How to Earn Money Online Without Investment

Did you know the best ways ? how to earn money online without investment. Almost beginners want to start earn money online with doing any investment. It is intrinsic property of human beings, they always try to start any business without spend any single penny. So, On internet there is numerous business, where you can start-up your business life. Therefore, I’m here to reveal the best business about, how to earn money online without investment and these ways should be 100% authentic and trustworthy.

Make money online without investment
Make money online without investment

How to Earn Money Online Without Investment:

Earn money online is not a hardcore process as you thinking. On internet there is a lot of scam and legitimate business, its depend on us, what work you are going to choose. So today, we will talk about only legitimate and authentic business for earning money online purpose.

PTC Sites:

Earn money with PTC sites is not a new business on internet but almost PTC site are scam and doing fraudulent activities. PTC site work on internet is famous since 2010 and innumerable users are working on it without any trust. But some trustworthy and legitimate PTC sites are working on internet with old times and still they are paying payment to his users. Trusted and authentic PTC sites are following as, NeoBoxClixsense and Buxp. PTC sites daily gives advertisement to his users for clicking on ads then they credit a little part of money in your account. According to our experience, PTC sites are not an actual way to earning money online due to little part of money. But if you are happy with it then you may go ahead with given sites.

URL Shortener service:

Emerging and mostly used way for earning money online on the internet. If you have a website or a blog then firstly you will redirect your all download or other links on advertisement page then secondly it will go for another task, similarly you can earn more money online with URL shortener service, major URL shortener service providers in the online market are following as, adf.lylinkbucks and

Create Your Own Website:

Professional and best business on internet is, create your website and start writing something unique and share with internet users. You also can start new magazine website and web blogs etc, this business will 100% work and you can make money with this business as your capacity. Share your expertise and skills with other’s on your web blogs. When your blog will receive sufficient traffic on daily basis then join ad network and ready to start your earning journey.

Join Affiliate Programs:

Affiliation is the most wanted part of make money online because it has no threshold. In the online market numerous companies providing/offering affiliate network, where they share his sale small part of commission with his affiliates. Every affiliate network provide a distinctive reference URL, which is completely track-able from user side. If any sale is made with this reference URL so company will be eligible to pay you small part of commission on this sale. You can earn with affiliate networks without any investment or it has no boundaries or limitation. Must read top paid affiliate networks in the online internet market.

Start Your Own Business (Entrepreneurship):

If you are an expert in web development, Seo, Web Designing and any other skills, so you can start your own company as a business. Create a company website and offer web hosting, web development, Seo, Logo Design services etc. If you are a home mom then cooking will be your first priority, you can offer cooking foods etc. It’s Depends on your expertise strategy. Entrepreneurship is the spectacular opportunity for every one instead of other third-party business.

Open Your eCommerce Platform:

Everyone knows online shopping (eCommerce) is now becomes common in our life’s. eCommerce is the another best option, you also can inaugurate your own eCommerce platform, where you can sale books, home appliances, laptop, accessories, phones etc. Open a eCommerce platform is not an easy task, because you need an authentic and fastest platform, where you can manage your products inventories with any trouble. So, I would recommend you Shopify, because it is an absolute and authentic eCommerce website builder, which is offering 14 days trial for his precious consumers.

Email Marketing:

Email marketing is a necessary need of online entrepreneurs and for other businesses. Email marketing is a cheap/affordable way to convey your promotions, news, events, discounted offers to the maximum internet users. You can start email marketing company/business, which will help entrepreneurs with in affordable and particular package. Just you need to accumulate a list of target people’s, which are belongs to a specific businesses. Then you need an absolute platform, where you can broadcast your clients emails with a single click, In my opinion few authentic and popular email marketing platform are following as MailChimp, AWeber etc.

