Linked List in C++ Programming

Linked List in C++:

Today, we will learn about linked list in C++ basic programming. As you know, Arrays have limited size instead of linked list is flexible. First we need to understand its structure and rules to utilize it, Let’s see;

Linked List Structure:

Linked list is look like a chain node structure. Every node have two portions “Object” and “Next”. Object field hold the actual list element and “Next” field hold the address of the next node. These nodes work together in the form of chain.

Linked List in C++

Above image is expressing the definition of node in linked list. After know about each node structure, Go ahead with linked list structure. While constructing linked list, we uses few nodes names in linked list such as, Head node, Current node, Last current node and variable Size.  Assume that, If you have some numbers (1,2,3,4,5) and want to store these numbers in a memory using linked list.

You can clearly see in the below image, Initial node is always known as header node. Which node, where pointer exist currently is known as current node.

Linked List in C++Structure

In the above image, header node hold two elements 1 and next node address. Similarly, Every node ahead of header node hold previous node address and an object. Take the above 5 nodes example and its process below.

Header node hold second node address and object 1.

Second node hold third node address and object 2.

Third node hold forth node address and object 3.

Fourth node hold fifth node address and object 4.

Fifth node hold fifth node address and object 5.

This process will  continuously work till the last node and we can store infinite integers because linked list is not bound like arrays.


First node should be exist there as a head node, otherwise we won’t know where the start of this list. Current is a pointer, not an index. Next field in the last node points to nothing, we will place the memory address NULL, Which is inaccessible.

Adding New Node in Linked List:

After getting little bit knowledge, Now we are going to create or add a new node inside linked list. This procedure consists on some steps. Suppose that, we have a number (8) and want to add this one inside linked list. So, first we need to create new node and find the destination, where you want to insert it. Before going ahead, see the below image steps.

Adding node in linked list

In above image,  You can clearly review these steps. We add a new node in the previous linked list example. For adding a new node among two existed nodes, New node address will be put in the previous node next field and Next node address will be placed in new node next field. That’s it. Keep remember, now new node will be known as current node. And size will also increase from 5 to 6 nodes.

Linked List Simple Program:

We implement the above given linked list in C++ code, which will help you to understand this logic. Review the below C++ Program.

using namespace std;
class Node{
 int object;
 Node *next;
 object =0;
 next = NULL; 
 void setObject(int object){
 this->object = object;
 void setNext(Node *next){
 this->next = next; 
 int getObject(){
 return object; 
 Node * getNext(){
 return next; 
class List{
 Node *headNode;
 Node * currentNode;
 Node * lastCurrentNode;
 int size;
 headNode = new Node(); 
 currentNode = NULL;
 lastCurrentNode = NULL;
 size = 0;
 int length(){
 return size; 
 void head(){
 currentNode = headNode;
 lastCurrentNode = headNode; 
 bool next(){
 if (currentNode == headNode && lastCurrentNode==headNode){
 currentNode = currentNode->getNext(); 
 return true;
 if (currentNode -> getNext() == NULL){
 return false; 
 lastCurrentNode = currentNode;
 currentNode = currentNode->getNext();
 return true;
int get(){
 return currentNode->getObject(); 
void display(){
 while(currentNode->getNext() != NULL){
 cout << get() << "t"; 
 cout << endl;
 void insert(int data){
 Node *newNode = new Node();
 newNode -> setObject(data);
 newNode -> setNext(currentNode);
 lastCurrentNode -> setNext(newNode);
 lastCurrentNode = newNode;
 void add(int data){
 Node *newNode = new Node();
 if (currentNode == NULL){
 currentNode = newNode;
 lastCurrentNode = headNode;
 lastCurrentNode = currentNode;
 currentNode = newNode;

 List l;
cout << endl << "Size of linked list = " << l.length();
cout << endl;

Above mentioned program output will look like this on run time,

Linked List in C++ Program

Simply you can evaluate the sorting of these numbers (1,2,3,4,5), which we discussed a couple of seconds ago in above statement. This program will also determine the size of linked list objects. You can enhance or edit this program for more practice.

