10 Reasons Why We Choose WordPress For Blogging

Do you know? What platform is good to kick-start your blogging journey. On internet there are lots of conversations and interactions only on the best platform for blogging. Blogging is now become an emerging occupation among students even elders doing this job very well. As an entrepreneur since 2012, I’m running multiple websites or blogs where we utilize a website building platform. WordPress is one of the finest and spectacular platform for everyone, who loves to build website and earn money with it.

10 Reasons Why We Choose WordPress For Blogging

Reasons Why We Choose WordPress:

Most important question arises for beginners, which are on initial stage and want to taking an excellent decision. On internet lots of platform offers website building service for blogging or else purpose. Prominent platform names are following as , Blogger, WordPress, Tumbler, Wix etc. Now the actual question arise here is, why we emphasizes on WordPress and what are the characteristics in WordPress than other platforms. So we will reveal some empirical properties of WordPress, which will persuade you to join WordPress especially for blogging.

Free of Cost Platform:

As everyone familiar with WordPress, WordPress is a free of cost platform. They will not charge any single penny for their platform usage so be chill.

Reasons Why We Choose WordPress For Blogging

User Friendly Interface:

WordPress contains numbers of user-friendly tools to customize and modify website. It is quite simple to add or edit articles with in minutes.

Reasons Why We Choose WordPress For Blogging

Open Source Free Platform:

WordPress is an open source platform, developers can customize their coding files and make it according to their need. You can hire a developer, who will made a custom interface or can add additional features for your use.

Reasons Why We Choose WordPress For Blogging

Extended Website Features:

As we known that, WordPress have approximately 39,206+ plugins, which can extend website features and functions easily. WordPress plugins makes your website more reliable and advance than before.

Reasons Why We Choose WordPress For Blogging reason fourth

SEO Friendly Platform:

Seo is works as a backbone of any website because it is an online marketing term. WordPress have lots of Seo Plugins famous one is WordPress Seo by Yoast, this Seo plugin boost your website Seo instantly now no need to hire someone expert to do Seo. Read 20 Ways to Drive Traffic To Your Website and you also can be the part of our Free Seo Training.

Reasons Why We Choose WordPress For Blogging reason seo

Attractive Website Themes Support:

In internet market, you will find tons of WordPress themes which are enough to give an attractive look to your website front-end. Just you need to do is, purchase these themes and install in your WordPress. Two simple steps can make your website more magnificent.

Reasons Why We Choose WordPress For Blogging reason themes

Multiple Post Style:

In WordPress, you can create multiple article/post style like context, audio, video, pics gallery, portfolio etc. Each and everything is deeply designed for user convenience and can be able to update in future.

Reasons Why We Choose WordPress For Blogging reason post style

Update Able Platform:

WordPress never makes you bore with old features because it is update-able with the passage of time. Recently they adds some sticky options inside post editing interface and in future they will do update again and again unless they required to do it.

Reasons Why We Choose WordPress For Blogging reason update

Air Tight Security:

WordPress always cares about his user whether they are premium or not. WordPress have lots of security plugin, which stop malicious logins and IPs addresses. I personally recommend you to buy best web hosting to prevent or avoid that kind of hacking issues. You can use jetpack plugin for security purpose, jetpack powered and developed by WordPress team and it has multiple all in one features.

Read Jetpack WordPress Plugin Incredible Features List

Reasons Why We Choose WordPress For Blogging reason security

Instant Backup Facility:

Backup is crucial to maintain your website stability. WordPress has internal option backup option in the main menu ‘Tools -> Export‘ where you can export separate and whole backup of your WordPress post/pages/forums/category/users etc. So don’t be panic WordPress is a premier choice for your blogging or else website.

Reasons Why We Choose WordPress For Blogging reason backup

WordPress have many others features list but these above are prominent features. Hopefully, above features will definitely put enthusiasm in your body to build website with WordPress. If you have any question concern to ‘Why We Choose WordPress’ then let us know.

How to Send Self Destructing Emails From Gmail

Delicious is a social bookmarking web service, where you can sorting, sharing web bookmarks. Delicious launched a self destructing emails with the name of Dmail. Now you can send emails with a delete button but at this time this dmail only works with Gmail.

How to Send Self Destructing Emails From Gmail

Self Destructing Emails From Gmail:

Dmail is a Google chrome browser extension, which works with Gmail together. Dmail teams says, Dmail encrypted message through 256 bit encryption algorithm from user local machine. Dmail encrypted  copy send to Dmail data-store center and they monitor this secure email. Dmail encrypt the sender message from sender local machine (Personal Computer). After reach at reception addresses message convert into decrypt form, which is readable or understand able for humans.