SMS Marketing:

SMS marketing is a cheapest and instant way to convey your messages to your users. In most of the Asian countries like Pakistan and India people’s gives his first priority to SMS marketing because people’s reads first SMS before email, that’s why SMS marketing is effective than email marketing. You can broadcast SMS for your clients, I will prefer you use branded SMS instead of manually numbers. In branded SMS, a company name will be appeared on your phone screen otherwise a manual number will be appear, which is good but not effective from user perspective. You can get branded SMS package (corporate SMS package) to your country telecommunication companies like Mobilink, Zong etc.

Hopefully, these above mentioned ways and tips will definitely help your to start your online business. You also can feel free ask me on our community forum for better opportunities and advise. For more discussion and your respected feedback, you can let us know via comment box. 😉

How To Write a Resume Paper For a Job

Are you tired of shooting resumes everywhere without getting any positive? It is time to step back and do a research about your resume and find out what is wrong with it. The top reason that recruiters reject entry-level candidates is that their resumes do not speak out clearly about their profile and expectations. Most of the resumes are ambiguous and has information that is not related to job profile. This disconnection between the expectations and the job profile is a big negative impression of the resume. So, I decided to describe our perspective and experience, how to write a resume paper for a job with maximum approach.

How To Write a Resume Paper For a Job:

The two things that cost an entry-level professional of a good interview is putting too little or too much information in his/her resume. The former is more harmful as with little information there is no way a recruiter can judge the capability and skills of a person. It is a common thing among freshers to face a situation while writing a resume that most of the spaces on the page remain blank. Giving too much information is also not going to add any value to your resume. The recruiter does not have enough time to filter out the relevant features from your enormous resume.

How to write a resume paper for a job

How do you write a resume that is going to be professional and at the same time provide detailed information regarding your skills and experiences? Writing a resume is not that easy or fun as it seems at first. Apart from providing the relevant details there are certain format that one has to follow. Usually the format differs with the type of industry or profile, but, here we are going to describe the format that is the base of all other.

Here are the various areas of a resume that needs specific attention (denoted with top-to-bottom approach)


Always start a resume with a header that generally should contain only your name, e-mail i.d. and phone number. In case you are working currently, you can add your current position. It is shown in the below picture highlighted by a red circle.

How to write a resume paper for a job header


The objective area defines what you are seeking from the company or in the future. It should be crisp, clear and in complete in one line. Objective is not always needed as it recruiters are not interested in ‘what you are looking for’ and are more interested in ‘what you can provide’. If you have less space you can skip this section.

How to write a resume paper for a job objective

Profile/Professional Summary:

The next important section of your resume is the profile/professional summary. This is the overview of your experience (if you have any) in the relevant field of expertise and how it is related to the job profile you are applying to. Put the profile summary in pointers for the recruiter to have a quick glance. If you have no work experience, use the profile summary to showcase your skills and how your education is going to prove competent enough for the job.

Some companies use automatic resume sorting software to find relevant resumes. So, if you use keywords related to the job profile there is a greater chance of the software matching your resume with the required profile.

How to write a resume paper for a job Summary


Organisational Experience/Internships/Projects:

In this section you need to mention the organisation that you worked/working with, designation, period of experience and the job details. If you have no work experience and have interned somewhere, then describe your internship details. In case you have no work experience and also not interned anywhere, you can use the projects that you have completed in college in this section.

While describing the job/internship/project details use pointers and give the most relevant ones first. If you use the profile-related pointers in the end, the recruiter might skip the resume without looking down. This is a common mistake made by freshers/entry-level professionals while writing a resume.

How to write a resume paper for a job Experience

Academic/Education Details:

This section will highlight your academic details and show your qualifications along with the percentage of marks received in the finals. No need to waste too much space in this section writing details of each semester or year. Just write the institute, year of passing, marks obtained and degree.


Mention the certificates that are related to the job profile. Do not mention unrelated certifications. For example, if you are applying for a sales-related field, do not include a certification that shows you are a certified C++ programmer. It is not going to help you and will waste space in your resume. You can add any extracurricular or academic achievements or awards that you received.

