How to Create Sticky floating Sidebar in WordPress

Sticky or fixed floating sidebars are unique and authentic way to achieve the user attention. Which elements stick on the front of your eyes, these elements can easily get your attention. When you scroll down, these elements going floating down and also appear on the front of your screen. That is why, Clicking ratio is also high on these elements, which stick on your screen. Now here, we will show you that, How to create sticky floating sidebar in WordPress. Which can easily grasp user attention and can take implement in your revenue reports.

Sticky Sidebar widget

First you need to do, install and active Q2W3 Fixed Widget (Sticky Widget) plugin. After getting access on this plugin, go to Appearance > Widget and choose any widget, which you want to make sticky or fixed. If you chooses any text box then check the fixed widget option then simply save it.

Sticky Sidebar widget

Q2W3 Fixed Widget equipped with spectacular positioning options to make the positions perfect on-screen display. For this purpose, go to Appearance > Fixed Widget Option then configure this plugin as you requirement. There you can configure margin top, bottom and intervals. Even can create custom IDs and enable this widget only for log in users.

Sticky Sidebar widget

You can make subscriber box sticky, even can make your advertisement sticky. Sticky advertisement can increase your revenue because CTR ratio is always high on fixed elements. You can run any community campaign on these sticky elements, which will be appearing every time for site readers or users. You can easily turned off these sticky elements on mini devices for user reliability.

You can boost your subscribers, sign up forms and community members with ease. Use multiple sticky sidebars instead of single one. Affiliate campaign and advertisement will be the finest option for revenue perspective. Hopefully, this article will build up your site stamina and make it attractive. Let us know your perceptions about sticky sidebar widgets in below comment box. 😉

How to do SEO of Website 2015

How to do SEO:

Here is the prominent question on beginner bloggers tongue, how to do SEO of website and make it search engine friendly. Every website owner have thousands of ambitions with his blogs but SEO is the only process, which can accomplish this dream in positive manner. In today article, we will try to convey our message in appropriate form. What steps are necessary in SEO process, and how you can do it with ease.

How to do SEO

First of all, Search engine Optimization have numerous factor, some include in On page Seo and further include in Off page Seo. Seo trends are slightly changed in 2015, you can read my earlier post absolute Seo Guide 2015. Let’s start to read that how to do Seo with minimum efforts.

User friendly Website:

User friendly website refers to the simple layout and  easy navigation system sites. User always like simple site instead of these sites, which equipped with lot of tools or widgets. Provide point to point data, because user only need the information for which he comes on your site.

How to do SEO

Main menu after the header section should be easy to understand for common users. Mostly newbie uses complex words in main menu, which disturb the reader’s attention.

Design your site with brands colors because it creates the positive environment for readers. Always use light colors instead of dark colors. Dark colors create disturbance while reading articles. Try to make concise article and avoid repetitions. Lastly, keep away from redundancy.

Mobile Friendly Website:

Nowadays, approximately 40% of users comes through mini devices on websites so, it is necessary to make your site mobile friendly.

How to do SEO

Responsive websites always have maximum positive feedback because user likes website responsiveness. If we talk our website KnowledgeIDea, So 45% user daily comes through mini devices include Windows phone, Android, BlackBerry etc. We can’t overlook this crucial aspect of Seo. Try to make your site fully responsive, if you are using WordPress then must review Free WordPress Themes with Responsive Design.

Internal Seo:

Internal Seo is known as On Page Seo, which consist on various factors internally. Create xml sitemap and submit to popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and MSN. Create robots.txt file to give instruction search engine crawler.

How to do SEO

Establish internally links cobweb among relevant articles. Don’t forget to use anchor text inside every single hyperlinks. Anchor text will help search engine crawler to understand the hyperlink purpose to linked content.

Try to write high quality content for your blog, because it is important for sturdy Seo. You can read my article on blog writing tips, these tips will help you to generate high quality content along Seo.

Image optimization is also essential part of Seo. Optimize images with elected keywords. Use medium size of images and don’t use blur images blur images annoys the users mostly. Utilize clear images and images should be relevant with written article.

