On-Page SEO Ranking Factors List With Short Description

As we know that, SEO is an online marketing term, which is used to improve search engine rank. On-Page Seo is known as the first type of Seo and its contains numerous factors and algorithms. Many of my readers and visitors asked me about On-Page Seo ranking factors and also demand for proper factors list.

Therefore,  today I’m going to write this descriptive post for proper guidance about on-page seo factors and how we can improve search engine rank with these factors usage. Let’s find out!

On-Page SEO Ranking Factors List
On-Page SEO Ranking Factors Structure

On-Page SEO Ranking Factors:

On-Page Seo is defined as, Which Seo task that you have done during login or back-end to your website is considered as on-page Seo. There are numbers of definitions but above one is clear and simple to memorize this Seo type.

Now go ahead with on-page seo ranking factors list along short description for guidance.

  1. Analyze Website (Find site niche, bugs and impairments)
  2. Keyword Research (Search finest one and low competitive keywords relevant to web category)
  3. Keyword Placement (Right keyword placement is crucial and your success)
  4. Keyword Density (How many times keyword exist in content body, recommended density 1.50%)
  5. Meta-tags (Setup Meta-title and description, Search engine utilize meta- title & description to filter searches)
  6. Meta-Robots (Index-noindex, Nodp and Noydir) *What is Nodp and Noydir
  7. XML Sitemap (Search Engine demands appropriate website road map to easily and quick access all web pages)
  8. Robots.txt (A file that contains instruction for search engine crawler)
  9. RSS FEED (Folks will be stay in touch with you and will be notified automatically)
  10. Image Optimization (Image Optimization by using ALT tag and resize their resolution) *How to Optimize Images
  11. W3 C Validation (Optimize Website Speed through cache service and save hosting bandwidth as you can) *W3 Total Cache
  12. Permalinks Structure (Setup right URL structure to boost on-page seo, keyword should be exist in your URL structure) * WordPress Permalinks Structure
  13. Google Tools (Setup or integrate Google Webmaster for administrative rights in search engine and analysis reports and Google Analytics to track single visitor on website and their activities)
  14. Rich Snippets (Highlight your content in search engine and increase visibility chances via rich snippets)
  15. Breadcrumbs (Use to display web categories/pages in well manner)

Above mentioned points are known as major and prominent on-page seo factors. Instead of these, there are other various of on-page factors but major are listed above.

Let us know, if you think above given information is proven best for you. If you are interested to learn above on-page factors then join our Seo Training Guide for free. For more discussion on that topic and your respective opinions, you may join us via below comment.

Adblade Publisher Review – Pros and Cons

Adblade Publisher Review:

Adblade is a content style native advertising and publishing platform. Adblade is famous and popular due to his performance and trustworthy sign. Adblade start his journey and founded in 2008. As we familiar that, content style ads/native ads made double earnings than display banner ads because content style ads clicks ratio is double than usually ad banner. That is why, folks priorities growing in native advertising ad networks. Adblade is similar to Outbrain and Taboola but there are slightly difference exist., which we will reveal in this Adblade publisher review.

Adblade Publisher Review - Pros and Cons
Adblade Publisher Review

Adblade Publisher Pros:

Adblade is one of the trusted and legitimate ad network in online market. Adblade provides real times fast and quick ads tracking interface within minutes. Secure network by Security socket Layer (SSL), now no one can steal your account.

Adblade  Cons:

Low CPM or CPC than Outbrain and Taboola. High traffic requirement 1000+ page views daily.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

Traffic Requirement: 30,000 page views /Month.

Advertising Type: Native Ads

Offering: CPC and CPM both

Payment Method: Check and Direct Deposit/Wire Transfer.

Payment Schedule: Net-30

Technical Support Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Tips and Guide For Beginners:

Adblade is a great opportunity, if you got their approved account. No matter, if their CPC or CPM are low, you can increase your Adblade revenue by follow the following steps.

  • Increase your daily page views especially grab traffic from social media.
  • Target High preferred countries like US, UK, Australia and Canada.
  • Adblade pay good, if any click made by any mobile user. So try to make your website responsive.
  • Adblade gives higher precedence to Mobile, Tablet deceives traffic then Desktop.

