The Myth of Consumerism

Myth of Consumerism:

In this article, We would communicate or deal with Myth of Consumerism”. Consumerism has became the medium of making money by every method.

The Myth of Consumerism

Goal of capitalist society:

The word myth define as to justify religion beliefs or social customs. Consumerism define as interest of consumers. Consumerism is like a power for capitalist society, Goal of capital society is to remake economy, make money from all possible circumstances. Human ideas, which they have no experienced all like great power , useful as a potential weakness.

Consumer ideology serve as wonder rule:

It is our thought that, through advertisement we get gain from it. These are also our imaginations that religious beliefs & social custom played the role to fulfill our all needs but now, Consumerism (interest of consumers) fulfill this. In the developed countries consumer beliefs serves as a wonderful rule, advertisement serve as a moral subject, products serve as our admiration.

Consumerism  is developing our ideas:

Consumerism is playing role in developing or encourage our ideas or imaginations. Playing successful role, a better product being sold to us as being color a picture of life. These all beliefs make a sense of the world. The fact, why myths are exist is the sense of the world to understand unimportant things exactly the reason. Advertisement of cold drinks like “Pepsi” is nearly example. Ad pictures of an ideal person or group of friends drinking their brand, create a standards for most people, Who long to be accepted.Specially for young age people , You have a beautiful smile & can do any difficult task, The ads seems to say, “You could be any thing” .

Consumerism has its own ideology like other religion:

Like all myth these ads create a moral dream for them. The lesson, they learn is, Your life could be well improved with these products. You can get satisfaction can be a good person with these products. This is the consumer beliefs (ideology), every religion & customs have some “golden rule” that has important features. Consumerism also has its own rule, “the consumer beliefs“. This all is based on assumption that much is good, that we need the things we sold it.

Advertisements capture emotions:

Advertisement helps us , Why we should use this product, What are the features and benefits of this product. Advertisement emotionally attract the consumer. For example, The whiting creams ads use the slogan, “Aren’t you glad you use a whiting cream ?” Don’t you wish you become a beautiful lady ?. This slogan emotionally attract the consumer for the consumption of product. Commercials & advertisement of product intellect us  & give the rational reasons, Why we use these products. There many activities, Which elicit reactions that are caused by ads. We experience this from all give senses.

Many companies physical presents in based on that they do something for children. Some of the child speak first words from advertisement’s gentle ringing noise, All of the diaper & toys companies and also fast foods companies have billions dollars to achieved aimed at children. It is not only for children but also for parents that do the buying. These companies are getting profit & cash. There is strong relationship between consumerism & religion can be found in every religious festival like month of Ramadan, Mother day, Father day, Christmas, celebration of the birth of famous people.

It seems that, Consumerism share religion characteristics, religion teaches us about love , respect & feelings of other people & charity on the other hand consumerism only teach fear. Due to consumerism everything, Which have good or bad effect on the consumer mind is open. Some religion (Not Islam) small group have bad impact on peoples.


Consumerism is the source of making by every way. Commercial represent good or bad uses of any product because the purpose of manufacturing the product is getting profit. So its up to you, How you use products. How you can prevent yourself from worse use & how you can get benefit.

What is Literature and Its Review

What is Literature ?

The question of this article is that, “What is Literature“. Literature consist of novels , plays & poetry. It is also an information & advice by well-educated person called Literature. Literature is a thinking, feelings & imagination of high standards great people.

It is presented informal way to make it easy to understand and give satisfaction & happiness to the mind of common man.

What is Literature and Its Review

Literature increase the level of realization of human life. Literature helps us to see the world or nature with new eyes. According to Lord Morley.

Literature consist of all the books where moral truth & human passion are touched with a certain largeness, sanity & attraction of form.Lord Morley

In few words, Literature is a feeling, thought, idea &  beauty of attitude & way of thinking.

Literature is a forming of character:

Literature is a powerful tool, for developing character , for knowledge making decisions & courage the mind of man. To quote T.S Eliot is,

Poetry should help , not only to refine the language of the time but to prevent it from changing too rapidly T.S Eliot

The literary student is one, who find the journey of successful men through books, He also explore the desires of human heart, the opportunities & changes that affected human ideals of good behavior and happiness, of organize & manners poets, the character writer, the dramatists, the preachers, they are all people of literature. Who teaches us to know human nature & to know man.

