How To Setup Auto Reply in Gmail

Gmail have some special tools, which makes your life easier. If you have a Gmail user then probably, Let’s supposes you are going to vacations but you will receive emails constantly during your vacations so how you can tell them your clients or email sender’s that currently you are not in your office for reply back. Yes’ I’m talking about Gmail autoresponder, which task is that, when someone sends you a email then a auto generated email automatically send those persons with a written message like “Currently you are not in your office, when you will back then I will assist you”. Thus, you can inform your clients about your current situation to give him satisfaction. So, I’m going to show you, how to setup Auto reply in Gmail or setup Auto Responder in Gmail.

How To Setup Auto Reply in Gmail

How to setup Auto reply in Gmail:

Gmail autoresponder is an crucial and handy tool in your Gmail account. But it has lots of advantages, which you can avail it. We will reveal this guidance in the following steps for reader’s convenience.

Step 1:

In this step, Login to your Gmail account and focus on your Gmail account upper right hand side, where click on ‘Gear Icon‘ then choose Settings option.

How To Setup Auto Reply in Gmail step 1

Step 2:

Now on the ‘Setting’ page and under the ‘General Tab’ scroll down then you will find ‘Out of Office AutoReply’option.

How To Setup Auto Reply in Gmail step 2

In the above image, you can clearly see the ‘AutoReply’ section, where you can setup autoresponder.

Firstly, Choose ‘Out of Office AutoReply on’.

Secondly, Set First and Last auto response date (Arrange your schedule according to your Vacations).

Thirdly, Choose the most appropriate subject for your autoresponder, you can review the above image example.

Fourthly, After write message and setup your autoresponder, don’t forget to ‘Save Changes’.

Hopefully, this Gmail features will definitely help you in vacation days. Don’t forget to share your ideas and thoughts with us.

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How to Enable and Disable Gmail New Inbox Tabs

As we know that, Gmail is a individual and free email service platform powered by Google. Recently Gmail team added some interesting tabs in Gmail inbox. Actually the task of these tabs is to filter the social, forums, promotions and primary conversation emails. Similarly, these filtration feature can easily sort your huge emails without any trouble. But instantly nobody is ready to adopt this features in his Gmail account. So someone tries to put his attention on this magnificent features to understand it and conversely someone tries to terminate this features. But before enable and disable Gmail new inbox tabs, To take a better decision, you should be aware about its advantages and disadvantages.

How to Enable and Disable Gmail New Inbox Tabs Guide

How to Enable and Disable Gmail New Inbox Tabs:

Enable and disable Gmail new inbox tabs is little bit easy way but you should conscious about its benefits, before perform anything. So first we will elaborate that, how to enable and disable the Gmail tabs then secondly we will discuss about its advantages and disadvantages. We made this guide tutorial for user convenience in following steps.

Step 1:

Open your Gmail account and if these tabs are enabled in your Gmail account so it will be look like this. Maybe there is two-three tabs in your Gmail account or probably tabs can be disabled in your account already.

How to Enable and Disable Gmail New Inbox Tabs step 1

Step 2:

On the right upper hand side click on ‘Gear icon‘ then choose ‘Configure Inbox‘ option in the sub menu.

How to Enable and Disable Gmail New Inbox Tabs step 2

Step 3:

Tabs setting pop up will be appear on your screen, where you can enable and disable these tabs through check or uncheck these specific tabs respectively.

How to Enable and Disable Gmail New Inbox Tabs step 3

Here few things about these tabs, you should need to know about that.

Primary Tab: Under this tab, you will found all person to person conversation emails and further major emails.

Social Tab: Under this tab, you will found social media sites notification or alerts emails like Facebook, Twitter etc.

Promotion Tab: Under this tab, you will found company promotion/discount offers/ Events emails like Hostgator Coupon Code 25% Off SALE.

Updates Tab: Under this tab, you will found blogs or website subscription alerts and further updates of these website, where you are currently working on.

Forums Tab: Under this tab, you will found all forums or discussion boards notifications or alerts, in which you working.

Step 4:

View the below screenshot, After uncheck few unnecessary tabs like updates and forums. Primary, Social and promotions tabs are now active because these three tabs are partially important for your Gmail inbox. But you can also disable or enable all tabs with in seconds.

How to Enable and Disable Gmail New Inbox Tabs step 4

Hopefully, you understood all the steps respectively. Let us know, if you find this article useful and if you think that article enhance your knowledge then please share with your friends. For more discussion on this topic, you can join me through comment box and leave your opinions or feedback.

