall i take part in sports and games?

Remember Always:

In simple:

(He, She, Single name, You, They, It) Will

(I, We) Shall

In negative:

(He, She, Single name, You, They, It) Will not

(I, We) Shall not

in interrogative:

Will (He, She, Single name, You, They, It)

Shall (I, We)

Test Of  Intelligence:

True & false:

  1. When he will go to America?
  2. Will he play football?
  3. I will make a doctor in future.
  4. I hope, he shall try to grant a leave.
  5. He shall not backbite me.
  6. Will his father buy new car for him?
  7. This film shall take success.


  1. True
  2. True
  3. True
  4. False
  5. False
  6. True
  7. False

How to Promote Your Business Application

Since the dawn of the first iPhone in 2007 the technological world has taken a complete shift and moved towards the dynamics of mobile application development. Business whether big or small are now moving towards the acquisition of business apps that not only publicize them, but are also a sure shot and convenient way of doubling their income. There are numerous mobile phone application development companies around the globe today who are working for the benefit of businesses by developing their business apps and then launching them on online media. This help businesses gain the much-needed momentum in revenue generation along with the help these services attain in the form of fees that they charge for the design and development of business apps for their clients.

How to Promote Your Business Application
Promote Your Business Application

Now getting developed your business application is the first step of the phase, but how do you go about publicizing your newly developed app. Naturally, you need customers who will download this app and use it so that you can earn valuable revenue. Here are the important factors that you should not miss when you launch your business app:

Google Play Store:

Your very first step after getting developed your business application should be to launch it on Google Play Store. Google Play Store is the famous platform to download android business application. It requires you to create a business account where a detailed form will be filled that asks about your app. The ones described, you will have to upload your app on Google Play Stores and then your target market will be able to see and download it.


Your presence on the internet is crucial for the well-being of your business and your business application, which is why you must have a website running. Web presence provides unprecedented support to your business application and is a mean of online publicity. Use your website as a mean to induce your site visitor to download your business app by providing a link to the Google Play Store on it and by highlighting the main features of your business app on your website.

Social Media Channels:

Everyone knows the importance of social media channels in today’s socially driven world. Business pages and profiles of famous social media channels along with proper uploading of quality content is crucial to maintain a main stream presence on the internet.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

You are required to invest your time and resources in getting your website search engine optimized. This will direct, authentic and valuable traffic to your site, thus enabling more downloads of your business app. SEO activities are mainly carried through on-site and off-site optimization which is done through keywords and by content marketing. Non plagiarized content is the kind when it comes to SEO marketing of your web page.

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Pay Per Click Marketing:

In order to get quicker results in terms of more downloads and revenue pay-per-click PPC marketing is the best player to play with. PPC marketing as the names suggest is carried upon keywords and billed from you on every click that your online advertisement gets upon the famous search engines. PPC is a very effective and renowned way of online promotion.


The above mentioned techniques are a way to effectively advertise your business application on the internet. The mobile application development company also provides these services for their clients. You must also talk to your Android or iPhone application development company about them.

KnowledgeIDea Forum Announcement

We are glad to announce KnowledgeIDea forum community. Today we are happy to do this announcement for our readers and subscribers all over the world. Sounds cheerful and enthusiasm because our new community now is ready to launch. 26 Sep 2015 is the luckiest and new journey day, where we start this community journey, where millions of users can be interacted with each other simultaneously.

KnowledgeIDea Forum:

The primary reason to create this community is to promote readers voice and their interest. Every new beginner want answer for their questions because only Q&A can remove the conflict and hesitation among many things. That’s is why our team members suggest us to introduce a community platform, where user can stand their voice and get back their answer as soon as possible by other community users and team.

KnowledgeIDea Forum Overview
KnowledgeIDea Forum Overview

KnowledgeIDea forum is highly designed and using powerful Digital Ocean VPS cloud server. Digital Ocean infrastructure are user friendly and initial beginner can go ahead without any hurdle. Another vital reason to choose go with digital ocean is, there server performance are outstanding 99.9% Uptime, if there is any downtime happen then they will return your money back instantly.

