How to Grow Email List Fast

Do you know? How to grow email list fast without doing any stiff struggle. I’m talking about website subscribers, who will join your subscription service for future updates. Most often blogs are getting and drive huge part of traffic from email marketing, which is now nearly became a part of Seo. A prominent question will be coming in your mind that how you can grow or increase your email list. I will reveal definite way and techniques, which will help you to boost your email list.

How to Grow Email List Fast

How to Grow Email List Fast:

If you are looking for the authentic way, which grow your email list so you are on a right way. Here is few and major techniques, which we highlighted,

Optin Forms:

Optin forms is a prominent and vital way to collect innumerable emails with in a minimum time. Optin form pop up will appear on your website after when your website page is load. Your website visitor will see the optin form pop up first before go on website page. It is a spectacular opportunity for everyone to integrate or install WordPress best optin forms plugins, which will collect numerous emails for you in a day. Optin Monster, Bloom by elegant themes and MailMunch is a finest one’s optin forms plugins for WordPress.

How to Grow Email List Fast optin form

Subscription Widget:

Most often blogger feels annoyed to put a subscription widget at the top of your website sidebars, but it is a real fact top position on your sidebars is a rich and premium place because user sees this place first, when he comes on your website. I personally have strong experience, if your subscription form widget is placed above the fold then 60% chances will be increase that user will subscribe your website if your website is providing useful and authentic information. Bloom by elegant themes is also giving an opportunity to design and insert an attractive subscription widgets.

How to Grow Email List Fast subscription widget

Lock Your Content:

Minority of blogger will be aware with this technique and it is 90% effective than other’s. Personally we got 150+ email in a next 2 hours with this way, but it is a optional technique because many bloggers don’t like to lock his content for visitors only for the sake of emails. So its up to you to choose the better way for your journey.

How to Grow Email List Fast unlock the content

Below the Post Content:

Below the post content is a premium place, where you can get maximum response from user side. We will recommend you to put a finest one subscription box under each post content because that is a most prominent place where user clicks ratio is 80%. Otherwise you can use the below post content place for Ads placement, this will also help to you generate lot of revenue.

Allow Sign up:

It is a great opportunity and option for visitors, which can sign up and register itself on your website. Similarly, you can get their name, email and related info. Because they are now become a member on your website, so they will probably come back again on your website for to do more activities. Only ask name and email in user registration form and avoid to ask multiple info because user can feel annoyed with this act. User name and email is sufficient for registration then user should be able to go ahead.

How to Grow Email List Fast allow registration

These above mentioned techniques and method will must help you to grow your email list. This email list will improve your website traffic via email marketing, You also can read Email marketing tips for small business holders.

Let us know, if you find this post valuable and useful for your next step. For more discussion on this topic and your opinions, you can join us via comment. 😉

How to Take Backup Microsoft Outlook 2013

Nowadays, almost business and professional office employees use Microsoft outlook to receive his emails. Microsoft outlook is easy to use and access from desktop. But if you have a lot of emails data inside your outlook or want to move this data to another place, then you need to take backup Microsoft outlook and restore this backup again on another place. Unfortunately, often professional do not exactly know about its backup procedure. So, I’m going to reveal and guide you, how to take backup Microsoft outlook with ease.

How to backup Microsoft outlook 2013

How to Take Backup Microsoft Outlook:

As we know, Microsoft outlook is going to be an essential need for professional person. So it is important that we should know about that how we can take entire outlook data backup. I’m going to show you with step by step procedure.

Step 1:

Open your Microsoft outlook and simply click on File from upper main menu. I’m using Microsoft outlook 2013 version in these screenshots.

How to Take Backup Microsoft Outlook Step 1

Step 2:

Under File page select open & export option then choose Import/Export files and settings.

How to Take Backup Microsoft Outlook Step 2

Step 3:

After click on Import/Export option under the File page, a pop up will be appear where it will ask about import and export files option. Select Export to a file option from the list and simply click on Next button.

How to Take Backup Microsoft Outlook Step 3

Step 4:

In the fourth step, it will ask about file type then you will choose Outlook Data file (.pst) option and again click on Next button.