14 Quick Ways to Build Trust on Your Landing Page

14 Quick Ways to Build Trust on Your Landing Page:

Getting customers to click your page is not difficult compared to earning their trust and retaining them. Your visitors don’t have the time nor the patience to scientifically analyze your website in order to determine the trust level. The much they can offer you is 10-20 seconds of their time. Before you finishing saying “welcome to my site” the fickle web visitor has already judged you and left with a bang. The sad thing is that you might never get another window of opportunity to convince that visitor to revisit, let alone stay on your site longer. This dilemma has led many people to ask what they need to do to build trust on their landing pages. Here are 14 quick ways to build trust on your landing pages.

14 Quick Ways to Build Trust on Your Landing Page

1. Offer Your Target Audience a Solution to Their Problems:

Your target audience is only interested in what solutions you can offer to address their problems. Your landing page should clearly highlight the solutions/services you are offering to your visitors and what makes you better from the competition. Focus on your target audience more as compared to focusing on your own company

2. Add Numbers and Facts:

Remember, you only have between 10-20 seconds to create a good first impression. People love facts and numbers and feel comfortable being among the crowd. When a potential customer sees that you have already served more than 10,000 customers, it gives them an assurance that your product is tried and tested.

3. Client Testimonials are Important:

Showcasing customer testimonials is highly effective for generating trust on your landing page. Testimonials serve as endorsement of the product by other satisfied customers. They are a great way of spreading a word-of-mouth about your product. Testimonials need to be real from real customers. You can ask for endorsements or track your clients for their feedback on the product.

4. Using Social Media Numbers as Proof of Popularity:

The number of people who share your posts or product information on social media is an indicator of interest and trust. Highlight your Facebook likes, twitter followers, YouTube subscribers, Instagram followers and Pinterest Pins. You will not only build trust for your brand but also build a community.

5. Be Consistent Throughout the Landing Page:

Consistency is an important element for an effective landing page. Make sure the offer you are trying to promote is consistent throughout the landing page. If your banner, landing page and destination are not displaying consistent messages, the customers will feel that you have tricked them.

6. Remove Barriers to Valuable Content:

Don’t put unnecessary hurdles in the process of offering your customers what you promised them. For instance, if you are giving away free eBook download, don’t go about asking lengthy personal questions. If you give away something valuable, the conversions will come naturally.

7. Include Contacts and Address:

The problem with online business is that it is devoid of physical human interaction. That is why potential customers view it through the lens of doubt, suspicion. One way to increase confidence is by giving away your contacts and address. That way, you are essentially saying you are a real person who can be contacted and not some faceless scammer hiding behind the computer.

8. Landing Page Should be Easily Scannable:

A website that is littered with so much crap and poorly formatted text will certainly scare the hell out of potential customers. For instance, don’t be over dramatic with your text formatting by including a lot of highlights, bold and underline, ALL CAPS and so on. Moderation is the key. You can pass your message without shouting.

9. Show them that You Care About their Privacy:

Privacy is something that is dear to every person living on the planet. Make sure that you take every measure to protect the privacy of your users. Don’t share your users’ email address, promise not to spam and spare no effort and money to ensure their billing information is secure. Add any information about any 3rd certification you may have. This is for your own good because failure to protect your customer’s privacy can be a potential disaster for your business.

10. Speak Truthfully and be Factual:

If you have to make a bold claim about your product, make sure that it is nothing but the verifiable fact, which can be scientifically proven. Don’t twist an opinion to make it sound like a fact; it may elicit trepidation and result in reputation damage for your business.

11. Don’t be Intrusive When Seeking Personal Information:

Already, many visitors find it difficult to divulge their email addresses and telephone numbers. Now imagine the damage you will be causing to your business by requesting an email address, first and second name, country, street address and phone number whereas all you really need is an email address to send them weekly update. Customers are not only reluctant to offer too much personal information (for their own security and privacy) but they are also very lazy. Imagine filling all those fields and winding up with entering an illegible security code.

12. No Hidden Charges – No Hidden Defects:

If you are selling a product, state all that needs to be stated in terms of price and defects. Knowingly withholding such information is akin to shooting yourself on the leg. Never even think of it. It is better not to sell because the customer felt the product is not good enough than to trick the customer into buying something which is not what is described.

