Top 8 free Online Logo Maker Tools to Design attractive logo

Logo represents a brand recognition or company, So it is count in your first priorities to make an attractive logo. To design a logo seems like a complicated task, but now online logo maker tools can perform this task very easily . Even these tools will not charge any single penny for logo design. Now You can generate a finest quality logo with in minutes for your own business.

Free Online Logo Maker:

On internet market numerous free online logo makers are available but we will reveal only top ones. Which can serve you in positive manner. Top 8 logo generator are following,

Logo Maker

 Free Online Logo Maker

Logo Maker is an online logo maker website, which generate top quality logos. You can design your logo only with in only 2 minutes or less. Just choose your favorite icons, brand colors and generate a finest logo rapidly. Logo Maker is a popular logo maker tool, which equipped with thousand of logo icons and much more. Completely fast and free tool to make a spectacular logo.

Free Logo Services

Free Online Logo Maker

Free logo service is a free logo design tool or generator. Just simply enter your company or brand name then choose any logo design, which meet with your requirements and download in your PC. Free logo service is a fast, trusted and easy to use logo maker on internet. No features threshold, deeply customization options, 100K+  satisfied users community, who already getting benefits with this tool.

Design Mantic

Free Online Logo Maker

DesignMantic is a complete logo design solution for everyone. Just you need to do, type you company name and industry type then simply choose your logo in given designs. You can download your logo simply and can re-edit again, if you want. Interested aspect about Design Mantic is that, DesignMantic further generate business cards along created logo. That is why, DesignMantic keeps more than features than others.

Logo Garden

Free Online Logo Maker

Logo-Garden is a multi options logo maker tool. This tool has free and premium both plans. Logo-Garden also have thousand of logo design icons, highly customization options (Shadow, reflect, discrete etc). An excellent place to develop a company logo. You can use it and can evaluate his service.

Graphic Springs

Free Online Logo Maker

Graphics-Spring is a free online logo generator with in 10 minutes or less. Just choose you industry category, favorite or brands colors, thousands of logo icons, apply slightly shadow, glow, reflection and generate superior quality logo. A complete custom logo maker properties integrate in this tools. You can use it for to design business logo.

Logo Type Maker

Free Online Logo Maker

A best logo maker tool with ultimate features. Unlimited logo edits, 200+ fonts, thousands of icons, integrated effects to increase logo attractiveness. With the usage of this tools, you can put your created logo on many objects like Coffee Pot, Cards, CDs etc.

Flaming Text

Free Online Logo Maker

Flaming text is a simple and cool logo maker but only text-based logo. But this tool have special effects options, which can made text logo more attractive. Special effects include ultimate fonts, text alignment, padding, background image, glow, shadow and more. Simply insert your company name then customize your logo and lastly download your logo.

Cool Text

Free Online Logo Maker

Cool text is a famous logo generator with incredible designs. Usually persons use this tool and generate a finest logo for his business. Cool text is straight forward logo maker tool, which consist on innumerable fonts styles, special effects (Shadow, alignment, and sizing options). Cool text is a priceless tool for all users.

Summarize this topic, all free online logo maker tools are precious for your business. You can use it to design a magnificent logo. We would suggest you, to use light colors during creating logo design because dark colors disturb the reader’s and compelled him to exit from your site. For more discussion on this topic, leave you comment.

Fast WordPress Theme with Incredible Speed

If you look at website from a user perspective so, website should be reliable and page speed should be faster. Users only appreciate quick response web pages, which can serve better than others. WordPress have innumerable themes with extreme features.  These all themes will be responsive along smart features. But a tragic moment is that, when you will run these themes on your hosting then response will not be satisfied. These themes is eating up your site speed faster. In contrary, WordPress have few particular themes, which are admirable and faster then rocket. Schema is one of the fast WordPress theme with incredible speed. 

Schema Fast WordPress Theme:

Schema is especially designed for blogging purpose, bloggers can avail advantages with it. Now we are going to elaborate the features of this distinctive WordPress theme.