Knowledge IDea community is designed under considering the user convenience, incredible fast loading speed 2.15 sec, whereas, we are not using any cache and compression tool yet.

KnowledgeIDea Forum Speed test
KnowledgeIDea Forum Speed test

Knowledge IDea forum community users can create topic and drop in any related category.

KnowledgeIDea Forum Create Topic Overview
KnowledgeIDea Forum Create Topic Overview

Our community leaders monitoring each forum user activities so their is no chance for spamming. Our community team moderators will review your created topics/threads then will reply back to you with best possible answer for that. Thus, you will be also able to reply again if there any excuse/problem exist.

At this time, KnowledgeIDea forum major categories are listed below,

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On KnowledgeIDea forum, we are using user badge dynamic system. Day by day with your daily activities (Create topic/reply/Likes/mentions etc) will increase your trust level from new user to basic, at this time 4 level exist in our forum system.

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Check it out the user trust level and see what they can do in community with these permissions.

KnowledgeIDea Forum User Trust Level
KnowledgeIDea Forum User Trust Level

There are other number of reward badges like promoter, campaigner, champion, great topic/link, 1 year anniversary etc.

KnowledgeIDea Forum Trust level badges
KnowledgeIDea Forum Trust level badges

We divide the forums users from below to above level, thus community users can trust on higher level users because of their higher ratings and positive feedback. Everyone user in community can see another user badges or trust level and also can send private messages to contact him.

Charming and attractive user profiles look, where you will be able to configure your account settings and much more.

KnowledgeIDea Forum user profile view
KnowledgeIDea Forum user profile

We open our forum doors for all interested users, who want to promote their passion and career. Hopefully, you will feel so enjoy and feel proud to be the member of this community. Please submit your feedback regrading our service and performance on community forum.

If you are ready to go ahead so join KnowledgeIDea community forum today! There is no fee, completely free of cost platform only created for basic to professional level users. Now it’s your turn to say me ‘Hi’ on that forum 🙂

Google Search Operators Guide to Filter Search Results

As we know that, Google is one of the most emerging and powerful search engine all around the world. Where every next person search their queries to get their answer in finest form. Google provides some interesting commands from which you can easily target your specific search and get their results instantly. These commands known as Google Search Operators, these search operators helps you to find out the particular and approximation results.

Google Search Operators Guide to Filter Search Results
Google Search Operator (@) Usage with KnowledgeIDea keyword

Google Search Operators:

In search operators some are symbols and strings but we will talk about all of them respectively. Let’s start one by one and elaborate each of these.

Symbols Usage
# Hashtag is used to find out the popular and trending topics (i.e. #Google)
+ Plus sign is used to find the particular Google plus pages/profiles and blood types (i.e. +Siraj Mahmood & +AB)
@ This symbol is use to find popular tags similar like hashtag (i.e. @Facebook)
$ Dollar operator is use approximate price in searches like (i.e. HP Notebook $900 etc)

Above are symbols, which you can utilize in filter your searches. Another is string operator, but these are strings commands not symbolic.

Search Operators Usage
Site: This operator is use to find exact or suggested domain search results (i.e.
link: This operator is use to find that web pages which is linked to this domain  (i.e.
Info: This operator get information about this doamin, info includes Cache, web pages similar to this domain, web pages which contains this domain address
Cache: With this operator you can see that when Google crawler last time visit your website and capture the last time website and store in cache

Mostly SEO experts include myself use these commands to find out or filter out the webpages fluctuations and activities. It is a good practice to check every command at once because it is just not for knowledge it’s all about your expertise.

Keep remember that, if any space exist between search operator and search term (Domain or keyword) then command will not work, example ( Wrong -> site: (Correct ->

Let us know, if you find this article more appropriate same like for which you are searching. I would suggest you to read Meta Robots Tags in SEO this will help you to evaluate the Google algorithms. For more discussion on this topic and your opinion, leave your comment.

Aristotle (Arstu) Greek Philosopher Biography

Aristotle (Arstu) was an ancient Greek philosopher. Most of his theories have obsoleted. It was he, who increased several branches of knowledge.