13. Maintain Grammar and Spelling Accuracy:

Spelling errors and grammatical mistakes are the small holes that can sink your business. They may seem so unimportant, yet they are in a real sense. When your conversions rates begin to dwindle without really knowing why, begin to look at the small possibilities. However, most customers will overlook slipups here and there. But that must have a limit. If your copy is riddled with ridiculous grammatical errors and spelling errors that have been made with reckless abandon, be sure people will run away from that incompetency.

14. Add Personality and Human Touch to Your Landing Page:

You are selling to human beings. That is obvious. Therefore, the tone of your landing page should be inviting, calm, conversational and direct. People will become interested if they feel you are likeable and interesting. To create a personable, friendly, relatable, landing page, you need to focus your message on the visitor’s needs and wants. The aim is to endear yourself to your target audience without sounding like a bully.
Hopefully, these will help you to design a landing page that your consumers and potential customers will like and trust. Making them comfortable is the means through which you will be able to convert them. If you miss that bit about trust, there are no conversions for you.

How to Export Outlook Contacts to Excel (Quick Guide)

Do you know? How to export Outlook contacts to excel with ease. Microsoft Outlook is a usual office primary application for office employees or business persons. Microsoft Outlook is used to send and receive daily emails from local or webmail servers. In Microsoft Outlook, you can save innumerable clients and consumers emails in Outlook contacts list along email person identification like Name, Company, Business etc. This means that, you should be known, how you can take backup of your precious email contacts quickly. So I’m going to depict the quick guide, which will be helpful to save your contacts.

How to Export Outlook Contacts to Excel

How to Export Outlook Contacts to Excel:

To export your Microsoft Outlook contacts in Excel (Spreadsheet), you need to follow the following steps.

Step 1:

In the first step, open your Microsoft Outlook and Go to > > File.

How to Export Outlook Contacts to Excel step 1

Step 2:

In the second step, Select Open & Export then next click on Import/Export option.

How to Export Outlook Contacts to Excel step 2

Step 3:

In the third step, Choose ‘Comma Separated Values‘ file type then press Next button.

How to Export Outlook Contacts to Excel step 3

Step 4:

In the fourth step, Now choose the target email from Outlook and secondly their contacts.

How to Export Outlook Contacts to Excel step 4

Step 5:

In the step five, Browse and set your output file destination inside your computer. By default, it will be set to Desktop.

How to Export Outlook Contacts to Excel step 5

Step 6:

In the sixth step, Now in this last step make sure that, Export ‘Contacts’ from folder : contacts option should be checked. If it is not so do it and then Press Finish button.

How to Export Outlook Contacts to Excel step 6

Now you have successfully export the all target email contacts on your chosen destination. You can also export multiple emails contacts without any trouble with the same method.

Let us know, if you find this article useful and beneficial for your problem. For more discussion on this topic and your respective opinions/feedback’s , you can let me know via comment.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips:

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a serious matter for individuals belonging to a certain company in any type of industry. You would know, wouldn’t you? If you’re reading this, chances are you’re a professional in the field or have some kind of knowledge on the said matter. Without the use of this particular strategy, you can be assured that your business will be doomed by facing a downward spiral in this phase of today’s obsession with digital technology. No matter what happens, what you choose to do is important because there are consequences that you have to deal with based on your actions. You can either sink or swim with the crowd. You will need to possess sound judgment and the quick ability to adjust and adapt to the modern changes of the current generation. If not, you will sink and fall fast behind others. To know this will definitely bring out the competitive streak in you. You and I both know, for a fact, that there is always room for improvement. With that being said, this form of online marketing method can either make or break your company. When it is used correctly, be prepared to rake in positive results and so much more. If you want to get ahead of your SEO competitors, play the game right by writing down the following notes guaranteed to put your company on the top spot where it belongs.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips

Stay Updated:

Since SEO is a relatively new field, there is still much to explore about. It has been said that it is not more than 20 years old. Because of its young age, people in the field are currently discovering new methods or new ways to make things easier. Just like Information Technology, you really need to update yourself with the latest trends and practices that are being used. What could be considered as new last month can quickly dissolve and become a thing of the past. The danger here is that you could be implementing methods that could already be considered as outdated. This could be one of the reasons why the SEO methods that your company is currently using aren’t reaching its maximum potential. As much as possible, we don’t want that happening because it could be a waste of valuable resources such as time, effort and money on your part. By learning this, that means it will be a wise decision to sign up and subscribe to a wide range of online sources, journals or even digital magazines that will provide you with credible resources of what’s going on in different parts of the world. Always remember that knowledge is power and the more you continue to educate yourself about it, the more it will show in the results. You will definitely need to accomplish this to have an edge over your SEO competitors. Learning is a nonstop process that continues evermore. Don’t be afraid to go back to school if you believe that this will help you in reaching your goals.