How to write a resume paper for a job Education

IT Skills:

This is an important section as nowadays most of the companies want the candidates to be IT educated to a certain extent. Mention the IT skills that you are good at and have hands-on experience. Do not mention anything that is not related.

Personal Details:

This is the last section of your resume. Here, you need to mention your address, date of birth and your language skills.

How to write a resume paper for a job Personal Details


The most important thing that you have to be aware while writing a resume is that you need to be grammatically correct and ensure that all the details are valid. Using the above format you can now write your killer resume that will help you get one foot on the path to a successful interview.

9 Effective Online Marketing Tips to Boost Your Business

In today’s day and age, where everything is being modernized and almost everything is a click away, one can get access to things easily. Reliability has taken precedence and businesses have taken to the internet to compete with the fast paced world of today. There are online portals for every brand, Clothing line and adding to it the B2B businesses that have joined the market which facilitates the businesses with reliable customer service to other businesses. Online marketing is now become crucial aspect to grow your business, that why we are going to reveal best online marketing tips, which definitely help you to boost your business in a days.

Online Marketing Tips For Small Business

Online Marketing Tips:

It’s well known that Businesses require marketing and for online Business, internet marketing needs to be well-known by all the users. Internet marketing is not that hard, for it to master one need to practice social media and know how to attract the audience which requires certain acts for example: using hash tags well, optimizing the URL etc. Below are some of the Online Marketing tips:

  1. Target Keywords- Use certain targeted keywords in your headline and text ad that would show up when someone searches with those words.
  2. Optimize the URL- There is a URL in every text ad, make sure it matches with the publishers requirements and goes well with your product and service your promoting.
  3. Enticing People to visit the site- Writing a strong call to action, for example: Let people solve a puzzle or click on a correct word for the crossword through which they can enter the site and look through it.
  4. Revamping the Website- It’s a fast paced world and to succeed in business one needs to update their website every now and then so that one gets to be able to access and get all the information they want. The more meager quality it is, the more it will be ignored.
  5. Mobile-Friendly Website- More than half the population of the world nowadays use internet through their cellphones. It’s a smartphone world now; people are able to open up a website on their mobile because all the computer features it facilitates people with.
  6. Quality Content- Social media plays an important role but how to handle it makes you win the race. Quality content means all the writing to be done and by writing I mean which seeks attention and make people stop to think and ponder about the service/product being sold.
  7. Availability on Maps- For people who have only heard about your food joint or clothing store and wants to visit it will surely open up a Google map of their city to find you out. Be sure people are not disappointed when they search for you and find a red drop indicating your location on the Map.
  8. Google+ – Maintaining your Google+ along with all the other Social media platforms is beneficial as it allows people to access your information as in Contact information, email id, Operating hours, ratings, reviews etc.
  9. Engaging the Social Media Fans- Social Media is sure way to get your business growing and if managed well can get you many fans and new customers.

Positive Reviews- Get people to review about your product on your websites, social media profiles, which more than 70% people look at before buying or visiting your store/Restaurant.

Boost Your Website Speed – SEO Training

In the earlier SEO training lesson 6, we were talk about SEO internal link building, stop replication (duplication) and important website pages from SEO perspective. Now in this SEO training lesson 7, we will finish on page Seo an then in the next training tutorial, we will start off page and its fundamentals. In this lesson, we will talk about , how to increase website speed through WordPress plugins and some authentic techniques.

SEO Training for beginners

SEO Training Lesson 7:

Do you know? website speed 100% matter in search engines. A user always likes fast and speedy website, where they don’t need to wait and get his information with in seconds. Majority of beginners do not focus on this aspect and don’t care about it, which can push his website in to ditch so please be professional and try to improve your website speed as much possible. Most important part of this tutorial is internal link building among multiple pages, it is necessary from Seo point of view so don’t overlook this crucial aspect. Further we will show you some tips regarding brand colors importance and typography advance options. So watch the below Seo training tutorial with full concentration.

Hopefully, you understood all the mentioned aspects of the above tutorial. This is a last session and tutorial about on page Seo, now next tutorial will be release with Off page Seo training.