How to Take Backup Microsoft Outlook Step 4

Step 5:

In this step, select your email account, for which you want backup. You can not select multiple account at once, for multiple account purpose you need to repeat this process on next time. At this time simply select your single email account then click on next button and leave other options and checks  as default.

How to Take Backup Microsoft Outlook Step 5

Step 6:

In this step, select the export backup file location by itself then finally click on finish button and leave other options as default.How to Take Backup Microsoft Outlook Step 6

Now you have successfully taken outlook data backup on your chosen destination. Now you are able to restore this entire backup on any outlook. This backup files contains email, message conversation, email subject etc. Hopefully, you done your job successfully.

Watch Video Tutorial:

Let us know, if you facing any trouble during backup procedure. For more discussion or your valuable opinions, you can join us via comment. 😉

Best Blogging Sites For College Students and Young Adults

Most often students from colleges and in young age want to make money online, which improve his future and make his future bright. That’s why they want to learn somewhere, where they gain something  interesting and unique knowledge, which build up his experience. On internet some trusted and best blogging sites are providing unique and authentic knowledge about, how a student can start making money online and these blogging sites are delivering his knowledge without paying any cost so you will not pay any single penny in return. Today, I’m going to reveal best blogging sites for college students and young adults. This stuff will be helpful for your student carrier.

Best Blogging Sites For College Students

We will talk about their respective owners start-up short stories and their journeys. These blogging sites have interesting stories behind itself , which will motivate and inspire you to get your destination with lot of struggle.

Best Blogging Sites For College Students:

I’m working professional blogger and online marketer since 2012, when I was a student and gain lot of fundamentals and algorithms from these blogging sites, Now I ‘m going to share my distinctive experience with you. You can review these best blogging sites and can enjoy his short stories, which will definitely motivate your perceptions.

Huffington Post

Huffington Post is an American news magazine, blogging website and founded by Arianna Huffington in May 2005. Huffington Post is known as world top news magazine and blogging website, they have multiple departments, one of them is blogging, where they write about SEO, Google, Small biz and computer apps, software and further technology stuff. If your English language level is fluent so it is a great place to boost or improve your experience. On Huffington Post, you can avail lot of authors experience and skills without spending any cost.


TechCrunch is an American latest technology news website founded by Michael Arrington in 11 June 2005. Michael Arrington take start up his blogging journey with TechCrunch at home and was writing about technology companies and tech article, review, news etc. Numerous contributors and authors share his experience and skills on TechCrunch to promote his business skills and for marketing purpose. TechCrunch is a great place to get latest technology new alerts without any hesitation.


Mashable is an American digital media website founded by Pete Cashmore in July 2005. Mashable is known as best blogging and technology publishing website in America. On Mashable , you will find articles related to all tech, gadgets, software, mobile applications and technology news etc. They have separate section on website about social media sites and latest news about social media sites fluctuations.


Life Hacker is an American technology based blog founded in 08 Sep 2004. Life Hacker is an interesting blog, where writer and contributors writing about computer hardware, software, gadgets, mobile application, web apps and tech news related stuff. Really amazing blog from ranking and knowledge perspective.


Copy Blogger is an American finest blog founded by Brian Clark and working since January 2006. Copy Blogger blog is considered as a free content marketing education platform. Copy Blogger have 160,000 unique customers, which are using copy blogger services and happy with it. On Copy Blogger, you will find articles relevant to SEO, WordPress, Business solutions, entrepreneurship, Social media, Google news and further blogging stuff. All education stuff is free for readers and visitors, you can get benefit with their place.


Amit Agarwal founded labnol blogging website in 2004, which is famous with the name of digital inspiration in India. Digital inspiration is an award wining blogging website, where they share technology stuff related to computer software, web applications, gadgets etc. Digital inspiration is known as India largest blogging website, Amit is known as the founder of India blogging revolution.


Harsh Agrawal founded ShoutMeLoud in 1st Dec 2008. ShoutMeLoud is known as India second highest ranking and award wining blogging site. On ShoutMeLoud, they write about making money online, WordPress, SEO, entrepreneurship, web hosting and further stuff related to technology. If you are a beginner so ShoutMeLoud is a finest place for your training.