Nothing Beats Fresh Content:

Nothing beats fresh content. No one wants to read the same old thing over and over again. Visitors already get the message of what you’re trying to say, but they want to see more. You can’t blame them. It’s just all part of human nature. Only you can put an end to that, not your computer. Your computer and other accessories are merely tools to aid you in the process. It certainly cannot fulfil the job by itself because content is not complete without the human touch. The content of your company’s website should be updated as often as needed. People are attracted to what’s new and innovative especially with the latest products and services that you have to offer. If that’s not the possible, think of a creative way to shed new light on old content. If you are attentive to the details of your content, most chances are it will definitely improve SEO by attracting search engines and thus, improving its ranking in no time. By doing this, you can boost your company’s website amidst of other SEO competitors. It’s about time to steal the spotlight and claim the number one throne. Well, to be realistic, you can really land on the first page of any search engine results page. Wouldn’t you want that to happen?

Start a Blog!

By any chance, are you good in writing? If so, take care of this skill as it will come extremely handy when it comes to writing blogs. If your website does not have a blog section, this would be a perfect time to start one. Writing a blog entry is a casual way of informing readers of the latest updates in the market, research and so much more. If you are creative when it comes to writing, this is a bonus skill for you. You can write in a way that will captivate and draw interest among your audience. The more you are able to relate to people or share relevant and valuable information about the industry with them, the higher chances they will keep returning to the website to keep updated by reading your blogs. This is equally just as important because they are the ones who are bringing in the traffic. This kind of traffic is free and unpaid, which is something that you want for your website. You never know that some of these end up sharing it with other people, which is something that you can use. Organic traffic is better than no traffic at all. If you are able to continue writing blogs in a consistent manner, then this one’s for you. Make sure your blogs are interesting, unique and stand out among the sea of SEO competitors that are out there. If you pour your heart and soul into it, you’ll definitely surprise yourself with the outcome.

Learn From Your Competitors:

If you’ve been trying your best to improve the search engine optimization of your website, but you feel that it’s not enough, you can always observe closely those belonging to your top competitors. Yes, that’s right! Monitor their online activities and see what’s bringing it in for them. Through this tactic, you can gather an idea or two from the on-site SEO techniques that they are using in order to boost your chances of bringing in the sales for your company. This is more common than you think, but not many choose to speak about it. People choose to do this kind of “research” because it is easier to gather much-needed information especially when your competitors are nearby and whose information presented to the public can be found on their website as well as different social media platforms. Most chances are that you can adopt similar techniques, but customize them in a way that is applicable to your company. By doing so, you can bring the advantage over to your side of the court where you can easily outmaneuvre in order to win over your opponents. Who knows, they see you as their competitor and are doing the exact same thing as you are. You need to beat them to it!

Selection of Keywords:

One feature of SEO that seems to be under looked by others is the selection of keywords. In order to understand this, you need to look from the point of view of users. Once you are able to put yourself in their shoes, this will give you an idea on how search queries are formed and created. You should be able to connect the bridge between the two so that search engines are able to locate and rank your website somewhere at the top of page results. The most common misconception that one can pick up is hunt down the most popular ranking keywords. Don’t go for the obvious. Instead, consider using Google Analytics (this is free!) to identify keywords that bring in the most traffic. If they’re relevant to your website, consider using them as this will help you a lot.

As you can see with everything that’s been mentioned, search engine optimization is not something to be afraid of, but see it as a chance to embrace and invest in it. Its results are definitely process-oriented and it can be viewed as worthwhile over a long-term measure. Though people may find SEO challenging, they can overcome its obstacles by finding and providing creative solutions that will smoothen out the entire process. In some ways, it is also a good idea to educate not only yourself but also others in the field. It doesn’t matter what your position is in the company just as long as you are a contributor. That way you can work as a team and target on key areas that need tender, love and care. These bits of information should be able to help you in some way in improving your overall search engine optimization. This is important especially if you want to bring or increase that steady flow to your website. Now you’ve been armed with what you need to know, go out there, march, and prepare for battle! Good luck!

