Role of Laptop in Education For Students

Did you know that role of laptop in education now becoming crucial and we can’t overlook this aspect. In the information technology world, where everything now on our fingertips and we utilize numerous technology stuff around us. Where laptop can be seen as a prominent gadget which we use in our offices, schools, institutions and specially during a student education time period.

Role of Laptop in Education For Students

Role of Laptop in Education:

Laptops are the another shape of desktop computer, which merge numerous features in a single machine. No need to connect any other machine such as CPU, keyboard and mouse because all are available in a single machine, which is known as laptop.

Laptop Role in Study:

Every single student, who are seeking education needs a well performance and fully featured laptop. Which can accomplish his study requirements in a positive manner.

Let’s assume that, if you are a computer science student, so programming will be your primary subject. In programming courses, you needs some professional code editors and compilers, where you can edit your programming languages and can run your created programs. These software in which you will write your programs, these are high level software, which can only be installed in a fully featured laptop.

In other condition, if you are a student of 2D or 3D graphical subjects then probably your laptop should be according to your graphical software’s. Commerce student also needs a good quality laptops for presentations and many more tasks.

The actual thing, which i’m focusing on that, laptop now became the compulsory requirement for every student.

Easy to Carry:

This point highlight the laptop basic advantage, you are not able to carry your personal desktop in a schools or universities. But in contrary, a laptop can be easily carry in your school bag or hands. Lightweight laptop makes your look cool and smarter.

Electricity Backup:

A desktop always needs electricity for usage, but you can use your laptop 4-5 hours without electricity. That’s means, if you are on long journey then it is a better solution for work in traveling duration. Laptop is same like your phone, and can survive on charged battery.

Hopefully, you understood the advantages of laptop in education field. Almost every student study criteria belongs to mini computer/laptops. There are innumerable advantages of laptop in daily life but these are prominent. For more discussion, you can join us via comment.

Top 5 Website Speed Test Tools For Free

If we are talking about website speed test tools, so first we need to know that, why we need these tools. Almost bloggers are not aware about speed optimization sites advantages. But if your site are working fine already, then you will be probably desire to know about your site performance. On internet surrounding, there are many of websites, which gives you opportunity to find out your site performance. But here we will reveal only finest ones.

Website Speed Test Tools:

Let’s see the following top website speed test tools.

Pingdom Tools

Website Speed Test Tools

Pingdom is an excellent website speed checker tool, which is offering website absolute monitoring services in affordable prices. But some tools are free for user convenience. In which, you can easily find your web pages loading speed, website DNS health even you can ping your website anytime. Pingdom tools also reveals your mistakes or errors, so you can resolve them easily. Pingdom tool analyze your entire website speed, performance, size even backend uncompressed files etc.


Website Speed Test Tools

GTmetrix is a website speed analyzer along many more features. You can optimize your website easily because GTmetrix is fully free for everyone. You can measure your site performance there without any trouble. GTmetrix analyze your site speed, page size, multiple region testing feature, specific page score etc. Interesting thing about GTmetrix is that, it will measure your site mistakes or errors even un-optimized images, uncompressed files, leverage browsing cache etc.

PageSpeed Insights

Website Speed Test Tools

PageSpeed Insight is a popular page analyzer by Google Inc. You can analyze your website and find out your site current score. On PageSpeed Insight, you are capable to check your site performance on multiple devices. PageSpeed Insight also scan your whole site efficiency and discover the tragic mistakes on server-side, you can find these mistake then purge from your website.


Website Speed Test Tools

QuickSprout is one of the finest online website measurement tool. In other words, an absolute pro solution for every blogger. QuickSprout check your site speed , SEO rank, page size, social media presence, backlinks quality, responsiveness checker, keyword density checker etc. QuickSprout gives some necessary recommendations from SEO perspective. Effective tools equipped with numerous features.


Website Speed Test Tools

WebPageTest is a website testing tools for professionals, because this tools analyze backend coding files. WebPageTest is determine the current page loading speed and provide efficient results. You can review your site matrix from multiple locations along multiple browsers. Easy to use interface for user convenience.

Consequently, if you find your mistakes or errors then its time to resolve them. Keep remember that, do not ignore uncompressed files because server-side errors can reduce your site speed, which might put bad impact on users. For more interaction on this topic, you can submit your queries below.

Duplicate Content Checker Tool for SEO

One will effortless discover some content articles rewrite tool, most of them are able to Study through your content material of phrases and indicate, which one can by exchanged with replacements. A few tool will be able to present that all of the words which may be swapped out by using an alternate choice and also will probably be highlighted and even in bold and bright colored textual content. You are able to opt for that which word to revert to the initial, discover alternative advised phrases, as well as add your own words.