Objectives of Literature:

Literature is a proper instrument of learning skills of imagination & understanding. The feelings of other under proper system . According to Emerson,

Literature is a record of best  thoughts mean of this quote is that the literature is a thinking & feelings of well-educated & intelligent men & women place in such way that give feelings of happiness & satisfaction to reader in written from. The purpose of students of literature is to familiar with the best idea of the world.Emerson

The main objects of literature in education is to open mind, able to make decisions, understand  the ideas, handle the critical situations & understand the knowledge. These are all the objects of literary education.

Restricted & Ordinary Meaning:

In restricted & ordinary meaning, Literature is a class of writing, which purpose is wake up the feelings of beauty & ideas. In this way, Literature is different from scientific & technical subjects, mathematics & philosophy. In Literature only such work include , which is presented in artistic way to express human interest, feelings of pleasure, beauty of nature. Literature is totally opposed of scientific works. Literature also different from history, politics, economy & all those writing. Which shows quality of knowledge in ordinary and restricted sense. Literature consist on all books , where ethics moral truths & human feelings or interest treated with attractive form.

Qualities of Literature:

Literature has many qualities & characteristics, Which differ from other subjects like science, Science doesn’t deal with human feelings, emotions, this subject concerned with existence of things. Many great people wrote different qualities of Literature. According to William J.Long, Literature has three major qualities, suggestive, permanent & artistic. He said that, Literature is nothing without these qualities.

Artistic Quality:

It is an important quality of literature. All kind of art express human life in beautiful form.

Suggestive Quality:

It is another important quality of literature. This quality deal with human imaginations & emotions.

Permanent Quality:

Literature is like a river . Literature is also like a bread & world cannot live without bread.

Literature & Life & Society:

Literature is closely link with life. In fact, it is the study of life. Literature is an experience of great people’s life. Literature explain the expect of life. It is also the picture of social life.

Literature links with written words not spoken words, It is permanent record of life.

What is CSS & How we write

What is Cascading Style sheets (CSS):

CSS stands for Cascading style sheets and used for give an attractive look of any specific document. Cascading style sheets created and founded in 10 Oct 1994 by Hakon Wium. The disclosure of CSS gave the finest idea to developers to make his developing appearance more attractive. Nowadays, Developers have sturdy control over the CSS. Now the cost of struggle is effective for developers and better than past.

What is Cascading Style sheets

Almost the usage of CSS in hyper text markup language (HTML). Often times, We utilize it in web designing interface. In simple words, CSS give an effective and magnificent look to the web interface. CSS keeps his file in separate CSS files folder, We  just place or use CSS file reference on html head section to utilize it. Before go ahead, You need to care about few things. Before start CSS, you should slightly know about HTML .

CSS designed with more flexibility, Because front file (HTML) and CSS file, Both are located on different places in different folders. But both are connected and enabled to get access with each other. Separation of HTML & CSS establish improvement in coding and makes able to understand. CSS demand is increasing day by day same as HTML . CSS have numerous elements like backgrounds, fonts, layout, width and height etc.

How we Write CSS:

Writing CSS is same like HTML but CSS syntax is changed to html. CSS writing pattern is little bit different because in which we deals with selectors. Selectors express the block of CSS, Which is applies to specific or relevant attribute inside markup HTML file. Usually, CSS selectors .header { font-family:"Arial"; } & #myClass{ }, First selectors defines that, this selector CSS will be applies on site header and secondly selector defines the same thing but refer to another part of markup.

Selectors could be any name like variables, Which we use for reference or attribute inside markup language. See the below CSS syntax and selector example with several CSS elements to understand the entire criteria.

In the above CSS code, We initially start with <style>...</style> Blocks and all CSS elements are enclosed in it. Inside <style>...</style> Blocks, We can write various CSS elements to make own web page attractive as according our need. After write <style>...</style> tags, We created custom selector name is #myClass. This particular selector represents and connected with markup attributes directly. This means that,Both CSS & HTML are working Collaboratively. Above CSS code contains numbers of elements like background color font width and font-size etc.