Siraj Mahmood founded KnowledgeIDea in 15 June 2014. The actual reason to create this finest blogging community is spread knowledge as much possible for beginners and experts. KnowledgeIDea received 80,000+ incoming monthly visitors hits from multiple search engines like (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, MSN). On KnowledgeIDea, you will find educational based content articles and tutorials, which is related to SEO, WordPress, Social media marketing, Make money online, Google and further technology based software applications articles. Founder of KnowledgeIDea Siraj Mahmood saw this dream during his university time period, Now KnowledgeIDea is known as a largest educational based blogging portal on internet market.


AllTechBuzz is a another spectacular blogging platform from educational perspective. ImranUddin founded AllTechBuzz in 07 June 2012. Imran Uddin is known as a founder of AllTechBuzz and a professional blogger. On AllTechBuzz lot of contributor and authors publish his experience and valuable skills in the form of articles and tutorials. AllTechBuzz writing articles related to SEO, WordPress, Social Media, Mobile applications, softwares, review and further tech based stuff.


Abdul Wali founded OnlineUstaad in 03 Dec 2011. Abdul Wali is known as a full-time passionate and professional blogger, who loves to travel many countries as a dye heart passion. He also loves to share his ideas and skills with other’s through his blogging platform. Abdul Wali share SEO, WordPress, Social media, Web development and further blogging related stuff with his readers. Online Ustaad is a great place to earn and gain lot of knowledge for free.

Hopefully, above best blogging sites for college students and young adults will be helpful for your student career. Join these best blogging sites platform and try to adopt their professional style, hopefully you can be the next lucky one who will be in this list as a best and top blogger globally. For more discussion to enhance this topic and related to blogging journey for beginner students, you can join us via comment. 😉

Affiliate Marketing Tips and Tricks

Nowadays, when you talking about making money online then affiliate marketing is comes out as a the best source of income. Today, I’m going to show the affiliate marketing tips and tricks to extend your monthly income reports boundaries. These affiliate marketing tips will help you to generate lot of revenue as your capacity. No doubt, affiliate marketing is a biggest source of income, because most of the bloggers 80% monthly income rely on affiliate marketing, one of the prominent blog name is ShoutMeLoud. Often beginners bloggers feel annoyed about affiliate marketing, because they are not acquainted with its advantages at the beginning.

Affiliate Marketing Tips and Tricks:

Affiliate marketing have no threshold like AdSense or any other publisher program. In affiliate marketing, you earn when someone buy any product or service from your provided reference. So the actual concept is, how you can convey your affiliate marketing reference to the maximum people’s, whether they are related to your field or not. Now I’m going to elaborate email marketing tips and tricks in-depth.

Affiliate Marketing Tips and Tricks Affiliate Network

Choose Your Affiliate Network:

First you need to choose you affiliate networks, which should be reliable and loyal in online market. Another things is, Choose the high paying affiliate programs, You can read Best and High paying affiliate networks programs. Must analyze or read your affiliate program reviews on internet because on internet innumerable fake affiliate networks are working.

Affiliate Marketing Tips and Tricks

Target Your Audience:

If you are going with affiliate program, so your first priority should be your audience. Sort your analytic reports and analyze your incoming audience, which country they belongs and what things they are interested, most are men and women, age difference, etc.

Affiliate Marketing Tips and Tricks

Newsletter Service:

A newsletter is a great way to convey your affiliate reference to your user door step in the shape of promotion and discounted offers in newsletter. Design a finest quality newsletter, which attract the user attention and compel him to take your service. Recently we received HostGator promotion newsletter, I really impressed after I saw it. We have a snap shot of this promotion newsletter, you can get an idea with it.

Affiliate Marketing Tips and Tricks

Banner Placement:

Affiliate promotion banner placement is a major aspect of affiliate marketing tips. Affiliate banner placement should be prominent, because promotion banner needs user attention. For better understanding, we design a separate heat map to give clear voice to our words. See and analyze this heap map prominent places for affiliate banner.