Divi WordPress Theme Download and Review

Divi WordPress Theme:

Divi is a smartest and most flexible collection of elegant themes. Divi WordPress theme is a complete responsive layout theme with high retina ready resolution.

Divi WordPress Theme Responsive

Divi WordPress theme have its own custom web page builder, which will help you to make unique and attractive pages or templates quickly. Divi WordPress theme package have built-in 18+ pre made layout to make your web development fast.

Divi WordPress Theme Free Download

Powerful drag and drop builder to create your web pages instantly. Divi WP theme have built-in divi modules to make your website more fancy and featured.

Divi WordPress Theme Modules

Divi WordPress themes have custom CSS option to customize website template in depth. Versatile WordPress theme with countless template designs, which can adopt innumerable layouts with different features.

Divi WordPress Theme Pre-Made Designs

Divi WP theme provide eye catchy template builder interface, where you can create custom template and also can save these created templates for future use, Thus you can save your precious time.

Elegant themes never compromise with security that’s why elegant themes integrate security plugins (Sucuri) in Divi WordPress theme to make your website 100% secure from hackers and stealers. This means divi themes have complete anti-spamming shield, which gives your 100% safety feelings and satisfaction.

Divi WordPress Theme Security

Divi WP theme have multiple header option to make your website spectacular. Easy to use vertical/horizontal navigation system along centered logo features and much more.

Divi WordPress Theme Header

Over 32 language translation facility is available with this theme. RTL (Right to Left) template layout feature can be switched on/off from theme control panel with a single click. Divi WordPress theme now make it easy to develop your website quick without doing any coding job. So don’t be late to avail this magnificent WordPress theme. Elegant themes also offering 30 Days Money Back Guarantee for consumer satisfaction.

[su_button url=”″ target=”blank” style=”stroked” size=”8″ center=”yes” radius=”5″ icon=”icon: eye”]Live Preview [/su_button]     [su_button url=”″ target=”blank” style=”stroked” size=”8″ center=”yes” radius=”5″ icon=”icon: download”]Download[/su_button]

Hopefully, you are enjoying with this theme and its fantabulous features. If you have more interesting queries and opinions regarding this finest WordPress theme then you can let me know via comment.

7 Ways To Make Your Blog Popular Guide

Nowadays, majority of university or college students is taking interest in blogging. That’s why competition is increasing day by day. Every blogger wants to make his blog popular in search engine (e.g. Google) to become rich person. But beginners have no knowledge that which ways to make your blog popular quickly. So today I will share some ideas and tips, which will help you to make your blog popular or famous in search engine.

7 Ways To Make Your Blog Popular:

Blogging is an incredible passion and a online professional job. We highlighted few and crucial tips and tricks, which will increase your website presence in search engine.

7 Ways To Make Your Blog Popular Guide

1. Social Media Sharing:

Social media is working as a backbone of website. Through social media, you can convey your products/service/ideas to the million of peoples without any trouble. Social media fan pages (Business page) where you can introduce your company/website/public figure etc among million of people’s. No doubt, according to Seo social media now became a huge factor of search engine ranking.

2. Provide Unique Information:

You should have a reason that, why user visit your website. If you are providing unique content or information than your competitors so you can win this race easily. Mostly website or blog’s content or topic looks similar, which makes a bad image in our mind for that blog. You should need to offer something unique or free and better than others, which compelled your users to visit your website.

3. Provide User Friendly Content:

Some blog writers use difficult grammatical words while writing, which a beginner not able to read so user tries to get rid out of these blogs. Initially a person cannot read and understand BBC/CNN/New York time magazine articles quickly. So your writing behaviour and style should be user friendly, which a initial person understand it with ease.

4. Publish Only Relevant Information:

Almost initial blogger put irrelevant information, which has no relation with your blog for example: marketing strategies articles consist of web hosting information or links. So it is useful and good practice to provide only relevant and according to trend information.

5. Create Consistency:

As a professional blogger, it is your responsibility to do work with consistency. Daily post your article without putting gap in your regularity. Daily provide useful and beneficial articles to your users and try to entertain your users.

6. Website Format/Layout:

Blog format is considered as a huge factor of blog popularity. Blog format should be distinctive from others. Use eye catchy colors and prominent typography. Unique and attractive blogs format memorized in user mindand users always remember these blogs with better reputation. Thus, you can make your blog reputed in visitor mind.