Let us know, if you like and find this training tutorial helpful for you. For more discussion and your respective feedback, join us via below comment box. 😉

My all Desktop Icons Are Same And Opening same Program

Mostly computer users faces this issue and they don’t know, what they do next. How they fix this issue, when all desktop icons are same and also opening same program. 80% computer users can’t handle this issue then they move to any technician to repair his computer and 5% users unintentionally refresh or restore his window. So now you don’t need to go anywhere, I will show you how you can restore your all desktop icons in the previous format with in next 2 minutes.

My all Desktop Icons Are Same And Opening same Program

My all Desktop Icons Are Same And Opening same Program:

Recently we were face this tragic problem, when my desktop all icons are same and also opening same program. But after little bit efforts, we resolve this issue and again my desktop is working like before. So I decided to share this interesting technique with my readers that, how they can fix or  rid out with this issue. Watch the below tutorial with full concentration to resolve this issue with in minutes.

Hopefully, after seen this entire tutorial, you will definitely resolve your .ink problem in your window. Keep remember that, does not matter , which icons are showing in your desktop screen, same method apply on all of those .

Let us know, if you find both article and tutorial useful and beneficial for you. You also can submit or send your articles or tutorials to us or can write with us as a contributor, we love to listen your queries and feedback via below comment box. 😉

How to Install Fonts in Windows 7

Most probably beginners don’t know, how to install fonts in window 7 even they are not aware about, which website they can download best and creative fonts. Let’s suppose, if you are using Photoshop and CorelDraw and other applications but you want to use any other creative text font. So firstly you need to download this font and secondly you will to install this font in your computer/PC. So I decide to show the actual and authentic way, how you can install fonts in window with comfortably.

How to Install Fonts in Windows 7 fast

How to Install Fonts in Windows 7:

It is a quite easy way to install fonts in window 7/vista/8 etc. So I’m going to reveal the font download and installation process for your convenience. We highlighted this absolute way in the following steps:

Step 1:

In the first step, download your favorite and attractive font from 1001 fonts or dafont, these websites are known as best and trustworthy. After download your chosen/favorite fonts zip file, extract it to any place or folder, where you want. Then copy those fonts .ttf (True Type Font) files, whatever these are multiple or single font files.

How to Install Fonts in Windows 7 step 1

Step 2:

In the second step, Now go to My Computer > C Local Disk > Windows > Fonts, Now paste your copied files inside fonts directory. When you paste it, it will automatically install in your computer then you can easily use this font in every installed application in your computer. How to Install Fonts in Windows 7 step 2

Above image clearly showing that, selected fonts have been successfully installed. Now you can use these fonts in your computer application like Photoshop, CorelDraw etc. Similarly, you can installed further fonts with this method.

Let us know, if you find this post beneficial and helpful for you. For more discussion and further talk on this topic, leave your respective feedback via below comment box. 😉

How to Change Window 7 Screen Saver Fast

Do you know? How to change Window 7 screen saver quickly. It is not a hardcore procedure, it is pretty simple way to create your own screen saver and apply this screen saver on your window screen. Window 7 comes with various default screen savers, which are pretty cool look and performance. But in another condition, when you want to use your own company or brand logos as a screen savers in window 7 then first you need to create your own company custom screen saver then apply this custom screen saver on your window 7.

How to Change Window 7 Screen Saver

How to Change Window 7 Screen Saver:

Mostly professionals and office employees feel annoyed with window’s default screen saver. They want to use their own custom logos, trademark, company name, custom created wallpapers on the place of default screen saver so it is quite simple to do this, just you need to follow my following steps.

Step 1:

In the first step, Click on Start button then choose Control Panel. Next find the Personalization option from control panel.

How to Change Window 7 Screen Saver step 1

Step 2:

Open Personalization option then click on Screen saver from right bottom side.

How to Change Window 7 Screen Saver step 2

Step 3:

Open Screen saver settings window and choose Photos from drop down list. After choose the Photos click on Settings.

