Email Marketing Tips For Small Business

Email marketing is the illustrious way to convey messages to numerous people at a single click. Email marketing is also necessary element in blogging carrier & journey. Entrepreneurs will be acquainted with its long-term advantages. Now here, we will reveal few prominent or best email marketing tips.

Email Marketing Tips:

As we mentioned above lines, email marketing is the finest source to reach the customers promptly. Another words, most cheap way to get maximum results.

Email Marketing Tips

Remember that, email marketing have some trends or something like tips, which will help you to boost your business. Let’s discuss on email marketing tips and tricks.

Subscription form for website:

Attractive designed subscription form grasp the user attraction. Brands colors collection integrate in subscription form design. Ask about user email or name via subscription form. Put this finest subscription form on website and try to insert above the fold. Send welcome newsletters emails and invite your friends or users. Invite users to contributing on your site via well designed newsletter. Other one copy of this subscription box put on a separate page of site and share this page as much as possible. Social media site are the prominent place for sharing in huge groups, pages and timelines.

Welcome Email or Invitation:

Sort the bloggers and manual internet user emails and send the welcome emails. Welcome email is well efficient way to introduce your brand or company name. Invite users to contributing on your blog in the shape of guest posting. Describe your blog purposes and next future goals of achievement. Create influential shape in reader’s mind about your products or blog.

Smart Newsletter Design:

After getting subscription of users, it’s a hard-core responsibility to update users. Send daily or weekly newsletters equipped with offers, latest published post and much more. Embellish newsletter with colorful banners or pictures, finest prominent headings, write precise and concise lines of content about product or article. Put social media profiles or company pages links, glare logo attached with website homepage. You also can insert affiliate banner inside newsletters to generate revenue.

Content Send to relevant audience:

Mostly peoples don’t care about strategy of audience and broadcast bulk emails to the entire list. This can be a huge disaster and might break the consumer relation with community. Avoid this kind of actions and sort the entire list into different categories then broadcast your newsletters. Relevancy is most essential to maintain the poise in community. In contrary, if you send tons of emails to anyone then users feel awkward and annoying with your service, maybe they will unsubscribe you or block, So, avoid from these actions.

Smart email broadcasting:

Everyone knows “Time is Money” So, broadcast emails only on active period or active business hours. This way will increase your newsletter CTR as well giving you returning visitors. Business hours send emails will return maximum result instead of inactive hours. Another interesting tip, Send specific birthday newsletters or particular events emails to users, this will encourage or motivate user and establish strong relation among your site & user. Keep remember that, must care about receiver country time zone.

Eventually, above email marketing tips will prepare superlative email for users. You can utilize Best MailChimp platform to cast email or construct subscription forms. For further help or questioning, leave your comment. 😉

5 Seo Tips and Tricks to Promote Website

Almost we are familiar with Seo performance and its finest results. Majority of bloggers claim that, they have no getting advantages with Seo. Now here, we will show you the actual Seo tips and tricks, which helps you to drive organic traffic on your website. Before expressing or go ahead, keep remember Seo definitely work every time but its depend on many factors like time, struggle, consistency and many more.

Seo Tips and Tricks:

As we discussed in my earlier post Absolute Seo Guide, Seo appends few factors in his algorithms. Now let’s start to illustrate the prominent Seo tips and tricks.

  1. Domain Age
  2. Backlinks (External Links)
  3. Meta Tags (Title & Description)
  4. Consistency (Regularity)
  5. Optimistic Behavior

Seo Tips and Tricks

Domain Age:

Numerous bloggers are have many divergent queries about traffic reduction. Domain age is the essential factor or practical logic behind huge traffic. Because search engines prefer old domains, the actual reason is experience or professionalism, old blogger maintained every single aspect on his site from old times. So, you should need to spend time and efforts on your site with vigorous future. Don’t be worried about success or traffic ratio, it will be yours forever.

Backlinks or External Links:

Sound looks pretty, Backlinks is already exist in currently Seo algorithms. Search engines don’t overlook this aspect and trying to make it prospective better. Google plus & Social media sites are the sturdy way to develop better approach with backlinks. Read my valuable or precise post on Google plus for business and Social media for business. Strong backlinks may become the cause of better Google PageRank. Try to establishing the maximum quality or quantity of backlinks.

Meta Tags:

Meta tags are known as the backbone of absolute Seo. Search engine itself emphasize on meta title and meta description. Make sure that, both (meta title and meta description) should contain on elected keyword and relevant with article content. Meta keywords now, no longer  exist in Seo algorithms. Read Google Doesn’t Use Keywords Meta tag in web ranking.