7. Daily/Weekly Newsletter:

Newsletter is an important aspect of blogging and keeps your blog famous. Majority of initial person’s doesn’t care about daily weekly newsletter and they overlook its importance. Newsletter job is to convey your blog news, events, articles, tutorials at your user door step. Newsletter keeps update your user from your blog. So its a good practice to join Free Newsletter Service like MailChimp to update your blog visitors.

Above 7 tips will definitely help you to make your blog popular as much as possible. Must read the Ways to drive traffic to your website, this will help to generate pure legitimate traffic on your website. For more discussion, you can join us via comment.

How To Redirect Outlook Emails To Another Email Address

Microsoft Outlook is useful and professional office application. Often time, we need to redirect outlook emails to another email address like our another backup email address or boss email etc. In Gmail it is easy to do it but in outlook, we need to create and apply rules for this specific task. That’s why, I’m going to show you, how to redirect or forward outlook emails to another email address without any trouble.

How To Redirect Outlook Emails To Another Email Address

How To Redirect Outlook Emails To Another Email Address:

For this purpose, first we create rules and customize it according to our requirements. We divide this procedure in to following steps.

Step 1:

Open your Microsoft Outlook, we are using MS Outlook 2013 for this tutorial. First you need to select your email account for which emails you want to redirect.

How To Redirect Outlook Emails To Another Email Address step 1

Step 2:

In the second step, Click on ‘New Rule..‘ and create new rule as per your requirement.

How To Redirect Outlook Emails To Another Email Address step 2

Step 3:

In the third step, ‘Rules Wizard‘ pop up window will be appeared on your screen then choose ‘Apply rule on message I receive‘ option then press Next Button.

How To Redirect Outlook Emails To Another Email Address step 3

Step 4:

In the fourth step, Now check ‘Sent only to me‘ and ‘Where my name is in the Cc box‘ options and again press next button.

How To Redirect Outlook Emails To Another Email Address step 4

Step 5:

Now you will see two steps in this window firstly, In the ‘Rules Wizard‘ window check ‘forward it to people or public group‘ option and the under Step 2 tab in the same window click on ‘forward it to people or public group‘ link.

How To Redirect Outlook Emails To Another Email Address step 5

Step 6:

Now a ‘Rule Address‘ window pop will be open and ask for add redirect email from outlook contacts. Follow the below image process and add your redirect emails. Keep remember that, you can add more than one email in this redirection rule.

How To Redirect Outlook Emails To Another Email Address step 6

Step 7:

Now in the Next ‘Rules Wizard‘ window choose exceptions, if you any otherwise leave it as default and again press ‘Next‘ button.

How To Redirect Outlook Emails To Another Email Address step 7

Step 8:

After all above settings now its time to specify a unique name for this rule and finish this task. Simply enter a unique name, which you can memorize and lastly press Next ‘Finish‘ button.

How To Redirect Outlook Emails To Another Email Address step 8

Step 9:

After created this rule, lastly you need to apply this rule in your Outlook for future emails so simply click on ‘Apply‘ button. See the below image for better understanding.

How To Redirect Outlook Emails To Another Email Address step 9

Now you have successfully created a rule, which task is to redirect your outlook incoming emails to a specific email addresses. You can see your rules directly in your ‘Rules and Alerts‘ window.

Let us know, if you find this article useful for your purpose. If you are facing any trouble while settings or want to share your opinions with then you can join us via comment.

Why Blogging is Important For Students?

Did you know? Why blogging is important for students and for his career. Each student is a precious assets of his country. Most of computer science subject related students have little bit sense of computer and its benefits initially. Every student keeps intrinsic enthusiasm to do something different from others. Blogging is an emerging online job, Majority of students loves to do blogging from his school/college/university time. You also can do blogging, and can share your daily life stories, your experience, anything else, in which you are expert. In simple words, through blogging you can grow your knowledge, spread your knowledge and also can earn money without doing any hard struggle.

Why Blogging is Important For Students

Why Blogging is Important For Students?

Blogging is now becoming a professional and independent job. Most of the visitors and users asked that ‘why blogging is important’ especially for students. Simple answer is that, Blogging is only a business, which you can start without any investmentAnd everyone can start blogging, it has no boundaries and age limitation.After start blogging, you will be known as a blogger or an entrepreneur. Let’s start to highlight the major reasons of blogging importance from student perspective.