How to Send Self Destructing Emails From Gmail

As we said, Dmail is a chrome based extension works with Gmail. Interesting aspect of this dmail extension is that, you can revoke your sending emails anytime. Revoke ability remove access from receptions receivers. You can revoke you emails 1 hour/1 week/1 day before send email.

How to Send Self Destructing Emails From Gmail

Later send emails, you also can revoke/destroy email, go to your Gmail sentmails then choose the target send email go inside and click on the upper right hand side ‘Revoke Email’ button.

How to Send Self Destructing Emails From Gmail

After revoked send emails, receptions will not be able to get access on this email and see those messages. You will see a message ‘This message is no longer available for viewing..’ this means sender destroyed the email message from his interface.

How to Send Self Destructing Emails From Gmail Message

If you are using outlook or else service the message will not be view in front of your screen due to security, for this purpose you will see a ‘View message‘ button, which will redirect you after click on dmail data store server.

How to Send Self Destructing Emails From Gmail

Dmail team says, Dmail is a free of cost service but in future they will add some additional premium features. Dmail team is trying to add no forwarding feature, which put the ability in the send emails that message only read by intended recipients. Get Dmail extension now.

Let us know, if you think that you understood self destructing emails terminology. If you have more interesting and empirical ideas then don’t forget to share with us via contributing. For further discussion and opinion join us via below comment box.

Reasons why we never Give up Website Seo

As a entrepreneur Seo is my first priority because it gives me unique and recurring users, which is enough to boost my online sales. SEO is a finest way to build strong presence in search engines. Without Seo website never can grow up. Mostly folks specially beginners don’t have much knowledge about SEO optimization and their factors or tactics.

Join Seo training basic to advance level today!

Reasons Why We never Give UP Website SEO:

There are hundreds of reasons that we never give up Seo still. We love to do Seo daily even it’s become my daily routine. Everyone has a question on his tongue that why we never give up website Seo. Answer is because if anyone does Seo on his website first time then seo results will compel you because Seo will double your sales or revenue even Seo will put enthusiasm in your online business. Today i’ll try to reveal some interesting and authentic reasons why we never give up website Seo.

Reasons why we never Give up Website Seo

Long Term Connection:

SEO is a marketing term and used to build search engine organic results in the form of traffic. If your website got his Page Rank or Alexa Rank in search engines then it will work for long-term instead of short-term, so this long-term time period that you can avail from it. Long-term organic results can generate lots of revenue and with the passage of time revenue will be increased day by day.

Strong Search Engine Appearance:

SEO optimized website can be seen in search engines prominently. Everyday Seo optimized websites made million of impressions in search engines. Millions of impression convert into thousands of organic clicks, where folks redirected to a specific website page. Thus, this big Seo game works and generate a incredible revenue on daily basis.

SEO with Consistency:

A huge impact on Seo, when someone leaves to do Seo after published an article. Seo is not limited to a website homepage, it has no threshold that’s means even website 404 page needs Seo. If you do not refresh or update your previous written articles then you are doing lay down your website traffic.

Quick Keywords Response:

Let’s suppose, if someone is searching a keywords ‘WordPress themes’ in return Google search engine show some website snippet results. These shown snippets is the best Seo optimized for ‘WordPress themes’ keyword that’s why search engine give priority this web page on this particular keyword and show on the Google first page. You can target any of the keywords through Seo and can get quick response from search engines. Everyday Google search engine measure each website Seo and their activities so search engine ranking fluctuations can be occur anytime.

SEO Never Ditch You:

I’m doing SEO since 2012 and still getting benefits with it. Seo is a long term planning for your future. It demands consistency and struggle, which most of the folks never do, that’s why they claim that they are not getting benefit with it. You can hire a agency or a freelancer for Seo purpose but according to our perspective, you can do Seo by itself just you need to take Seo training because a person can do Seo without spend any single penny.

These are the prominent and essential reason that’s why we never want to rid off with Seo. Keep remember that, Seo is not like a hardcore stone so don’t worried about that just try it yourself because without struggle no target can not be achieved. If you have further queries and opinions related to this topic then join us via comment.

