5 Best Web Hosting Companies in the World

When you comparison each web hosting companies with next one’s similarly, you can evaluate his efficiency and impairments. Most of the beginners, who have no knowledge about best web hosting companies and their selection procedure or techniques lost his precious money on freak and local web hosting, which have no surety for safety and doesn’t provide customer satisfaction. But today in this article, we will reveal 5 best web hosting companies in the world and their services.

5 Best Web Hosting Companies:

Web hosting is a vital and basic need of website. Web hosting is a place, where we store/host our website data. This place should be reliable and fast to ensure that service. We highlighted some featured and top hosting serving companies in the world.

1. HostGator

5 Best Web Hosting Companies in the World

HostGator is known as world no#1 largest web hosting company. HostGator founded in 2002 by Brent Oxley while his university time period. HostGator is a popular and trusted web hosting company around the internet world. HostGator deals in shared, VPN and dedicated hosting plans. They also offer’s domain, web building, Seo, SSL services for his clients convenience. HostGator also deals or provide discounted coupons, which purpose is to give maximum discount in your first time billing invoice. We strongly recommended HostGator for our users and clients because they provides trustworthy and reliable environment. You also can try HostGator 25% OFF Coupon Code for special discount.

2. Bluehost


5 Best Web Hosting Companies in the World

Bluehost is the another famous web hosting company around the internet market. Bluehost founded in 2002 by Matt Heaton. Bluehost also deals in shared, WordPress, VPN, dedicated hosting service in discounted rates. Bluehost is a leading hosting provider, which have featured and premium hosting plans in affordable prices.

3. SiteGround

5 Best Web Hosting Companies in the World

SiteGround is a quality crafted hosting service with excellent reviews. SiteGround founded in 2004 by a few university friends. SiteGround is a fantabulous hosting solution for WordPress websites. Because it has super cache advance feature, which can easily boost WordPress website speed. SiteGround is famous due to his service and premium advance features like premium technical support, integrated super cache option, advance backups options etc. You also can read SiteGround Reviews and Ratings. SiteGround also provides customer satisfaction environment along user-friendly interface.

4. iPage

5 Best Web Hosting Companies in the World

iPage is a cheap and affordable web hosting solution along premium features. iPage is known as most cheap web hosting serving company, which pricing plans are reasonable according to the user demand. iPage also offering free domain name with basic essential hosting plan. According to Wikipedia, iPage is a private web hosting company and founded in 1998 by Thomas Gorny.

5. GoDaddy

5 Best Web Hosting Companies in the World


GoDaddy is popular web hosting company working since 1997. GoDaddy founded in 1997 by Bob Parsons. If we measure GoDaddy company volume so you will find that GoDaddy is a largest web hosting company, it has 4000+ employees and in 2014 GoDaddy revenue was $1.3 billions. GoDaddy is also known as domain registrar and spectacular web hosting serving company. They deals in further web related tools like SSL certificates, Online marketing, Professional email & tools etc.

Let us know, if you find this article useful for your journey. We recommend HostGator and SiteGround, especially for WordPress platform. If you have better one ideas and opinions then let us know, we love to listen your queries and feedback. You can convey your feedback and opinions via comment.

Why SEO is Important For Your Business

Why SEO is Important?

Do you know? Why Seo is important for your business. Search Engine Optimization is the fastest or speedy way to generate lot of organic traffic from search engines without pay any single penny. Seo is a important factor of business and marketing, where you can get innumerable clients, which can definitely boost your sales. Below we highlighted some innovative and crucial factors of Seo.

Why SEO is Important For Your Business

Meta Title:

Necessary component of On Page SEO, in which you arrange and manipulate your articles and pages Seo titles according to your target keywords. Search engines read and crawl these meta-titles then utilize this title in search engine ranking.

Meta Description:

Every site needs a good SEO arrangement. Since April 2015, Google has been utilizing mobile friendliness as a vital positioning element that influences rankings of the sites in the web. In this case, you should take care of your site presentation on mobile phones.

Read Google doesn’t use Meta-Keywords tag in search Engine Ranking.

You need to know that a site is versatile only when it:

  • – shows elements well on a hone
  • – does not need zooming
  • – is effortlessly readable on little screens
  • – is not difficult to explore the content with a finger
  • – is seen appropriately by Google.

This examines the progressions to making your site portable and enhancing your SEO in mobile from the viewpoint of Google documentation. The better you can make your site flexible, the faster Google can rank you appropriately. Versatile SEO in mobile signifies portable site improvement that can influence how search engine positions your pages. Indeed, there are several reasons, why SEO is crucial to your business. Understand these grounds.

