How To Stop Infolinks Ads on Post and Pages

Are you monetizing your website from Infolinks text, in-tags and further ads. As we know that, infolinks is one of the popular and authentic in-text ad network. After placing your infolinks particular script on your web or installed infolinks plugin for WordPress. After installation scripts procedure infolinks works fine but slightly problem can be occur like infolinks ad can be shown on unwanted pages or homepage. Another thing is that, how to stop infolinks ads on post and pages. Infolinks also give us opportunity to optimize his ads with reliability.

How To Stop Infolinks Ads on Post and Pages

How To Stop Infolinks Ads on Post and Pages:

To stop and disable infolinks ad on specific post and pages, Infolinks introduced his on/off tags method. I will discuss on these tags but before go ahead, I want to clear that you also can stop or exclude ads on specific post and pages through infolinks plugin. They integrate exclude post and pages feature in it through give only WordPress post and page ID numbers.

WordPress every post, page and category contains a specific ID number through this IDs infolinks disable ads on those pages and post, which page and post ID numbers we given in exclude box.

Come back on infolinks On/Off tags, which are playing primary role in disable infolinks ads on post and pages.

You need to follow the following steps to understand these tags.

  1. Open/Login to your WordPress back-end dashboard then navigate to post and pages, where you want to add these tags to stop infolinks ads.
  2. Open/edit any specific post or page where you want to disable infolinks ads and go to “Text” section of any post and page.
  3. Now here in the beginning of the post or page content add “<!–INFOLINKS_OFF–>” after added this tag infolinks in-text link ads, tags all will be disabled automatically. But if you want to disable these ads only for specific area in a single post or page then again add “<!–INFOLINKS_ON–>” after added this tag infolinks ads will be appear from that specific area.

Recently I was concerned with infolinks team regarding this matter because this was little bit complicated for me to understand this one way, So I emailed to infolinks then they replied me after 24-48 hours with in business hours. Check it out the below replied because it can be helpful for you.

How To Stop Infolinks Ads on Post and Pages step 1

Above replied by Natasha from Infolinks team and after getting this replied, I felt satisfied and thanks to team by this meaningful and premium support.

But just a minute, I was another issue when we enabled infolinks revenue booster. After enable Infolinks revenue booster for recommended content ads after post content these ads was also showing on my homepage even we mentioned or exclude my homepage ID in infolinks. So We again concerned with infolinks team regarding this trouble. Check it out our conversation on email.

How To Stop Infolinks Ads on Post and Pages step 2

They mentioned some instructions like, add “<!–INFOLINKS_STOP–>” inside main template and after the following lines “<?php get_header();?>“. Even they attach screenshot file with this message, in which they depict the complete procedure to stop ads on homepage.

How To Stop Infolinks Ads on Post and Pages step 3

Similarly, you can disable infolinks ads with ease. If you are facing any trouble then you can feel free contact to infolinks team from your publisher account.

Let us know, if you understood all aspects and found this article useful. If you are not familiar with infolinks for WordPress then read how to add Infolinks to WordPress website. If you have any queries and opinion then join us via comment.

List of AdSense Highest Paying CPC Countries

Do you know? How much you can earn from Google AdSense probably your answer will not be clear. Because for this clear answer, you should know that AdSense highest paying CPC countries. No doubt, AdSense keeps different CPC rates for different countries.

List of AdSense Highest Paying CPC Countries

A mysterious question asked by my reader,”Can you tell me how much pay google for clicks in different countries?” This conversation was made on my recent written article, which is 50 high paying AdSense keywords. Review the below image for my answer in this interaction.

List of AdSense Highest Paying CPC Countries readers conversation

List of AdSense Highest Paying CPC Countries:

Google AdSense pays his publishers according to CPC advertising model. Let’s suppose, if you are receiving 10k impression on ads daily from a website and 10k impressions made 300  legitimate clicks on AdSense ads. Then every clicks price will be different from another click due to country differentiation.

This list is not exactly pointing to the exact CPC rates, this list is our observation and years of experience with AdSense. We just mentioned or choose only major and prominent countries for this purpose.