100+ SEO high Paying CPC keywords

As we know that Google AdSense pay his user much better than other ad publishing networks. Google AdSense pay his users according to PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising model. If your articles keywords niche is strengthen then you can earn enough money conversely some cents which are definitely not sufficient for any one. The biggest and prominent issue is keyword selection, you should pick rich or high paying CPC (Click Per Cost) keywords.These keywords are rich and also makes you rich through blogging. At this time we only share high paying CPC keywords in Seo category. but you also can read 50 Top High Paying Google AdSense Keywords List.

100+ SEO high Paying CPC keywords

100+ SEO High Paying CPC Keywords:

Article without keyword is nothing because a keyword is use to target a specific point. I have a collection of SEO high paying adsense keywords, I made this list of collection from various sources but you can avail from it.

Review the below list of high paying CPC keywords, keep remember that these keywords only falls in Seo category.

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affordable seo company $37.5
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Above mentioned keywords are 100% legitimate to use inside articles to do Seo. All above keywords are belongs to Seo category and we also write their current suggested bid price. So pick up one of those keywords and try to write something interesting. You also can find more keywords from Google keyword Tools.

Let us know, if you find these keyword precious and useful for your journey. We love to accumulate user feedback for our future improvements, if you have more ideas and queries then share with us via comment.

How to Enable Hotlink Protection in HostGator cPanel

What is hot linking :

Do you heard this word before, probably not or may be yes. When someone link your image of files directly on his website via URL then when someone user load his website in browser so every-time these images and files will be loaded from your server because he mentioned your images URL inside his post/articles/pages etc. This means that, someone is stealing and utilizing your website bandwidth freely.

How to Enable Hotlink Protection:

Hotlink protection is a well efficient feature or tool, which web hosting providers gives to us in our hosting cPanel. If you enable hotlink protection then hotlink protection will stop other website to directly link your website images and files, thus you can save lot of bandwidth and money also. Let’s see, how to enable hotlink protection from cPanel in the following steps.

How to Enable Hotlink Protection in HostGator cPanel

Step 1:

Login to your hosting cPanel and navigate to ‘Hotlink protection‘ under ‘Security‘ tab.

How to Enable Hotlink Protection in HostGator cPanel step 1

Step 2:

In this step, at this step we ill configure and enable hotlink protection.

  1. Add or remove the URL under the list of URLs, on which you want to apply hotlink protection and remove others.
  2. Secondly, you can add more extensions with conman separate, which files you want to fall under hotlink protection.
  3. Thirdly, check Allow direct request option.
  4. Fourthly, after done each setting simply click on ‘Submit‘ button to enable hotlink protection.

See the complete settings and actions in the below image.

How to Enable Hotlink Protection in HostGator cPanel step 2

Above image clearly expressing the appropriate way to enable hotlink protection from cPanel. After click on ‘Submit’ button, you will automatically redirected to another page. Where you will see a message “You have successfully enabled Hotlink Protection”. Now everything is great and hot linking protection is enabled on selected extensions and website URLs.

How to Enable Hotlink Protection in HostGator cPanel step3

Now you have successfully enabled hotlink protection on your target websites. You can edit or change it anytime. This protection will saves your lot of bandwidth, files/images copyright and money.

Let us know, if you think that this article resolve your issue and proved useful for you. We were doing this all stuff and settings on HostGator hosting, doesn’t matter what hosting you are using. As we said, almost every hosting service providing these features and tools to make your hosting server more reliable. Read HostGator hosting features overview. For more discussion and opinions, join us via below comment box.

How to Enable Directory Password Protection in iPage

Security is the most wanted aspect of a website hosting, which we cannot overlook at any cost. Hopefully, you will be familiar with hosting cPanel and their tools if not then read my previous article on HostGator cPanel features overview. cPanel contains numbers of additional tools and gadgets stuff. Directory password protection is one of the prominent tools in hosting cPanel, almost hosting services have integrated this tool inside cPanel. Today we will talk about how to enable directory password protection in iPage. Does not matter, what hosting we are using that already said “Every hosting have integrated this feature in cPanel”.

How to Enable Directory Password Protection in iPage
How to Enable Directory Password Protection in iPage

Enable Directory Password Protection:

Enable directory password protection makes your privacy more strong. Through this feature, you can give access to certain users to go inside the specific directory. Similarly, these certain users can be your employees or community golden/premium members, who taken the community membership. Here are many other situations, where you can utilize directory password protection. Let’s find out the way with in following steps.

