Our Education System Errors and Remedies

Education system:

We are living in an age of education and awareness. Without sound and solid education system, the building of prosperity cannot be erected. Unfortunately, we are facing a number of problems which are responsible for decline in this field. Let us discuss them one by one.

Education System Errors and Remedies

Current Education System Errors:

First of all as a nation, we have not given any importance to education. Only two per cent of the budget is spent on education. Secondly out education system is not economy oriented. That means, we are not producing just simple graduates and master who cannot do any skilled job. In this way, our education system is making the problem of unemployment more serious. Thirdly, because of cheating and substandard ness our degrees have become mere pieces of paper. Fourthly, our college and universities have become the centers and politics and violence. Fifthly, our teachers are not trained properly. They are not aware of the modern skills and techniques of teaching. Last but not least, our elementary education system is the most neglected sector. If a thing has a solid foundation, the building on it will be very strong. This is the law of nature. But we are pouring our meagre funds and resources on higher education sector while elementary system is totally ignored.

Improvement Points in Education System:

Now keep these issues in mind, we must act wisely. First of all, we must reset our priorities as a nation. Education should be given the foremost priority in budget. Secondly, our education system should be guarantee of employment. More skilled, professional and vocational institutes should be opened. Thirdly, cheating should be uprooted. Fourthly, our educational institutions should be made clear from politics, violence and arms. Fifthly, our teachers should be trained on modern lines. They must also be given handsome salaries. Lastly, we should strengthen our elementary education system. More and more funds should be allocated for this purpose.


Education is the backbone of any nation. We cannot make progress without improvement in this field. We can reform our education system by knowing the root causes of problems and then addressing them.

Dengue Fever and its Symptoms

Dengue Fever:

Dengue fever is a fatal disease which is spreading like an epidemic. More than 2.5 billion people in 70 countries around the global are in danger of becoming the victim of dengue fever. Now-a-days, India, Pakistan, Australia, Africa and Malaysia is in the evil grip of this viral disease.

Dengue Fever essay

Dengue Growth and Production:

The government and the general masses are helpless before the attack of dengue. Many of the people have lost their lives. Dengue mosquito grow in clean water. Carelessness of the people provides an environment to dengue mosquito to grow even in clean areas. The water of pools, streets and other places enhances the chances of spreading dengue. On the part of the government, Sincere and selfless efforts had not been made in time to control this disease.

For example, if the concerned authorities had taken appropriate steps, it would not have spread on this large-scale. Furthermore, the traditional laziness of the government departments provided a suitable environment to grow and flourish this dengue.

Dengue virus symptoms:

This mosquito carries a virus which attacks white blood cells in blood stream. Platelets in blood stream decrease in number. This can cause bleeding, high fever, vomiting and red rashes on skin are among its symptoms.

Prevention of Dengue Fever:

By arrangements of cleanliness and spray, we can minimize the chance to grow this viral disease. Secondly, we must not allow the storage of water anywhere around us. In the long run, Government should also take proper step to stop the growth of this disease. There should be declared an emergency situation for the upcoming years. Media and the educational institutions should also run a campaign to make the people aware.


By summing up, we can say that only by the co-operation of the people with the government, Dengue can be defeated. This epidemic like disease can prove to be a severe danger for the upcoming generations if we do not take appropriate measures. The government cannot tackle with this problem single-handedly. Therefore, masses should join hands with the government against dengue. The services of the foreign experts should also be taken, in this regard.

How To Become a Successful Blogger

How To Become a Successful Blogger:

Nowadays, Many of blogger like me have thousands of ambitions with own blogs. Usually Majority of  bloggers even me want to maximize our daily revenue but How it is possible ?? First of all, Need to starting a blog carrier. Blogging is incredible passion and all aspects of blogging is amazing. To convert your dream into reality So, You need to concentrate your mind on this article. We will reveal or share our blogging experience and algorithms with our readers. Become a successful blogger is not like a hot chili, Just need a couple of time in your daily routine and few part of mind concentration will make you successful blogger. We highlighted numbers of things in this article.

How To Become a Successful Blogger

Host Your Tasty Cake:

The crucial thing in blogging is “Hosting” Where your precious data are being stored. Tasty hosting also called reliable hosting. Even if you have reliable hosting then your will be free of mind and without any fear of hacking and outside threat for your site. Reliable hosting essentially put impact on your site performance and user feedback. For becoming a successful blogger, It is your responsibility to host your tasty cake on reliable place, Where your site data requirement meet with your mind satisfaction.