No. Country Name CPC Rates
1 Australia $0.45
2 Netherlands $0.40
3 Switzerland $0.40
4 Denmark $0.40
5 United States $0.38
6 United Kingdom $0.37
7 Canada $0.35
8 South Africa $0.33
9 New Zealand $0.32
10 Finland $0.32
11 Singapore $0.30
12 Germany $0.29
13 Norway $0.28
14 Ireland $0.25
15 Belgium $0.23
16 Austria $0.21
17 Sweden $0.20
18 France $0.20
19 Barbados $0.20
20 Taiwan $0.17
21 Kenya $0.17
22 Greece $0.17
23 Qatar $0.16
24 Chile $0.16
25 Italy $0.15
26 Turkey $0.15
27 Pakistan $0.15
28 India $0.15
29 Trinidad and Tobago $0.15
30 Spain $0.14
31 Croatia $0.14
32 Puerto Rico $0.14
33 Poland $0.13
34 Nigeria $0.13
35 Portugal $0.12
36 Malta $0.12
37 Kuwait $0.11
38 Czech Republic $0.11
39 Brazil $0.11
40 Mexico $0.10
41 Japan $0.10
42 China $0.10
43 Bangladesh $0.10
44 United Arab Emirates $0.10
45 Russia $0.10
46 Malaysia $0.10
47 Hungary $0.10
48 Saudi Arabia $0.10
49 Lithuania $0.09
50 Peru $0.09
51 Israel $0.08
52 Oman $0.08
53 Egypt $0.08
54 Argentina $0.08
55 Slovenia $0.07
56 Georgia $0.07
57 Thailand $0.06
58 Sri Lanka $0.06
59 Romania $0.06
60 South Korea $0.06
61 Philippines $0.05
62 Colombia $0.05
63 Mauritius $0.05
64 Ukraine $0.05
65 Tunisia $0.04
66 Indonesia $0.04
67 Vietnam $0.04
68 Uganda $0.04
69 Nepal $0.04
70 Cambodia $0.04
71 Albania $0.04
72 Cyprus $0.03
73 Uruguay $0.03
74 Moldova $0.03

In the above list we mentioned only major countries and their estimated CPC in USD currency. CPC can be fluctuate with the passage of time so we will not be responsible for this but we will try to update this list for user convenience with new information with the passage of time. Google AdSense CPC price depends on various things like country internet users, advertisers interest even country economy is playing important role.

Let us know, if think that you got your answer and found this information useful. If you have any argue concern with this article and for your useful opinions, leave your comment below.

How To Find WordPress Post and Page ID Numbers

Everyone knows that WordPress is one of the finest an open source for building website. 80% of beginners gives his first priority to WordPress to kick-start his online business. On WordPress hundreds of customizing tools and gadgets. Most often folks, actually that was my website readers who asked me that how to find WordPress post, pages and category id’s numbers to integrate these id’s in someone plugins. Probably, you are thinking that where you can get those WordPress post and page id numbers because you heard the something new.

How To Find WordPress Post and Page ID Numbers

How To Find WordPress Post and Page ID Numbers:

To determine the WordPress post and pages IDs numbers you need to perform the following steps.

  1. Open your WordPress back-end and navigate to ‘Post’ section.
  2. Now which post you want ID number then move your cursor on this post title/name.
  3. After hover the cursor on target post title/name then watch the browser status bar,

you will see the following link “” in this link 2882 is the post id number. Similarly, when you hover on any of the page title then page id number will be shown like above.

How To Find WordPress Post and Page ID Numbers step 1

Same method is used to find category id numbers see the below step,

  • Navigate to Posts -> Categories then move your cursor and hover any of the category title then a link will be shown on the browser status bar. Link will be look like this, “” in this link 178 is the category id number.

How To Find WordPress Post and Page ID Numbers step 2

Hopefully, you understood the way to determine the post, pages and category id numbers. You can utilize these id’s during developing purpose or if any plugin required these one IDs. On internet there are several WordPress plugins, Reveal IDs, Simply Show IDs, which will definitely help you to find out the WordPress post, pages and categories IDs.

Let us know, if you found this article is useful and got your problem solution. If you want more assistant regarding to determine post and pages id numbers then you can join us via below comment.

