Exclude Yourself From Google Analytic Traffic

Exclude Yourself From Google Analytic:

A website owner or blogger begins his journey accompanied by finest blog. Web administrator/Owner have a responsibility to manage the site traffic analysis on regular basis. To inspect the site traffic, We takes recourse of the additional tool. This additional tool has an well-known name is Google Analytics. Google Analytics is the product of Google and used for measure the site traffic in-depth.

Let’s come back to the topic, Majority of blogger sees that, Google analytic include the internal traffic means own traffic (e.g: Administrator, Author etc) and this is headache,When you saw it. Definitely, It can be headache because this way,we are not capable to get a pure traffic report. So, As a professional that is our duty to purge the analytic report with internal traffic.

Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on

For this specific task Google provide the Browser extension name is (Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on). This addon/extension prevent or exclude the internal traffic/data into Google Analytics. Impressive property of this extension is that, This extension is compatible with almost browsers like (Chrome,Firefox,Internet Explorer, Safari,Opera etc). Just simply installed this extension inside browser and use it. After installed this, No need any further configuration/settings.

Another way to prevent internal traffic and exclude the redundant stuff. This way consists on manual steps. Means that, Google Analytics have integrated custom filters options. Just exclude your IP address and ISP (Internet Service Provider) and enjoy the pure traffic inside analytic. Filtration path inside Google Analytics. Goto Admin >> All Filters >> Create New Filter and simply provide your IP address or ISP then select exclude and Save. For Google analytic filter configuration, See the image below.

Google Analytics filter option

If you are not aware about your IP address then type in Google “my IP address” then Google will return your IP address in answer. Both methods are verified and reliable. On internet world, numerous type of browsers extensions are also available to exclude yourself from Google Analytics but above the explained extension is most user-friendly and valuable, Whatever I have seen till today.

Let us know , If you have better one techniques and method to exclude the internal traffic, So don’t forget to share with us. You can alarm me through comment 😉

Drug Addiction Among Students

Drug addiction:

Drug addiction is the curse for the humanity.Drug addiction is enough for to destroy any country future. Drugs addiction among the students and youth is comparatively equal to injustice with life. Drugs addiction are eating up our generation and youth. Drugs are the substances which change the attitudes and the working of human body.They paralyze the thinking ability and the mind.An addict cannot live without these substances.So,such a man becomes a useless and paralyzed organ of the society.

Drug Addiction Among

Drug produced & Exports:

During the soviet invasion in Afghanistan,drugs were used to be produced and exported on a large-scale. Afghanistan has become a byword for the production of drugs. Hong Kong and some other countries of South East Asia are also famous for the production of drugs.The U.N.O and other international agencies are working to stop its production,supply,trafficking and usage.Pakistani government is also doing commendable job in the connection.

Types of Drug Addiction:

Different types of drugs like heroine,cocaine,hashish and opium are being used by the addicts.These drugs are just like poison which undermines them.If addicts are students,they will not take interest in their studies.Besides,they are involved in many kinds of others unlawful activities.In this way,future of the nation becomes dark.

Now a question arises why a person will become an addict if he knows the negative effects of drugs.There are various reasons of it.First of all,bad company inclines the young boys and girls to become addicts.Secondly,frustration among youth is also a major cause of it.Thirdly,many people become addicted just for the sake of fashion.But after becoming addicts ,it is very difficult to give up such substances.

Stop drug addiction:

We must take some remedial measures to stop its expansion;otherwise,our future will be dark.For this purpose,we will have to make multi-dimensional efforts.We should abolish the breeding grounds of drugs.Secondly,we must try to stop its supply.Thirdly,the heaviest punishment should be awarded to its dealers.Legislation should also be done for this purpose.An awareness campaign through electronic and print media and educational institutions should also be the part of the strategy.


At the end,we can say that drug addiction is a serious threat for the society,especially,for the youth.Steps should be taken on war-footings to stop its expansion.Masses,media and educational institutions can be the helping hands of the government.Awareness campaign is the most important thing against drug addiction.

Benefits Of Technology and Science

In that article, We will disclose benefits of technology and Science. Allah/God blessed men with fantastic brain, men discover many innovations, discoveries by using of nature & surrounding, science and technology make life easier.

Benefits Of Technology:

Man discover the art of making fire, by science we move go forward with the use of technology. We get advance tool from from telephone to internet, cycle to car, car to rockets, calculators to computer, computers to mini computers too much discoveries & inventions make our lives easier because of science.