Step 1:

Open your cPanel and navigate to ‘.htaccess Editor‘ under ‘ADDITIONAL TOOLS‘ section.

How to Enable Directory Password Protection in iPage

Step 2:

In the second step, On .htaccess editor page choose ‘Password Protection‘ option and go inside in it.

How to Enable Directory Password Protection in iPage

Step 3:

At the third step, Now it’s time to choose the actual directory by click on ‘Change’ button, choose target directory/folder on which you want to put password.

How to Enable Directory Password Protection in iPage step 3

Step 4:

Choose your target directory  from beneath root directory and don’t forget to confirm after directory section. Finally click on ‘Select‘ button to finalize your selected directory.

How to Enable Directory Password Protection in iPage step 4

Step 5:

In this step, enter the authorization name or message which will shown during log in directory and finally Click on ‘Enable‘ button.

How to Enable Directory Password Protection in iPage step 5

Step 6:

On the same page scroll down , now its time to create a user to access password protected directories. Simply enter ‘Username‘ and ‘Password‘ then click on ‘Add user’ button. You can create more than one users which can access protected or secret directory/area simultaneously.

How to Enable Directory Password Protection in iPage step 6

Step 7:

After created user, now browse your website with password protected directory (e.g. domain.com/Lab) then a login pop up/window will be appeared in browser and ask for log in details (Username and Password) insert your created user credentials and go ahead. User list also can be seen inside password protection page.

How to Enable Directory Password Protection in iPage step 7

In the above image, you can clearly see the password protected directories. You can lock more than one directories as you want.

Let us know, if you find this article more interesting and useful for your purpose. If you have better ideas than this so you can share with us via contributing. For more discussion and your queries leave you comment below.

Hostgator Features Overview – HostGator Review

Do you know the reason behind HostGator progression, if not so its time to understand these facts and figures. HostGator is a world-wide hosting service company and also provides further additional facilities. Today, I will reveal some interesting and premium HostGator features.

Hostgator Features Review
HostGator Features Review

Why We Use HostGator?

A prominent question around you is why we and everyone recommend or use HostGator. In simple words, HostGator loves with his each client and also serve premium technical support, As they promised at the time of purchasing web hosting to us. Folks always gives his priorities to the additional features service giver, which compels you to take his services. HostGator are with you every step  of the way because they believes on long-term relationship with his customers. We use HostGator due to his premium features, which is better as compared to other hosting providers.

HostGator Features Overview:

HostGator hosting have dozens of characteristics, which you can see from your hosting cPanel. We will talk about major of these additional properties and elaborate one after another.

Hostgator Features List Overview Special offers
HostGator Special Offer Section contains numbers of additional tools.

HostGator have separate section of special offers among cPanel options. Under special offers, you can see various tools related to web building, SEO, Security, Cloud backup tools and internet marketing credits. Let’s start to elaborate each of the tools and its applications.

Hostgator Features List Overview Cloud Backup
Cloud Backup Feature

Cloud Backup: Cloud backup is a spectacular tool, which takes automatically backup to your whole site with consistency (Daily) and save your precious website. Accidents can be happened with anyone and cloud backup will recover your website imperfection and current defects.

Read How to Backup and Restore MySQL Database using PhpMyAdmin

Hostgator Features List Overview SEO Gears
SEO Gears (Improve Website Traffic in Days)

SEO Gears: In which they facilitate his clients with SEO service. You do not need to hire any SEO specialist now you can do it yourself. They will submit your website in popular search engines with in couple of days. Complete head to head competitive keywords analysis reports on daily basis. They will give you search engine mastery eBook to understand the search engines algorithm and terminologies and improve your website traffic quickly.

Read 20 Ways to Drive Traffic To Your Website.

SiteLock: A well security expert tool, which scan your website daily and remove the viruses, stop online fraud or scam etc. SiteLock is reputed anti-spamming plugin integrated in your HostGator cPanel.

Bing & Google Ads Credits: Golden opportunity for HostGator member because HostGator offering $100 AdWords credit  and $100 Bing Ads credit for newbies to promote his business.

Importance Notice: Ads Credit offer only available for U.S. and Canada HostGator clients/members.

Hostgator Features List Overview Backup tools
HostGator Advance Backup Tools

Advance Backup Tools: HostGator provides automatic backup tools, where you can take full or partial backup of your hosting files even can restore these files backup files with-in minutes. Full backup contains Home Directory, MySQL Databases, Emails/Forward/Filter configurations.