Increases Traffic:

Obviously, top positions on search engine results receive a greater number of visits. SEO increases traffic significantly via the optimum use of title tags and detailed metadata that appear in search engines.

Tracks Traffic:

Using the information on SEO, a business can come up with an effective marketing strategy. To complete sales, a business is in a better position to target markets, utilize better tags and increase visibility by tracking the best paths users take.

Raises ROI:

As opposed to many online strategies, a business engaged in SEO offers better ROI. It targets users who are actually looking for your services.

Ease Of Use:

SEO creates a friendly user website as it is compatible to mobile phones and tablets. Choosing SEO is crucial as more web browsers use mobile devices online helping users to navigate the website easily.  SEO in mobile is very popular in finding pages on a website using mobile phones since it rearranges links faster and easier.

Gives Better Ranking:

Make your business stand out and bypass the competition through SEO. Remember, first page companies are associated to heightened credibility.

Google does not rank your business site on where you plan to be later but it positions your site the way it is today. Versatile site is essential at this moment and your portable setup is crucial to how your site will rank in Google. Remember, people everywhere use mobile phones and spend many hours on internet so allow them to find and navigate your site by ensuring that it is mobile friendly.

SiteGround Reviews WordPress & Hosting Overview

Did you know? Which one web hosting service is the best for WordPress from each and every perspective. At this time, I’m writing about SiteGround reviews and will also compare its fastest and advance tools with next one’s hosting companies. What will be you answer? I’m Siraj Mahmood, working as a SEO consultant and running a knowledge based website since 2012. We faced a lot of fluctuations in our life journey and we learned numerous things during this journey.

SiteGround Reviews
Today, I’m going to share my years of experience and recommendations about web hosting companies and their services. As we shared our experience and opinions in our HostGator reviews earlier published article. WordPress is a reliable and open source web building platform, which should be host on trustworthy and fastest hosting service.

SiteGround Reviews:

SiteGround is a quality crafted hosting service, which is actually perfect for WordPress platform. SiteGround working since 2004 and still have better worth than other’s. SiteGround is famous due to his performance and customer support.

Why SiteGround is best for WordPress?

First of all SiteGround offering super cache for great speed. Secondly they are also offering premium technical support without any further changers. SiteGround also gives free SSL  for 1 year. Another interesting aspect of SiteGround is that, they also gives 30% discount on web hosting renewal, this means introductory price and renewal price are nearly same. Now I’m going to elaborate the SiteGround web hosting basic package comparison with HostGator.

SiteGround (Basic Package) HostGator (Basic Package)
 Website Single  Website Single
 Domain FREE Domain  Domain No
 Disk Space 10GB  Disk Space  Unlimited
 Bandwidth Unlimited  Bandwidth Unlimited
 Emails Unlimited  Emails Unlimited
 SQL Databases Unlimited  SQL Databases Unlimited
 One CLick  Installer Yes  One CLick  Installer Yes
 SSL Certificate 1 Year (Free)  SSL Certificate No
 Money Back  Guarantee 30 Days  Money Back  Guarantee 45 Days
 Technical  Support Premium Technical Support (24/7/365)  Technical  Support 24/7/365
 Site Transfer Free  Site Transfer Free
 Backup Free Daily Backup  Backup Free Daily Backup
 CDN Support Free CloudFlare CDN  CDN Support No
 Super Cache  (Website Speed) Yes (Free)  Super Cache  (Website Speed) No
 Hosting Renewal 30% Discount on Hosting Renewal  Hosting Renewal No
 Server Uptime 99.9%  Server Uptime 99.9%
 WordPress  Compatible Recommended  WordPress  Compatible Good
 Hosting  Service Super Crafted Service  Hosting  Service Good
All in only $3.95/first month All in only $3.96/first month

Above, We clearly mentioned the both web hosting companies existing difference. Keep remember that, first time introductory price will be allowed on your invoice then second time regular price will be different with the above mention prices. But if you have SiteGround hosting then you can get 30% discount on every web hosting renewal without any hesitation. So now it’s up to you.


According to my survey and experience, SiteGround is the finest one solution for WordPress. Because SiteGround super cache tools can easily boost your website speed and performance. SiteGround hosting company providing super crafted hosting only for users satisfaction. HostGator is good but costly and have no cache service and also have no renewal discount offers for customer care. Thus, SiteGround won this victory.