Consistency (Regularity):

Consistency or regularity is necessary for site superior carrier. Publish at least one article on daily basis and can do more as your capacity. Update your blog with consistency and provide them unique or fresh content to your readers. Make sure, website design or navigation should be accurate or user-friendly. Send weekly newsletter with multiples promotion or offers, these things divert user mind to your site. Try to write intellectual or influential writing, these tips and tricks grasp the user’s attention.

Optimistic Behavior:

Mostly bloggers don’t try to establish interaction among users and blog. Feedback, Email newsletters, free offers and many more concealed weapon of a blog, which is able to build amazing relation among users and blog. Blog is just not a site, it is a energetic community, where everyone is individual to share his ideas and opinions. Optimistic behavior of blog members can establish a expansive boundaries platform.

Hopefully, these Seo tips and tricks will help you more. We would suggest you to read, How to start successful blogging journey. For further assistant, leave you comment. 😉

How to Write a Resume Tips

How to write a resume

How to Write a Resume:

Writing an resume is a common & essential skill. Nowadays, When we discuss about the job opportunities then first idea came into our minds is Resume. Curriculum Vitae (CV) or Resume is a written overview of person introduction, experience, qualification and further more qualities include in it. Now it became the conventional trend and need of job seekers. CV is now became the essential part of job documents. We can’t overlook its significance or advantages. Now here, we will show you that, how to write a resume or Curriculum Vitae. 

How to Write a Resume (Basic Steps):

To write the successful resume, do the following steps.

  1. Defining Your Objectives
  2. Education & Qualification
  3. Skills or expertise
  4. Working Experience
  5. References

Defining Your Objectives:

Defining objectives or motives in a sequence manner is a good practice. Discuss about your future determination and goals of achievement concisely. Make sure that, you words should be like to grasp the reader’s attention. Avoid to append personal information in this section.

Education & Qualification:

In this section, Write about your education and qualification in details. Institution name or must mention your degree getting year. Precisely, write your degree name in appropriate form. Briefly describe your short courses and internships. Mention your win awards and reasons of these achievements or victories. Make sure, every mentioned line should be precise, vigorous and concise.

Skills or Expertise:

Write or express your skills in prominent form. Your expertise is the first preference to achieve this job opportunity. Mention your every single intellectual ability, which persuasive the job giver. If you accomplish/complete any project or portfolio then mention it clearly. If you have enough grip on any complex software then mention it like expert in Microsoft Office, linear or nonlinear editor, 3D or 2D animation expertise etc.

Working Experience:

Working experience is an essential part of Curriculum Vitae. Majority of job giver’s require well-experienced employees for his company or organization. So, don’t ignore this aspect from any perspective. Dazzling point/tip, you can build your working experience through internships.


Reference is another kind of guarantee and assurance. In which you write someone personal reference, who very well familiar with your ability or skills. You can write two or three persons reference with contact information. Job giver’s utilize these reference So, tell them before putting inside, Because job givers will confirm your previous activities. Check the below example of reference.

Mr. John Carry
General Manager
Intel Corporation

Summing up the all section, then well-looking Curriculum Vitae is ready for deliver. Keep remember that, do not use redundant or clumsy words to enhance your CV pages. Professional CV consist on merely a page. Job givers don’t need hobbies or other awkward section inside your CV. They only concerned with your ability or task. Try to reduce lengthy statement and make it concise. Hopefully, you would like this standard writing style of CV. For further assistance, stay with us & further discuss your opinion below. 😉

How to Add Infolinks to WordPress Website

Infolinks is a contextual advertising network platform, which pays to his publishers according to CPC/CPM advertising models. Right now, Apply for Infolinks and monetize your website with it. Almost newbies are not aware about, How to add Infolinks to WordPress website because Infolinks adding/putting ads method is slightly different with Google AdSense.

How to Add Infolinks Ads on website

How to Add Infolinks to WordPress Website:

After little bit introduction with Infolinks ad network. Now here, i’ll show you, how to successfully setup your website with Infolinks. Just you need to do follow my steps;

Step 1:

In the first step, Go to Infolinks website and login to your approved Infolinks publisher account. Select Integrate option from the upper main menu. There will be a one minute integrate section choose your platform like WordPress, blogger and so on. Select the entire given code.