No Investment (100% Return):

Blogging is the only business, where you need no investment. Just you need to put your attention on your work with consistency. Blogging 100% return you money back.

Own Business (Entrepreneurship):

Now you have your own business that’ means now you will be your own boss of your business. No one can put pressure on your mind because you are working individually without any headache. Now you are running your own small business that’s why you will be known as an entrepreneur.

No Earning/Timing Threshold:

If you are associated with blogging, so congrats, because in blogging there is no earning and timing limitation. You can do blogging anytime, when you free. But as a professional blogger, we personally recommend 3-4 hours daily on blogging. Because time is money and every business takes time to stand.

Grow Literacy and Spread Literacy:

Blogging helps you to grow your knowledge with the passage of time. Conversely, you also can share your ideas, experiences, skills with others through your blog. So this means, you are spreading literacy as per your capacity.

Convey Your Voice:

If you are a student so you also can interact with your site users. Which will be proven better for future journey. You also can record your audio voice or video and can share or can convey your voice among your blog community and also can get a lot of feedback.

Create Opportunities for Future:

Blogging is a platform, where you can show your talent and create innumerable opportunities for your future. If your client’s/user like your work/website/service then you might get take lot of project through your blog. Web development, Seo, Marketing are the major services, which people needs for his business.

Monetize your blog:

A student always keeps wish to manage his studies expense from itself. Through blog monetization, it is possible to make your student life proud. From another perspective, blogging vital purpose is to earning money online and make your life shiny. You can join publisher ad networks to monetize ads like Google AdSense, etc.

Hopefully, you got your answer that, why blogging is important for students. Read, How to earn money online without investment and also read, How to start blogging journey.

Let us know, if you are satisfied with our perception and writing. If you have any interesting story concern with blogging then must let me know. For more queries and opinions join us via comment.

How To Choose Right Hosting Company?

Do you know? How to choose right hosting company or service. In other words, what particular qualities should be considered before purchase any hosting service. Because often beginners have no knowledge about best hosting companies and their selection techniques. Now I’m going to depict the actual way that, how you can choose right hosting service from each perspective.

How To Choose Right Hosting Company?

We will discus about, what features and qualities should be exist in the hosting. Web hosting working as a soul of website, which stores every single word of website in his database. If you have reliable and fast web hosting then you can serve better to your users than others.

How To Choose Right Hosting Company

What Qualities Should be Exist in Your Hosting Company?

  • Hosting Company should be trustworthy and authentic, you can check it on internet about your hosting providing company reviews.
  • Are they providing/offering FREE domain (.com) along hosting?
  • Are they providing 24×7 technical customer support ?
  • Are they offering unlimited hosting packages in affordable price. First time price would be $3.95 (introductory price) and second time regular price would be applied in your invoice, which would be $5 approximately?
  • Are they providing automatically backup options from your hosting cPanel because few hosting companies do not allow backup option in basic packages like iPage?
  • Are they providing speed cache service to boost your website speed?
  • Is there any limitation on Email accounts, SQL database, Bandwidth, Disk space? Because this limitation can eat up your mind in future so beware with these freak hosting companies.
  • Are they providing automatic software script installer for user convenience like WordPress, Blogger, Magento etc.
  • Are they providing 30-45 days Money Back Guarantee for consumer satisfaction?
  • Are they providing 99.9% up time hosting guarantee? Downtime can fall your website into ditch and can eat up your lot of revenue.
  • Are they offering Marketing credits? like Google AdWord $100, Facebook $50 etc to extend your business.
  • Are they offering security suite or package to scan malware? Security should be your first priority because local hosting don’t have any security that’s why often people’s website gonna be hacked.
  • Eventually, Are they giving discount in regular price, Regular price will be applied on second time invoice after a year and regular hosting price would be high as compared to previous. Often web hosting companies gives 30-50% discount on recurring invoice like SiteGround Hosting.

If you learned all of these above questions and your answer is ‘YES’. Means that, if you’re hosting company is providing all of these above facilities then you can join this hosting company without any hesitation. We recommended few hosting companies according to our years of experience, Which trusted companies names are HostGatorSiteGround and Bluehost.

Let us know, if you find this article helpful and beneficial. If you have better one reviews and experience then must share with us, we always love to listen your homework. For further discussion on this topic and your opinions, you can stay in touch via comment.