Affiliate Marketing Tips and Tricks

Brand Recognition Links:

Reputation is everything, create hype in your users mind. Make your affiliate links branded, which reflect your company name. You can use Simple URL plugin for WordPress to make your affiliate links branded. See the below branded affiliate link example for HostGator Hosting.


Above link reflecting website domain name, Similarly you can use your brand name instead of usual affiliate links.

Social Media:

Social media sites is an amazing opportunity to achieve your affiliate marketing goals, share you affiliate links with your social media friends and followers. You also can share your brand recognized links on social media, because with the help of branded links you can get a lot of sales with tracking reports. Nowadays, major social media sites are following as to promote your affiliate marketing like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google plus and LinkedIn. Join one of them and start your affiliate marketing journey.

Affiliate Marketing Tips and Tricks

Internally Cobweb:

If you are a blog writer, so you will be familiar with internal links. Now it’s time to be smart, create keywords in your articles by itself, which relevant with your affiliate programs and linked them all of those with affiliate links. This is should be look like internal links cobweb. This trick will definitely boost your affiliate marketing sales revenue as much possible.

Affiliate Marketing Tips and Tricks

Let us know, if you think that these affiliate marketing tips and tricks will be helpful for you. For more affiliate marketing tips and enhance this discussion on this topic, you can join us via comment. 😉

WordPress Premium Themes For Blogs

Did you know? WordPress premium themes contains effective and creative features than free WordPress themes. A perfect blog should be embellish with a spectacular premium theme, which full of advance features. WordPress have thousands of premium themes, which has integrated with unlimited properties. Professional and intellectual bloggers always gives his first preference to WordPress premium themes. Because they are deeply acquainted with its flexible features and user-friendly interface options. Today I will reveal and share best WordPress premium themes, which will be useful for your future journey.

WordPress Premium Themes

WordPress Premium Themes:

WordPress premium themes consist on innumerable integrated features, which can boost your blogging passion with ease. WordPress premium themes packages also contains premium plugins for free. Now let’s see the WordPress premium themes finest collection.


WordPress Premium Themes Studiopress

StudioPress is an excellent solution for pro bloggers, who are looking for best premium WordPress themes. 134,000 website owners are using studiopress framework and premium theme and happy with it. 100% responsive layout with high-definition retina ready. Seo optimized designed premium theme along ultimate integrated features. Airtight security to secure your files, documents, content even reduce your comment spamming claims. Every and single component of studiopress is deeply and fast customizable. Separate developer side options to manipulate your studiopress framework and themes in-depth. Light weight coding HTML, CSS, JavaScript files, which boost your website loading speed.


WordPress Premium Themes thesis

Thesis is known as a killer WordPress theme, which has incredible premium features. With the help of thesis, you can develop business website, a blog, a magnificent news magazine site with ease. Easy customizable drag and drop skin framework system, which helps you to build numerous layouts with in minutes. Unlimited colors schemes, Google fonts, unlimited sidebars facility. Separate developer tools and options, where you can develop your own style by itself. Excellent boxes drag and drop framework, which no need coding stuff just simply drag your boxes widgets and your pages is ready to go live.


WordPress Premium Themes Newspaper

Newspaper is a multipurpose WordPress news magazine theme. Newspaper theme specially designed for blogs and new magazine websites. Newspaper theme is known as best-selling and top rated theme in envato market with amazing features. It has integrated premium plugins include bbPress forums, BuddyPress and WooCommerce. Gorgeous article pages designs templates. Custom made light box for responsive image preview. Portfolio and gallery pages with drag and drop features. Sticky widgets to boost your ads and banners CPC. Intelligent ad system, 18+ custom widgets, unlimited colors scheme, Google fonts support, visual composer premium plugin support, speed booster v3 plugin to increase website speed and much more.


WordPress Premium Themes Newsmag

Newsmag is a multipurpose news magazine theme, which is considered as a pro version of newspaper theme. Newsmag WordPress premium theme is designed according to tech blog and news magazine websites requirement. It has innumerable internal and external features. Complete Seo optimized theme, rich snippets external Seo premium plugins. Smart fixed sidebars, which can easily attract user attention. Smart list, intelligent ad system, custom categories, one click demo install option from admin panel, social counter and many integrated premium plugins, which can save you precious money.