Benefits Of Technology

Every field like communication, education, engineering, medicine etc work fast due to advance technology.

Science impact & fear of unthinkable:

Science is ubiquitous. It has great effects on our lives, people fear that, it can’t possibly be accepted , science help us to discover all facts. Which are hidden , can’t be discover easily. According to Charles pierce.

There is one thing even more vital to science than intelligent methods & that is the science desire to find out the truth, whatever it may be.Charles pierce

Our lives depends on science & technology. Without science & technology, We are nothing. We create science and technology, our lives controlled by it. We get many benefits from science. It helps us in many ways. In the past, When people were not familiar with science & technology. A person did not live longer because at that time there was not concept of medicine. But at the start of last century rate of a person’s life expectancy is increase because of medicine. Science helps to make high quality medicine. A person not only the enjoy of longer life, he also get healthy life. Many diseases , Which vaccinations didn’t introduce. Spread quickly, which result in major loss of life like smallpox, plague and polio etc.  Researches and scientific efforts find the vaccination of such deadly diseases. Such efforts help the public to prevent their lives from these diseases.

Scientific progress in medicine field:

People faced many problems related to their health, But science overcome these problem & makes awareness among people. These precautions such as daily exercise, taking dose of insulin regularly help to maintain health of diabetes patients. Insulin , antibiotics & other medicine are prepared in laboratories by using bacteria. Euthanasia & abortion are the problem of  medicine field. Science only helps to prevent our lives, its up to man to controls the use of technology.

Genetic Engineering & Communication:

Genetic engineering is one of the field of science. It is a science of changing the genetic structure of an animal, plant or other organism in order to make it stronger. It also help in forensic department to examine evidence to help police solve crimes. It gives lot of benefits, it also help in making law odd nation.

World become a global village because of science & technology, in past telegraphs were use as a modern technology. Now in means of communication technology work very fast & great tools are used for communication like internet, email, mobile and tablets.  Technology create links between people from all over the world. Science work as a friend of humanity, it helps to increase the speed of means of communication. People who are in distance of hundred miles can now connect with their friends & relatives in few minutes just they are far from a click.

Computer the Greatest Boon Offered by Science:

Science makes our lives better or easier, Computers are the great form of technology. It solve our big calculation in few seconds with any mistake. A manual work, Which handle three to four people in months, Computer solve their problem alone, it took few days to work out. Today every work is computerized, with this technology our lives are incomplete. Internet makes computer more beneficial. People share information, data, make new friend & to communicate. According to John Evans.

The internet is like a giant jellyfish. You can’t step on it, You can’t go around it. You have got to get through it.John Evans

Internet helps people not only in education also helps in scientific research & journal articles.

Science Protect Nation from War:

Science & technology also keeps nation protect them from war & other disasters. Nuclear weapons & other weapons built by nation to protect themselves from enemies. Many people use such weapons unethically. Which destroy the peace of world, man should control the use of technology, Use it only of protection & keep peace in world.

Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is Power Introduction:

Knowledge is information, fact or sate which people have, It comes from different places events, facts etc. knowledge is power of human beings. There are different kinds of nature of knowledge. Knowledge has broad scope. Many great people, Who think deeply about life & other basics matter tried to explained that where knowledge comes from.

knowledge is power

William James saying,

A great many people think they are thinking when they are merely rearranging their prejudices.

We get knowledge from different way, There are more things around us from which we get knowledge. Many great philosophers tried to get answer of  following questions:-

  1. What is the nature of knowledge ?
  2. What are the source of knowledge ?
  3. From where we get knowledge ?
  4. Is our knowledge valid ?

Source of knowledge:

Knowledge which we have , comes from different sources,

  • Books
  • Internet
  • Appeal to authority
  • Sense through experiments
  • Rationalism
  • Intuition

We get knowledge from different books. Books are the best of knowledge. Books give us ideas about life, related to society or all other aspects.

knowledge is power and source

Internet is an other important source of knowledge, We can get very type of information from internet. The appeal to authority is most important source of knowledge. From this source of knowledge, We get information about the past from the formal statements of others. A person, Who gives you his formal statements about his experience is the best source of knowledge.

Sense through experiments also an important source of knowledge, this knowledge comes from our perception, predictions, What we get them from our fives senses. This information convert into idea, Which become a part of knowledge that a person can receive. Philosophy is similar to this source of knowledge.

Rationalism is basic source of information, through this source, We learn reason & logic of our life rather than religious or emotions beliefs. Intuition is unexplained feelings, people who think alot about certain work. They have good intuition. Intuition can be a source of knowledge related with spiritual powers or experiences.

