10+ Simple WordPress Theme With Responsive Design

No doubt WordPress is a finest platform to start a blogging journey. As we saw, Best WordPress Themes For Blogging in our earlier article, Now I will show you my collection of simple WordPress themes with fully responsive design.

Simple WordPress Theme

Simple website themes can easily grab user attention and look like professionals. Conversely, fully loaded website takes long time in loading and annoying users, that is why, these kinds of website have maximum bounce rate. To resolve this problematic issue, we are going to introduce Simple WordPress theme collection. Hopefully, this will prove best for your bright future.

Simple WordPress Theme Collection:

Do you know ? Simple websites look spectacular instead of complicated website themes designs. Other reason is that, Search engines bots can easily and speedily crawl or index simple websites data. A more reasonable aspect is that, Simple website themes loading speed also faster than other themes. That is why, I’m here to help you to find out the finest collection of Simple WordPress themes. Let’s see,

Simple Article:

Simple Article Simple WordPress Theme

Simple Article is simple WordPress theme and specially designed for bloggers. Fully responsive layout and can adjust his design according to mini devices screen resolution. Integrated $25 master slider for free with further ultimate features. Simple article WordPress theme have lot features include shortcodes, mega menu, page builder, theme customizer, floating navigation, awesome 404 page, unlimited colors collection, infinite Google fonts and much more.

Download         Demo


Zefir Simple WordPress Theme

Zefir is a powerful simple WordPress theme with numerous advance features. First of all its design responsiveness attract the user attention and compel him to get this finest theme. Already SEO optimized theme, High definition retina ready design. Integrated shortcodes generator plus more than 500 Google fonts support. Multi-language translation ready theme along built-in bootstrap 3 and many advance features.

Download         Demo

The Thinker:

The Thinker Simple WordPress Theme

The thinker is a simple WordPress theme with ultimate features. Fully responsive layout along high quality retina ready theme. It contains numerous integrated plugins include soliloquy slider, many template pages, theme customizer, woo commerce support, unlimited colors support for branding and further more functions.

Download         Demo


Brixtons Simple WordPress Theme

Brixton is a simple WordPress theme for blogging purpose, which have incredible loading speed. Fully SEO optimized theme and have numerous SEO tools. Integrated social feeds, Instagram feeds, perfect article page etc. Unlimited colors branding options along unlimited Google fonts support.

Download         Demo


PaulBlack Simple WordPress Theme

PaulBlack is a personal blogging WordPress theme along many features. Responsive web design pages and can adopt any mini devices screen resolution. Integrated visual composer plugin (Page Builder), which can easily build lot of pages with ease. PaulBlack simple blogging theme is designed according to SEO terms. Multiple magnificent headers option and can change according to your requirement. Numerous layout templates include in this theme package. Multiple colors, post type, Google fonts and much more.

Download        Demo


PAPILLON Simple WordPress Theme

PAPILLON is a simple news magazine or blogging WordPress theme, which is designed according to users need. Responsive designed pages according to every mini device. Modern and retina ready theme. Multiple homepage design with spectacular header and footer designs. Mega menu bars, Social icons, website feeds, 600+ Google fonts, RTL (Right to Left) support theme, One click demo install option from admin side, Integrated news ticker, Built-in review system, Awesome social counter, bbPress support and much more features.

Download        Demo


Ink Simple WordPress Theme

Ink is a WordPress simple blogging theme, Which is designed for telling the interesting stories. Totally different style than other blogging theme because specialty of this theme is creative article pages. 4 Grid layout option with multiple template styles. Integrated background cover options, which makes him distinctive from other themes. Responsive layout and compatible with every device screen resolution like Desktop, iPhone, iPad etc. Custom 404 page and lot of further features.

Download       Demo

Simple Life:

Simple-Life Simple WordPress Theme

A simple blog or magazine news WordPress theme with advance features. Simple-Life template is really creative and fast loading speed, Fast loading speed due to his backend compressed files. Fully responsive WordPress theme and compatible with every mini device. Separate advertisement panel to monetize AdSense ads in better manner. Simple-Life is compatible with all browsers include Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer etc. Ultimate colors scheme with custom widgets, which can promote your site or business.

Download       Demo


Ostrich Simple WordPress Theme

Ostrich is a classical WordPress blog theme with responsive design. Clean, simple and straight forward functions, which makes user more friendly with this theme. Fully features post options with multiple templates pages. Awesome typography with unlimited branding colors scheme. SEO optimized theme with multi-language translation ready and much more.