How to Change Window 7 Screen Saver step 3

Step 4:

In the settings, Now you can browse your own screen saver, company logos etc and also customize slide show speed as your requirement.

How to Change Window 7 Screen Saver step 4

Now you have successfully changed your own screen saver in window 7. You also browse videos, photos, Gif files etc for custom screen saver purpose without any hesitation.

Let us know, if you find this article beneficial and helpful for you. If you have more better and fantastic information, so you can share with us feel free. We love to listen your homework and queries. For more discussion related to this topic, join us via comment. 😉

5 Internet Marketing Strategies to Grow Online Sales

Internet Marketing Strategies to Grow Online Sales:

The purpose and goal of online promoting is comparable to the standard promoting methods. Each ways area unit meant to spice up the complete awareness and facilitate find out variety of consumers for any explicit company. However talking regarding carrying the net promoting, it’s greatly totally different than doing the standard means of promoting. These ways that and ways accustomed tread on-line promoting area unit greatly totally different than the standard ones. If you’re not well versed with these ideas then don’t worry, you’ll be able to notice a number of the most effective ways that to implement the online promoting methods so as to spice up your online sales , So we are going to reveal 5 internet marketing strategies to grow online sales.

5 Internet Marketing Strategies to Grow Online Sales

1). Programme Promoting (SEM)

This is among the most effective ways that to spice up your sales and has been in style since the thought of on-line promoting was introduced. It consists of 2 parts, programme improvement (SEO) and Paid Search Advertising (PSA). In plain words, SEO helps in creating a lot of visible over the various search engines for obtaining free traffic, whereas prostate specific antigen pertains to obtaining traffic by paying for the ads run over the online for your complete or business. The essential plan of relying over SEM is to easily get a lot of variety of visits via the search engines each via organic search and thru effective designed PPC campaigns. In SEO, you’ve got many ways that of obtaining higher traffic, that intensify your sales as well as relying over page descriptions, titles, Google authorship, website speed, website navigation, back links, quality content, elevation text for pictures, etc. Also, you’ll be able to notice many effective tools for chalking out competent SEM (both SEO and PPC) methods that eventually facilitate in boosting up the sales.

2). Content Promoting

The next best thanks to intensify sales via net promoting are content promoting. This sort of promoting is taken into account because the heart of on-line marketing campaigns. Once you identify a decent foundation via SEM, you’ll be able to alright accomplish your user necessities. Content merely helps in making loyal guests or followers, comments, variety of social media shares and last smart boost to your business sales. The crux of content promoting is to easily manufacture quality content, that your browsers would merely wish to read and so will inspire them to mention affirmative to the decision to action method. There are a unit alternative ways of content promoting. Content doesn’t mean merely text stuff, however it conjointly contains of fine pictures, videos and in fact matter stuff. you’ll be able to any explore to use these formats of content for effective content promoting, that successively will build up a decent follower’s base and so intensify sales.

3). Social Media Promoting

The other best thanks to implement net promoting to induce higher sales is social media promoting (SMM). It merely deals with completing on-line promoting exploitation totally different social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google and, etc. With an enormous quality of social media sites, the scope of exploitation these platforms to push your complete or business has merely raised. With the SMM you’re able to get refined target market over totally different social networking sites for your business together with finding enough opportunities to push your complete during a wide selection of individuals. All you wish to try to is to ascertain an awfully smart presence over all the favoured social networks as well as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google and by sharing variety of relevant and attention-grabbing content on a frequent basis. There are a unit many ways of investing from SMM; you’ll be able to any explore this selection to reap smart edges for your business within the variety of sales.

4). Mobile Promoting

Mobile internet has become greatly in style recently with the appearance of devices like smart phones and tablets. If you would like to remain ahead in your on-line promoting efforts then incorporating this technique is necessary to push your business and intensify your sales.  Mobile promoting works on QR Codes, social media and text electronic communication promoting choices. You merely got to get the phone numbers of individuals and send the profitable deals regarding your merchandise and services. Also, you’ll be able to produce attention-grabbing applications touching on your business, which may facilitate in looking your merchandise on-line. Reshape your web site or web log content in accordance to the mobile interface and reap the advantages of on-line promoting.