Hopefully, You will understand with ease. Don’t forget to practice because practice makes a man perfect. If you found any unusual error then let us know, we will assist you. 😉

Simple URLs Plugin For WordPress

Simple URLs Plugin:

Simple URLs Plugin

When we starting a blogging journey,  we have lots of issues in beginning because many complicated task was waiting for us. One of the arising issue is track outbound links with ease. But after getting simple URLs plugin for WordPress, track outbound links is now own my fingertips. At this time, you will suspicious and many questions are arising in your mind like, What does it work ? & How we can use it ? Let’s find out your answers,

What does it work?

Simple URLs is an appropriate tracking links plugin for WordPress, Which track outbound or external links from your site like affiliate links. Simple URLs plugin allow to create a unique links and redirect to the custom URL and promote your brand name. See the below structure of Custom link.

Now it is became the straightforward way to track all affiliates links with your brand name. User will also inspired your service.

How we can use it ?

To avail this finest plugin, you need to install Simple URLs Plugin and active it simply. Installation process is quite simple like others WordPress plugins. After perform the installation process, Go to WordPress Dashboard > Simple URLs option in the left sidebar menu and simply click on it. You will see the blank page, because there is no link exist. Click on upper button Add new custom link. Now on the nest appear page, firstly add custom or familiar title for memorize and insert redirect/target URL then simply publish it. See this process in the under image.

Simple URLs Plugin For WordPress

Above image showing the actual scene part of this plugin or entire process. After insertion or publish process, Go to Dashboard > Simple URLs, now there will be a published link appear, which you created couple a second ago. Tracking info would also be there.

Let us know, if you are satisfied with this plugin service or have better one query relevant with this topic then, we love to listen your queries. For more discussion, leave your comment. 😉

HostGator Review 2015 – Best Hosting Company

As we know to running a stunning website, we need a finest web hosting package. Web hosting should be reliable, trustworthy and specially affordable. Here we will discuss about HostGator review concern with web hosting services. HostGator is the only, which I ever seen that hosting equipped with every necessary or advance tools & gadgets. According to Wikipedia HostGator founded in 2002 by Brent Oxley. HostGator deals in various sections like web hosting, domains, dedicated servers and SSL certifications. HostGator headquarter based in Houston Texas United States. As we said, HostGator working since 2002, means that a trusted sign with elder experienced web hosting company.

HostGator Review

We are also using HostGator business plans from 2012 in many running projects like Cranberry School System. Still we have no customer support or server-side issue, otherwise HostGator support team are always present to serving or resolving consumer problems. HostGator have finest customer support during and after working hours. HostGator have vigorous web hosting pricing plans and service, which attract consumer every time. HostGator don’t emphasize that invest hundreds of dollars on hosting at once. HostGator suggest that take One cent hosting plan for a month, if you satisfy with our service then can continue with this package or can upgrade to pro packages. Let’s see the below, HostGator starter shared hosting plan for beginners.

HostGator Web Hosting Package Review 
 Website  Yes   4,500 Free Website  Templates  Yes 
 Domain Yes  99.9% Up-time Guarantee Yes
 Unlimited Disk Space Yes  QuickInstall application  installer Yes
 Unlimited Bandwidth Yes  Advance Backup  Options Yes
 Unlimited Emails Yes  Website Builder Yes
Unlimited  SQL Yes  $100 Google AdWords  Offer Yes
 Shared SSL Certificate Yes  Webmail Service Yes
 45 Days Money Back  Guarantee Yes  Site-lock for Security Yes
 EASY Control Panel Yes  24/7/365 Technical Support Yes
All in Only at $3.96/month (20% off)

After reviewing the above given HostGator plans, you can’t overlook its reliability in affordable budget. Above given specification is not concern with a business account, it is simply shared hosting account. Business account have separate dedicated IPs address and more features include in it.

Compare HostGator with Others:

Same as HostGator, numerous other web hosting companies are working in the internet market. We can comparison those packages with HostGator and find out the difference or similarities. Must read my these posts, HostGator vs BluehostHostGator vs Godaddy.