Nature of knowledge:

We can’t get knowledge from only from different sources, but we also can get knowledge from different nature. Nature of knowledge are following as respectively.

  • Subjectivism
  • Objectivism

knowledge is power and nature

Subjectivism is based on personal opinions & feelings rather than on facts. It is the beliefs that things don’t have presence without information of the object. Through thoughts, we can get reality, Like dreams, feelings after taking drug, false ideas, taste, color, sound that a person has are all part of subjectivism because these things not belongs with an object. Objectivism is based on facts rather than personal feelings. According this nature to knowing anything. Its experience is important. In objectivism presence of an outside world describes the experience that we have to contribute to daily life.

Theories to test the knowledge:

To test the knowledge four theories are explained, the skepticism theory, the correspondence theory, the coherence theory & the pragmatic theory. Skepticism shows that, there is great doubt about knowledge is true or useful.

The correspondence theory shows that, The close similarities or connection between facts & realities . This theories also shows that, beliefs can’t effect the existence of reality. The coherence theory explain that, all ideas or judgment fit together that they from a valid knowledge.

The pragmatic theory deals with that knowledge is based on practical consideration. Knowledge is most important tool for a man to understand the world or all aspect of life.


Knowledge is a basic need of life. Now everyone try to get all knowledge , there are many ways from, Which we can find knowledge for wisdom. Knowledge is power of new generation and our ambitions.

Different between fool & wiser is only knowledge. “Blake” very beautifully said, differ to wiser from fool.

A fool sees not the same tree that a wise man sees.

Definition of Human Rights in Our Society

Human Rights Definition:

Human rights are the basic rights, Which people should have to  live in society. On 10th Dec 1948 in Paris. The united nation general assembly adopted the universal declaration of human rights. Citizens have rights of freedom , better education, respect , shelter, food, clothing, security and many other basic rights, Which are necessary for them to live happy life.

Definition of Human Rights

Human rights are sovereign to king or state:

This fact that human have rights no limitation & are independent, not under the authority of king or state. Government of every nation is the good or best for taking care of the welfare of the citizens of the nation. Culture of of Independence charge of meaning of human rights, What people want they have right to select this for themselves. Basic rights of people (freedom,life) & change further into the right to education, right to live peacefully & happily. The most easy thing to understand about rights is that people have right to contribute in activities related to law.

It is right of human give them protection from those things, Which are harmful for them. Human have right to claim against such things, Which against their favor. Human rights are important for the benefit of men & also for women in our society.

Culture Rights:

Culture right is the powerful kind of claim, Culture right is against the human rights or rights of individual, human rights have important quality for the benefits of citizen. Culture rights damage human rights. Culture rights have an idea about a culture, Which can’t change. It is not honest condition that no changing in culture is benefit for a person rather than the natural rights.

Human rights and cultural rights

Individual has right to leave injustice force. It is responsibility of culture to create link between family, friends and provide freedom in peaceful society.

Lack Of Knowledge:

Most of people have no knowledge about the importance of their rights. When people are not happy with their culture because it can’t give them protection then they have right to leave it but unfortunately due to lack of knowledge people can’t make strong decision according their choice.

Lack of knowledge in Human rights

People have no knowledge about their rights then other people or people who have power interfere their rights & doesn’t allow them the freedom. For the knowledge, education is important educated society has knowledge about their rights. They adopt such things or culture. Which they considered that these are best for them.

Difference Between Legal & Moral Rights:

There is no natural protection & no balance between culture & hum rights, it become a major issue for society, we must be find a way between them. One idea is that, human rights not deliberately arranged, they arrange in certain order, For the solution of such problem Hartney’s theory is helpful, his theory is based on value of individuals, if someone good. For other, every thing is good for him. He state that,

If we assume that communities are valuable & ought to be protected, the next issue is whether this protection can or should take the form of rights, This issue involves two sets of distinctions between moral & legal rights, the debate about collective rights is flawed by a failure to discuss each kind of rights separately, The second distinction is that between the conceptual question whether rights moral or legal can ever inhere in collectives & the substantive question whether the protection of communities required that they be endowed with rights.Hartney’s

A legal rights indicates that the law has importance, moral right indicate that, individuals has importance. So, Law deals with group as single identity.Government should gives right both individual or group & fulfill their needs related to basic, economical, social or political etc.


Human rights are important for group or individual, Whatever it relates with culture , legal or natural rights.