How to Add Infolinks Ads on website

In the above image, we copied the Infolinks given code. Now after getting this specific code, open your theme/template and paste this code between the headers tags <body>...</body>.  If you are a WordPress user then, open your theme file on server like: wp-content/themes/Demo_theme and locate header or footer file. You can paste this entire code inside header or footer file before body closing tag </body>. See the bellow image.

How to Add Infolinks Ads code on website

Above image clearly describing the exact procedure. Similarly, same process apply for blogger and further platform, just put the whole code before body closing tag. Infolinks algorithms determine the code presence on website and will show the ads automatically.  All ads will be control from Infolinks dashboard. Interesting aspect about Infolinks is that, your can turn on/off all ads (Block or content ads) from Infolinks account > Customize option.

Let us know, your website step is configured with Infolinks. Hopefully, everything is fairly fine and working perfectly. But in contrast condition, leave your comment below. 😉

How to Make Money Online Fast

Make money online is no more strenuous. In contrary, now it is easy and quick way to make money online fast. Surely, hundreds of questions are moving around your mind How, Where, What etc. I will clear all aspects with comfort.

How to Make Money Online Fast:

There is numerous ways to generate sufficient revenue at home. Can you imagine that, you can earn more than a salary based job. Some of persons will be thinking at this time, it is impossible to earn money online. Because it has no physical presence all is virtually. But remember that, Google is also a virtual tycoon on internet world. And almost everyone would be familiar with his name. Same as Google, hundreds of companies are working in online or virtual market.

How to Make Money Online Fast

I will declare 100% right ways to earn money online. This article theme consist on many aspects. Today, I will show the best way to make money online fast.

  1. Blogging
  2. E-commerce (Online Shopping Market)
  3.  Writing Articles
  4. Affiliate Marketing


Share something ideas and tips or else on a specific platform with regularity known as blogging. In simple words,writing articles on a personal site on daily basis. Blogging job is now become common and everyone can do this with little bit knowledge. You can read my absolute post on blogging journey. Blogging is incredible forever and made your richest person, if you are sincere with your profession. Read How to a start blog without any investment.


E-commerce is an online virtual shopping market for all internet users. Just place/submit your order and get your chosen product at your doorstep. E-commerce business is growing rapidly and moving towards development destination. You can start your business with a virtual mart. Daily basis sale with daily generated revenue. Don’t be worried that, How you can develop an attractive store. Just sign up on Shopify and there website builder tools will makes your e-commerce journey easy & amazing.

Writing Content:

Writing content job is basically more valuable according to the make money online perspective. Every site or news magazines needs high quality content writers. Home moms or anyone, who have expert in English writing skill can serve to the other online companies and can make hundreds of dollars for a single day. For individual working, You can join Fiverr online platform and sell your time or efforts in millions of people community.

Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is the magnificent opportunity to gain lot of money. Fully commission based job with multinational companies. No boundaries or threshold or earnings. Before going ahead, it is essential  to declare the appropriate meaning of affiliation. For example, Ali is a member of Amazon affiliate program and Ali friend wanna purchase guitar so, Ali refer his friend to amazon store to accomplish his need or purchase guitar. When his friend purchased this guitar or anything then amazon store will pay small part of commission to Ali because he referred a client to amazon. Similarly, hundreds of affiliate companies are working in online market. Commission junction is biggest virtual affiliate network, which links almost thousands of companies. Must read Top 10 affiliate Programs for Online Marketers to achieve revenue goals.

Let us know, which method would you prefer to make money online fast. If you have better one idea to generate sufficient earnings then must share with us. For more query, leave your comment. 😉

Importance of National Unity For a Country

National unity is an important concept for country welfare. Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah had taught us three guiding principles for nation building. These were unity, faith and discipline. He mentioned the unity in the first place among the three. This shows that, he gave the foremost priority to unity. Of course, this is the most precious principle to make rapid and lasting progress in collective life. Let us try to understand the importance of it in collective and national life.

National Unity Importance For a Country

Importance of Nation Unity:

In the early days of Islam, Muslims were united under their pious leadership. That is why, within a few years, they become a dominating power in the world. With their unity, they defeated Roman and Persian empires. Which were two super powers at that time. Owing to unity and oneness, they were ruling in three continents, Asia, Europe and Africa. Muslim empire expanded from Southern France to Multan, in the subcontinent. Muslim ruled the world more than a millennium. After that they showed the sign of weakness in all fields of life. It was due to their disunity. So, they lost their domination. The most prominent example is of Ottoman Empire. It was defeated during First World War by the Allied. The Allied defeated the Muslims by dividing them into Arabs and non-Arabs. On the contrary, the Allied become successful because of their alliance and unity against enemies.