Fast WordPress Theme with Incredible Speed

Schema is fully responsive WordPress theme, almost compatible with all mini devices. Schema is popular blogging theme and known his faster speed. Fully SEO optimized theme with various integrated features. Schema 99% faster than other frameworks. Schema page speed grade on GT Metrix is A with 0.55 second page loading speed. Now you can evaluate the significance of this faster theme.

Schema WordPress theme equipped with lot of further features. Schema is fully customizable theme with many optional panel customizing tools. Two kinds of headers and spectacular custom widgets. Built-in review system for user feedback. Attractive subscription box, which can helps to grow your community.

Magnificent primary and secondary navigation system along icons support. Built-in Rich Snippet system to specify your product prominent in search engine. 100% secure and light weight coding behind this theme. Complete short codes library in Schema to use it on many places. Multi-language translation support system. Integrated social media icons to expand your social community on a single click.

Remember that, Schema can save your thousands of dollars, So, no need to hire any developer to boost or optimize site speed, no need to modify theme backend coding files because all customizing options are available on theme panel, no need to add premium Rich snippets plugins because Schema already has integrated Rich snippets system.

Summarize the whole features of Schema, Now you can say that, it is incredible faster theme. Don’t forget to make this theme adorn of your blog.

If you have better one queries and opinions then let us know. In other case, for more interaction on this topic, so, you can leave your comment.

SEO Types – SEO Training For Beginners

SEO Training Lesson 2:

As we know, Search engine optimization is working like a fresh blood in website veins. Now in this training session, you will learn about SEO types and it’s further factors. If you watched our earlier SEO training lesson 1 then you will be slightly familiar with “SEO” definition, Google searching algorithms and can go ahead.

SEO Types:

Search engine optimization (SEO) have two types, which are following,

  1. On Page SEO (Internal SEO)
  2. Off Page SEO (External SEO)

On Page SEO:

Let’s start, When we does SEO to keep stay itself on website so it is known as on page SEO. On page SEO have further parts itself, Which we perform on website during this stay. We will discuss and elaborate on each of them respectively.

  • Permalinks (Friendly URLs)
  • Robots.txt
  • Sitemap.xml
  • Keyword Selection
  • SEO Optimized Content Writing.
  • Keyword Placement & Keyword Density
  • Meta-Tags
  • Rich Snippets
  • Robots Tags
  • Image Optimization
  • Cross Linking (Build internal links)
  • Stop replication (Tags, Categories, Author pages)
  • Brand Recognition tracking links
  • Important Pages (Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, About Us, Contact Us)
  • Boost Site Speed internally
  • Image Copyrights (Watermarks)
  • Further Brand Colors & Typography tips.

All are crucial factors of On page SEO. But we will cover all factors by and by with complete appropriate guidance. Now watch the Lesson 2 tutorial with full concentration.

During watching tutorial, if you don’t understand any single point or aspect then you can pause the video and replay again. In the above tutorial, we covered only first three factors of On page SEO.

Keep remember that, we do not cover all factors at once, tutorial will be series wise and publish on daily basis for user convenience.

Let us know, if you achieve above lesson all points with maximum approach. If you have any argue/opinion/feedback then share with us via comment, we love to listen your queries.

Next Lesson

What is SEO – SEO Training for beginners

SEO Training

Welcome here, Hopefully you will be fine and here for seeking SEO. I’m also here to teach you that how you can build SEO optimized website with professional experience. My name is Siraj Mahmood, You tutor and a guy, who loves to share his ideas. In this SEO training course, we will discuss all SEO aspects from every basic to advance point of view. Before going ahead, we need to show course outlines respectively.