WordPress Premium Themes GoodNews

Good News is a powerful featured and multipurpose WordPress premium theme. Fully responsive design template and compatible with every device like iPhone, iPad and Desktop. Multiple sidebars and multiple page layouts options and can be customized from option panel. Good News theme homepage unbelievable loading speed is 3.5 sec approximately. $38 worth visual composer premium integrated plugin, which can create numerous pages in a single minute. Absolute ads system to monetize your ads with reliability. Built-in review system, mega menu navigation system, high-definition retina ready template and many further features.


WordPress Premium Themes Smartmag

Smartmag is a modern and cleaned WordPress theme with retina ready template. Fully responsive layout, which is adjustable according to reader device screen resolution. Visual composer facility, you can build hundreds of pages with drag and drop system. One click demo install for user convenience. Smart navigation mega menses to give appropriate style to your theme. $18 worth revolution slider free with this theme package. box and full width layout headers, which can give attractive look to your website. Built-in review system for user rating and promote your specific post. Smartmag contains bbPress, Woo commerce and RTL language template support, which make this WordPress theme unique from others.


WordPress Premium Themes MultiNews

MultiNews is a multi features and multi purpose WordPress theme. It has innumerable integrated features and options, every single element of this finest theme is customizable. Powerful responsive layout template with can easily adopt any screen resolution. High definition retina ready theme design. Beautiful separate weather page with awesome icons display. Woo Commerce, buddyPress, bbPress plugins integrated and compatible with this magnificent theme. Multi-news have lot of internal and external features.

Effective News:

WordPress Premium Themes Effective News

Effective News is a new modern and clean WP blog magazine theme. Fully responsive design layout, which can adjust its screen resolution according to reader device. Powerful admin panel and RTL supported WordPress theme. 4 awesome premium slider, which can display latest news prominent. Built-in review system for user feedback. $38 worth premium visual composer integrated plugin, which can establish a lot of pages in a few minutes. Awesome mega menu system, 5+ latest article styles, customizable typography, unlimited colors, unlimited Google fonts, Woo Commerce, BuddyPress, bbPress and Seo friendly WordPress premium theme.


WordPress Premium Themes NewsCore

NewsCore is a powerful multipurpose WordPress theme with distinctive features. Great and attractive homepage front with premium sliders. NewsCore WordPress theme is designed for blogs and news magazine websites. Complete responsive website template, which is able to adopt ant screen resolution. Built-in review system for user feedback and opinions. Powerful layout builder, which can create a lot of pages with ease. Woo Commerce plugin support, Now you can sale anything with this theme. One click demo install support for user convenience.

World Wide:

WordPress Premium Themes WorldWide

World Wide is a famous and premium new magazine WordPress theme. Absolute design for new magazine or blogs sites. Complete responsive design template and high-definition retina ready layout. 7+ blog styles and 5+ styles sidebars, which increase theme potential. Visual composer premium plugin page builder to facilitate his users. Advance admin panel options, custom typography, unlimited colors schemes for branding and much more.

Let us know, if you like my premium WordPress templates collection. Above WordPress theme collection can be use for news magazine and blogs site without any hesitation. You can purchase one of the finest one theme for your future blogging journey. For more discussion on WordPress themes collection, you can join us via comment. 😉

Top 10 Important Google Ranking Factors For Beginners

Did you know that, how much beginners have knowledge about Google ranking factors and its importance. Because Google ranking factors are necessary things that you need to learn them. Google have its own numerous algorithms to manipulate his search engine searches, Google ranking factors will help you to understand these algorithms as much as possible. These factors will boost your website search engine rank and searching results.

Top 10 Important Google Ranking Factors

Google Ranking Factors For Beginners:

We designed this post to understand the search engine fluctuation for beginners. Beginners always wants to learn about Google algorithms and its ranking factors to boost his blogging journey. Now I’m going to reveal and elaborate these Google ranking factors, which will make your website healthy and worthy.