Aristotle (Arstu) Greek Philosopher Biography
Aristotle (Arstu) Greek Philosopher

Aristotle putted great effect on Europe culture and knowledge, as much as, nobody put on the Europe culture.

Aristotle (Arstu) Greek Philosopher Biography:

Aristotle was a great philosopher who born (384 B.C) in Macedonian city of Stagira. Aristotle means “The best purpose”. His father name was Nicomachus,who was the doctor of royal family. His father interested in interpretation organs and zoology. His mother name was Phaestis, who died when Aristotle was little child. Aristotle had two siblings, whose names were”Arimneste” and “Arimnestus”.

Education life of Aristotle:

He got early education from his father. His father passed away when he was a child after the death of his father “Proxenus of Atarneus” became his guidance. When he turned 18, he moved “Athens” and joined the “Plato’s” academy.

Education life of Aristotle
Education life of Aristotle

He stayed 20 years in Athens, until Plato’s died and got the education to Plato’s. When Plato’s died his age was 37. After the death of Plato’s, his nephew Speusippus became the head of Plato’s academy. He left academy.

Aristotle And Alexander The Great:

Philip’s II of Macedon invited him to teaching his son in 343 B.C. Who became Alexander the Great after some time. He fixed head of royal academy. He told to Alexander that you are the king Greeks and Persian barbarians and you should treat them like an animals and plants. Alexander suggested to Aristotle that he should open his academy.

Aristotle Personal Life:

During the period of Hermias, who was the king of Asia minor he married his niece whose name was Pythias. She was the mother of his daughter, whose name was Pythias too.

Aristotle And Alexander The Great
Aristotle And Alexander The Great

He spent ten years with Pythias after her death he married with Herpyllis, who belonged to Stagira. She the mother of his son, whose name was Nicomachus.

Aristotle Academy:

In 335 B.C, Aristotle moved to Athens and established his academy, which name was Lyceum. He worked in twelve years. In this academy, he studied and teach to many students and they did experiment on science and they researched about the different subject.

Aristotle Academy
Aristotle Academy

He wrote many subjects like Physics, Poetry, Biology, Zoology, Metaphysics, Ethics, Western philosophy etc. He wrote many books. He researched on numerous things about the knowledge, but unfortunately, most of his research had wasted and that is not exist in his real form. Which saved that are meaningful for humanity.

Aristotle Books:

Aristotle wrote numerous books, in which of some books names are:

  1. Nicomachean Ethics he wrote this book in 350 B.C
  2. Politics
  3. Poetics  wrote in 355 B.C
  4. Metaphysics, Rhetoric
  5. On the soul
  6. Parts of animals
  7. History of animals
  8. Constitution of the Athenians
  9. Organon
  10. Posterior Analytics
  11. De interpretation
  12. On Generation and Corruption wrote in 300 B.C.
  13. Eudemian Ethics
  14. Meteorology
  15. Prior Analytics
  16. Corpus Aristotlelicum
  17. On the Generation of Animals wrote in 350 B.c etc.
Aristotle Books
Aristotle Books

Poet In View Of Aristotle:

Poet makes special to general condition and events. He makes acceptable to all by create the collective color in his individual status. In his view, poet finds the truth of world like philosopher. Different is that, he has many words for saying.


Poetics is the book of Aristotle, who wrote in 355 B.c. In this book, Aristotle talked about the kinds of poetry, original poetry, nature and principle of tragedy. He presented universal theory of poetry. Human does cognition of any item through his sense and every item exists ideal transmuting, but transmuting has incomplete expression  by this item. This transmuting affects in the sensory format on the artist mind. He try to express his condition.

Aristotle Quotes:

Aristotle was great Greek philosopher. His quotes are simple, but meaningful for to all.

Happiness depends upon ourselves.

He thought that, this is depend on us that how we can feel happy. Because in this world everyone has pain, but pain and happiness is the part of this world. we have to be faced numerous tragedy in this world. On the other hand, we can say that tragedy and pain is the main part of our life and nobody empty to them. So, we should live happy.

Hope is a waking dream

Aristotle thought that, we should always hopeful. Because hope is a waking dream. In simple words we can say that. hope is necessary for life because if we have no hopes so, we can lose interest in life.