Let us know, if you like this review and found this informative for you. Don’t forget to share this survey and experience with your colleagues. For more discussion and your opinions, you may leave your comment below.

7 Reasons Why Your Social Media Strategies Might Not be Working

It is not working! We are not getting the desired results! But we made a plan! How can it not work? These arguments can come from a closed room of an organization with a number of social media marketers/stagiest having discussions about the failure of their social media strategy. Well, failure is an over hyped situation in this case. It is actually the way you see it. Here is a list of 11 reasons that may help you understand why the social media strategy did not work.

7 Reasons Why Your Social Media Strategies Might Not be Working

Talking about social media, it is digital marketing strategy that is still in its adolescence. Though this media is a fixture for everyday tasks, sometimes its unpredicted nature and frustratingly touchy feel can bother you. If you have faced ‘it’s not working stage and not been able to figure out why, this post can help you with that. Not every time what you do is wrong, sometimes how you do it also matters.

A guessing game with strategies is just not happening today where almost every business is seeking social media for marketing purposes. So here is how you can identify why your social media strategies are not working.

1: You Have a Wrong Definition of “Working”:

The marketing strategy for every business is to increase revenue. But a reality check states that social media is not supposed to. If it does, take it as an added benefit to your strategy. Social media is meant to increase interactions, growing a fan base and increasing CTR’s. As far as that is happening, your social media strategy is perfectly working for you.

2: You are Old:

Social Media is one medium that has a changing scenario almost daily. What might have worked for you yesterday might not work today because the world has moved on but you have not. So before you design a strategy, make sure you are updated with all the latest trends of the year.

3: Your Focus is not on the Right Medium:

You need an assessment of the platforms that you have been using for your social media purposes. If you were marketing on A, B and C platforms once upon a time, you need to shift your focus to a platform where your audiences are present. Keep investing in the wrong medium and social media strategies would never work for you.

4: You have ‘The Viral’ Fever:

Going viral is something that is trending on the internet today and thus a number of social media strategist put in their entire effort on making something that can go viral instead of doing something that keeps their audiences connected. To stay connected to your followers and fans you do not have to go viral. Obsessing over viral can keep you from doing something more effective.

5: You are Lacking Interaction:

Social media platforms are meant to interact with the followers. To be effective you should understand the needs of the customer and for that interaction is necessary.

6: You are Losing Patience:

Social media is not instant. It needs time to perform. You can’t just keep hit and trying every week. To be successful you need to wait till your medium is strong and you have a proper interacting session.

7: You are not moving your followers to your e-mail list:

When you are on social media and you have a number of followers, one thing that you are doing wrong is not moving these followers to your email list. It is observed that when you try to sell something on e-mail, people have a greater buying tendency for the same thing you try to sell on social media.

In the End:

So, it is for sure that none of you want to waste a lot of time on social media without results. It is enjoyable, addictive and can work wonders for you if you have the capability. It is better to hire a social media expert to increase what social media is meant to do.

If your social media strategies are not working, you have all the fixtures for yourself. Just the hire the right resource for your business. And if you are a social media strategist create a job alert so that you can be notified when someone is looking for you.

Infolinks Review – Best AdSense Alternative

Are you searching Infolink review, if yes then you’re on the right place to find out your answer. After AdSense strict policies, users trying and finding best AdSense alternatives. Infolinks is one of the best and pro alternative solution for web publishers. Infolinks offering is contextual ad network instead of banners. Today we will elaborate infolinks pros and cons with complete evidence.

Infolinks Review - Best AdSense Alternative
Infolink Review

Infolinks Review:

Infolinks Review - Best AdSense Alternative proof
Image Taken by Siraj Mahmood (KnowledgeIDea Infolinks Account)

Infolink is one of the popular advertising network working since 2007. They have strong recognition around internet market due to Infolinks satisfactory performance. You also can review the below image traffic statistics/impressions and revenue.