Download       Demo


Penoolis Simple WordPress Theme

Penoolis is a simple and clean personal blogging WordPress theme. Penoolis is specially designed for bloggers and writer, who love to share his ideas with others. Totally customized typography, fonts, colors scheming etc. Complete responsive layout and can adjust his screen resolution according to readers device. Clean and compressed backend files, which boost site loading speed. Translation ready theme and equipped with many integrated features.

Download       Demo


Quarter Simple WordPress Theme

Quarter is a simple blogging theme, which have fully responsive design. Quarter theme is compatible with every readers device such as iPhone, iPad and Desktop. Multiple post format include audio, video, gallery, image and quote etc. WordPress theme customizer option , which can customize theme as your requirement. Simple and eyes touching template with numerous integrated advance features. Simple and fast loading speed website blogging theme.

Download       Demo

Hopefully, you enjoyed the collection of my simple WP themes. If you are looking for fastest WP themes so must read Top 5 Fastest WordPress Theme For Blogging. Eventually, if you like this collection of Simple themes so don’t forget to share with your friends.

Let us know, If you have better one collection regarding WordPress themes. For more discussion on this topic, you can convey your questions or opinions via comment. 😉

How to Reduce FeedBurner Summary Post Size in Emails

FeedBurner is free and magnificent opportunity for all bloggers. In the earlier article, you learned how to create and setup FeedBurner feeds for WordPress. Majority of bloggers are using FeedBurner service and really happy with it. If you are a beginner then probably this things or problem can happen with you. When you claimed or created your website feed initially on FeedBurner , then your FeedBurner feed by default show your entire post in FeedBurner summary. Therefore, now we will show you that how you can reduce FeedBurner summary post size in emails or how to add read more in FeedBurner summary. Both questions indicate the same thing respectively.

How to Reduce FeedBurner Summary Post

How to Reduce FeedBurner Summary Post:

Let’s see, how we can reduce the FeedBurner summary post size by follow the following steps.

Step 1:

Log-in to your FeedBurner account via Gmail, then open your website feed.

How to Reduce FeedBurner Summary Post Size step 1

Step 2:

In the second step, Choose >> Optimize option from upper main menu bar, then select >> Summary Burner option from Left hand side menu and finally insert the Maximum length of Post description character in FeedBurner summary. You also can write the Read More or any instruction in the Teaser box for readers.

How to Reduce FeedBurner Summary Post Size step 2

Now FeedBurner Post Summary is reduced successfully. Your feed now will look like the below image.

How to Reduce FeedBurner Summary Post Size

You can clearly see the above FeedBurner implementation or accuracy. Hopefully, your FeedBurner feed also will work now perfectly. Keep remember that, you can not insert any hyperlink inside Teaser box, but you can write any tiny instruction for readers like “Read More”. Enjoy your FeedBurner journey happily.

Watch Video Tutorial:

If you have more experienced ideas so you can share with us, we love to listen your respected ideas. For more discussion on this topic, you can submit your queries or opinions via comment. 😉

How to Block Google Analytics Spam Refers Sites

If you are using Google Analytics, then probably you will be familiar with his efficiency or integrated functions. Google Analytics is an essential or explicit tracking platform for a blog.  Google Analytics track website hits, impressions, specific labels, traffic sources (Refers), location and further more.

How to Block Google Analytics Spam Refers

How to Block Google Analytics Spam Refers:

Sometimes you noticed that, some strangers refers websites sending numbers of traffic directly on your website homepage. These are spamming refers, which attract your attention on sending sites that is why, they use these kinds of cheap or freak tricks. Now we will show you, how you can block Google Analytics spam refers site.

In other words, we will exclude these spam sites traffic from our actual traffic statistics and make our statistics more purge. First we will show you some refers sites address, which I caught from my Analytics statistics. These spam refers site are following,

  • o-o-6-o-o.com
  • semalt.semalt.com
  • darodar.com
  • s.click.aliexpress.com
  • buttons-for-website.com

Above refers sites, these sites are include in our monthly traffic statistic. Now Let’s see how we can block these spam refers sites without any hardcore struggle. Just you need to follow my steps.

Step 1:

Open your Google Analytics account then Go to >> Admin from upper main menu bar then select All Filters option under the account section. 