SEO Training Outlines:

  1. What is SEO?
  2. What SEO does?
  3. SEO Types & Factors.
  4. SEO Importance & Advantages.
  5. How to do SEO for Website?
  6. How we can update ourself with SEO?
  7. Traffic analysis for website and more…

These above outlines are crucial and major outlines of SEO training. These mentioned outlines have further parts itself. Let start with first outline.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO keeps many distinctive characteristic. We use SEO algorithms to rank any web page. Without Seo a website lose his presence or existence in search engine. SEO helps you to sustain your site rank superior and better than competitors. Anyone can do Seo itself, it is not a hardcore process, just We require slightly your attention during training.

In this first training tutorial, We will give you little bit touch of Seo fundamentals. Now watch the tutorial with full concentration.

In the first training tutorial, we covered few basic things include Seo definition and small Google algorithm touch. Google algorithm is simple to understand not complicated.


If you covered and understand all SEO training tutorials, then it possible that you might be able to stand your online business with ease. No doubt that, we merged our many years of experience in these training tutorials. While training, we told you to hold a notebook and pen in your hands and note all the crucial things.

Let us know, if you have further issue and problem. If you understood this tutorial then proceed to the next level of SEO training.

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SeoPressor a Best WordPress SEO Plugin

SeoPressor Best SEO Plugin:

SeoPressor is an ultimate Seo plugin for WordPress users. SeoPressor plugin keeps unique characteristic. First time, when we reviewed this plugin, SeoPressor was get our full attention, and we compelled to think about it.


What features are integrated in it, which are grabbing user attention? SeoPressor have unique 10 ultra Seo targeted elements, which can easily boost your site content. SeoPressor is designed according to the internal Seo algorithms. You can review these ultra 10 targeted elements for content optimization.

  1. SeoPressor can place your keywords on the exact right places, Where it should be, according to Seo terms.
  2. This plugin has smart linking tool, which can easily establish rights keywords cross linking inside articles, and linked keywords shall be relevant and valid.
  3. SeoPressor can make meta-title, description Seo friendly, which Search bots like to listen. You also can see the absolute preview of this created snippet for search engine.
  4. SeoPressor can determine the over-optimization content, which can be harmful. So, SeoPressor will determine and will make it optimize according to the Seo Perspective.
  5. This plugin will make your content more optimized with image optimization through right Alt tag placement behind every single image.
  6. This finest SEO plugin provides user convenience by adding Facebook open graph, Twitter cards and Dublin core micro data format to WordPress. Search engine crawler will use it and move your rank faster than before.
  7. SeoPressor will helps you to choose best keywords, which can rank faster. This process will makes your site niche strong and better than your competitors.
  8. Powerful Rich snippets convenience, which boost your site CTR up to 40% from searching results. SeoPressor will give you distinctive option to create Rich snippet for articles, recipes, software etc.
  9. This plugin will provide maximum positive reaction and can easily catch any bug and mistakes inside content.
  10. Top reputed bloggers Ileane Smith from BasicBlogTips and Harsh Agrawal from ShoutMeLoud personally recommend and give positive feedback for SeoPressor.

Now its your turn to get this spectacular plugin for your WordPress SEO. You can obtain this Seo plugin professional package with discounted prices only in $97, no monthly fees, lifetime support and 60 days money back guarantee. Don’t lose this limited time offer because the only SEO, which can boost you revenue in a days.

[su_button url=”” target=”blank” style=”3d” size=”7″ icon=”icon: download”]Get SeoPressor Now[/su_button]

Let us know, if you are looking for another WordPress SEO plugin then read WordPress Seo by Yoast. If you have more queries then stay in touch via comment.

3 SEO Mistakes Bloggers Should Avoid

As we familiar with SEO advantages and its effective results. Due to SEO, you can grab enough part of internet users on your site via Organic SEO. Search engine optimization have many factors and algorithms. But some bloggers done some tragic mistakes, which push your site worth into ditch.

SEO Mistakes

Beginners does these similar mistakes mostly. To avoid these kinds of mistakes, we designed this article, to show the mistakes prominent. You can save your efforts and get maximum organic results via SEO. Let’s find out these SEO mistakes.