Nation Unity & Pakistan:

The creation of Pakistan was also due to the unity of the Muslims under the leadership of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Allama Iqbal dream of Pakistan in 1930, in Allabad and Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah changed it into reality within only 17 years. He became successful in doing so on account of the unity of the Muslims of India. But unluckily, after independence, Pakistani nation became divided among sectarian, ethnic and linguistic sections. That is why, they are facing disrepute among the community of the nations. They are Punjabi, Sindhi, Bloch, Pakhtoon, Muhajir, Sunni, and Shia but not Pakistani. That is why, they are not making progress. Rather they are going downward.


We can sum up the discussion by saying that unity is the first and foremost thing for a nation to make progress. The instances of the Muslims in the early days of Islam and the disunity of them in modern era show the vitality of oneness and unity. Pakistani nation should also follow the spirit of unity, if they want to make themselves prominent among the community of nations. It is the need of the hour for us.

Wonders of Science and Technology

We are living in the age of science, technology and machines. No country can survive without a sound solid scientific base in modern era. In future it will be more needful to adopt scientific approach in all walks of life.

Wonder of Science and Technology

Wonder of Science and Technology:

During the last three or four decades, we have observe revolutionary changes in the field of science, technology and machines. Science has benefited us in countless ways. Our lives have been revolutionized because of it.

Science surpasses the old miracle of mythology.Emerson

Science and technology Advantages:

The dominating of the western world is greatly, indebted to science and its inventions. The usage of it can be seen in all major fields. In America and western European countries, people organize their lives according to the scientific principles. It is due to science that they are making progress in almost every field. Machines solar and nuclear technologies and so many other things are the products of science.

A fundamental rule in technology says that whatever can be done will be done.Andrew Grove

We have overcome many fatal diseases by the use of science and technology. Modern technology and scientific machines are being used in diagnosing and treatment of the different diseases. In the field of agriculture, we have used to science and technology to enhance our production. New ways of farming are being used, with the help of it. In energy sector, the role of science and technology is very prominent.

Science and technology Disadvantages:

It has several disadvantages too. By the use of science and technology, man has made his world a dangerous place. Man has invented such dangerous weapons as can destroy the whole world within a few minutes. Atomic bomb is also a kind of scientific machine. Science and technology is going to become the cause of unimaginable destruction. It is being out of control. It is feared that if man doesn’t use science and technology wisely, it will be the cause of destruction of humanity.


Islam does not prohibit the use of science and technology in favor of humanity. In fact it lay stress upon the use of it, for the betterment of humanity. The importance of knowledge in Islam is a well-known fact. According to Islam, the whole universe and its content have been created for man. But the use of these things is up to us. We can use it for both constructive and destructive purpose.

Causes of Poverty and its Solution

Our country is in the evil grips of economic problems. But poverty has become the most critical economic issue in ‘United States’. This problem is a major hurdle in the way of advancement. It is not only effecting us in term of economic but also creating many social problems. Let discuss the causes, effects and solution of poverty.

Causes of poverty and its solution

Causes of Poverty:

First of all, the poor governance system and the lack of will are two main causes of poverty. The people at the helm of affairs are not willing to address the problem of poverty. Therefore, they do not provide any solution. Rather they are part of the problem. They are not serious at all in uprooting this problem. Instead they are promoting it through their poor governance.

Causes of poverty

Secondly, wrong polices of successive governments are also a big causes of poverty. The polices of governments should be formed for the welfare and well-being of the general public. But here rulers pursue their persona al interest and motives. They do not have any interest to making the country stable in economic sense.

Thirdly, the role of international monetary agencies like IMF and World Bank in running our economy is also a major cause f it. Because of corruption and poor governance system major part of our resources is going into drain. To meet the budgetary deficit, our governance go to IMF and international monetary agencies for leading. So, they impose their own conditions. These conditions serve the interests of capitalist countries. These conditions are regarding devaluations of local currency, down-sizing, more taxes on local industry and abolition of subsidies on different articles of daily usage. Interestingly they impose these conditions in the name of abolition of poverty and economic reforms programs, but these steps promote inflation, poverty, corruption, tax evasion, smuggling, unemployment and dearness.

“I do not mind going back to daylight saving time. With inflation, the hour will be the only thing I’ve saved all years.” (Victor Borge)

Poverty Solution/Remedies:

If we take remedial measures, after knowing its roots causes, we will be able to abolish this dire problem. Then we will be able to win all kind of laurel. In this way, we can achieve the goal of economic prosperity.