How to Block Google Analytics Spam Refers step 1


Step 2:

After select and open All Filters option, Click on New Filter button.

How to Block Google Analytics Spam Refers step 2


Step 3:

Next step is crucial, Copy the bellow same setting and apply for all refer sites. One by one add all refers sites and follow the below same settings.

How to Block Google Analytics Spam Refers step 3

After create new filter Add Filter name and exclude this traffic from your actual analytic statistics. See  the above settings and apply on each refer site then definitely it will work. You can enter numerous filter as you can and can block or exclude from your insights. This blocking spamming refers site procedure will help to get pure and authentic statistic report.

Let us know, if you found this idea useful for yourself so don’t forget to share with your friends. For further queries and opinions, you can concern with us via comment. 😉

A New Reliable Method for Sync Files Between Computer Hardware

One of better problems that comes packed with owning around a single machine is choosing greatest synchronize files and folders anywhere from computer. You could surely accomplish manually operated transitions with the help of a USB hard disk. That is a real pain however and quickly losing the moment can be discouraging.

Sync Files Among Computer Hardware

Sync Files Between Computer Hardware:

Getting updated with the present-day trends is really important. One might be told about compute systems. A total thought of syncing is perfect since it helps the user synchronize his data from one spot to the other just in case he should save files or for issues related to comparing. Syncing information and also folders can essentially benefit the user a great deal seeing that it grants him a great many possibilities that improve his work effort and productivity. This prospects him to accomplishing his work in a better manner and also providing him a plan of savings his valuable data.

Driving the windows software systems Real Time Sync, the application can help out the user along the road of syncing data and data files with a suitable method and order. It moreover assists sync files in real-time. It can take on file backups too. This is an easy use product that is really quite fast and is secure. Utilizing these types of app, you can synchronize and backup files and folder in between local directories, different devices, or over a local network to other computers or through the Internet to or from a FTP site. There exists a scheduler associated which helps control normal transmit and auto sync. This unit is going to support several one-way and two-way file sync methods. These feature synchronize (Update target folder only), mirror (Make target exactly same as source folder), real-time bidirectional synchronization and merge. You can get several backup ways obtainable too. These can include backup (copy source to destination) and version tracking (Incremental backup with compression). The version tracking manner helps you go back with time with Real Time file Synchronization and restore old files. Earlier versions of your papers immediately.

How to Create and Setup FeedBurner For WordPress

FeedBurner is a web-based feed provider for free. FeedBurner is a finest opportunity for all bloggers because it is equipped with numerous advance features and all are free. I will show you, how you to create and setup feed for your website whether it is on WordPress or blogger.

How to Setup FeedBurner For WordPress

FeedBurner service is similar like a newsletter service from any particular website. With the help of FeedBurner, your readers always will be in touch with you. Other interesting aspect about FeedBurner is that, there is no threshold of subscribers or subscriptions.

How to Create and Setup FeedBurner:

Now let’s see, how to create and setup FeedBurner for WordPress. First you need to go FeedBurner website, then you need a Gmail account for login. Insert your Gmail info and go ahead. Now its time to create a feed for your website, just enter your website URL and Press Next. See the below image for better understanding.

How to Setup FeedBurner For WordPress Step 1

Just type your website URL same as above image then press Next button. In the next step, you need to enter your feed title and a unique FeedBurner URL then press Next button.

How to Setup FeedBurner For WordPress Step 2

Now FeedBurner will ask for confirmation about your given FeedBurner URL. Simply Press Next button, if you are satisfied with your FeedBurner URL.

How to Setup FeedBurner For WordPress Step 3

Here it will ask about some traffic statistic options, just check the same options, which we copied in the given below image and press Next button.

How to Setup FeedBurner For WordPress Step 4

Now you have successfully created your website feed. You will see the following message on your new redirected page.

How to Setup FeedBurner For WordPress Step 5

After creating your website feed, now its time to activate your feed and put subscription box on your WordPress website. For this purpose, go to Publicize option from FeedBurner dashboard and choose Email Subscriptions option then simply Active this service.

How to Setup FeedBurner For WordPress Step 6

Now your website feed is active now, just you need to do put a finest subscription widget on your WordPress or Blogger site. For this purpose again go to Publicize >> Email Subscriptions >> Subscription Management and there copy the widget code and paste into your WordPress or Blogger website, where you feel easy.