SEO Mistakes Bloggers Should Avoid:

If you have little bit knowledge about SEO, It can happen with you, You can do SEO mistakes during writing articles or probably anything. These mistakes can happen unintentionally or then it can happen with you if you are beginner in this field. What SEO mistakes can happen? Let’s see.

Ignore Meta-Robots Tags:

Do you know, meta-robots tags are now become essential part of SEO. But minority of bloggers are acquainted with it. What actually it does? If you are familiar with Yahoo and dmoz directories then probably you also know that, when someone submit his site to directories so, if you don’t provide any meta title and description during submission. So these directories uses by-default irreverent titles and description and it is totally harmful for your site bright future. To avoid this serious situation, we use meta-robots tags in our site same like meta titles and descriptions tags. You can review these tags below.

<meta name="robots" content="noodp,noydir"/>

Above small line create a restriction and tell them to the directories that, don’t use own title and description. It is looks like a little mistakes, but this mistake can spoil your site image in search engine ranking. You can read noodp and noydir article for more clearance.

Ignore Keyword Density:

Keyword density is the most basic part of SEO. If you are going to writing an article, so it is your first priority and responsibility to insert keywords on most right places like first paragraph, heading 1 & 2. Keywords placement inside article made easy for search engine to understand the article criteria and relevancy. If you are using WordPress SEO by Yoast, then probably you should have knowledge about keyword density. SEO by Yoast evaluate the keyword presence inside article. You can check this process below.

SEO Mistakes Bloggers Should Avoid keyword density

Keyword density should be more than 1%. WordPress SEO by Yoast is fully recognized SEO plugin. We personally suggest our users to make it own site adorn.

Ignore Image optimization:

Mostly bloggers give up this crucial step of Image optimization. But the actual fact is that, you are loosing 40% traffic, which can come through Google images search. You can avail benefit with it and can utilize it and can generate revenue more. For this entire purpose, just you need to do, put your chosen keywords in Alt tag. Alt tag is used in images, the logic behind this usage is that, Search engine crawler uses this tag to understand the image. If you are a WordPress user, then we would suggest you to see the below Alt tag insertions process in WordPress Post image.

SEO Mistakes Bloggers Should Avoid

You will see these boxes after uploading images. Then must recommend you, don’t overlook this crucial aspect from SEO perspective. If you are non WordPress user then use the below Alt tag manually.

<img  src="" alt="Enter Your Alt Tag Here">

Above distinctive example showing Alt tag insertion process for non-WordPress users.

Hopefully you find out your Seo blunders and now able to avoid these mistakes. You can recover your site traffic, if you follow these three Seo factors and avoid other 5 Blogging mistakes. For more assistance, leave your feedback and opinion via comment.

5 Big Mistakes to Avoid During Blogging Journey

Blogging is incredible, if you are on right way. Almost blogger have various kinds of problems during his blogging journey. If you have high quality content, so it is not enough for making money. You need to improve your searching performance in search engine. Beginners bloggers do 5 big mistakes during his blogging journey, these mistakes create problematic issues.

5 Big Mistakes to Avoid During Blogging

5 Big Mistakes to Avoid During Blogging:

We find 5 distinctive and common mistakes that almost bloggers do. Let’s find out these following mistakes.

Ignore Guest Post:

Beginners are not aware about guest post advantages, that’s why, they ignore this crucial aspect. Guest post gives you strong Dofollow backlinks, and gives you opportunity to introduce your community on another platform. On blogging initial level, mostly bloggers are not acquainted with it. Ignorance from guest post is the huge mistake and push your site into ditch from itself.

Guest post actually laying your site links on internet, same like cobweb. Guest post will provide you opportunity to introduce your bands and product among thousands of readers. You can Write with us to boost your site rank.

Ignore Refresh Content:

Bloggers do not focus on refreshing previous content. Actually they are still not acquainted with it. Majority of bloggers put concentration on publishing articles everyday. But they forget to update the previous content.