How To Take Control Of Your Social Media

Social Media:

Social media is growing by leaps and bounds with every passing day. Now-a-days you will find a new social medium to interact with, which also means a new social medium your company has to sign up for as well. This is especially for company who are in e-commerce industry. They need to participate in all the good social mediums to increase their reach and to interact with the users.

How To Take Control Of Your Social Media

But what if you are a company who has more than three social mediums to handle? It is a tough day for you because you need to be active on all them, post content and pictures and engage more people. This is definitely not an easy task and there will come a point where most of your social mediums will go out of control. Out of control meaning you have no idea what goes on what medium, how to deal with the audience and control any kind of communication happening. Here are some tips on controlling your social media:

Cross-check Your Social Medium:

Many times we put our company on social media like a long shot and that’s the biggest mistake. You need to understand that will your company reap any benefit from the mediums you are on. Not all social mediums is good for your company and you need to be selective about it. A thorough research on what medium will suit your company profile is imperative.

Prepare A Road Map:

Yes, you need to have a different road map for all your social mediums. You need to understand that Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+, Instagram, Youtube… they all work differently. You can’t have one plan of action for all and then expect it to work. This might be time consuming, but it is crucial for you to understand how these mediums work and what type of content/creative will be useful.

Follow A Routine:

Once you have a road map in place you will better understand what you need to do on your individual social medium. Plan your days way ahead, make a calender and follow that calender every day without any gaps. Keep a tab on what’s working and not working then make changes accordingly. It is necessary that you follow a routine to understand your social mediums better and hence do better on them.

Regular Checks On Social Stats:

You can find many apps that will help you understand your social stats better. Apps like Buffer, Hootsuite, TweetDeck and HubSpot can be of real help. These apps will assist you in scheduling content and posts, implement campaigns, track audience engagement and determine stats. These apps will also let you handle the multiple profiles you might have on your social mediums. Social stats provides a bigger picture to all your efforts being put in your social mediums.

These few tips but very important ones will help you grow in your social mediums and at the same time will let your control them. Social mediums can be like naughty kids and run away somewhere you can’t catch them. However, it is upto you to catch these naughty kids and set them straight. As said earlier, control your social media before it goes wild.

Payoneer Review and Tips

Payoneer is a global money transfer and receiving gateway and also provides eCommerce payment solution. Payoneer is a registered and trusted member of MasterCard. Through Payoneer globally online transaction is possible without any hassle, Majority of freelancers and eCommerce platforms/websites utilizing this one gateway for money withdraw and transfer. Today, here we are going to write a comprehensive Payoneer review for user convenience to understand this payment gateway easily.

Payoneer Review:

Payoneer is one of the magnificent and affordable payment gateways for online transaction. No doubt, they have strong and trustworthy recognition in online markets that’s Google, Taboola, iStock, oDesk, Elance and further huge groups & companies utilizing or integrate Payoneer on his platforms to make his millions of users transaction possible.

Payoneer MasterCard Review and Tips

As we said, affordable that means they definitely charge for their service but as compared to other payment gateway’s it is reliable and trustworthy.

Payoneer Pricing & Fees:

According to Payoneer team, they do not charge for Payoneer and also providing free shipping all over the world. But there are lots of confusions among folks, so why they charge activation fees and further charges. Payoneer does not charge any single for activation, service provider charge money for activation, which will be paid for the first time only. Check it out the below Payoneer pricing and fees structure.

Service Name Fees
Card Activation Fee (One time Only) $4.95 for US, $6.95 for Outside US and $24.95 for Albania, Angola, Belarus, Bosnia Herzegovina, CôteD’Ivoire, Congo, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Iraq, Kosovo, Lebanon, Liberia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Pakistan, São Tomé & Príncipe, Serbia, Somalia, Turkmenistan, Zimbabwe.
Per Monthly Account Maintenance Fee $3 (If your account made <=3 transactions in previous month), $1 only (If your account made 4+ transactions in previous month)
Card Replacement Fee (Per Card) $9.95 One time fee (When your card will be issued)
ATM Withdrawal Fee (Per Successful Transaction) $2.15 (When you request for Withdrawal)
ATM Decline Fee (Per Denied Transaction) $0.90 (When ATM declined your request)
ATM Balance Inquiry Fee (Per  Request) $0.90 (When requested for Balance Inquiry)

How to Get Approval Payoneer:

If you are going to sign up directly for Payoneer then your application will be rejected. Payoneer does not allow substandard folks, which are not already the members of his partners. Yes, you need a strong reference for getting approval Payoneer. Sign up for Payoneer by using our reference. If you are going to sign up on Payoneer by using our reference then Payoneer will give you $25 only when you will load $100 in your account this means total $125 will appear in your account.