How to Setup FeedBurner For WordPress Step 7

Copy the whole code and paste into your WordPress or blogger website. After code placement subscription box will be appeared on your site, subscription box is quiet simple but easy to use. Now you can easily track your each subscriber location, hits and further activities with ease.

Watch Video Tutorial:

Let us know, if you are satisfied with FeedBurner service. If you have more interesting ideas or tips then don’t forget to share with us, We love to listen your efforts. For more discussion, you can use comment box. 😉

How to Improve Website Ranking in Google Search Engine

Are you facing some tragic problems concern with your website rank in Google Search Engine. If you are doing efforts and gain nothing so, now it’s time to resolve these issues. I will show you some fascinating things or aspects, which will help you to improve website ranking.

How to Improve Website Ranking in Google

How to Improve Website Ranking:

Improve website ranking in Google is not a hard task, just you need to do follow some points. Let’s see, what these are problems and how we can resolve it.

Daily Update Your Website Content:

Most of bloggers do not work on his blog with consistency or regularly. If you want to boost your website rank then you need to be a regular blogger. Google doesn’t give importance to inactive sites, that is why daily update your website with fresh and distinctive content. If you work regularly then your site will touch the peak of rank. Regularity on your blog can bring out your website from ditch.

Offer Guest Posting:

Open your website doors for all bloggers, they will write for your website. Offer guest posting on your website, this feature will attract other bloggers on your website and they will also recommend your website to others. Similarly, you can build a worldwide unending community. You can write for us to extend your community.

Build Strong Backlinks:

Link building is an old method but still works very well. Majority of bloggers put his efforts on blog commenting for link building but they are falling his own site into ditch. The reason behind this logic is that, Blog commenting links are “Nofollow”, “Nofollow” means Search engine bots are not able to crawl these links. That’s why, these links are redundant to build your website rank.

Solution is that, Guest Posting, Dofollow forums, Yahoo directory and Bookmarks. Guest Posting is the richest way to build Dofollow backlinks, Social bookmarks sites is the finest way to spread your voice in millions of community. Avoid “Nofollow” backlinks, because it is considered near as spamming and can spoil your website image in search engines.

Optimize Content & Images:

Content and image Optimization should be your essential objective. Keyword placement, selection, meta-tags all are included in content optimization. Content should be unique and length should be minimum 300 words. Do not use irrelevant point in your content, avoid content and sentences repetition.

Optimize images with right Alt tags placement. You can learn more about content and image optimization.

Newsletters alert:

Last and very prominent way to get returning visitors. Put a finest subscription box widget on your website then coming visitors will subscribe your website. In return, you can get numbers of email addresses, then send daily/weekly emails with your content reference. Similarly, you can promote your products, articles, services and can generate more revenue as possible.

Let us know, if you have more empirical (Experienced or verified) ideas, which can improve website ranking with ease. For more discussion on it, you can submit your queries via comment. 😉

Keyword Density and Meta Tags – SEO Training

Keyword Density and Meta Tags_SEO TrainingAs we covered, keywords section and placement concepts in earlier SEO training lesson 3. Now in this tutorial, you will learn most essential concepts include “how to check keyword density and crucial Meta tags for search engine snippet.

SEO Training Lesson 4:

If you successfully done keyword placement then its time to check its density or accuracy inside article. For this purpose, you need to install a plugin “WordPress SEO By Yoast” this plugin contains powerful integrated features, which will help you to construct sturdy SEO site.

Next is Meta-Tags, which we can’t overlook. First you need to know that, why meta-tags is important in Seo. Search engines utilize your both meta-title and meta-description to find out user searching results. Therefore, focus keywords should be in the meta-title and meta-description for better Seo. You will insert your custom meta-titles, meta-description even can check your keywords density through WordPress SEO By Yoast Plugin. In the last, you will learn keyword placement inside images with Alt tag (Alternative Tag), this process makes your images search engine friendly. Watch the SEO training lesson 4 tutorial with complete attention and for better understanding.

Image optimization have more factors, but in which tutorial, you saw only Alt tag. Search engine crawler use Alt tag to understand the image criteria, that is why, it is good practice to place your focus keyword with Alt tag. WordPress SEO By Yoast plugin have numerous advance features, which we will further talk about in next tutorials. This tutorial will be best for you because it  contains major aspects of on page Seo.

Let us know, if you covered and understand all aspects with every single perspective. If you like this video tutorial then must share with your friends. If you want further more discussion concern this lesson then let us know via comment.