Infolinks Pros AND Cons:

Sometimes my web readers claims that they are earning approximately nothing with infolinks. Keep remember that, after account approval initial days every network inspect your website traffic and your web users behaviors or activities. Probably after 3 weeks, they understand that what kind of ads they can stick on your website. Till that time, advertisers also familiar with your website conversations and activities which their ads made through your website. Thus, do not surrender because struggle and consistency is the key of success.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Payment Method: Wire Transfer and Payoneer MasterCard (Get Payoneer MasterCard with $25 Bonus)

Payment Threshold: Min $100 and Max $10k

Payment Deduct by Ad Network: Infolink deduct 25% amount of your total withdrawal on Wire Transfer and 0% on Payoneer.

Are they Offering Referral Program: Yes

Infolinks Revenue Booster:

Recently Infolinks started to deliver recommendation ads to their publishers. You can place these ad units under post content, these ads unit working similar like native ads such as Outbrain and Taboola. Just you need to enable revenue booster option under In tags ad customization.

Infolinks Review - Best AdSense Alternative revenue booster
Infolink Revenue Booster

Through enable this option, you can maximize your earnings with ease. According to Infolinks experts and team, if you enable maximum ads like In-text, in-fold , in-tag , iframe and recommendation ads unit then your eCPM will be boost very fast and your earning also.

Important things to do after Approval:

After getting approval email from Infolinks team then you have to do following changes before anything.

  1. Log in to your approved Infolinks account.
  2. Go to Account -> Payment Settings and set up your money withdrawal gateway.
  3. Next on another page, submit Infolinks tax form whether you are from US or outside US.
  4. Now you can insert ads on your website manually code and for WordPress use Infolinks Plugin.

Let us know, if you find this article useful and got you answer. Must read Payoneer MasterCard Review and Tips because it is crucial, if you are working in online market. For more discussion on this topic and your queries, you may join us via comment.

Hostgator Vs iPage Pros and Cons

As we familiar with both of the finest web hosting providers HostGator and iPage. Both web hosting companies are offering comparatively competitive price and plans. Whereas both have pros and cons. Today we will compare HostGator vs iPage, thus best hosting solution will come out.

HostGator Vs iPage:

HostGator and iPage both are trusted and leading web hosting service providers. No doubt every good company have few down and up sides but in these fluctuations how you can find your best one solution to continue your job very well. Let’s see the pros and cons of these both companies.

Hostgator Vs iPage Pros and Cons
Hostgator Vs iPage Pros and Cons

HostGator Pros:

HostGator is an #1 web hosting company around internet market since 2002. They offer unlimited web hosting plans even starter hosting packages comes with unlimited facilities like pro members. 45 days money back Guarantee for user satisfaction, premium automatically backup options and quality technical support any time via chat, phone and tickets. $200 worth marketing credit for every initial member. Buy HostGator Hosting Now

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

HostGator Cons:

Costly web hosting service as compared to other web hosting platforms. They do not offer free domain for beginners hosting members. Anyone cannot bear their expense because they charges are overpriced.

iPage Pros:

iPage is famous and popular due to affordable web hosting service since 2004. They also offering unlimited packages and free .com domain for beginners. $250 worth marketing credit for every initial member. They also offering technical support 24/7/365. Buy iPage Hosting Now

iPage Cons:

iPage do not offer any backup options with hosting package, you need to buy backup tools separately only in $12.95/yr. Their technical support rating is not pretty good.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5


HostGator and iPage both are good on his places, if your budget is enough then go with HostGator unlike for affordable hosting go with iPage. HostGator is costly but recommended and iPage is affordable but comes with limited features. Now it’s up to you that where you want to go now.

Let us know, if you think that you got your answer in appropriate form. You also can read HostGator features overview for better understanding. For more discussion on this topic, you may leave your comment below.

WordPress 4.3 Introduce New Features

Yesterday 18 August WordPress update to WordPress 4.3 with new remarkable and emerging features, which has incredible performance and reliability. In our earlier article, we remarked new features of WordPress 4.1 which was released with features like image alignment toolbar, language supports and others. Same like this time again WordPress won his millions of users hearts after add strapping features in WordPress 4.3.

WordPress 4.3 Introduce New amazing Features

WordPress 4.3 Introduce New Features:

As we know that, couple of hours ago every WordPress user saw a notification on his WordPress dashboard. An updated version of WordPress is available. You can update to WordPress 4.3 automatically or download the package and install it manually. WordPress 4.3 came with new enhancement and most prominent features.