5 Best Blogging Tips for Pro Bloggers

Blogging Tips:

The blogging now becoming the professional task. Gradually information technology is now shrinking. Same as web technologies are now increasing day by day. And web bloggers are taking an active part in it. Blogging rank is a confidential matter among the bloggers. It some kind of Blogging tips and techniques. These blogging tips will make you capable to make better rank in search engines.

Blogging Tips

In other words, Blogging tips is a collection or combination of bloggers experience and skills.

Let’s divulge these blogging tips. We manipulate and assembled the 5 best blogging tips.

  1. Update Your Blog
  2. Superlative (Best) Topic & Ideas
  3. Optimize and Readable Content
  4. Interaction with users (Feedback & Comments )
  5. Subscription Forms

Update Your Blog:

Consumer/Viewer/Visitor wants always fresh and update content. So, As a professional blogger that’s our responsibility to keep update our blog. Update blog on regular or daily basis with unique and valuable content.

Blogging Tips and Update Blog

Content Should be correct grammatically and use high vocabulary word. Keep remember that, Content should be able to read and easy form. Try to make short sentence because its will improve your article readability. Your article sentences should be to the point, And don’t emphasize to add redundant words inside articles. Always care about article strength and length because it’s putting great impact on your visitor. Target your chosen keywords inside article and linked internally for Seo purpose.

Superlative (Best) Topic & Ideas:

Title/Topic is work as a soul of content same as the story of films. So, Be creative and makes your passion to think unique or different to others. This thinking will help you to reach your aims.

Topic and ideas in blogging tips

Ideas create in mind then when we try to adapt this. Template of ideas is the basic target point, this target point makes your thinking different. It is an creative idea to put your experience and meaningful example inside content. Beware to writing content on prohibited topics: such as, gambling, intoxication and adult etc.

Optimize and Readable Content:

We already cleared this voice about content worth, “Content in King“. Finest and spectacular website always keeps prominent or optimized content. The word here we are using is “Optimized“. Here this word directly belongs to Seo factors include on page Seo. Search engine optimization (SEO) is essential task, Oftentimes bloggers don’t know or forget to do it. But the reality is that, Search engines permit ranking on the basis of Seo because Seo makes your blog optimized than others.

Readable and optimized content

Other thing is also remain constant as above, Content should be readable for user and easy to understand for everyone. I will recommend you, Concentrate on keyword density because this only thing helps to get your traffic back.

Interaction with users:

Interaction with user makes you able user friendly. Almost blogs gives permission for comments or feedback under articles. Where visitors express and send his feedback to authors and administrators. Receiver determine the feedback and must sends reply. Visitor receives author/administrator reply on his given own email.

User feedback in blogging tips

These interaction among visitor and any website entertain the user and create assurance that, site is trustworthy. So, as a pro blogger or site owner that’s is your duty to keep update yourself with user feedback.

Subscription Forms:

Subscription forms could be through RSS Feeds and Newsletter service on daily or weekly basis. Majority of blogger prefer Google feed-burner product because it’s free and reliable to access it.

Subscription form in blogging tips

On the other hand side, Mail Chimp, Aweber and other verified companies providing the email marketing service at free or premium basis. MailChimp is also on first preference because MailChimp offers free plans for entrepreneurs.  They also provide subscription forms to put own site and track the each visitor via MailChimp control panel/Dashboard. Subscription forms is important, Because its works as a remainder or alarm that this site add or publish new post/article. You can send or receive email/Newsletter on weekly/Daily basis. It is depend on user criteria, Which you are going to target.

These all above blogging tips are working collaboratively. All are crucial and not able to give up. Compare your blog with your competitors and this way makes it better than others.Always should keep update yourself with market algorithms (Set Of Rules) in each single minute. Eventually, I wanna say that, Blogging is incredible (Beyond Belief). 😉

Charles Darwin Theory Evolution

Birth & Parentage of Charles Darwin:

Father of ecology Charles Darwin was born in Shrewsbury, Robert Warning Darwin & Susannah were the parents of Charles Darwin. His mother Susannah died, When he was eight years old. His sister took responsibility of his education & brought up him after the death of parents.

Charles Darwin Theory Evolution

He started his initial study at Shrewsbury, then he went to Edinburgh for the study of medicine. He hated study of medicine, He had interest in those subjects, Which intrigued him.