Design a Catchy Blog:

Blog look or appearance should be attractive and user-friendly. Sites appearance depends on brands/company/ colors, And colors should be light instead of dark view.Dark colors can create disturbance during reading and analyzing. Blog menus also a part of designing therefore, It also should be user-friendly. Do not design your site for adults persons point of view, Design your site for all category male,female, kids, teenagers etc. Website layout also part of designing and mobile friendly website is now first preference in search engines. Mobile friendly websites have huge traffic and large numbers of traffic sites directly belongs to large revenue.

Efficient Content:

Content writing is the main and essential task of blogging. Content writing contains numerous aspects. First we need to see the market and user trends then think about your article title and concepts. Collect the data, proofs with meaningful examples because these things putting soul in your article. If you have enough budget then hire content writers for efficient content. These content writers will accomplish your need with your given criteria. During writing content keep remember few things, Content should be correct grammatically and avoid repeat sentence many times. Content length also matter in search engines, Content should be more than 300 words and well efficient content consist on 1000 words.

Social Appearance:

Social media network now become a part of successful blogging. Social media appearance also matter in search engines ranking and results. Join social platform because it will help you to gain more numbers of traffic and users. Social media appearance also redirect users on your site in the shape of backlinks. Make magnificent and catchy profile to attract user on your site. Social media also can grab large numbers of user on your blog. Search engines also consider and count social media users in search engine ranking. Read More relevant social media and find out the top social media sites for Seo purpose.

Regular Blogging:

Hopefully, Above heading clear this aspect but also want to saying “Consistency and regularity” establish trustworthy sign among users and site. Daily writing blog will create more traffic but other hand it will make your user permanent. Mostly user likes daily updated sites because these sites provides accurate and trustful information or news at the accurate time. For being a professional and successful blogger needs consistency.

Accumulate the above all aspects will make you successful blogger. Domain name must impact on searching or ranking criteria don’t leave this necessary aspect. Try to write unique and authentic articles because it will make you creative thinker. Don’t forget to share your opinions with us, We love to listen these ideas. Yet, If you have further questions then please leave your comment. 😉

Social and Political life in Democracy

Social and Political life in Democracy:

In this article we will disclose to “social and political life in democracy”.There are number of scientific study of society. These studies cover different character or nature of man’s activities. A science which study all human activities, study of society or the way in which society organized is called “Sociology”. Society is build up of thoughts, organization for people who have the same interest & their different groupings. People of society do different activities to survive & developed quickly or to help other people to survive. Social activities might be economic, political or may be linked with concerning beliefs right or wrong behavior. Social science consist on all activities of human beings which they to do survive or live in society.

Social and Political life in Democracy

Political science is the study of the way in which political power is required. It is also cover different characters & nature of political activities. Political science is also a science like other science because it also has rules, laws, principles. It is concerned with the relationship of cause & effect. Human beings need society to live without society they cannot fulfill their basic necessities. Society was needed even by old-fashioned people.

When a man gained knowledge by living in well rolled social groups he became better to all unusual one, but his needs on the uncontrolled large amount of means limited his chances of manage difficult circumstances. Human being survived on hunting animals & depends on vegetables. The condition is changed suddenly when people shared things with group of people. They grew plants and established an environment in which they give benefits to each other, these people became farmers & looked after a hard of animals.

They supply food & other necessities with each other toward establishing their higher social organization & culture. But this changed & community required more standardized society than herdsmen & farmers. In this result different kinds of official groups take place human groupings. Changing quickly occur day by day firstly agriculture sector developed later, by industrial sector developed. Gradually knowledge increase day by day & politics makes up different science like philosophy, psychology, sociology, economics etc. But no one can correct science because no one deliberate exact.

Human mind works very fast in beautiful way. Human mind works on a single way to follow. There is no instrument which can measure the human ideas. A human mind has different thoughts which can not drawn in form of graph , but it does not mean that ideas relating to political science cannot be classified as a science. Human beings & society both depend on each other presence. Society allow the people to behave freely & express their thoughts.