Easy Formatting Shortcuts:

In this version, WordPress team introduce formatting shortcuts which makes easier and faster to write your post than before. Now you can use asterisks to create list, use number sign to create heading and use > this sign for blockquote. They have mentioned a complete list of shot cuts for user convenience, you can see this list by click on question mark of main menu  editor.

WordPress 4.3 Introduce New Features shortcuts formatting

Menus in Customizer:

Now WordPress 4.3 came with menu in customizer, where you can live editing, modifying your menus and can see live preview without any hurdle. Now no need to go in your menus section separately because now everything is available in your fingertips.

WordPress 4.3 Introduce New Features menu in customizer

App Style Favicon Facility:

In all of the previous WordPress version by default have no option for favicon. This time WordPress 4.3 introduce app style radius corner favicon image. We also called this site icon, which appears in your browser tabs.

WordPress 4.3 Introduce New Features site favicon

Strong Security Password:

In WordPress 4.3 during adding users or registration, WordPress automatically generate invincible security password. Password reset link and generated password will be automatically sent to the user email. Now WordPress extending their security level to avoid security risks.

WordPress 4.3 Introduce New Features password security

Disable Comment on Pages:

This time WordPress disable comments by default for all new pages. It is a good step that WordPress taken this time because mostly pages do not need comment section like contact page and about page etc.

WordPress 4.3 Introduce New Features disable comments

As you can see the above image, by default every new page comments will be disabled and you can see in the above image under discussion section allow comment option is unchecked by default but if you want to add comment box under any page then you may add them by checking this option.

Further, WordPress add refinements in responsive design menus, which you can see on mini devices like iPhone, iPad etc. WordPress is trying to giving best solution for his users and entertain them with the passage of time.

Let us know, if you like this article and found useful for your knowledge enhancement. If you have any queries, news and your opinions concern with WordPress then you may join us via comment.

How To Add Custom Fonts in WordPress

Do you know? you can not utilize any of the custom font without adding in WordPress. Before using any particular fonts in WordPress, you need to add custom fonts in WordPress CSS style sheet. This procedure is little bit complicated but after watch this tutorial you will be able to add and run any particular fonts in WordPress.

How To Add Custom Fonts in WordPress

How To Add Custom Fonts in WordPress:

To add custom fonts in your WordPress, you need to following the following steps.

  1. Download the particular fonts which you like to add them in your WordPress. You can download fonts from 1001 fonts and da fonts.
  2. Extract downloaded fonts and separate the .ttf (True Type Font File) font file.
  3. Create a separate folder with the name of ‘fonts‘ in your themes directory on server like public_html\Website_name\wp-content\themes\magazine_theme\fonts\font_name.ttf
  4. After upload your fonts in your root directory, next things is add custom font in your current theme CSS style sheet. For this purpose open your theme style sheet like public_html\Website_name\wp-content\themes\magazine_theme\style.css or whatever.
  5. Add the below code in your CSS style sheet.
@font-face {
 font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; //You can write anything like Arial_font etc
 src: url(https://www.knowledgeidea.com\wp-content\themes\magazine_theme\fonts\font_name.ttf);
} // Add Font destination URL

Now your font has been added in your WordPress website. Now you can associate this one added font to any paragraph, title, headings etc but remember that, you will need to add few CSS lines to associate this font to anyone part of themes. Let’s suppose you are using WordPress default theme (Twenty Fifteen) and you want to associate the added font with theme post title. For this purpose you will need to find the title CSS class and you can find CSS class through browser inspect element.

How To Add Custom Fonts in WordPress step 1

After find the associate class then go to your theme style sheet and find the same class which you find out from inspect element. Then you need to add a small CSS line “font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif !important;” see the below implementation of font family CSS line inside title class.

How To Add Custom Fonts in WordPress step 2

After add those font family, now your added font is successfully connected with your particular part of theme which is currently a title. Just you need to find CSS class of any part of the theme then simply add font family  which you added in your WordPress. Review the below image with prominent font change.

How To Add Custom Fonts in WordPress step 3

You can add infinite fonts because there is not threshold and restriction, but remember that destination URL should be correct which you will be mention in your CSS style sheet.