Aristotle Quotes
Aristotle Quotes

The roots of education are bitter but the fruit is sweet

We know simply, education is essential for anyone. We cannot overlook the significance of education. Education is essential for the development of the nation.We know that, this is not essay but to make place in this world we have to work hard and the fruit would be sweet

Aristotle Death:

Aristotle died in 322 B.C in the Chalcis. He died because of gastrointestinal disorders caused. When he died his age 63. He buried near the grave of her first wife. He spent the last moment of his with his second wife Herpyllis.

What is Meta Robots Tag in SEO

Meta robots tag is the most crucial and slightly complex topic in Seo. But with little bit concentration, you can understand their usage and can see implementation in search engines. Do you know? What it does and why we use it? Probably you don’t know. So let’s start to read about meta robots tag.

What is Meta Robots Tag in SEO
What is Meta Robots Tag in SEO

What is Meta Robots Tag:

Meta robots tag is used to control website pages in search engines. Through meta robots tag, you can index or not index your particular pages, it’s up to you that what you want to do. Meta robots tag write in website <head>…</head> section. Review the below meta robots tag code, which you will utilize behind your web pages.

<meta name="robots" content="noindex"/>

Above tag use for all search engines and NoIndex giving an instruction that do not crawl or index pages in all search engines. If we replace Noindex to Index then see, what will happen.

<meta name="robots" content="index"/>

Above tag allow all search engines to index this particular page. Trivial change can create huge difference.

Here many numerous directives, which you can use for  multiple purposes. Check it out below list of directives and their usage guide.

Directives  Usage Guide
Index Use to allow search engine crawler to index this pages.
Noindex Use to disallow search engine do not crawl this page.
DoFollow Use to instruct crawler to index all links on that page.
Nofollow Use to restrict crawler do not crawl any link on that page.
Noarchive A instruction for search engine that do not show cache link in search results.
NoSnippet With this directive, search engine do not show this page snippet in search results.
NoImageIndex This directive stop search engine crawler to index this page images.
NoTranslate This directive will stop to translate this page in search engine.
NoODP This directive stop DMOZ directory to use their own meta data like title and description for your website.
NOYDIR This directive stop Yahoo directory to use their own meta data like title and description for your website.

Above directives playing major and prominent role in search engine. If you want to use multiple directives in a single meta robot tag then review the below code.

<meta name="robots" content="noindex,follow"/>

Above tag contains two directives but working in single tag. Similar above tag will work for every search engine but let’s think about that, if we need to give a particular command/instruction only for Google search engine crawler then see the below tag.

<meta name="googlebot" content="noindex"/>

Above meta robots tag work only for Google search bot not for else crawlers.

Let us know, if you find this article useful and got your answer. We suggest you to read What is nofollow and dofollow and what are What are the Noodp and Noydir Meta tags. For more discussion and your opinions, leave your comment below.

Why You Should No INDEX Categories and Tag Pages

This guide is for beginners, who do not know the drawback of indexed categorizes and tags in search engine. In this article, we will discuss about, why you should no index categories and tag pages. Another one concept we will discuss is, what are the disadvantages and advantages of categories and tag pages.

Why You Should No INDEX Categories and Tag Pages
Why You Should No INDEX Categories and Tag Pages

Probably you heard that, the word SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Seo allow us and recommenced us to add NO index attribute in categories and tag pages. What is the behind story of this action in Seo. Let’s start this discussion in-depth.

Why SEO Recommend No Index For Categories & Tags:

This action is not mandatory but recommended from Seo experts. Let’s talk about on behind story of this action,

Let’s suppose that, if you have two pages on a website, where same content exist or point to where same content exist similar like previous page. It is complex to understand but not impossible. Both pages contains exactly a-z same content, so what will happen according to Google algorithm. As we know, Google do not like content duplication otherwise your website will be permanently banned in search engine.