Hostgator Features List Overview Security
HostGator Hosting Integrated Security Tools

HostGator gives his priorities to hosting security, where you are monitoring your website. HostGator provides few security tools, which you can see in the above image.

Password Protect Directories: This tools enable security login on target or each file manager directory/folder. Most beneficial from administrative perspective, thus no one employee/engineer can not get excessive access on control panel.

Read How to Enable Directory Password Protection in iPage

IP Deny Manager: This featured tool can block the single/multiple range of IP address access to your website. You can block any malicious and unwanted users via their IP address even you can block entire region or country.

Read How to block Entire Region or Country on My Website

HotLink Protection: Now no one can use or waste your hosting bandwidth with this tool. Hot linking enable this feature that, no one other website can direct link files or images to your website. Thus, no one can use your bandwidth, which can save your lots of money. Read How to Enable Hotlink Protection in HostGator cPanel.

Hostgator Features List Overview software
HostGator Software and Services

QuickInstall: A fabulous software almost available in every HostGator hosting package. Through this software, you can install any script like WordPress, Joomla, Magneto, Open Cart etc with in few clicks. Majority of beginners appreciate this software tool because they do not know how to install these scripts manually but it is handy and responsive software.

Read How to Install WordPress in HostGator Manually

Optimize Website: Another bandwidth saver, this featured software compress your website files before load in user browser. Thus you can save many of bandwidth without any cost and this compression also increase website loading speed.

Read 10 Ways to Speed Up Website Loading Time

goMobi Site Builder: HostGator integrate this service recently, it is a mobile website builder. This software will provide you an attractive interface where you can design or develop mobile website, thus your visitors or clients can visit your website from mini devices (iPhone, iPad and other cellular devices).

If you’re satisfied with their features along services then Go ahead and Buy HostGator Hosting.

Let us know, if you think that we covered the major HostGator hosting features. We are hopeful and optimistic that HostGator will add more features in future journey. If you have any question related to HostGator service and their hosting features then you can ask your queries below.

How To Backup and Restore MySQL Database Using PhpMyAdmin

Do you know? what things are necessary with your daily working routine. Writing articles daily on your blog is pretty good and fruitful for your blog. Let suppose, one day accidentally you lost  your website content or someone hack your website so these kinds of tragic calamity can be happened with you. So the appropriate solution of this problem is ‘MY SQL Database Backup’. Behind your website, MySQL stores website data in tables. If you are taking MySQL backup regularly these means that you are saving your website content from calamities. Today we will reveal the way, how to backup and restore MySQL database using PhpMyAdmin. It is important to know these tactics due to website security or safe side.

How to Backup and Restore MySQL Database:

To take the MySQL whole database backup using PhpMyAdmin from cPanel is quite simple. This backup is working as a backbone of security because this backup consist on your WordPress comments, all published/drafted/pending post, each post meta info, WordPress users profiles and their occupations. So let’s see this  backup procedure in the following steps.

How To Backup And Restore MYSQL Database Using PhpMyAdmin

Step 1:

Open your hosting cPanel and navigate ‘PhpMyAdmin‘ under databases section.

How To Backup And Restore MYSQL Database Using PhpMyAdmin step 1

Step 2:

After reach at ‘PhpMyAdmin‘ page then firstly, choose your target database and go inside in it. After select target database, you will see the database tables in-front of your screen then secondly click on ‘Export‘ button from the upper menu.

How To Backup And Restore MYSQL Database Using PhpMyAdmin step 2

Step 3:

In this step, Select or grab all database tables from ‘Export box‘ where you also can select single or multiple tables easily. Scroll down and select output file format therefore check ‘SQL‘ radio button.

How To Backup And Restore MYSQL Database Using PhpMyAdmin step 3

Step 4:

After choose database tables and file format scroll down and check ‘Save as file‘ option. Rename file name template and must check file compression to ‘Zipped‘ compression will reduce your MySQL database file size, which will be easy to download and will not grab enough space in your hard drive. After do everything then finally click on ‘Go‘ button and export the file in your computer memory.

How To Backup And Restore MYSQL Database Using PhpMyAdmin step 4

How to Restore MySQL Database Backup:

If you already taken backup of MySQL database of your website so do you know that how to restore backup. Restore MySQL backup is pretty simple technique, which is nearly like to the backup procedure. Just you need to follow the below step to restore the database backup.