You can write CSS coding inside simple notepad, Otherwise choose best code editors to accomplish own need. After writing code procedure, Now its time to save your CSS file with .css extension like Demo.css.  if you want further counseling with us then please discuss below. 🙂

Education Starts at Home For Children’s

Education Starts at Home:

Education is an ability to listening, learning everything without losing control of yourself. The necessary thing that be noted here , Education starts at home. Education is very essential or important for the success of society & help the people to climb higher & higher. Educated people are able to make decision whether these are good for them or not.

Education Starts at Home

Misconceived notion of mostly parents:

When a child born a desires of his parents for him that he will become a good &  educated man. Mostly parents think that a good & high standard school makes their children an intelligent student. Make them able to learn things quickly and well. They can relax & get education in a good environment. But this idea of parents is not helpful for them at all. Which parents can do for strong future of their children no one can do such efforts else them.

Parents exert more influence than schools:

Parents interest has great impact on their children’s technical skills & academic result than the high education institution do. Mostly children learn from the home of their ability to communicate behavior with teacher, friends and their participation in other activities are formed from home.

How parents can start at beginning home:

Parents can give education to their at home. Many children are confused, How they can help their children at home. It is very simple as baking a pizza with their children make it easy to help them with their education. Measuring the quality of ingredients for a pizza is an easy form of maths. Another example of helping young children in their math is simply planning get-together party, They have to decide how many friends to invite, How many invitation , they will need and so on. Children find their math in these ways.

Helps in mathematics by pocket-money:

Parents also helps their children to learn math at home by giving them pocket-money. By this way they not only the learn about the value of money they also learn basics of maths. This idea of learning develop sense in children about money as well as their maths skills.

Parents helps reading before going to school:

Reading and writing is first stage of education. Parents also help their children in reading by providing them sources & opportunities of reading. Reading helps children to increase & improve their vocabulary. Parents should read newspapers, books of their children, signs, history, in front of their children to them their interest in reading. Childhood is a stage, when a child pick everything quickly. He learned all things, which his parents and siblings do.

Providing them a good place, story books with pictures & some other reference books. Make an attractive environment for their children, provide them a beautiful table lamp with comfortable chair and table. Which children like to use his equipment for their reading & writing.

Improve their communication skills:

Communication is a basic need for the children. Children learn this skill from their home. Parents can help their children in their communication skills. They can enhance their communication abilities by order foods, taking part in family English conversation.

Education Starts at Home

Communicate with neighbor and answering them on phone, in this way, they get experience in all different conditions. Where kinds of speaking are used. Parents should use goods words and correct their speech & also encourage their children.

Built feelings for others:

Parents can educate their children that, how they can help other children , how they behave with their siblings, friends, beggars and other members of family. Parents should build strong base of their children teach them ethics give them money to  distribute in poor. Buy toys , clothes for their own children & also for needy children.

childrens helps poors

By this way a sense of helping built-in children. Not only education is important for children but built good feelings for needy Peoples also important.

Help to develop scientific minds:

Science & technology is everywhere all around us. Children find science subject tough at school. For parents it is very easy to help their children in this subject. They can start from their garden, if they have no garden at home, then they can help them by small plants point out that, how plants grow, what is germination, what is photosynthesis, these are the basics concept of science. Also educate them by home appliance like fridge, T.V, computer & electricity stove all are related to science & technology by this way scientific minds develop.

Education starts at Home

An educated parents take part in their children’s education. A children spent his stage of childhood mostly with his mother. So, for the bright future of children it is necessary for mother, she must have know how that how she can take part in child’s activities. An educated women built educated society. That’s why، Women role in a society is Praiseworthy. Willi Durant says that,

Education is learning, what you did not even know you did not knows


It is true that, parents play an important role in education of their children. Now that is proved, Education Starts at Home and parents are the first beginner teachers of his/her children’s. Auden W.H says that,

You can not learn in school, what the world is going to do next.

If parents don’t want to take an active part in the education of  their children. Then the face result of their children fall behind, when they go to school.

Simple Past Indefinite Tense Guidance

As we know that, Past Indefinite Tense is the basics of English language similar like others tenses.We have already discussed that tenses like a tree.This tree has large and small branches. Large branches names are following,

  • Present
  • Past
  • Future

We have three large branches and every large branch has further four small branches. Such as,we have discussed about the first large branch of tenses.First is present and there small branches names are:

Now,we can discuss about the second large branch of tense.This branch is Past.In this article,we would discuss and disclose about the first small branch of past.The first branch of past tense is Past indefinite tense.