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Hostgator Coupon Code 9.94 OffHosting are the major aspect and factor of website development. Do you know, Best hosting can increase the user ratio continuously. But most despaired part is this, mostly person overlook this fact. Because of non-affordable hosting services. But HostGator is the one precious hosting service, which emphasize on user comfort. That is why, HostGator have affordable hosting with trusted sign. HostGator coupon code facility, to get maximum discount from your invoice. HostGator coupon codes makes life easier because now, no need to pay complete amount of invoice.

HostGator always keeps care his consumer in every aspect. Here, we will reveal HostGator coupon code, which will give you $9.94 discount on sum-total amount of HostGator invoice. You can see HostGator coupon code in the below image clearly. Note or copy this coupon code, which is BestideaSale.

Hostgator Coupon Code $9.94 Off

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How to Use/Redeem Coupon Code:

After getting HostGator coupon code, now next step is go to HostGator website and choose any hosting package, which you are interested and go ahead to the billing step. During billing process, it will ask about coupon code then insert this coupon code freely. See the below entire coupon code insertion process.

Hostgator Coupon Code redeem

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Hostgator vs Godaddy – Which One is the Best ?

HostGator VS GoDaddy:

Hostgator vs GodaddyWhen we talk about hosting services, to create finest website. First we thinks as a conceptually that, speedy hosting service with powerful tools but in affordable price according to our pocket budget. First we search on internet , who are providing affordable and trusted hosting service. So, HostGator and GoDaddy is the prominent hosting service provider with trusted sign. But you can not go with both of them at once, you need only one hosting provider, who accomplish your all needs at one place. Now arise question is HostGator vs GoDaddy, Which one is the best to sustain your site healthy. Let’s begin to examine that, which one is best.

HostGator (Basic Package) GoDaddy (Basic Package)
 Website Single  Website Single
 Domain No  Domain 1 Free Domain
 Disk Space Unlimited  Disk Space 100 GB
 Bandwidth Unlimited  Bandwidth Unlimited
 Emails Unlimited  Emails 100
 SQL Databases Unlimited  SQL Databases Limited
 One CLick Installer Yes  One CLick Installer Yes
 SSL Certificate Shared  SSL Certificate No
 Money Back  Guarantee 45 Days  Money Back  Guarantee 45 Days
 Technical Support 24/7/365  Technical Support 24/7/365
All in only $3.96/first month All in only $4.99/first month

After expressing their basic packages technical specs, You can evaluate the both hosting services. Slightly fluctuations are existing between these hosting services. GoDaddy and Bluehost packages are little bit similar with each other. HostGator is the only hosting service, which is spectacular from every perspective like pricing plans, technical specs and support.


HostGator and GoDaddy both are magnificent and trusted hosting providers. But after reviewing their packages plans, we concluded that, HostGator won this trophy because HostGator is an affordable,trusted and powerful hosting service. In the earlier article, we compared HostGator vs Bluehost, but HostGator was the finest winner. Once again HostGator proves that HostGator became the hosting victor.

Let us know, about your HostGator vs Bluehost experience or opinions. If you have skepticism then please let us know, we always respect user feedback. 😉

Hostgator vs Bluehost – Which One is the Best ?

HostGator vs Bluehost:

Hostgator vs BluehostWhere we talk about web hosting, numerous hosting providers name comes in our mind but few are popular name such as HostGator and Bluehost. But we can’t go with both at once, we need one best hosting provider of our purpose. That is why, question arise here is HostGator vs Bluehost, which one is best for future destination ? A prominent answer is, comparison both services, prices and technical support. Let’s distinguish/differ among these both hosting services and evaluate the finest one.

HostGator (Shared) Bluehost (Shared)
 Website Single  Website Single
 Domain No  Domain 1 Free Domain
 Disk Space Unlimited  Disk Space 100 GB
 Bandwidth Unlimited  Bandwidth Unlimited
 Emails Unlimited  Emails 100
 SQL Databases Unlimited  SQL Databases Limited
 SSL Certificate Shared  SSL Certificate No
 Money Back  Guarantee 45 Days  Money Back  Guarantee 30 Days
 Technical Support 24/7/365  Technical Support 24/7/365
All in only $3.96/month All in only $3.49/month

Above table comparison showing the differ among HostGator and Bluehost services and pricing plans. Now you can individually decide, who’s hosting will be proven best for future journey.