1. Keyword in Title tag:

Presence of keyword should be in the beginning of the title tag. According to Seo, targeting keywords should be appeared in the beginning of the title tag, which makes your content easy to understand for search engine.

2.Keyword in Headings:

It is a good practice to insert your target keyword in prominent heading (H1, H2). Keywords in headings gives a strong look to your blog content. It is essential Google ranking factor so don’t overlook this aspect.

3.Keyword in First Paragraph:

Your focus keyword should be appeared inside the first paragraph of your content. You can repeat the target keywords inside first paragraph, which is one times minimum and two times maximum. Excessive usage of keywords inside first paragraph is prohibited, because it can spoil the content sequence.

4.Keyword Density:

Most important Google ranking factor from Seo perspective. Keyword density refers to that, how many times a target keywords appear in your post title, headings, content, URL and image with alt tag. According to Seo experts, Keyword density 1.50% considered as great and perfect from Seo point of view.

5.Keyword in Meta-title & Description:

Google searching algorithms filter his searches accordingly meta information. Yes, I’m talking about meta-title, meta-description, which are playing incredible role in ranking factors. Your target keywords should be appeared in your meta title at the beginning and meta-description. But remember that, abundance of keyword in meta-title and description can spoil your search engine snippet potential. So do not use your focus keywords more than 1 times in meta-title and 3 time in meta-description. Most of the bloggers have lot of conflicts about meta-keywords, Must Read, Google Doesn’t Use Keywords Meta tag in web ranking.

6.Social Media Sharing:

When you have published your post on your blog, so now let’s start sharing on social media sites. Most of blogger avoid sharing due to laziness, but they are putting his site rank into ditch by itself. Social sharing is now become a most compulsory component of Search engine optimization. As a website administrator, it is your responsibility to share your recent published post on social media sites include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, StumbleUpon and LinkedIn.

7.Social Bookmarking Submission:

If you are a beginners, so probably you will not acquainted with social bookmarking submission process. Search engines now becoming innovative with the passage of times. Similarly, Your articles references or sources should be appeared on high-ranking website. Social bookmarking sites doesn’t store data itself, they just store data location address. The prominent advantage of social bookmarking submission is incoming rich traffic, which you will receive from these rich websites.

8.Internal Link Building:

Internal link building structure is a big matter in Seo, but unfortunately, minority of bloggers are availing this aspect. Internal link building might be a cause of lot of pageviews on website, lot of pageviews will reduce your website bounce rate, which is great from ranking and revenue perspective. So try to adopt this habit to construct valuable internal links on meaningful keywords.

9.Accurate and Authentic Content:

Search engine now becomes smarter than before now they gives his first preference to accurate and authentic content. If your content is good from grammatically, punctuation, sentences perspective and 100% original generated instead of copied content so your content will be able to get search engine attention first. Replicated content can fall your site rank into ditch so you need to avoid these kind of redundant activities.

Authentication is necessary before publish any news or post. If you published any post without confirmation so it can arise a lot of complexities among your user and you. So as a responsible writer, you need to confirm your theme reality before publish. If you have any strong proof and example so share it with your readers to make clear your words.

10.Daily Update:

Responsibility is everything in blogging, daily update your blog content with new one’s. It should be your first priority to update your daily content with consistency. Second thing is that, update or refresh your old blog post because old is Gold and old posts can boost your site traffic easily.

Another important tip for intellectual bloggers, who are interested to improve his website traffic with in days, must broadcast newsletter emails to your all subscribers, this newsletter should be equipped with recent published articles reference and sources. You also can mention your website promotions and offers inside this branded newsletter. Newsletter always update your readers and clients, whether, they come to your website or not. You also can read, Authentic ways to improve website traffic.

Set your daily schedule according to your responsibilities as a blogger.  Time is money and you need to save your precious time as much you can. Often blogger do not perform their work regularly, which becomes a big disaster from their side. So its time to grow up and take your responsibilities as a professional blogger.