Similar areas of large countries is the important political organization of society that look after the ideas & interest of its people. States establish the basic law of society of control the means of rules, behavior & activities of nation. Establishes the government at every level , region, center, districts in the country for its management. The system of law lays down the basic rules of control the behavior between themselves & society.

The system of laws puts limitations on the freedom of the citizens in this return stat give es facilities to its people like social benefits, voting rights, choose leaders which they like best for them etc. Now states further expand its facilities for society, which make their life more comfortable & interesting. Political science is a basic between the stage of social development or successful attempt of a community or a nation-state.


Political organization of a community is based on the forces of change. Political activities of a country change with time. These sciences are important for the success of countries & states.

Role Of Public Opinion in Democracy

Public Opinion in Democracy:

Public opinion is the opinion, attitudes, likeness, judgement of the public regarding a particular matter, situations & issues of mutual interest. Public opinion deliberated by the survey. Public opinion is important for both permanent issues & temporary circumstances.

Public Opinion in Democracy

People belong with different cultures, when their opinion gathered by sample survey. Serious issues easily solved by different ideas, which collected in form of public opinion.

Opinion and Community:

In a country or society not everyone become a part or member with in a community can be contributing to the establishment of the public opinion, but the mature population has a voting right as a citizen generally share their opinions.

In a community opinion of a group of people occasionally agree about different situations. There is no alternative of interest & opinion by the majority. Success of majority opinion depends upon the validity of decision accepting by majority. Democratic system upset due to ungrudging acceptance of the election decision results, agreement among the people would be changed.

Nature of Public Opinion:

On serious issues of common interest there is many number of variety of opinions. Some of , Which might be unclear or confused. More explanation & discussion can reduce this confusion & increase the number of ideas, Which take the clear shape gradually. All opinions which are collected by one half of the citizen is called the public opinion, Such opinions consist on different ideas, Which based on intelligent thinking, or based on strong belief, or these based on feelings & emotions.

For the development of public opinion different agencies help and play on important role.  Some of them take a more important part for the formation of public opinion. Public who are specialize in nature of public life, or researcher are the formulators or developers of public opinions. Many people from majority have no idea of public affairs, even they think less than other people.

Importance of public opinion in democracy:

To understand the working of the democratic system for this knowing of public opinion is important. Today public opinion play a vital role in the working of democratic government. Public opinion work as a person whose job is make sure that democracy do work legally or responsibly.

Many people think that opinion from majority of community is called the public opinion. Unfortunately many intelligent ideas are not considered necessary for the welfare of the people because these opinions are not from majority.

Opinion from general public for the welfare of the people may be called “public opinion”. Lord Bryce says about public opinion.

Public opinion stands for views men hold regarding matter that affect the interest of the society or nations-state.Lord Bryce

Public opinion is the strength of democratic government. It cannot be neglected in democratic system. In which system public opinion ought, this system cannot called a democratic system. Democratic government should implement on the general public ideas in making, rules laws & other activities.

Success of democratic government depends upon intelligent ideas. Healthy public opinion not only built relationship between controller & common people but also help to develop strong relation with other countries. Many institutions & agencies play important role for the formation of public interest like:- Political parties, education institutions, media, newspaper, cults, literature etc.

For the success or development of country leaders should built a system in which surveys are properly conduct, organize a system in which ideas from different people gather systematically. Government should pay attention & give importance to the public opinion for success. According to John Stuart Mill,

If all mankind minus one were of one opinion mankind would be no more justified in silencing that one person than he, if he had the power, would be justified in silencing mankind.John Stuart Mill


Public opinion is very important for demoocratic government like blood. John Simon says,

Democracy encourages the majority to decide things about which the majority is ignorant.John Simon

Google Plus For Business

Google Plus For Business:

As we know or familiar to this social platform, which is known as Google plus. Majority of bloggers and Seo beginners are not aware with this golden opportunity. Therefore,  they ignore or skip this crucial step during Seo procedure. Here I will show you, Google plus for business and its benefits in the perspective of Search engine optimization.

Google Plus For Business

Google plus for business is marvelous procedure to promote the business. Including me in 2012 initial, I was not aware to the importance of this social platform but by and by with my searching, I got this golden techniques because Google plus activities is directly linked with search ranking results.