Mostly bloggers claim that, they are receiving traffic for few days on new published articles but after passing weeks there is no more traffic on that articles. The logic behind this act is that, Google algorithms focus on fresh content instead of old, So, if you update your old articles with time then you can maintain your site traffic with ease. You can avoid this mistake to update your old articles with consistency and can improve traffic ratio.

Increase inactive Time Period:

Increase inactive time period on site can push your site into narrow ditch. This mistake can happen with beginners, because newbies have no exact time, but a finest blogger is responsible for his duties.

Sometimes, beginners ignore publishing post and put some gap, similarly inactive time period comes. This inactive time period rises big distance among you and your competitors. Search engines always gives preference to regular website instead of inactive sites. You can avoid this one mistake, and can perform your task better than your competitors.

Stop Creating Backlinks:

As we familiar with importance of backlinks and its advantages. Sometimes bloggers put his concentration on articles and ignore this crucial aspect. But the actual fact is that, Backlinks drives tons of traffic on your website in the shape of refers site. If you think that, you have enough external links so, remove this error from your mind, Backlinks can easily drop anytime from partner sites.

Please never stop creating backlinks. As a SEO consultant, we would suggest you to create 2-3 backlinks on regular basis, it will keep your site healthy and wealthy every time.

Repeat exist Content:

This is a common mistake during deciding topic. Mostly bloggers repeat existed articles and this repetition can creates lot of problems. Firstly, Search engine don’t like these articles because it is a replication from others. Secondly, these kinds of articles creates competition among those article, who already existed on search engine. Thirdly, next competitors can steal your content words during writing their articles.

To avoid this mistake, you need to write something unique from others. Don’t behave like a copycat, perform your duties as a professional and responsible person.

Let us know that, which mistakes you find in this article that which you were doing. These mentioned mistakes only write for reader convenience. You can avoid these 5 big mistakes during blogging and can become a successful blogger. For more interaction, submit your feedback or opinions via comment.

Is Hostgator Hosting Good For WordPress

WordPress is a very common platform, Usually almost bloggers are using this finest platform. WordPress have distinctive features with thousands of external plugins facility. It’s not all about WordPress, website performance is matter forever, that what we are serving to our users. Yes, I’m talking about hosting, Website accuracy, site speed, content loading speed even advertisement loading speed. All aspects should keep in mind, before purchasing hosting service. WordPress files itself host on hosting, So, it’s a good webmaster practice to purchase finest hosting, which equipped with spectacular features.

Is HostGator Hosting Good For WordPress:

Yes, HostGator Hosting definitely excellent choice for WordPress. HostGator working since 2002 and still serving for his precious users. HostGator is always compatible choice for WordPress platform.

Why We Choose HostGator For WordPress:

HostGator offering endless features with WordPress. You can start your blog or can develop entire website with HostGator Hosting, endless featured themes for free with every single element customization possibilities. You can run multiple WordPress packages on HostGator Hosting at once.

Is Hostgator Hosting Good For WordPress

HostGator is one of the largest web hosting provider, which hosted more than 8 millions domains. HostGator offering 99.9% up time hosting with 45-days money back guarantee. Only HostGator providing 1 Cent Hosting Discount Offer for a month on trial basis. Only HostGator provide a Live Chat or phone call or ticket base system for user convenience. If you have any trouble with that then HostGator team will personally handle your problems and give you VIP assistance.

HostGator Hosting Technical Specs
 Website  Yes   4,500 Free Website  Templates  Yes 
 Domain Yes  99.9% Up-time Guarantee Yes
 Unlimited Disk Space Yes  QuickInstall application  installer Yes
 Unlimited Bandwidth Yes  Advance Backup  Options Yes
 Unlimited Emails Yes  Website Builder Yes
Unlimited  SQL Yes  $100 Google AdWords  Offer Yes
 Shared SSL Certificate Yes  Webmail Service Yes
 45 Days Money Back  Guarantee Yes  Site-lock for Security Yes
 EASY Control Panel Yes  24/7/365 Technical Support Yes
Fully Optimized and Compatible with WordPress


Eventually, We proved that HostGator Hosting is a vigorous opportunity for WordPress users. They have ultimate features with affordable hosting plans.