Past Indefinite Tense:

Past indefinite tense show that work, who did in past.Past indefinite tense show work, who has done little time ago.

We don’t use helping verb in the past indefinite tense.We use 2nd form of verb in the past indefinite tense.The structure of Past Indefinite Tense is quite simple contrary other tenses.

Structure Of Past Indefinite Tense:

Subject + 2nd form of verb + Object

For example:

  • She wrote a letter.
  • They all swam in the canal.
  •  Aliza wrote an essay on Global communication technology.
  • We met his sister.
  • The teacher punished naughty boy.

Past Indefinite Tense In Negative Sentences:

In the negative sentences,we use did and 1st form of verb in the Past Indefinite Tense.

Structure Of Past Indefinite In Negative Sentences:

Subject + helping verb(did) + 1st form of verb + Object

For example:

  • She didn’t write a letter.
  • They didn’t all swim in the canal.
  • Aliza wrote an essay on Child labor.
  • We didn’t meet his sister.
  • The teacher didn’t punish naughty boy.

Past Indefinite Tense In Interrogative Sentences:

In the interrogative  sentences,we use did and 1st form of verb in the Past Indefinite Tense.

Structure of Past Indefinite Tense In Interrogative Sentences:

Helping verb (did) + Subject + 1st form of verb + Object

For example:

  • Did she  a letter ?
  • Did we meet his sister ?
  • Did Aliza write an essay on Importance of education ?
  • Didn’t teacher punish naughty boy ?
  • Did they all swim in the canal ?

Remember Always !!

Past Indefinite Tense:

In simple:

  • He,she,it,name,i,we you,they played football.

In negative:

  • He,she,it,name,i,we you,they didn’t play football.

In Interrogative:

  • Did He,she,it,name,i,we you,they play football?

Test Of  Intelligence:

True & false:

  1. Aliza eat food.
  2. Children didn’t play games.
  3. Did Aliza play Hockey?
  4. The boys don’t make a noise.
  5. Did they go to college?


  1. False
  2. True
  3. True
  4. False
  5. True

You can test yourself with the practice of above exercise. You need to comply the above structures and rules. If you are beginner then recommend you to read Basic English Grammar for better implementation in your language skills.

What is Cost Per Impression Advertising Model

Cost Per Impression:

CPM stands for cost per impression and used as an advertising and online internet marketing model. Recently we covered &  learned another interesting advertising model name is PPC (Pay Per Click). Cost per impression model is most widely used on internet marketing. Similar like PPC model. In CPM advertisers pay to publishers, when an advertisement show each time. In simple words, When each visitors see advertisement so, this would be considered an impression. Advertisers is eligible to pay publisher for each impression.

Cost Per Impression

Utilization of CPM (Cost Per Impression) model inside internet industry is now rising day by day. Almost sites, who have a lot of visitor per day then they adopt CPM model for revenue because much visitors can made much revenue with ease. I already said that, Advertising companies are now prevent fraud persons due to spamming and invalid activities.

Another fascinating thing is that, Advertising companies would exclude your own impression and then determine the active sections of visitors. Keep remember that, Google analytic would also count your own traffic on site so, it is good web-owner’s responsibility to exclude your own traffic through analytic blocker.

Here is important and highlighted point is that, Mostly web-owners and blogger insert more than one ads on single page. So, that’ means, When a visitor came on site page then all ads will be load with page at once and each would be considered an each impression. The entire mechanism of CPM is automatically handled by advertising companies like (Google Adsense,, Chitika). Advertising companies pay the selected part of amount of ads to publishers, When as per thousand impressions will be done on advertisement. So there is no chance to win spammers because spamming word is like a redundant stuff.

Cost Per Impression formula:

Cost Per impression formula similar like PPC but the tiny differ is that, we can acquire formula by divided advertising cost with total number of impression on site.

Cost Per Impression

In the Above shown acquired formula, can be used to find out the CPM. I suggest you to seek/adopt this model for your site, if your site have tons of traffic on daily basis. Let us know , Whats is your opinion and can share experience about advertising models and marketing strategies. 🙂