Keyword Placement is most crucial aspect of Seo. Use chosen keywords with main heading and also with sub heading. Use chosen keywords inside first paragraph of article, You can read my article on Keywords Seo articles.

External Seo:

External Seo is known as Off Page Seo, which consist on various factors externally. Backlinks are the prominent factor of external Seo. Establish strong backlinks through high PR Social bookmarking sites and top high PR forums.

How to do SEO

Social media viral are now become the part of Seo. Social media appearance or Social media traffic can be the cause of high rank. Now Search engines are emphasizing the social media traffic and counts in search ranking. Social media is the short way to get the success destination. Create attractive or catchy profile on Social media sites. Guest blogging is another and new trend of valuable backlinks. Guest blogging can increase your fans community on another platform.

Above headings representing or highlighting the main points of Search engine optimization. These above mentioned points are prominent factor with Seo perspective. Adopt these algorithms and makes your site Seo friendly, Mostly user include my few friends ignore internal linking while writing articles but remember that these internal linking can become the cause of low bounce rate that’s means maximum pageviews with minimum users rate. So don’t overlook these small aspects and try to share these tips with other friends.

Eventually we concluded that, Seo is little bit tricky but once time you do it then next time it will give you maximum positive return. For further help or feedback, use the comment box. 😉

How to Get Payoneer with $25 Bonus

Do you know? Payoneer offering $25 bonus for every new user’s, to get that amount just you need to get our this reference link and signup through it.


Payoneer is used in various places, Payoneer is the crucial aspect of online shopping market. You can purchase anything from online shopping stores, even you can use in physical departmental stores on swapping machines as a debit.

How to Get Payoneer MasterCard

Majority of internet user are not acquainted with its usage and advantages. Today, we will show you, How to get Payoneer with $25 bonus, step by step guidance.

Step 1:

In the step one, You need to Sign up yourself for Payoneer. Click here for Sign up.

Step 2:

In the Second step, Now its time to sign up process, In which they will ask about some personal details relevant to yourself. Insert your genuine full name, last name, birthday and email etc, which they required and then press Next button. You can see this process below.

How to Get Payoneer MasterCard

Step 3:

In step three, they will ask about your contact details include country name, your physical address and mobile number etc. Keep remember that, insert only real information, which you have. See this process below.

How to Get Payoneer MasterCard

Step 4:

In step four, they will request you to enter your secret password for online Payoneer account and set your secret question for security purpose. Memorize the entered password because this password and secret question will be ask during log into your Payoneer account. See this process below.

How to Get Payoneer MasterCard

Step 5:

Last step to order Payoneer. In this step, they will request you to provide your government identification number or government issued license and passport. These are important because they will verify your identity with this given documents. Remember that, if your going to provide your ID card then it should be in English not else. After provide your government issued documents, check all agreements then Click on Order button. See this process below.

How to Get Payoneer MasterCard

When you will get $25?

When you will receive or deposit $100 in your Payoneer account then you will get $25 bonus then total account balance will be $125 in your Payoneer account. For more details, you may join me via contact us page for more assistance in this regard. 

Important Cautions:

Few things or aspects are needed to be memorized before applying Payoneer. You should have original government issued documents like National ID card, Driving Licence and Passport. Because they will not give your before verification, So, it is compulsory. Every inserted information include address, email and your name should be accurate and in appropriate form. Do not use fake address, becausewill be delivered to the given address, So, be careful. Once you ordered your Payoneer, they will stay in touch you with your provided email and will inform you before shipping. So, don’t be worried, be honest.

Let us know, about your experience and journey with Payoneer. For further description read Payoneer Global Payment Gateway article. If you like it then don’t forget to share with your friends. If you like further assistance, then describe it below. 😉

40+ High PR Social Bookmarking Sites 2015

High PR Social Bookmarking Sites:

High PR Social bookmarking sites are the prominent factor of Search Engine Optimization. Almost bloggers and SEO experts emphasize on the submission site in bookmarking sites. There is a lot of advantages of that submission, influential benefit is site traffic in the shape of strong backlinks, which can be the cause of high PR of our blogs.