How Much Time For Arrival Payoneer:

Once your Payoneer account application has been approved then it will arrive you within 2 weeks. It can take up to 25 days for US outside countries so you can contact to Payoneer Customer Support to resolve this issue, they will be happy to assist you.

Where We Can Use Payoneer:

You can use Payoneer in online purchase and selling products (eCommerce, Advertising etc). Payoneer also can be used in physical departmental stores and markets easily same like your bank ATM debit card.

How & Where We Can Withdrawal/Payout Money in Payoneer:

You can withdrawal your money from Payoneer through Bank ATM’s. Almost ATM machines supported to MasterCard but before inserting your card make sure that this ATM machine is supported to MasterCard or not, you can confirm through MasterCard logo, which logo can be seen surrounding ATM machine. Because every declined request will deduct money from your account so should be careful with every step.

Standard Chartered (SCB), HSBC and Citi Bank ATM machines are supported to Payoneer so you can try on them before going anywhere else.

Let us know if you find your answers successfully. Above reviews covered many of the Payoneer aspects. Don’t forget to share this article socially. For more discussions and your queries, you can join us via comment.


50+ Free Proxy Websites to Unblock Sites

On internet there are numbers of website, which are blocked and not accessible from specific country. Majority of websites are relevant to unethical sites and some are belongs to education category like Skype, YouTube and Vimeo. The actual concept is that, how you can open blocked websites through online web proxies with ease. Here we have a complete secure and trusted list of free proxy websites to unblock sites with quick speed and response.

50+ Free Proxy Websites to Unblock Sites

Free Proxy Websites List to Unblock Sites:

Free proxy websites do not charge any single penny for their service. Some free proxy websites are not reliable due to abundance of ads and load of numerous scripts in your browser. But we will reveal only reliable and trusted free proxy websites, which will never eat up your internet speed and work fast as much possible. Let’s see,

 Free Proxy Websites List

These above mentioned list contains authentic and fast response free proxy sites. These proxies will help you to unblock YouTube, Facebook, Google and even every website can be open through these proxy sites. Keep remember that, if you miss use these proxy websites then we will not responsible for this act. You also can read my recent written article on 5 Best Alternatives To Access Blocked Sites.

Let us know, if you think that we shared or written a useful topic for our readers. If you have better one sites, which speed is responsive and trustworthy then let me know, I love to add those proxy sites in my collection list. For more discussion and your feedback, you can join us via comment.

5 Best Alternatives To Access Blocked Sites

Most often countries block some sites due to lots of issues. Users of these countries faces various kinds of troubles and problems because some sites are essential for education and entertainment purpose. Same like, YouTube is blocked in Pakistan whereas Skype is blocked in UAE (United Arab Emirates) and Vimeo is blocked in India . Similarly there are numbers of websites, which are blocked by governments, service providers and by company. Today, we will talk about, how to access blocked websites. Keep remember that, we are promote this way only for educational purpose, if you misuse this way so you will be responsible for this not us, so it’s up to you.

5 Best Alternatives To Access Blocked Site

How To Access Blocked Sites:

Here are numerous ways to unblock the blocked websites. We will reveal only better one ways, which performance is excellent and competitive. Lets start to find out the best one.


ZenMate is a private secure and safe internet connection. ZenMate provides you freedom of internet access, where you can get access all unblocked websites. ZenMate is a free of cost service and no bandwidth threshold, it has some premium features like turbo speed and more location around the world and desktop apps but you can get access all websites in free plan. You can get access or utilize ZenMate by his Google Chrome Extension.