Charles Darwin Shrewsbury

His disgust for medicine:

Charles Darwin father was a physician. He had desired that his son became a surgeon, but Charles wasn’t interested in medicine. He wasn’t able to understand surgery. After lot of delays, He obtained the degree of theology from Cambridge University, Also in theology. He had minor interest. He was interested in to learn about the plants & animals, gathering new species, Observed them very carefully to find extra information about their structures & divide his findings. He did all his observation under the supervision of his cousin William Darwin. William was an entomologist.

His Scientist inclination:

John Stevens Henslow, Who has the professor of botany gave confidence to Charles’s scientific inclinations. John Stevens organized a survey for Darwin as a naturalist of HMS beagle. Charles visited various countries for theory of coral reefs under the guidance of captain Robert Fitzroy. He visited the Galapagos, Brazil, Buenos Aries, Tenerife, Chile, the cape Verde Island , Tahiti & Tasmania. During this journey, He found the population of different types of tortoises in the Galapagos. Charles found that on Galapagos without tortoises , kind of cactus that has round fruits grew with their pads & fruits scatter out over the ground. On the island, Where hundreds of tortoises population appeared, the prickly pears grew different from others & their fruits out of reach of tortoises. During this journey of five-years. He got the lot of knowledge about the flora, fauna and geology of many lands. Which helped him for his further investigation. He came back to England after five years with great knowledge at that time. He became a best person, Who have the knowledge of plants, animals, insects & other living things. He also published his knowledge of the geological & zoological, Which he got from his journey. After that, He became a friend of Sir Charles Lyell, He did work as a minister of geological society for four years. He got married with Emma Wedgwood in 1839. At down house, Charles did great work of his life . There, he did practical work there & gained valuable knowledge. Charles Darwin whole observation, evidence & conclusions, Which he obtained from his life were the principle of natural selection. But due to some caution, he did not published his hypothesis immediately. Charles was surprised to see that Malay Archipelago used the main idea of his theory of natural selection, Lyell & Joseph insisted him to published his theory, Charles concise his extremely large work in form of notes & gave them the shape of best work. He published his theory of means of natural selection in 1859, this great work received good comments from all over the Europe.

Charles Darwin Natural Selection Theory

Charles famous beliefs, He said that human begins changed from apes , He said that life started, When different molecules acting on each other, action of molecules create different species of animals.

Internet Addiction Disorders

Internet Addiction Introduction:

The Information technology Spreading rapidly. Internet is one of the largest form of technology. Internet allows users to connect with computers all over the world. It is the fastest source of information in the world. It carries email, provide platform for chatting & websites. People can communicate with each other from all over the world through internet. Internet has grown very fast & moves across the land or sea.  Some say that internet is so enjoyable it makes us want to do it or have it a lot. On the other hand-side, If we ponder on internet so, We will found numbers of internet addiction. There is no clear study, how many addiction involved with extra use of internet.

Internet Addiction

With over use of the internet people are not paying attention to their important work, They neglect their family , fail to look after their health, activities related with socializing. Internet is the biggest & fastest source of information in the world, But over use of the internet has negative effect on the career of the people because we are attracting such a powerful communication source or mean, some of us are not attract us. Are not attract the mean of communication, many researches show that internet become a strong desire of people. They can’t stop its uses.

History of the development of internet:

Development of the internet began about almost 20 years ago. Defense researches project agency started a program to create link with different types of network for the research of technology & techniques in 1973. The main object of this network was to establish communication system that would to permit computers to exchange information. This was called internetting project.

Impact of internet on society:

More than half of society thinks that internet is the important system since the telephone. Internet is most addicting, it is so enjoyable. Internet addicting is a big problem for society success. Some studies show that internet not only addicting, it is also enjoyable. Extra use of internet make people laze, they don’t make an effort to doing things for themselves or for other people of society.  Internet has negative effect on some other important part of life.

Dr. Maressa Orzack answers this question that, What  are the effects of internet addiction & why are people falling into this way ?

The single greatest factor in becoming an addict is boredom”, ” They are lonely, & the internet, with its chat rooms & endless information, fills a need” Dr. Maressa Orzack

Temptation tools of internet:

Chat rooms, games, email, Facebook, twitter communities. On chat room people talk with each other, People interact with each other all over the world.email use for sending or receiving important documents, assignments or other purposes.

Facebook & twitter also used for making friends or communicate with other people. People spent their spare or most important time on such tools of internet. The issue is that, People spend too much extra time on Internet due to this , they far away from society, family, friends. Over use of internet become a serious problem, it destroyed the families, marriages & also fall down the structure of bright career. Due to internet people lose their interest in books reading, excercise, outdoor games. Internet users sleep less than five hours a night, they don’t take they meal properly because of this, they face health problems.