This algorithm is applying here, because if you allow search engine to index categories and tag pages then replication will be occur, which can be harmful for your website health. Because you already have content on post/articles pages, if you allow categories and tags to index then search engine crawler index article from more sides, one from post pages, second from categories pages and third from tag pages. Thus, replication will be happening, which can spoil website ranking in search engine. That is why you should no index categories and tag pages, because post pages are sufficient for search engines to drive traffic on your website.

How to Add No INDEX Behind Any Page:

If you want to add No Index attribute on particular pages then follow the below meta robots tag line.

<meta name="robots" content="noindex,follow"/>

Add the above line behind every categories and tag pages, which pages you do not want to index by Google crawler. If you are a WordPress user then install Easy No index and No Follow plugin, other wise if you are using WordPress SEO by Yoast so they also providing this option by default.


It will increase chance to boost search engine rank because your website is providing 100% original and replication free content. Reduce misunderstanding for user to go on categories pages instead of post pages. Thus, you can reduce redundant search snippets.


Google will not crawl your categories and tag pages. Probably traffic can be reduced instantly due to No INDEX attribute behind every category and tag pages.


It is good Seo practice to allow No INDEX on website only for categories and tag pages. Because this action will purge your website from replication and make it trustworthy. Personally from my experience, I would suggest you to add No Index on following pages, Categories, Tags and author archives pages.

Let us know, about your views and perceptions after read this article. If you have more interesting and experienced ideas then let us know, we love to share in our community.  For more discussion and your opinions, leave your comment below.

Karl Marx And His Major Works

Karl Heinrich Marx was born on (5 May,1818). He was born in the city of “Trier”. Trier is the city of Prussia, now Germany. Karl Marks was one of nine children to his parents. His father name is “Heinrich Marx”.

Karl Marx and his major works
Karl Marx and his major works

His father was a lawyer. His father was read to few author like “Voltaire” and “Kant”, for knowing their social commentary.

Karl Marx Education Life:

He got early education from own parents, then In 1835, he went to “University of Bonn” for taking the education of law but he was not interested in law and he didn’t show superior performance in the University of Bonn. Because he wanted to get knowledge of ”History” and “Philosophy”. After some time, his father sent him “University of Berlin”. He got the degree of PHD from “University of Jena”.

Karl Marx Personal Life:

In 1836, he had done engagement with “jenny Von Westphalen”. He fell in love of Jenny Von Wesphalen. Most interesting thing is that,his engagement was  revolutionary extreme.Firstly, she broke her first engagement just for Karl Marx because she love him and wanted to marry with him. Secondly, He belonged to medal class while Jenny belonged to elite segment.Thirdly, she was elder to Karl Marx .

Karl Marx and his personal life
Karl Marx and his personal life

They were good friends. He had good relation with his father in law. His father in law name was “Ludwig Von Westphalen” who was a  former widower. Jenny’s father and Karl Marx father were good friend because of that jenny and Karl Marx met with each other daily. According to Karl Marx, jenny was the most beautiful girl for him. Ultimately, he married with jenny in the “Bad Kreuznach” on 19 June 1843.

Karl Marx Children:

Jenny and Karl Marx had seven children whose names are:

  1. “Jenny Caroline” was their elder daughter who born in (1 May 1844). She was the patient of Bladder Cancer.She died in (11 January 1883).
  2. “Jenny Laura” was their second daughter who born in (26 September 1845) and died in (26 November 1911).
  3. “Charles Louis Henri Edger”  was the Son of Karl Marx . Who born in (3 February 1847) and he died in childhood when he died he was 8 years old. He died in (6 May 1855). 
  4. “Henry Edward Guy” was their fourth child who born in (5 September 1849) he also died in childhood when he was “One year” old. He died in (19 November 1850).
  5. Jenny Eveline Frances was their fifth child who born in (28 March 1851) and died in childhood like her sibling. She died in (14 April 1852).
  6. Jenny Julia Eleanor was their sixth child who born in London (16 January 1855). She committed suicide and she died in (31 March 1898). When she died her age was 43.
  7. And their last child Whose name is not mention in history, he died in (6 July 1857).
Karl Marx children
Karl Marx children