Let us know, if you understood all the little aspects with full satisfaction. You also can add multiples fonts in your directory and can utilize on web pages, but keep remember that, do not use excessive fonts because much fonts can lay down your website speed, which users never likes. Fore more discussions and useful opinions, join us via comment.

How To Create Groups in MailChimp Guide

As we know that, MailChimp is one of the famous email marketing company. MailChimp is also available for WordPress users and they can avail it. MailChimp have multiple features, which can be monitor from MailChimp account directly. One of the prominent feature is MailChimp Groups, this option is available inside a MailChimp list. Every list can store bulk of emails without any hurdle.

How To Create Groups in MailChimp
MailChimp Groups

How To Create Groups in MailChimp Guide:

Create groups in MailChimp list is not a tricky task. Mostly beginners do not know the benefits of MailChimp groups that’s why their attention do not grab this aspect. MailChimp groups means, categorize subscriber by a specific category  like entrepreneur, news, geeks etc. Every subscriber will be able to choose his interested category before subscribing MailChimp list. Thus, you can collect a target category subscribers in your list. Let’s follow the following step to create a group in MailChimp list.

Step 1:

Log in to your MailChimp account then navigate to -> List from the upper main menu. Choose your target list, in which you want to create groups.

How To Create Groups in MailChimp step 1

Step 2:

Go inside your target MailChimp list and navigate to ‘Manage Subscribers‘ and select ‘Groups‘ from sub menu.

How To Create Groups in MailChimp step 2

Step 3:

On the groups page, simply click on ‘Create Groups‘ button to establish a unique group or field.

How To Create Groups in MailChimp step 3

Step 4:

In fourth step, you need to do below things respectively.

  1. Firstly, Choose group fields display style like (Check boxes, radio buttons, drop down etc)
  2. Secondly, Enter Group title like (Interested in, Categories, Departments etc)
  3. Thirdly, Enter groups names in the given boxes. Keep remember that, you can 60 groups under one list.
  4. Fourthly, Make sure that all editing things are fair and fine then simply click on ‘Save‘ button.

How To Create Groups in MailChimp step 4

Now you have successfully created groups under a list. It’s time for implementation, now whenever you add or integrate your MailChimp subscription form to your website then these groups will be shown under this subscription form. Review the below pretty MailChimp form along various groups.

How To Create Groups in MailChimp form

Above given image is an implementation of MailChimp groups with subscription form. Now every user can easily choose their category for which category they are interested and want to receive newsletters.

Let us know, if you think that above article is useful. Learn MailChimp features list and how you to add MailChimp in WordPress website without any trouble. For more discussion and you queries, you may join us via below comment.

5 Important Things To Do After Installing WordPress

WordPress is a most chosen platform around internet for web development. Effective thing about WordPress is that, it is open source platform and free of cost. Easy to installation with in few clicks without any hurdle. Today we will discuss about, what important things to do after installing WordPress on your hosting. After installation, what essential things are needed to be implement.

5 Must Important Things To Do After Installing WordPress

Important Things To Do After Installing WordPress:

Majority of blogger doesn’t care about this aspect due to hurry in nature. But remember that, little changes can create huge impact on your website. Let’s find out the important things that you should to do after installing WordPress.

5 Important Things To Do After Installing WordPress
Fresh Installed WordPress Dashboard Preview

Change Default WordPress Tagline:

When you complete the WordPress installation process, you should need to change the WordPress default tagline immediately. Because this tagline will be shown in search engine as a website title.

5 Important Things To Do After Installing WordPress tagline
Just another WordPress site

If you do not change tagline then it can be a drawback for your website. To change this tagline go to -> Settings from WordPress Dashboard then -> General and replace the default tagline to new one.


5 Important Things To Do After Installing WordPress replace tagline
Replace ‘Just another WordPress site’ tagline to another one

Change WordPress Permalinks Structure:

WordPress permalinks structure is most important factor in Search engine optimization. Another name of permalinks is URL (Uniform Resource Locator) which is use to  locate a specific web page. Just you need to do is go to -> Settings from WordPress Dashboard then -> Permalinks and change permalinks Default to Post Name.