Now, I’m here to share with my visitors this golden opportunity, which will be prove to the better in Seo.Before going to ahead, Few things need to be noted. I’m not going to tell them about Google authorship for website or blog because Google stop showing authorship in search results. That’s means authorship is became redundant task. But Yet, There is numerous ranking factors available, Which will be used to make better Seo.

These factors are highlighted,

  • Google Plus Business Page
  • Google Plus Seo Elements

Google Plus Business Page:

Google plus business page is playing important role and have lot of aspects. Hope you have a Facebook fan page for your business but not on Google plus. So, Be professional and explore your business on Google plus through business page.It’s not tricky to do it, Just need a Gmail account and Goto Google plus profile and on sidebar, You will see the business page option. Go there if you have otherwise they will ask to create new one for your business.

Google Plus For Business step 1

After reach your page, Open or create this and finally create attractive page profile. Page Cover should be neat and clean with any blur. Google plus page profile picture also should be Cool like business Mark, Company Logo etc. See the following image for this procedure.

Google Plus For Business step 2

In the above image, You can see this page is connected and verified by website owner. Without verify your site ownership, You will not able to promote your business. Second necessary thing is business page custom URL. You can customize your page URL in the About tab under links section.

Google Plus For Business step 3

You can also manage the company profile and biography and more. Share or promote your business page on your website through Google plus badges and share with your friends and emails.

Google Plus Seo Elements:

Google plus business page creation and customization is important step. On the other hand side with Seo perspective,Backlinks through Google plus 9 PR site will make you excited. And You can also target your keywords on Google plus simple profile or business page. Now you will be suspicious that how you can do this, Just and only put your eyes on the below image,

Google plus for business step 4

In the above shown figure, You saw valuable site-links for backlinks purpose. And one more finest thing is that, We utilize target keywords during creation of these links like WordPress Tutorials, Make Money Online etc. These links increase your site rank in search engines and also increase your site visibility or appearance. Daily posting on business page will makes your page user friendly with community members.

Let us know, If you have tasty and better one quires related Google plus for business then share your ideas with us. We love to listen your work and we will also share this work in our community. For further assistance with us, Leave your comment below. 😉

Top SEO Forums Sites List

Top Seo Forums Sites List:

Website audience is the first priority of web blogger. For better Seo site, you must analyze your site Seo circumstances. Submit your site in top list of high PR forums because this will work as a feed of your blog. These top Seo forums list will help you to build strong backlinks. Try to make possible that, majority of forums should be Dofollow because it will give you sturdy backlinks. These Seo forums sites list will help you to construct your site Seo infrastructure. Top Seo forums sites will able to establish high PR backlinks. High PR backlinks will makes better rank and increase the appearance in search engine results.

Top Seo Forums Sites list

Search engines also permit Page rank on the basis of quality and quantity of backlinks. Utilize appropriate keywords during creating backlinks on forums or else place.

Given forums sites list had been noted on 3 March 2015. We will not be responsible for rank fluctuations, But we will try to update this information for our users convenience with the passage of time. We mentioned numbers of high PR top Seo forums list form Seo perspective, Which is following below,

Forums Source Page Rank Alexa Rank (Global)
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 forums.adobe.com 9 77
 www.drupal.org/forum 9 1,441
 www.flickr.com/help/forum 9 113
 forum.joomla.org 8 747
 forums.cpanel.net 8 1,738
 answers.microsoft.com 8 44
 bbpress.org/forums 8 14,937
 flagcounter.boardhost.com 8 15,831
 pkp.sfu.ca/support/forum 8 9,823
 www.awasu.com/forums 8 126,428
 forums.cnet.com 7 111
 forum.siteground.com 7 1,845
 forum.filezilla-project.org 7 6,126
 forums.hostgator.com 7 304
 community.sitepoint.com 7 1,010
 www.ewebdiscussion.com 7 40,051
 forum.deviantart.com 6 159
 forums.mysql.com 6 1,271
 www.feedforall.com/forum 6 62,160
 www.harmonycentral.com/forum 6 41,150
 forums.mozillazine.org 6 7,493
 forums.digitalpoint.com 5 2,461
 www.webhostingtalk.com 5 1,563
 www.webcosmoforums.com 4 19,269
 www.v7n.com/forums 4 8,008
 www.websitebabble.com 4 38,592
 www.warriorforum.com 4 498
 www.siteownersforums.com 3 29,783
 forums.ukwebmasterworld.com 3 91,278
 www.accessifyforum.com 3 125,495
 www.freehostforum.com 3 79,280
 forum.knowledgeidea.com N/A 84,427

Hopefully, above list will accomplish your Seo all aspects. Given Seo forums sites list, will help you a lot to gain Dofollow backlinks. Join these communities and his millions of users, Which might be your consumer/visitors in a days. But respect their rules and regulations and don’t violate it. Make it part of your routine and interaction in these discussion boards on daily basis, Resultant users will appreciate your task and they will be joined your site because your work or sharing ideas will look like professional.