In 1844, Karl Marx met to “Fredrick Hegel” and they became good friend. He started to study of Hegel. Hegel followers were divided in two-part. First is “Left Hegelian”, second is “Right Hegelian”. He started to follow on left Hegelian. In which two personalities were eminent whose names are “Ludwig Feuerbach” and “Bruno Bauer”. He started work with the help of them on science of forest. In that era, he wrote some literature, dramas as a fond but they didn’t publish. He had  completed his PHD in 1841, the title of PHD was “The Difference Between the Democritean  and Epicurean Philosophy Of Nature”. He wanted to become a journalist. In 1842,he started to write in cologne newspaper “Rheinische Zeitung” newspaper as an editor but the government of cologne had censored this newspaper because of his radical posts in 1843. After that, he joined a revolutionary newspaper which name was “Deutsche Jahrbuchor” Unfortunately, the government of cologne had censored to this newspaper too. In 1843, He wrote and publish a book which name was “On the Jewish Question”. After that, he wrote his second book which name was “Contribution to a Critique of Hegel Philosophy of Right” Because of government restrictions they had decided to leave the Germany.

Karl Marx Life In Paris:

In 1843, they moved to Paris where he started in Paris newspaper which name was “Deutsche Franzosische Jahrbuchor”. But unfortunately, Paris government had censored to that newspaper. In 1844, Karl Marx met to “Fredrick Engels” that time Fredrick Engels had published his book which name was“Condition of the Working Class in England in 1844 “.

Karl Marx life in paris
Karl Marx life in paris

Karl Marx studied to this book and he got conclusion that, labours makes better future own their hardships. In 1845, Karl Marx and Engels started writing a book which name was “The Holy Family”. Along with, he worked on “The Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts” first time he gave the concept of “Alienation” in this book. In 1845, Karl Marx  published “Thesis on Feuerbach”. The most famous sentences of this thesis,

Philosophers Have only Interpreted The World. The Point,  However, Is To Change It.

That time, Karl mark was writing for a revolutionary newspaper which name was “Vorwarts”. Once more, the government of Paris censored to this newspaper and exiled to him.

Karl Marx Life In Brussels:

Before going to Brussels, he had promised that he will not take part in any type of  political analyst. He met to Moses Hess, Karl Heinzen, Joseph Wedemeyer. In Brussels, Karl Marx and Engels wrote a book which name was “The German Ideology”. In 1847, Karl Marx wrote an other book which name was “The Poverty Of Philosophy” After one year, he published his famous book which name was “Kommunistipuolueen manifesti”. The famous sentence of this book are:

The History Of All Hitherto Existing In The History Of Class Struggles.

In 1848, Karl Marx father died. After the death of his father Karl Marx found 6 thousand France. The government of Brussels blamed on the Karl Marx that he invested his money on weapons. The government of Brussels exiled him

Back in Germany:

After that, Karl Marx back to Germany and started to write for New “Rheinische Zeitung” . But unfortunately, the government of Germany censored to this newspaper and once more exiled to him. After that, Karl Marx moved to Paris but unfortunately, the government of Paris exiled him and he had to leave Paris.

Karl Marx Life In London:

In 1849, he took refuge in London which became his continuous living place but he did not get nationality of London. Karl Marx and Engels thought that the analysis of capitalist system and social skeleton is necessary.

Karl Marx life in london
Karl Marx life in London

In that era, he had to faced of poverty even he had no money to buried his son. He started to write in the “New York Daily Tribune”. Mostly of his,articles  linked from India. In 1852, He completed his book which name was “The 18th Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte”. In this book he explained they would have established a labour state. In 1849, He made an organization which name was “First Working International”. In 1867, Karl Marx published “Das Kapital” in which he talked about the capitalist system and exploiting of the poor.

Death Of Karl Marx:

Jenny passed away on 1881 and after the fifteen month of her death Karl Marx passed away on 14 March 1883.

Death of Karl Marx
Death of Karl Marx

Frederick Engels said at Karl Marx funeral;

    On the 14th of March, at a quarter to three in the afternoon, the greatest living thinker ceased to think. He had been left alone for scarcely two minutes, and when we came back we found him in his   armchair, peacefully gone to sleep—but forever.