Websites of treatment of internet addiction:

There are many numbers of websites, Which are available for the treatment of the internet addiction like,

” The internet anonymous virtual meeting page” Or “Welcome to the web addicts detox page” Software for the treatment of internet addiction also available.  Graham’s Mac shareware package is available on internet but it is not the best for treatment because it is on-line treatment. Face to face therapy is best treatment to deals with this serious issue as compare online treatment packages.

Internet Addiction treatment

Some clinics & hospitals have also been established for the treatment of internet addiction over the past two years.


Internet spread very quickly in all over the world. Internet also keeps student, businessman, teachers, they get information related to their work, but some people make it extra use. Which has bad effects on their lives.

CSS Syntax – Selectors

CSS Syntax:

In the earlier lesson, we slightly accomplished CSS introduction. In that lesson, We would deal with CSS syntax. CSS syntax contains a group of selectors and declaration portion. CSS syntax have its own three factors respectively,

  1. Selectors
  2. Property
  3. Value

CSS Syntax

Selector is just like a name of block and this block could have multiple properties with values. Selector name could be anything else but relevant with your requirement like ContentBody {  }.In which ContentBody is a selector name and all declarations factors like properties and values enclosed inside these curly brackets {  }. For better understandable view, See the below example:

ContentBody {

In the above CSS syntax, Inside {  } curly brackets declaration factors are existing. These declaration factors have two fragments, First is property and second is Value of this property. Take the above example, Above code have three properties such as background-color , font-size. Slightly ahead, These properties have specific values such as, #00F , 12px. All declaration will be ended with semi-colon. You can manipulate the above CSS code in a single line but it will look like complicated therefore for flexibility and better understanding write separately with each other. Every declaration consist on property and its value and finally this declaration will be ended with semicolon. Keep remember that, semicolon will be used end of the declaration and among the property & value, We will use simple colon.

Comparison the above given example CSS with the above image and find out the each factor easily. You can utilize these CSS with paragraph selectors and heading selectors etc. See the below example.

p {
 font-family:Verdana, Geneva, sans-serif;

Similarly CSS for headings,


Above both CSS have same scenario like previous but selector name belongs to paragraphs and heading respectively. If you have queries concern with CSS syntax then please If you have queries concern with CSS syntax then consult with us. 🙂

Youth is Hope of the Nation

Youth is Hope:

No doubt youth is hope and backbone of every country. Youth is the age of struggle dream & idealism. Young people are the nation builder. Youth is very important for our country progress. It is a time period, When people can do more work hard. They are strong physically & mentally. A successful nation depends upon its goods youth. They are active members of society.

Youth is Hope of the Nation

Our nation needs young people’s ability & capacity in development. We should provide a healthy environment to our youth & give them job opportunities with their study, then they are able to stand their lives. Position of youth in different areas is not acceptable because they are uneducated.

Youth of the Nation:

We should provide them facilities to work our all professions depends on youth. Young people play very important role in success on banks, factories, industries, doctors etc. Mostly youth destroyed because of poverty, they can’t study in good educational institutions. Due to this nation become weak, in not good condition & disable to make progress.

Our leaders should give facilities to the younger to polish their qualities. Young people with separative qualities move the position of their nation at very high level. Youth are the roots of success of every country. Youth like a seed, If we take good care it, fulfill its need, watering it right time , put it on open place so it grow in tree & produce fruits.

We should make our youth strong, healthy & kind. Our all field’s success & progress depends upon brilliant youth. Only teachers, parents, leaders, controllers & guardians develop best qualities in their youth. unemployment and poverty is a big problem to built a good youth. All professions demanding educated youth.

Young people round about half our population & they are active members of society but unfortunately we can’t give them the position or status, Which they deserve. Education is hope for our youth. We should give them useful activities for their spare time. They use their extra time for their benefits. Make their character as perfect as possible, then our nation will be most successful. First duty of our young people is to look after their families & do work hard for their country.

Hopeless , uneducated young people spoil their best time of age in evils. We should take action to prevent our youth from hopeless conditions. It is not only duty of government, We are all responsible to put efforts to make best environment for our youth. The world of science & technology required educated young people. We should create equality, justice & opportunities for our youth for progress.


If we take steps & arrange programs for our youth, Our nation will be successful, We should give right place & sources to our young people provide such environment to our youth, in which they enjoy their lives. It is true that, Youth is hope & backbone of every country.