Next Lesson

How to Install and Activate Microsoft Office 2013

Microsoft Office is an essential software developed by Microsoft Inc. It has the lot of usage in offices to create office presentation, database management, composing and further drafting document. But the actual problematic issue is that, almost office persons feel panic about his installation or activation process. That is why, I’m here to show you that how you can install and activate Microsoft Office 2013 in next few minutes with ease.

How to Install and Activate Microsoft Office 2013

Installation or activation process consist on following step, Let’s start.

Step 1:

In the first step, You need to Download Microsoft Office 2013. After download this whole package, extract this zip file at any particular folder. How to Install and Activate Microsoft Office 2013 step 1

Step 2:

In the second step, Open x64 or x86 bit Microsoft Office folder, which is compatible with your personal computer. Then simply choose Setup.exe file and run as administrator.

How to Install and Activate Microsoft Office 2013 step 2

Step 3:

Simply check the terms and agreement and click on “Continue Button”. Then it will ask about installation, simply click on Install Now Button or you can customize your Microsoft as your requirement.

How to Install and Activate Microsoft Office 2013 step 3

Step 4:

After click on Install now Button, Installation process will be begin and will take several minutes for completion.

How to Install and Activate Microsoft Office 2013 step 4

See the below snapshot after installation completed.

How to Install and Activate Microsoft Office 2013 step 4.1

Do not run your Microsoft Office until we have activate this product completely. For this purpose simply, Go to Activator then KMSpico folder and run KMSpico setup.exe.

How to Install and Activate Microsoft Office 2013 Activator

After  installed this KMSpico setup.exe in your computer then you can easily open your Microsoft Office without hesitation. Now Microsoft Office 2013 is successfully activated. See the below proof of activated Microsoft Office 2013.

How to Install and Activate Microsoft Office  activated proof

Above image clearly expressing the activated product of Microsoft. Microsoft Office 2013 is more reliable than 2010 version because it has additional advance tools. Enjoy the Microsoft journey.

Let us know, if you successfully done your job. In other condition, if you have facing some trouble then also let us know so, we will collaboratively resolve this issue. 🙂

How To Choose Best WordPress Theme

Do you want to know, how to choose the best WordPress theme. What qualities should be in the WordPress theme, which will make you crazy about it. Here we will reveal some beneficial tips, which things you need to be considered before choose any WordPress theme. These tips will help you to make your blog more shiny or vigorous.

How To Choose The Best WordPress Theme

How To Choose Best WordPress Theme:

There is a lot of elements /factors, which you need to be kept in mind while choosing the website template. Some are crucial and some optional, but it relies on your nature, what kind of environment you want on your blog. Let’s start,

Responsive Layout:

Most important factor from blogging or SEO point of view. Responsive layout should be your first priority during choosing website theme.

How To Choose The Best WordPress Theme

Did you know ? 40% traffic comes through mini devices, which can increase your revenue or promote your community. In contrary, fixed layout website demolish his website traffic, which has a lot of worth. Therefore, responsive layout is necessary for your site bright future. Responsiveness of website is compulsory aspect, which you need to be memorized.

Custom Search Box:

If you are looking WordPress themes, so search box is the essential element. Because users always uses this for your site searching, it can boost your site pageviews.

How To Choose The Best WordPress Theme

According to my experience, search box should be in main menu bar, because users can easily access it on that place. Other reason is that, search box will look like pretty in main menu bar. Otherwise, search box might be anywhere in the header. Search box on website is also compulsory object of website.

Customized Layout:

Now almost innovative WordPress themes are totally capable for customization. A good website every single element should be able for customization. Nowadays, new WordPress websites have an integrated plugin name “visual composer” can easily build spectacular pages quickly. In contrary, you can use powerful WordPress frameworks such as Genesis and thesis, these frameworks have fully controlled on every single element on website. Interesting thing about these frameworks is that, light-weight coding files on server-side, which can boost your site speed instantly.

How To Choose The Best WordPress Theme

Website Faster than Rocket:

Website speed should be faster than rocket, because it is most crucial aspect. If your website homepage loading time is more than 5 Sec then it is a moment of thinking for you because user comes on your site for information not for wait. Website long loading time due to his uncompressed or redundant files on server-side.