5 Best Alternatives To Access Blocked Sites zenmate

Hotspot Shield:

Hotspot shield is a free VPN service, which protect your privacy and hide your IP address. Hotspot shield is software, after installed this one software in your system you can get access on all block websites easily. But it has daily bandwidth threshold, after completed or cross the allocated bandwidth hotspot shield do not work more. They also deals in premium accounts with unlimited bandwidth, you can purchase this one software. Start your trial free.

5 Best Alternatives To Access Blocked Sites hotspot shield


HideMyAss is a virtual private service network, which offers private VPN service. HideMyAss is offers premium and free service but it is recommended for companies and organization who want to hide their IPs even hackers gives his preference to this service because they utilize dedicated VPN servers. If you have solid budget so you can continue with this service. Unlike HideMyAss offers free website access proxy to unblock all blocked website with in seconds. There is no bandwidth limitation but they will stick their ads above browser header.

5 Best Alternatives To Access Blocked Site hidemyass


Zalmos is one of the best online web proxy to unblock all website include YouTube, Facebook, Google and twitter etc. They provide free of cost web proxy and currently do not offering any premium plans.


4EverProxy is another one finest online web proxy, where you can unblock each website with ease. 4EverProxy provides you a SSL secure interface, where a user can manage their browser cookies, remove unnecessary scripts and objects before page loading then can open any of the blocked website with in single click. They have great loading speed with no bandwidth limitation and they do not deal in premium plan because all are free for user convenience.

Above these websites are spectacular opportunity for you because these are essential and free of cost. Let us know, if you think that these above resources are beneficial for you. Don’t forget to share your opinions and feedback to us via below comment box.

How to Block Pop up ads in Google Chrome

A mostly happen issue in your usual internet life is pop ups ads. Let’s suppose if you are using Google chrome and during opening different websites many unwanted pop ups ads can be open directly without asking to you and your browser. So that is really scary and annoyed moments for anyone. These pop ups ads can lay down your local machine speed thus you can lose your tempo. So how we can avoid that kind of situations and make our side more reliable. So today we will talk about that how to block pop up ads in Google chrome respectively.

How to Block Pop up ads in Google Chrome

How to Block Pop up ads in Google Chrome:

Google chrome also support this action to block these scary pop up directly from settings. To block unwanted pop ups ads, which is automatically opening in your browser, you need to review the below following methods.

Method 1:

Open your Google chrome browser window and navigate your cursor to upper right hand side ‘Customize and control Google Chrome‘ button then choose ‘Setting‘ option under the drop menu.

How to Block Pop up ads in Google Chrome step 1

On setting page scroll down and click on show advance settings then click on ‘Content Setting‘ button.

How to Block Pop up ads in Google Chrome step 2

A content setting window will be open then scroll down and check ‘Do not allow any site to show pop-ups (recommended)‘ radio button.How to Block Pop up ads in Google Chrome step 3

You also can add exceptions to unblock some particular sites. Simply click on ‘Manage exceptions‘ button below the pop-ups section and add your websites in exceptions list.

How to Block Pop up ads in Google Chrome step 4

You can add more than one exceptions and unblock your chosen websites. After checked blocked pop-ups radio button or add exceptions finally click on ‘Done‘ button to perform this action in chrome. Now you have successfully blocked Google Chrome pop-ups from your browser settings.

Method 2:

Another way to block these ads is ad-blocker extension for Google Chrome. Through this extension, you can block flash video ads, banner ads, Facebook ads, YouTube ads and many more.

How to Block Pop up ads in Google Chrome adblocker

Adblock is the finest one and famous extension in Google Chrome store. Currently adblock is available for Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari. Simply add this extension in your browser and enable it then it will work automatically on each web page.

Do you know? Without ads, a web page can be load fast than before. Read 10 Ways to Speed Up Website Loading Time.

Method 3:

Mostly times pop up ads running from your computer freak software’s. Which software can installed in your computer automatically during download or installation pictures, apps, games etc. So, you need to check your computer programs from control panel, if there is unwanted and unknown programs has installed in your computer then uninstall or remove these redundant programs.

How to Block Pop up ads in Google Chrome unknown programs

Hopefully, you understood these ways very well. These above three methods can be use to block or terminate pop up ads, banner ads, flash ads and many more from your computer machine.

Let us know, if you think that you got the solution for your problem and satisfied with it. For more ideas and your opinions, you can join us via below comment box.