You also can compare HostGator Hosting with other one’s.

Let us know, about your well experience journey with HostGator. If you are satisfied with HostGator and want to purchase hosting then don’t forget HostGator 25% Off Discount Coupon code on total invoice. For more discussion on that topic so, you can submit your queries and feedback via comment.

How to Install WordPress in HostGator Manually

Install WordPress in HostGator:

Mostly bloggers likes HostGator Hosting due to his spectacular services. That is why, they prefer to purchase this finest hosting packages. Other thing is WordPress, a worldwide recognition open platform for all internet users. WordPress offers superfluous features at one place. Now the actual purpose of this article is to guide that, how to install WordPress in HostGator Hosting manually. Here “manually” word refers to the actual way of installation without any third-party software. Now let’s start it,

Step 1:

First you need to Download WordPress package, then Log in to your HostGator Hosting account. After log in to your hosting account, go to File Manager and upload the entire WordPress zip package on your hosting root directory. You can upload this WordPress package through FileZilla or can upload directly in file manager.

How to Install WordPress in HostGator

After upload the WordPress zip file, Extract it to any specific folder or root directory.

How to Install WordPress in HostGator

Step 3:

After extracted the zip files, now open a new tab and type your website URL.

How to Install WordPress in HostGator

Right now, Choose your website language then Press Continue. 

Step 4:

There WordPress setup demand few things to connect WordPress with SQL database. For this task execution, you need the following four things,

  1. Database name
  2. Database username
  3. Database password
  4. Database host

After create database and its all aspects like username and password, configure this database info keys in the WordPress setup form.

How to Install WordPress in HostGator step 4

After database info insertion, press submit.

Step 5:

At this step, You need to provide site title, administrator username, password and email. Keep remember that, inserted username and password will be use for WordPress log in, so don’t forget to memorize it. Secondly, Provide only genuine email, because this email will be use for administrative purpose or rights.

How to Install WordPress in HostGator

After put all necessary and authentic info, Click on Install WordPress button. Now you WordPress is installed successfully in to your HostGator Hosting. Now you can log in to your WordPress backend using administrative info, which you provided during installation.

Hopefully, you understood the entire procedure of WordPress installation. If you have better one query then let us know. For further discussion, use the comment box. 😉

How to Connect Domain with Hosting

Connect Domain with Hosting:

How to Connect Domain and Hosting

This article is designed for only beginners, who don’t know that how to build connection among domain and hosting. Domain and hosting are two crucial elements of web development. Initially persons don’t have enough knowledge about this process. That is why, they face strange problems in his professional career. Here we will show you, how to connect domain and hosting with ease.

First you should have slightly knowledge about domain and hosting. What actually it is and how does it work?


Domain is just a distinctive address, which locate your website. It is directly connected with hosting server. When you write any URL/domain on your browser and press Enter, then it sends a request to the hosting server and in return hosting server show his hosted files in the shape of website.


Hosting is just a space for data same like computer hardware. Hosting and domain are two separate elements. You rent out the space to have your business for a specific time period. Without hosting your files have no place to stay.

How to Connect Domain with Hosting?

If you have already purchased domain and hosting then need to connect with each other. For this purpose, you need to open your domain account panel, and setup hosting name servers. Hosting provider will give you a name servers to build connection. Suppose that, we have a HostGator hosting account and want to set up this account name server into GoDaddy domain account. Both are separate hosting and domain providers, Watch the appropriate tutorial to see what we do next.

Hopefully, this tutorial will cover all the aspects of hosting with domain connection process. Keep remember that, Name server insertion process is same for all hosting companies. So, don’t be panic about this.

Let us know, if you understood this built connection process among hosting with domain. Don’t forget your precious feedback, we truly love to listen your respected queries and opinions via comment. 😉