How To Choose The Best WordPress Theme

So that is why, We would suggest you to choose simple website, which can load easily without any trouble. You can read our earlier article Top 5 Fastest WordPress Theme For Blogging.

SEO Friendly Website:

Search Engine Optimization is an important factor, which we can’t overlook. That is why, website theme should be SEO optimized or equipped with SEO advance options. Nowadays, latest theme contains integrated premium Rich Snippets plugin, which can attract user attention or can grasp tons of traffic from search engine.

How To Choose The Best WordPress Theme

Above all steps are essential, memorize these step or tips. Now when you purchase any new theme, so you can compare these features with that theme and can analyze the theme worth. There is a lot of elements instead of these but these are most important. For more queries and assistance, leave your opinions below. 🙂

Top 5 Fastest WordPress Theme For Blogging

Do you know ? Website speed should be fast and reliable whereas, Many of bloggers are annoyed with his blog loading speed. There is innumerable advantages to being a fast website. Fastest websites always keeps positive feedback from user side, If you are looking for fastest WordPress themes for blogging, so you are on right way.

Fastest WordPress Theme For Blogging

Fastest WordPress Theme For Blogging:

Every blogger desire perfect speed for his blog community. In this article, we will reveal top fastest WordPress theme, which will compel you to change your blog template, and will try to get your complete satisfaction. Now let’s see.


Schema Fastest WordPress Theme For Blogging

Schema is a fastest and excellent solution for bloggers. From my side, I have no words to say that, schema WordPress theme can boost your blog speed easily, Even your site will work fast in a basic hosting plan. See the below GTmetrix review about Schema performance.

Schema Fastest WordPress Theme Report

Schema theme have fastest speed along fully responsive theme. Compatible with all browsers with numerous integrated features. Unlimited shortcodes, custom typography, advance advertisement placement tools, custom widgets, SEO ready, light-weight code designed theme, spectacular article pages, built-in rich snippet support and much more.

Swift Theme

Swift Fastest WordPress Theme For Blogging

Swift themes is a simple, fastest and easy to use WordPress theme. Actually swift theme is specially design for blogging purpose. Awesome page loading speed, See the below GTmetrix review about swift theme.

Swift Fastest WordPress Theme Report

Swift theme keeps multiple integrated properties in it. Friendly navigation system, magnificent 404 page, complete SEO ready theme, fully responsive theme with every device, attractive social media icons, separate news magazine template, unlimited shortcodes support, integrated subscriber box and many features.


Genesis Fastest WordPress Theme For Blogging

Genesis is a fastest and popular framework, Genesis is famous due to his integrated capabilities and efficiency. No doubt genesis is a no#1 WordPress theme for blogging purpose. See the below GTmetrix review about Genesis.

Genesis Fastest WordPress Theme Report

Genesis have a lot of child themes related to other categories such as Blog, e-Commerce, News Magazine etc. Deeply customizable WordPress themes, you can make this template according to your requirement. Genesis basic framework contains awesome features include left/right/fixed sidebars, custom header, custom menu, custom background, advance theme optional panel etc.


SociallyViral Fastest WordPress Theme For Blogging

SociallyViral is a finest quality fastest WordPress theme, Specially designed for blogging, cooking, recipes purpose. SociallyViral users are 100% satisfied with his performance, you can also review the GTmetrix report about SociallyViral theme.

SociallyViral Fastest WordPress Theme Report

Awesome color scheme along numerous integrated features include fully responsive design, mega menu facility, built-in review system, social sharing buttons, integrated attractive subscription box, SEO ready theme, shortcodes support, advance advertisement placement system and many more features.


Newsmag Fastest WordPress Theme For Blogging

Newsmag is another fastest theme equipped with innumerable and distinctive properties. Newsmag is specially designed for blogging and news magazines sites. Fully responsive layout and compatible with all browsers. Newsmag is a multipurpose WordPress theme. See that, what GTmetrix are saying about Newsmag.

Newsmag Fastest WordPress Theme Report

Newsmag is designed according to the latest trends. Newsmag contains innumerable features include fixed/sticky sidebar, custom light-box for images, smart advertisement system, 9 unique templates, attractive social counter, 22 custom widgets, visual composer supported, speed booster plugin, Ajax log-in or register system and more advance features.

Let us know, which speedy theme grab your attention. We would suggest you to read Fast WordPress Theme with Incredible Speed, hopefully this article reduce your worries. For more queries or assistance, you can use the below comment box.  😉