HostGator offering one cent hosting service for a month same like a trial, if you satisfy with it then can continue with this package otherwise, you might cancel your package. HostGator also offering 25% off discount coupon code on total invoice. If you want to working as a hosting seller then must check the HostGator vs Bluehost VPN service review.

HostGator (VPN) Bluehost (VPN)
 CPU .5 Core  CPU 2 Core
 RAM 512 M  RAM 2 GB Available
 Disk Space 25 GB  Disk Space 30 GB
 Bandwidth 500 GB  Bandwidth 1 TB
 IP Address 2 IPs  IP Address 1 IPs
 Control Panel No, Available in Pro  Control Panel Yes
 Money Back  Guarantee 45 Days  Money Back  Guarantee 30 Days
 Technical Support 24/7/365  Technical Support 24/7/365
All in only $14.99/first month All in only $3.49/first month

Above VPN servers technical specs are expressing starter packages only. Secondly given prices will be accepted for first month invoices only.


Both are so competitive pricing and plans, but in resultant HostGator have powerful shared and business plans. In contrary, Bluehost have not providing much in shared hosting. In VPN & Dedicated pro serves, HostGator is getting the victories. Most famous sites like wpbeginner using HostGator dedicated pro servers and his owners comment that, they are totally satisfied with his services and support. Now its your turn. 😉

HostGator 1 Cent Hosting Discount Offer

HostGator 1 Cent Hosting:

Hostgator 1 Cent HostingHostGator offering a spectacular hosting for all consumers, who are interested to create website with ease. HostGator 1 cent hosting  coupon code is one of the popular service, in which HostGator charge only 1 cent for the whole month with unlimited package. That’s means, no need to pay directly huge amount to HostGator . Just utilize HostGator hosting service same like trial for a month, after that, if you satisfy then can continue with this package.

HostGator 1 cent hosting offer equipped with numerous features. Review the below bundle features of 1 cent hosting.

Unlimited Disk Space

HostGator offering no threshold of disk space, No limitation on files size and you can directly store unlimited data, as your need. 

Unlimited Email Address

Create unlimited domain emails without any boundaries, Advance forward system with multiple tools.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Unlimited bandwidth with 100% user experience. Unlimited bandwidth boost your uploading or downloading speed and giving better response on user or client side. 

Powerful Website Builder

HostGator giving an opportunity to work with thousands of featured themes with drag and drop website builder to develop a website.

Money Back Guarantee

Hosgator giving an authentic money back guarantee, if you are not satisfied with Hosgator service then simply cancel the package with in 45 days duration.

Technical Support

If you found any problem from server-side then HostGator experienced team will assist you through Live Chat, Email and directly telephone. Hosgator have no specific time to resolve clients problems, Because they are here every time 24/7/365.

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Hostgator Coupon Code 25% Off SALE

HostGator Coupon Code:

HostGator coupon code are available here to get cheap hosting service. HostGator is a most safe place to host data, you can establish website in reasonable prices. HostGator designed all hosting packages to considering the comfort of clients. As we know very well, domain and hosting are the major aspects of website development. But hosting packages should be reliable, affordable and meet with the consumer pocket budget. HostGator offering 100% secure and affordable packages with 25% off on all packages include shared hosting, vpn hosting even dedicated hosting servers. To get this spectacular offer, you must need to add or redeem 25% off HostGator coupon code. Memorize or copy the below given HostGator 25% off  coupon code.

Hostgator Coupon Code 25 Off SALE

After getting this coupon code, Go to HostGator website and choose any hosting plan, which you like. During sign up or billing, they will ask about coupon code for special discount, then insert this above coupon code without any hesitation. See the below coupon code insertion process.

Hostgator Coupon Code redeem

Same follow the upper described process and get finest discount. HostGator is most reliable and various award-winning company around the internet market. They have most richest hosting service in cheap prices for his clients. I would suggest you, Purchase maximum package to hostgator, because 25% off will be apply on the total amount of invoice, resultant you can save a lot of amount for long time.

It’s time to celebrating because you saved 25% on the entire HostGator invoice. You can utilize this finest coupon code any time, when you like with comfortably.