High PR Social Bookmarking Sites

Remember that, In 2015 SEO Guide, we mentioned once again the worth or significance of social bookmarking site in the shape of sturdy backlinks. Keep remember few things before go ahead below shown site list rank can be fluctuate with the passage of time, and we will update this list again in future for user convenience. Let’s discuss the high PR social bookmarking sites, which will be help you to establish powerful backlinks. Review the below high PR social bookmarking sites.

Source Page Rank Alexa Rank (Global) 9 26 8 36 8 270 8 1,591 8 13,213 7 617 7 815 7 1,442 7 2,058 7 2,972 7 4,288 7 5,682 6 2,867 6 2,933 6 7,575 6 29,721 6 1209 6 121,358 6 1,936 6 14,277 6 7,883 5 10,192 5 21,347 5 25,030 4 28,784 4 25,373 4 15,512 4 118,352 4 34,847 4 34,847 4 25,855 4 13,340 4 19,692 4 50,110 3 18,518 3 18,518 3 30,055 3 309,815 3 30,544 2 127,563 2 12,214 2 15,863 2 30,179

Utilize these above mentioned high pr social bookmarking sites and try to avail it. Usage of social bookmarking sites will enhance your site appearance or visibility on internet world. Delicious, StumbleUpon and Reddit are the internet front pages, which will increase your site searching rank or crawling speed. These social bookmarking sites are necessary element and foremost preference of SEO.

We concluded that, Social bookmarking submission task/action will increase your site traffic, We would suggest you to read, Top 10 Social Bookmarking Sites for SEO. Try to submit your daily published articles on Social Bookmarking Sites with consistency. Social Bookmarking have tons of traffic, Which you can divert on your submitted articles. For more discussion, leave your comment below. 😉

How to Make Responsive Tables

How to Make Responsive Tables:

Website main objective is to serve user with maximum approach. Responsive website is the biggest goal in this era because responsive website might grab many users with maximum range. Sometime we have responsive theme but some elements are not responsive. HTML table is one of the element, may be you are going to add pricing tables on site but when someone open your site from mini devices then he can not able to see accurate information in positive manner. So, responsive tables is the crucial element of responsive website and we can’t overlook it. For this purpose, We will show you that how to make responsive tables with minimum efforts.

How to Make Responsive Tables

To make responsive tables, first Download ZURB responsive tables zip file for give the appropriate shape to tables. You can use the above given source for downloading and review the below screenshot.

How to Make Responsive Tables

After getting above ZURB responsive tables zip file, Now you need to concentrate on it to go ahead. Zip file contains few stylesheets and java query files, which helps to make tables fully responsive. Now extract this zip file to any specific folder, after do that, open your code editor and add few below HTML lines, Copy the below HTML table code and paste into any editor.

<table class="responsive">
 <th>Header 1</th>
 <th>Header 2</th>
 <th>Header 3</th>
 <th>Header 4</th>
 <th>Header 5</th>
 <th>Header 6</th>
 <th>Header 7</th>
 <th>Header 8</th>
 <td>row 1, cell 1</td>
 <td>row 1, cell 2</td>
 <td>row 1, cell 3</td>
 <td>row 1, cell 4</td>
 <td>row 1, cell 5</td>
 <td>row 1, cell 6</td>
 <td>row 1, cell 7</td>
 <td>row 1, cell 8</td>
 <td>row 2, cell 1</td>
 <td>row 2, cell 2</td>
 <td>row 2, cell 3</td>
 <td>row 2, cell 4</td>
 <td>row 2, cell 5</td>
 <td>row 2, cell 6</td>
 <td>row 2, cell 7</td>
 <td>row 2, cell 8</td>

Grab the above code and paste to any code editor, Now its time to establish link among these downloaded CSS files and this simple HTML table, which you created couple a minute ago. For this purpose, we will add few lines before table tag, which will connect those elements. You can see these lines below,