5 Important Things To Do After Installing WordPress change permalinks
Permalinks Structure Setup

After change permalinks structure then must click on Save Changes button. When you changed the permalinks structure then whenever you add any post,page,category and portfolio then title will be automatically selected as a URL.

Remove Unnecessary Stuff:

Fresh and default installed WordPress contains some freak data like Sample page, Hello World post and Hello Dolly plugin which are totally useless. The only purpose of these stuff is to presenting a demo site. You need to remove those post, pages and plugins.

Add Essential Plugins:

A new WordPress comes with default themes and plugins which are few in numbers. So it’s time to decorate your website according to market trends but something are crucial like Seo for marketing, Statistics reports, tracking reports, Security is necessary and much more. We will utilize plugins to accomplish our needs. Review the below list of plugin, which are important for basic purpose.

Remove Unnecessary Comments Tags:

Marketer and experts do not allow hyperlinks in comments, which most beginners blogger do that because they are backlinks hunger. Even these backlinks are totally nofollow, which means that search engine crawler do not crawl those hyperlinks. Default installed WordPress contains few html tags under comment box, which are looking ugly and make no sense unlike helpful to create hyperlinks. So you need to do remove those under comment html tag through this way, open your function.php file and add the below lines.

[su_highlight]add_filter( ‘pre_comment_content’, ‘esc_html’ );[/su_highlight]

Let us know, if you like this article and found useful for your journey. We mentioned only major aspect and factors, which are necessary for fresh installed WordPress. If you want more discussion on that topic and have another one queries then let me know via comment.

Yoast SEO 2.3 Introduce New Features

From many years Yoast serving extensive Seo tools and gadgets to his millions of active users. As we familiar with Yoast plugins, one of the popular and known plugin is WordPress Seo by Yoast. Recently we already wrote an article on previous version WordPress SEO by Yoast 2.0 With New Features. Yoast doing enhancement in his WordPress plugins with the passage of time and now they released WordPress Yoast Seo 2.3 with his new features.

Yoast SEO 2.3 Introduce New Features
Yoast SEO 2.3 Introduce New Features

Yoast SEO 2.3 Introduce New Features:

In this Yoast Seo 2.3 version, they integrate some new and effective features. We personally utilizing this one finest plugin our websites or blogs and recently we update the previous version into new one. We analyze and check this new version 2.3 features and feel happy to see it but in this version they lock somethings and only premium member can unlock those features and can get access on it instead of this they integrate many of others free features. Which we are going to discuss in this article for our user awareness.

Google New Search Console:

Google search console is similar like you webmaster ‘Crawling Errors‘ section. In which, you need to integrate your Google webmaster account with this plugin though webmaster authentication key then choose your target website from drop down list.

Yoast SEO 2.3 Introduce New Features search console

After integrate Google search console you will be able to see the crawling error, which crawler detected last time, when crawler came on your website. You need to check it out this console daily or weekly to find out your website missing pages on various devices. These missing pages generate 404 not found page, which is not fair with incoming visitors because they are not getting their information for which he came. You need to detect those 404 missing post, pages and categories and can redirect those visitors on other pages of website thus you will not lose any single incoming visitor.

SEO Score Widget on Dashboard:

This feature point out your published post Seo status or score. Similarly, you can find out the weak scored post Seo and correct them immediately. Now no need to filter bulk of the posts to figure out the weak Seo post, this feature will work fast with rocket speed.

Yoast SEO 2.3 Introduce New Features Point to Post

Breadcrumbs in the Customizer:

As we know that breadcrumbs is important because it make your website more user-friendly. This time Yoast add breadcrumbs customizer, where you can edit their style and appearance even can add prefix of breadcrumbs. If you are a developer then we would suggest you to read some implementation tips about Yoast breadcrumbs.

Yoast SEO 2.3 Introduce New Features breadcrumbs customizer

Cool Tip: If you installed fresh WordPress then I would suggest you to change your WordPress default tagline which is “Just another WordPress site” because this tagline will be shown in search engine from your domain title.

Let us know, if you found this article useful for your blogging journey. If you are a WordPress beginner then must read How To Install WordPress Seo By Yoast And Settings. For more discussion and your queries, you can join us via below comment.