Under provides some recommendations regarding the way to make certain that in the event that you use this type of program for SEO purposes, Take note if perhaps you publish low quality content, it will probably backfire!

You should increase additional unique synonyms to enhance the ending benefit of this article reworking. The idea could also straightforward to be utilized as an article spinner to generate much more versions of a short article, though you really should ensure that will is unique plenty of to complete duplicate content checker tool. This type of software is a double edged sword, hence use at your own private risk!

Start out with some sort of quality content. This specific indicates a exclusive subject or standpoint on a very unique topic. The information need to be useful to be able to a human reader. At this stage soon enough, it is not possible designed for any computer software to deliver content that is engaging. If you start out with a low quality post, chances are higher that the various versions are usually more serious.

We propose operating the final results in the event that you are satisfied as a result of the Plagiarism Checker Tool just to check it is exclusive more than enough to complete the plagiarism exams used by search engines like yahoo before you upload on the website.

We will not propose working with the tool to generate various editions of the same content to submit spam. Not only is this ticketed by search engines like yahoo, but it gives nothing at all of value to your focus on viewers possibly.

Reason and Causes of Urbanization

Why do people migrate from villages to cities? What are the reasons behind urbanization? How we can stop this mass-scale urbanization? Let us get the answer to these questions by studying city and village lives. Village is the basic unit of human civilization. Man had laid the foundation of the villages, after giving up the life of jungle. More than half of the world’s population is living in villages. With the expansion of industrialism, there is a grow trend favor of urbanization, because in cities, we have more opportunities and facilities. So, cities are getting over-flow with migrated population. This migration is creating so many problems. So, uplift of the village is need of the hour.

Reason and Causes of Urbanization

In cities, we have modern facilities of life-like electricity, gas, clean water, tele-communication, transportation, education and health facilities. “Life in a big city, though curse we may call it, is indispensable to survive in the modern era.”

Causes of Urbanization:

In villages, we do not have such facilities. People have to go to cities for hospitalization, in case of severe injuries or fatal diseases. Furthermore, there are not institutions of higher education in villages.

Students have to go to cities for professional or higher education. Especially, girls suffer a lot due to this situation. These are two major factors, which contribute to migration towards cities. So, if we provide civic facilities like, education, roads and health in villages, we can stop this mass scale urbanization.

Lastly, in cities, we have more economic and employment opportunities. This is the biggest cause of migration towards cities. In villages, people have limited economic opportunities. So, they go to cities to find employment. After that they become used to civic facilities. So, they go to cities to find employment. After that they become used to civic facilities. So, they decide to settle there with their families. In this way, this become the cause of large-scale migration. To address this problem, the government should formulate such policies as could be helped to provide employment to the villages at their thresholds. This would be a major step towards the uplift of the village. Such industrial units should also be set up in the villages as are based on agriculture.

In cities, we have facilities and opportunities. That is why, people migrate from villages to cities. Urbanization is becoming a giant problem. So, village uplift is the only solution to the problem of urbanization. And uplift is possible only through availability of the modern facilities at the doorsteps of the people.

Keyword Selection & Placement – SEO Training For Beginners

As you know, we covered SEO types and factor in the earlier SEO training tutorial. Now in this tutorial, we will talk about “How to write SEO optimized content” with ease. Writing an article is not a headache, mostly persons can do this itself or can hire someone writer. Writing an SEO optimized content is the actual victory of a good blogger. That is why, I’m here to show you that how you can  able to write a well SEO optimized content.

SEO Training Lesson 3:

Following major aspects will be count in this writing content process.

  1. Keywords Selection
  2. Keywords Placement
  3. Keywords Density

Above three points highlight the content writing process according to the SEO. If you are going to write an article for your blog, then it is your responsibility that, written content should be SEO optimized. After watching this tutorial, You will be able to write a SEO optimized content itself without any hesitation. Now watch the tutorial with full concentration.

If you watched the above tutorial, so now you will be familiar with content writing according to SEO. Google keyword planner is a finest tool to search/analyze keywords even you can comparison multiple keywords with others. Secondly, keyword placement is the main objective of this SEO training.

Tips and Cautions:

If you want long time effective SEO, then memorize few things, which can boost you article presence in search engine.

Article should be in concise and precise form. Article length should be minimum 300 words and maximum no threshold. Article keywords density should be more than 1.0%, which means that, repeat your keywords at least 7 times in article body. Do not use long sentences during writing article. Article title length should be less than 70 characters (Recommended).

Let us know, if you got the exact point in this tutorial, In contrary, If you doesn’t understand the main part of this tutorial then you can convey  your troubles and problems  via comment.

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