Let us know, if you learned a lot of things and aspects from this post. If you like this article then must share with your friends because sharing is caring. If you have better one ideas and experience, which you are interested to share with us, so you can write for us to expose your hidden talent. For more discussion on this topic and your valuable opinions, you can join us via comment. 😉

Google AdSense Heat Map Guide For Beginners

Do you know? After getting Google AdSense account approval, there is a lot of things for earn better money with reliability. In which one aspect is known as ad placement but most of blogger are not aware about its accurate knowledge and how they can place his Google AdSense ads on right places, where they can get maximum hits from his visitors. Now I’m here to show you, Google AdSense heat map guide for beginners, which will help you to place your AdSense ads on perfect places to generate lot of revenue.

Google AdSense Heat Map Guide for beginners

Firstly you need to know about heat map, heat map indicate the best places on website with highlighted areas. Google AdSense team also revealed his heat map, in which they showed the most prominent areas on website, which are considered as best ad placement areas from advertisers and publishers perspective.

Google AdSense Heat Map:

Google AdSense team provides heat map for user convenience and for better understanding. Now I’m going to reveal and elaborate this heat map and its aspects. Let’s see.

Recommended Ad Placement Heat Map:

Google AdSense Heat Map Guide

Above given heat map showing the recommended and optional places, highlight recommended ad units in the above heat map is a perfect places for ad placement. You noticed, we marked a red dotted line in the center of this heat map, above the red line area known as above the fold and below the red line area known as below the fold. Do not put excessive ads above the fold area, because excessive ads above the fold shows your interest in ads instead of website content. Let take a look poor ad placement heat map.

Poor Ad Placement Heat Map:

Google AdSense Heat Map Poor Ad placement

Above heat map showing poor ad placement, often bloggers gives preference to his ads instead of website content, that’s why they push the precious content below the fold. Google AdSense never like that kind of reaction, they recommend maximum content should be appear above the fold same like first one heat heap of this post.

Your ads should be close to your content, for which user are interested. You need to customize your AdSense ads links and colors according to your requirement or brand colors, ads should look like a part of your website content.

Let us know, if you understand the Google AdSense ad placement accurate way. You can apply this recommended ad placement way to any ad network, hopefully you will get the maximum response with this way. If you have any doubt or hesitate about ad placement then you can join us via comment. 😉

Is Blog Commenting Still Effective From Seo Perspective?

This is a most arise question in often minds. Because blog commenting is now emerging as usual trend. Many of my friends asked this question to me on many occasions that, Is blog commenting Still effective and acceptable from Seo perspective. Now I’m going to revealing this actual question answer in-depth.

Is Blog Commenting Still Effective

Is blog commenting Still effective?

Blog commenting is just like a disease, which gives you nothing more and no longer exist in Seo factors. Majority of bloggers building backlinks through blog commenting. But they are going with wrong way, because blog commenting backlinks are totally ‘NoFollow’ which will never be considered in search engine. Search engine do not follow ‘Nofollow ‘ attribute hyperlinks on web pages. So, these backlinks are totally freak from ranking perspective. Here we have an image blog commenting proof, which contains ‘Nofollow’ attribute behind ‘Name’ field.

Is Blog Commenting Still Effective Nofollow attribute

What are the benefits of Blog Commenting:

Where blog commenting has its disadvantages, where it has little benefits. Through blog commenting, you can generate lot of traffic without spend any cost. Most of bloggers thinks about only ranking not focus on traffic side, Now you need to think bidirectional because it’s time to grow up. No matter, incoming visitors giving you Dofollow or Nofollow backlinks , you can avail Nofollow backlinks in the form of traffic. If you are a beginners and do not have much knowledge about Dofollow or Nofollow attributes then must read, What is Nofollow and Dofollow rel attributes.

What is the alternative of blog Commenting?

Here is a prominent question arise, if blog commenting is giving us nothing so what is the alternative of blog commenting. Join blogs, who support comment luv because via this facility you can easily build your Dofollow backlinks without facing any trouble. Guest Blogging is a rich and finest one way to build Dofollow backlinks, read 4 major Guest blogging benefits from Seo perspective.

Join Dofollow high PR forums to establish sturdy backlinks, discussion boards is a spectacular way to promote your website on largest communities. Social bookmarking sites is also a great way to submit you recent post and building backlinks.