Go to ‘PhpMyAdmin‘ from cPanel and choose the target database, In which you want to import MySQL database from your computer. Then navigate to ‘Import‘ button above the database tables and choose file from you personal computer. Keep remember that, file should be in G-zip or zip format otherwise it will not import the SQL database backup.

How To Backup And Restore MYSQL Database Using PhpMyAdmin step 5

If you are satisfied with backup file then simply click on ‘Go’ button and import MySQL database tables queries.

Note: We personally suggest you to take MySQL database backup before import any previous database backup. Because it will keep safe your website precious content and their each aspect.

Let us know, if you think that this article is helpful for your problem. If you more impressive and empirical ideas and articles so we love to listen your efforts. For more interaction on this topic or related, you can leave your opinions and feedback below.

How to Create MYSQL Database Using cPanel

In this article, we will see and talk about on create MYSQL database using cPanel. You can not create MYSQL database directly from PhpMyAdmin because of user privileges. From PhpMyAdmin, you are not able to connect database from its user privileges that is why we will create MY SQL database from cPanel. MYSQL is a server-side database management system, which stores data content of your website.

Create MYSQL Database Using cPanel:

MYSQL stores your data in database tables,  these  tables contains several fields and records. Every field have distinctive name and its corresponding values. Come back to the straight point, which is create database using cPanel. Review the following steps below.

How to Create MYSQL Database Using cPanel

Step 1:

In the step, Open your cPanel and navigate to ‘MySQL Database Wizard‘ under the ‘Databases‘ section.

How to Create MYSQL Database Using cPanel step 1

Step 2:

in this step, you will enter new database name and it should be unique than previous all database names. How to Create MYSQL Database Using cPanel step 2

Step 3:

In the third step, you will enter/set database username and a strong password, you also can generate password by clicking on ‘Password Generator‘ button. Keep remember that, password should be a combination of symbols, lower and upper case alphabets and numeric digits.

How to Create MYSQL Database Using cPanel step 3

Step 4:

After create both database and user separately, now we will add this user in our created database and connect both to each other. Check all ‘All Privileges‘ each option will be automatically checked then simply click on ‘Next Step‘ button.

How to Create MYSQL Database Using cPanel step 4

After click on ‘Next Step’ button, you will be a redirect to the next page on which you will get a message that privileges have been successfully added to the database.

How to Create MYSQL Database Using cPanel step 5

Above image showing that, database has been successfully connected with created user along privileges. Now you have to do use this created database during WordPress Installation to store your WordPress website data.

Let us know, if you think that this article accomplished your need. If you have more interesting ideas then don’t forget to share with us via contribute. For more discussion concern or related to MY SQL database so you can leave your opinion sand feedback in the below comment box.

How to Optimize MYSQL Database Using PhpMyAdmin

Optimize MYSQL Database Using PhpMyAdmin:

Sometimes my website gives some server-side errors like “Error establishing  a database connection” and after concern with my hosting technical experts they suggested me that optimize your MySQL database. After optimized MySQL database using phpmyadmin then the website works fine.

How to Optimize MYSQL Database Using PhpMyAdmin

Why We Optimize Database:

We use optimize database procedure because sometimes we deleted huge part of MYSQL tables then a space allocate this free memory or sometimes MYSQL cross the allocated memory threshold, for these reasons these errors can occur. So today we will learn that how to optimize MYSQL database using phpmyadmin from hosting cPanel. Watch this tutorial in the following step’s.

Step 1:

Log in to your hosting cPanel account then navigate to ‘PhpMyAdmin‘ under the MYSQL database section.

How to Optimize MYSQL Database Using PhpMyAdmin step 1

Step 2:

In the second step, navigate to ‘PhpMyAdmin‘ then Choose the target database, which you want to optimize it.

How to Optimize MYSQL Database Using PhpMyAdmin step 2

Step 3:

In third step, after go inside the target database, select/Check all tables and select ‘Optimize table‘ action from drop down menu. All database tables automatically optimize itself otherwise you also can select ‘Repair table‘ action from drop down menu.

How to Optimize MYSQL Database Using PhpMyAdmin step 3

After done all the above steps, now you have successfully optimized website database tables. A short message will be displayed on your screen after optimize database tables.

How to Optimize MYSQL Database Using PhpMyAdmin step 4

Hopefully, you definitely got your problem solution from this article. 99.9% chances from this way, your database errors will be remove but if it is not working then we will suggest your to contact to your hosting service provider via live chat and phone support then they will entertained you to fix your database issue.

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