Poverty Solutions

To address the problem of poverty, we will have to take multidimensional steps, on different levels. First of all, we must improve our governance system. But before doing this, we need will, because determination is the basic thing before doing anything.

Secondly, we must give right direction to our directionless and misdirected policies. Personal agenda and motives must be kept aside. Policies must be formed for the well-being of the people. The people in power should also rectify themselves. Lastly, we must get rid of the evils grips of IMF and other leading agencies. We will have to formulate independent economic policies. These policies must serve our national interests.

Modern Technology Advantages & Disadvantages

This is the age of science of modern technology. Modern inventions in the field of information technology have revolutionized our lives. Now, there is a flood of technological advancement. We can see the usage of it in all fields of life-like agriculture, trade, industry, health, aviation, defense and research. This is acknowledged fact that no society or nation can complete on international front without sound base in it.

Modern Technology Advantages & Disadvantages

Modern Technology Advantages:

In this age of modern thinking, we can see a very important role of modern technology. It has become the part of our lives. If we understand the significance of modern technology, we can get as many advantages out of it as we want. As a progressive and liberal mind nation, we should totally be acquainted with the important of modern technology.

Modern Technology Advantages & Disadvantages

Modern Technology Abuses:

We know that everything has two aspects, positive and negative. So, modern technology has also some abuses along with its uses. Technology can be disastrous for common people and the whole society, if we do not use it in a reasonable way. Cyber-criminal activities are among its prominent abuses. This is a new kind of crimes. Some vicious people try to use modern technology for their personal benefits and interests. They try to get undue advantages by using it. In this way, such people harm others.

Modern Technology Advantages & Disadvantages


At the end, we conclude that things are not good or bad in their existence. We cannot save ourselves from negative effects of technology by putting barriers in the way of it. Those individuals, who use it for negative purpose, must be punished. For this purpose mechanism can be drawn. Legislation should also be done against cyber-crime. If we use modern technology positively, we can serve humanity. But on the contrary, if we use it in negative ways, the result will be the opposite. Therefore, all sections of society should join hands, in a positive way. But one thing should be kept in mind that technology is just like a river in flood, Nowadays, so restrictions are not the solution. So, because of few drawbacks, we cannot ignore the bright side of the picture.

How to Find Most Searched Keywords on Google

Find Most Searched Keywords:

Most Searched Keywords

As we know, a keyword is a soul of Search engine optimization. Write an article is not an achievement goal, But write a most searched article is a beneficial skill according to traffic perspective. Now the thinking aspect is that, How we find most searched keywords on Google for writing articles. We can’t overlook this aspect from any angle. Here is no angel or fairy, who moves his stick and give us a bucket of dollars. Keywords is only factor that generate numerous traffic as we expect. Precisely, Accurate placed keywords in published post/articles can be the cause of huge amount of organic traffic via search engine.

Most Searched Keywords:

Today we will show that, How you find most searched keywords without any trouble. There is scarce places, where Google share his annual recorded insights of search engine. Google believes on customer reliability. Let’s see ,

Google Instant Search:

Google instant search is the most prominent way to find out the top searched keywords in a single click. Just you need to do, Go to Google Search then type anything word, which you like. See the below process,

How to Find Most Searched Keywords

All the terms or keywords, which are showing under Google instant search, you can utilize these keywords in your article because they are most searched keywords. Just enter any word in Google search bar and check under instant search top keywords, which is nearly relevant with entered keyword. Now imagine that, How much top niche keywords you can find through this instant search.

Google Trends:

Google trends will give you information about keywords searches, which is made recently or previous years. We also can to do comparisons among multiples of keywords searches. In order to get access to Google trends, just put your Gmail and log in inside Google trends dashboard. Where left upper hand side options and top upper search bar, both will help you to find most searches keywords. See the process below,

Most Searched Keywords

The above image expressing the top 2014 searches in United States. Searches is automated categories there and you also can change Geo location and years from upper given options. We can comparison multiplies keywords on Google trends and find out the result. See the process below,

Most Searched Keywords from Google trends

Right now, above image showing two keywords comparison charts and you can add more as your need. Arrange or categorize your searches from present, past even worldwide or global filtration are available there. Eventually, You also can get or find most searches keywords through Google keywords planner tool inside Google AdWords.

Let us know, if you wanna interested to increase your daily revenue/earnings then

must read 50 top high paying AdSense keywords. Still if you have any questions or query then please leave your comment. 😉