Yes, it is true blog commenting is still exist in online market but it has benefits, not harmful for your blogging journey. It will be harmful, when you spamming on other blogs with your website reference. This spamming can spoil your website reputation and can disturb search engine ranking. So, try to avoid this kind of unethical activities.

Let us know, if you understand blog commenting actual concept from Seo perspectives. For more discussion on this topic, you can join us via comment. 😉

Top 10 Blogging Tips For Beginners

Blogging is incredible passion and have no threshold. I’m doing blogging since 2012 and still takes interest in blogging professional career. Today I will reveal some blogging tips for beginners, which helps you to rank your blog as soon as possible.

Top 10 Blogging Tips For Beginners

Blogging Tips For Beginners:

Here is innumerable blogging tips for beginners but we highlight only prominent one’s. Which are playing vital role in blogging journey. See the below following blogging tips.

Write What You Know:

Most of bloggers feel panic about its next blogging articles. To avoid this kind of situation, focus on these things, which you are expert and can write better than others.I’m saying you need to choose your topics relevant to your expertise. It’s up to you, if you are expert in cooking then make a blog on cooking recipes, if you are a mathematics teacher so you can guide your readers about mathematics algorithms on your blog. Write what you know, write only these things, which you loves to share from your experience.

Top 10 Blogging Tips For Beginners

Practice as Yourself:

Before publish your articles, try to write your articles from yourself as a practice. I would recommend you to write your articles on Microsoft Word, because it can easily catch your grammatically mistakes. Write your thoughts on a piece of paper as a practice, try different methodologies as you can think.

Top 10 Blogging Tips For Beginners

Relevant Content:

You article content should be relevant with your article title. Sometimes bloggers don’t care about his article title significance. They mixed up all the content at one place, which disturb the user and website criteria. It is a good blogging practice to provide only relevant content,which related to their title or topic.

Top 10 Blogging Tips For Beginners

Authentication is Important:

Do not try to publish your content directly before authentication. Because publish content without authentication can spoil your blog reputation and it is also against the law. If you have strong proof or example then must mention it in your articles. because it can increase chances to make your article popular than others.

Top 10 Blogging Tips For Beginners

ADD Media:

Media is a great source to elaborate your thinking. Insert high-definition quality images, which should be relevant with your content. You also can insert videos in the shape of tutorials for better understanding. Users always entertain with multimedia material like photography, Video, Audio etc.

Top 10 Blogging Tips For Beginners

Style and Appearance:

Blog content style and appearance should  be attractive. Make sure, you blog font family and font size should be prominent and easy to read for readers. We personally using ‘Roboto Slab’ font family on our blog with 16px font size, you also can edit or change your blog fonts style from typography options. Blog branding colors also be a crucial part of style and appearance, always use light colors combination instead of dark colors.

Top 10 Blogging Tips For Beginners

Be Loyal:

Loyalty is most important things among user and you, which create mutual understanding. Article writing style should be ethical and truthful, which reflects your blog reputation. Never insert unethical words, which can spoil your blog reputation.

User Friendly Behavior:

You behavior should be friendly with your precious users, do not ignore user feedback and opinions. User always likes or expect truthful and friendly actions from your side. Which makes this relationship more strong.

Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot.

Top 10 Blogging Tips For Beginners

Sharing is Caring:

An external essential task, which has strength to drive innumerable traffic and can promote your blog on many places. After published your blog post, share in different communities as you can do. Share your blog post in Social media sites, top social bookmarking sites, high PR forums sites etc. You can generate a lot of traffic from this sharing activity and this step will help you to boost your search engine rank.

Top 10 Blogging Tips For Beginners


Write your blog articles daily with consistency, do not put a little gap because this little gap is sufficient to make it a big hole in your blogging journey. Design your daily schedule calendar, which cover every single aspect of your daily task, you also can use sticky note utility for this purpose.

Trust is built with consistency.

Let us know, if you like above worthwhile blogging tips for your blogging journey. For more discussion on this topic, you can join us via comment. 😉