Catchy Note:

Almost forums are not allowed to put signature on first day after registration due to the spamming and more user activities. So don’t be worried, Read their F.A.Q or Rules & regulations and follow them. Don’t do bulk of replies or thread at once because this is prohibited for newbies and considered as a spamming. Make your signature attractive and consist on target keywords. Don’t add more than three URL inside your signatures. Eventually, Again repeat respect their rules and regulations, otherwise they will terminate your account permanently.

Let me know that, Are you ready for this ultimate task. All given forums are well-known and experienced and also will take increases your experience with the passage of time. We would suggest you, must read high PR social bookmarking sites. Yet, If you have any problem then leave your comment below. 😉

Social Media For Business

Social Media For Business:

Nowadays social media for business become a usual aspect. Everyday, we see new inventions and creations of human beings. Social media now become a part of daily life and especially for business. Famous companies , celebrities, tycoons have enough presence on social media sites.

Social Media Short Intro ?

Social media is a place, Where people engage and interact with each others. Through social media we can share photos, videos among the peoples. Social media is considered as a largest hubs on internet market.

Social Media For Business:

As we above clear that, Social media now keeps a enough part in business. Majority of local or multinational companies have their fans pages or company profiles on social media sites. Certainly, This appearance on social media helps to keep sustain their reputation. Its not all about reputation, they also promotes their brand, products and services among their fans community.

Conversation with company members or among peoples also makes company trustworthy. Nowadays Facebook is recognized as a largest social media site. Further Google plus, twitter and LinkedIn is listed in top social network. There is numerous benefits of social media for business.

  1. Selling Products without hesitation
  2. Become a famous company in short time

Selling Products without hesitation:

Numerous digitally stores are available for online shopping on internet. We called this job with the name of eCommerce sites. Amazon and e-bay both are largest eCommerce site all around the world. Many of those companies are selling their products on his ecommerce sites. They also doing advertisement for their own products for more selling. For this advertisement, they utilize the social media platform. Facebook have their own advertising platform for their clients and also twitter. If you have an store physically or digitally, then you can easily promote your business through these advertising platforms. Now selling products is not a tricky task , Just run a products campaign and with in few minutes your products will be in the hundreds of consumers. Check the below Facebook sponsored ads snapshot.

Social Media For Business

Facebook have 900 million unique users. Facebook advertisement is cheaper then other platforms. That’s why user attraction on it is much than others. Facebook advertisement network interface is user friendly so, every common user can monetize his ads without any hesitation. You can run campaigns and have complete access to stop, pause, resume even get the whole campaign reports.

Become a famous company in short time:

To Become a celebrity via social media sites is becoming a trend. Music bands and entertainer share numerous videos and photos and makes its own fans on their social networks. Same like as companies can be introduce his services or products through Facebook, twitter etc. All social networks almost free, no charges will not be deducted. Companies can establish offers and can run sponsored ads. These sponsored ads display your specific product in thousands of users.If you have a talent then you can reveal it through social media, Your fans will promote this through sharing. Increase your fans list and share your fan-pages in well reputed groups and forums even with your signature. Large numbers of fans can increase your business ratio. Always use hash tags with your daily posting. Hash-tags will show your post in many occurs. See the below business page of Hostgator company.

Social Media For Business step 2

Share your business fan page among your friends. Invite your friend to become a part of your business community.Daily update your social page with consistency. Interaction or conversation among fans is the another success.

Sharing in business is desirable and sensible persons can also do this. Utilize finest algorithms for business. We also declared that, Social media for business and it factors. Eventually, I wanna say “Failure is the mother of success”. Determination is the key of aim. Do not lose this opportunity, and start your business via social media. For more assistance with us, Leave comment below 😉