 <!-- Combine and Compress These CSS Files -->
 <link rel="stylesheet" href="stylesheets/globals.css">
 <link rel="stylesheet" href="stylesheets/typography.css">
 <link rel="stylesheet" href="stylesheets/grid.css">
 <link rel="stylesheet" href="stylesheets/ui.css">
 <link rel="stylesheet" href="stylesheets/forms.css">
 <link rel="stylesheet" href="stylesheets/orbit.css">
 <link rel="stylesheet" href="stylesheets/reveal.css">
 <link rel="stylesheet" href="stylesheets/mobile.css">
 <!-- End Combine and Compress These CSS Files -->
 <link rel="stylesheet" href="stylesheets/app.css">
 <link rel="stylesheet" href="responsive-tables.css">
 <script src="javascripts/jquery.min.js"></script>
 <script src="responsive-tables.js"></script>

Just you need to do only add these above lines before closing head tag. You clearly can see, every above line consist a specific CSS stylesheet name, which convert this simple HTML table to responsive table. But few are most important in these above lines like last three,

 <link rel="stylesheet" href="responsive-tables.css">
 <script src="javascripts/jquery.min.js"></script>
 <script src="responsive-tables.js"></script>

Above scripts lines are most important, Specially these files are most compulsory include responsive-tables.css, jquery.min.js, responsive-tables.js to build responsive table. Further globals.css,typography.css, grid.css etc are optional but can use for build table more stylish.


A concise note before going to compile process, CSS files and HTML table file should be in the same folder then connection can be built among those files. Secondly above code class="responsive", which we used in HTML table tag code, is to create the connection between Cascading files and HTML. So, don’t be panic.

Summing up the both HTML table code and ZURB responsive tables css framework, you can create attractive or fully responsive tables without any hesitation. If you like this then must share with your friends and relations. Don’t forget your precious feedback. 😉

Bluehost Review 2015 – Best Hosting Company

Bluehost Review:

Now again here with bluehost review because many user have conflict about bluehost services. So, we will reveal the bluehost services and do compare with other companies. In the earlier article, we discussed about HostGator review with prominent properties. Bluehost & HostGator have slightly difference among web hosting service, but both have trustworthy and reliable web hosting service. Bluehost is also known as well trusted web hosting company since 2002. Bluehost offering spectacular web hosting packages or plans. Bluehost is little bit cheaper than HostGator.

Bluehost Review 2015

Bluehost have different section include premium hosting for business, free hosting for non-profit organizations and students hosting packages with affordable prices.

Is Bluehost Good For us ?

Definitely Yes, Bluehost is magnificent opportunity for all hosting seekers. Bluehost serving since 2002, long time journey might be the sign of trust. Bluehost is considered as a world largest web hosting provider similar HostGator and Godaddy. Bluehost is a 100% safe place to host website, they are offering sumptuous web hosting plans for beginners to start website journey with ease.

Bluehost Web Hosting Review:

As we know that, every web hosting company attract the consumer through his splendid pricing plans. Similarly, Bluehost is also offering powerful featured hosting plans for business and starters at affordable prices. Review the bluehost web hosting plan and highlight its prominent and authentic advantages.

Bluehost Web Hosting Package Review 
 Website  Yes   Free Website  Templates  Yes 
 Domain Yes  99.9% Uptime Guarantee Yes
 Disk Space 100 GB  QuickInstall application  installer Yes
 Unlimited Bandwidth Yes  Advance Backup  Options Yes
 Emails Yes  Website Builder Yes
Unlimited  SQL Yes  $50  Marketing offers Yes
 Shared SSL Certificate No  Webmail Service Yes
 45 Days Money Back  Guarantee Yes  Site-lock for Security Yes
 EASY Control Panel Yes  24/7/365 Technical Support Yes
All in Only at $3.49/first month only

Above package is finest and sufficient for superior website. Bluehost offering superfluous marketing offers to promote business in targeted audience. Above mentioned plans representing basic web hosting plan for beginners. Moreover, Bluehost have further web hosting plan such as, VPN Hosting, Reseller Program and Pro Dedicated hosting services.

Why are you waiting, You can avail these marvelous web hosting plan with Bluehost.

Get this Bluehost offer, assure you will be the lucky one person because you are using world largest hosting platform. Hopefully, this journey will make you happy forever. For more assistant, submit your query below. 😉