5). Native SEO Strategy

Today smaller brands and businesses believe a lot of on on-line promoting methods instead of the large players, thence native SEO has its own importance. Native SEO deals with all the businesses, that have physical address, thus if you’re a doctor, mechanic, retailer, or another man of affairs, native SEO will assist you to search out the relevant customers over the online. The thought of native SEO strategy is to draw the native individuals or communities nearer to businesses, that area unit primarily based within the targeted areas. These will be dole out seeking the assistance of bound SEO methods.

Final words:

You can definitely increase the sales online if you’re able to implement the proper net promoting methods. The on top of area unit a number of the most effective 5 ways that within which you’ll be able to find yourself obtaining higher sales over the online.

Top 10 Chicks Fashion Style

Top 10 Chicks Fashion Style:

Style is all about how you carry yourself. It reflects your personality. It expresses what you feel at the moment and need not to be bright or loud. Chicks fashion style is increasing with our daily life. Fashion is the popular or the latest style of clothing, hair, decoration, or behavior. Chicks style look is the perfect blend of latest fashion accessories and style. Some of the fashion accessories that transform a woman to Chicks are discussed below:

Top 10 Chicks Fashion Style article

  1. Chicks Leather Handbag: Leather handbags may vary in size and shape, and can find a huge variety of bags from tote to evening to sling bags to many more. The sophistication and elegance of leather handbags is unavoidable. You can’t miss to observe a lady with a sexy matching leather Chicks style handbag.
  2. Classic Hat: Hats are undeniably the best thing in elite fashionable ladies wardrobe. An accessory that gives you a cool and stylish look is a classic hat. It is never-to-be-ignored kind of accessory for shopaholics. Make your outfit even more stylish with designer classic hat.
  3. Statement earrings: Plethora of styles, designs, colors have been exploded by designer statement earrings. Earrings complete your feminine look in a noticeable way. Whether it is fashion or precious, statement earrings always add the perfect feminine statement in a traditional format. Feminize your Chicks style with smart and beautiful statement earrings.
  4. Tailored Blazer: Initially, blazers were considered to be a part of formal dress wear only. But in the new era, tailored blazers have become timeless outfit for women. Pair it up with skirt or jeans or trousers; get a refreshingly stylish Chicks look. Tailored blazers with a tidy look are the perfect attire for a classy night out, job interview, or a client meeting.
  5. Red Pumps: Since ages, it has been heard that high heels empower women in a way. Pumps have always been a must-have accessory for women and red pumps boost your self-confidence. The footwear that can take a woman out of every critical situation is red pumps. These can be paired up with any outfit, with any accessory and for any occasion.
  6. Beautiful Gold Wrist Watch: The personal adornment, beautiful gold wrist watch reflects an inherent style in you. An accessory that helps a woman to stay on schedule and makes her beautiful outfit look even better is a wrist watch.
  7. Statement Necklace: Possession of statement necklace by a woman is an indication of sophistication. A sign of wealth, necklace if worn matching with the outfit, can take your outfit to next level. The glitz of diamonds truly complements the shine and sparkle of a woman’s eyes.
  8. Hair Clutches: The best way to protect your hair from damage is tying them up with smart and sexy matching hair clutch. Huge variety of clutches embedded with colorful stones can be availed in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors.
  9. Stylish Sunglasses: Protect and stylized your eyes with cool looking sunglasses. Find your favorites from the wide range of sunglasses such as aviator, cat eye, browline, retro square, oversized, round, sport, shield, and novelty and flaunt your style among your friends.
  10. Pashmina Scarf: A multipurpose fashion accessory, pashmina scarf serves you dual purpose protection from winter and adds a style quotient to your personality. Not only are they simply gorgeous, they are really comfortable to wear. The fabric itself really feels soft and amazing.