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Newspaper WordPress Theme with Responsive Design

Newspaper WordPress theme is a powerful theme with fully responsive and optimized features. Sound seems perfect, because bloggers can avail it. Newspaper WordPress theme is a responsive news magazine theme along with multiple styles. Powerful integrated features with multiple purposes usage.

Newspaper WordPress Theme:

Newspaper WordPress Theme

Gorgeous article view with numerous font styles or brands colors. Separate adorable admin panel with various control options.

[su_button url=”” target=”blank” style=”3d” size=”7″ icon=”icon: eye”]Live Demo[/su_button]         [su_button url=”” target=”blank” style=”3d” size=”7″ icon=”icon: download”]Download [/su_button]


  • Innumerable post style with multiple colors collections.
  • Built-in drag and drop excellent gallery with portfolio flexibility.
  • Custom designed playlist of YouTube and Vimeo with auto-play or skip options.
  • Amazing sticky menu, when you scroll down page, menu will be appear properly on the top of the page.
  • By default, spectacular designed 5 unique post temples available in this package.
  • Newspaper theme have its own one click cache system inside option panel to boost site speed, which works same like W3 total cache .
  • Newspaper theme have 60 + multi layouts combinations with powerful visual composer to design or built custom or beautiful pages.
  • As well 18 custom widgets include content blocks widgets, advance filtration widgets, ajax filtration and incredible infinite scroll down widget.
  • 15 + custom visual composer include text boxes, category blocks, popular post blocks, social boxes and more.
  • Intelligent ad system with auto detect ad size and makes them responsive ads according to the mini devices.
  • Integrated speed booster v3 plugin to make the site faster like rocket.
  • Ajax custom designed or attractive login or register forum for community member to login or sign up.
  • Now you can sell everything along with this theme, perfect match or compatible with woo commerce.
  • Magnificent social counter with prominent social profiles.
  • Touch friendly slider, IOS slider with freely like drag any slide with another one.
  • Custom background changer and ultimate shortcodes support to make the site outstanding.
  • 101% mobile friendly with live search box on site header. Advance responsive design for mini devices.
  • One click demo install theme same like demo theme, which you seen at the time of purchasing.
  • Google AdSense ads supported, Seo by Yoast supported, video thumbnail options and many more integrated features.
  • Fully SEO optimized WordPress theme, Rich snippets support, easy to use navigation system, integrated mega menu facility and much more.

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Social Bookmarking sites List

Social Bookmarking sites List:

Audience or traffic is the main target of site owner. For the sake of traffic, We submit our site in top categories of social bookmarking sites for Seo. Majority of bloggers can’t find the top listed social bookmarking sites list and worried about at this step of Seo. So, Here we will reveal these social bookmarking site list. This list will help you to build sturdy and valuable backlinks with huge traffic opportunity.

These social bookmarking sites have millions of traffic on daily basis, that means presence of your site links in huge communities will give you opportunity to gain lot of traffic on your site. This social bookmarking sites list will accomplish your site Seo aspects. Given social bookmarking sites list ranks had been noted on 24-01-2015. We will not be responsible for rank fluctuations, But we will try to update this information for our users convenience with the passage of time.

We highlighted top 15 prominent social bookmarking sites list,which is following given below.

Source Page Rank Alexa Rank (Global) 9 26 8 36 8 215 8 1,591 7 617 7 815 7 1,588 7 2,058 7 2,972 7 4,288 7 5,682 6 2,867 6 2,933 6 7,575 6 29,721 6 1209 4 25,373 3 18,518

Above mentioned sites are considered as a finest social bookmarking sites on internet. Facebook and twitter also considered to be a prominent social bookmarking sites. Facebook have 900 million approximate unique users and also twitter. So, You also can take advantage from these sites. Almost social bookmarking sites are free, These sites will not deduct any money.

Try to make your schedule to daily posting on these sites, Because this action will help you to enhance your traffic and community. Search engine also suggest that, One site interact to others sites because it will make your appearance better in search engines. If you want to maximize your knowledge about bookmarks then read Top 10 Social Bookmarking Sites For Seo.

Let us know that , If you have better one bookmarks list then share with us. We love to listen your query. For more assistance regard leave your comment below. 😉