Absolute Seo Guide in 2014

Seo Guide in 2014:

we always guided in the earlier tutorials and articles about SEO strategies. Search Engine optimization slightly update his algorithms in 2014. Algorithms is set of methods and techniques, Which are valuable during giving rank to your site. In 2014 SEO algorithms is little bit change in the contrast of 2013. SEO industry now taken turn in 2014. Now we revealing the finest methods associated with new Seo trends. Seo guide in 2014 and its trends, We accumulate this course for our visitors. Look at the following course outlines,

Keyword Density & Strength:

Keywords density and keywords research makes Seo optimized content. Keywords research & density were important in 2013 and Still again crucial  in 2014. Target/putting chosen and specified keywords inside heading,titles and also in content body. Keywords must be relevant with your content. Search Engines estimate or analyze the keywords density inside an article. Must utilize your target keywords in the first paragraph and continuously repeat this keyword 6 plus times in an article.

Absolute Seo Guide in 2014 step 1

Title consist on chosen keywords and must should be descriptive. Internal link inside your content with other relevant articles. Internal links could be the cause of more page views. So , Establish internal links because it will create interest for readers.

Google Plus Profile:

Usually majority of bloggers and site owners don’t pay attention on it. They just do post on Google+ pages and profile for the sake of traffic. Therefore, They don’t pay attention on other manifest factors. Actually, Recently in (28 August 2014) Google stop showing authorship in search results. That’s means Google authorship no longer supported but it’s not all about authorship. There are numbers of essential factors, Which still working and playing an important role in site ranking. Yes, I’m talking about manifest factors like about and links section on Google plus profile page, to insert and fulfill these sections with your company and brand information. For the sake of high PR (Page Rank) backlinks, We allow and recommend to insert your site/blog links in Google Links section under about tab. See the below image ,

Absolute Seo Guide in 2014 step 2

Above image express the Google Plus importance. Because if your visitors clicks on these links during seeing your Google plus profile or pages. So, this click would be considered as a 9 PR strong backlink. Now you can imagine that, 9 PR clicks easily rank your site in search engines. So decorate or design your Google plus profile or pages in positive manner and according to visitor perspective. You can also check arrangements of links on your page or profile in the above image. Write an attractive and effective Story or introduction of your company or blog on Google plus profile or pages to putting impact on your users. Don’t forget to write tagline, Tagline also necessary because it’s represents your brand for others. With the passage of times, Change the Google plus profile or pages cover photo or profile photos because it’s creates harmony in users that page is active and serving to users.

On Page Seo Factors:

On Page Seo is like a own room settings. In on page Seo, XML Sitemap creation for search engine, Robots.txt file for search engines bots and specially content optimization included in it. Sitemap and robots.txt file is most important task for each blogger. Because , when search engines crawlers comes on your site. Before proceeding, it searches the robots.txt file and follow the robots file instruction. So, Its our first preference or responsibility to create both of them (Sitemap & robots.txt) and submit to search engines. Other side, Content optimization contains numerous elements like content length (minimum 300-400), keywords targeting & density, image optimization inside article and interlink with relevance articles. Permalinks (Friendly URL) is also part of on Page Seo.

Absolute Seo Guide in 2014 step 3

Meta-titles and Meta-description is necessary because it shows in search results. Search engines check the title and description relevancy then meet this query with the search users query, if both criteria match with each other then display it in output. Other hundreds of algorithms are works during this searches procedure, I’m not going in-depth. But both meta tags are essentially need for finest published article.

Responsive Website:

During construct the website design, It is crucial to make the design responsive. Responsive means, site should be mobile,tablet or desktop friendly. Some site designer don’t care it but this action putting impact on your user. In this era, Majority or 50% of user comes through mobile or tablets devices, So it is your responsibility to make own site responsive and get positive feedback’s.

Absolute Seo Guide in 2014 step 4

Mobile friendly site will increase your users and readers. Search engines also suggest responsive designs or themes. Almost website on internet found with fixed layout instead of responsive, So they are wasting his site traffic and don’t take advantage from it. Be professional and compete your competitors with enhance tools on your site.

Summarize the above techniques, will made you efficient Seo in 2014. Above all  is the prominent and necessary trends, Which is founds on often sites in 2014. I personally suggest you to read 5 things that will improve Organic Seo. If you have dispute still, So submit your queries through comment. 😉

Pain is a part of life

Pain is a part of life:

Pain is the feelings of great discomfort, feelings of unhappiness, feelings of upset, disappointed, unpleasant physical feelings due to injury, disease or emotional disorder.Pain is a part of life & word pain derived from french “Piene” from Latin word “Poena” & from Greek word “Pointe”. A pain is quite (noiseless) does not make any sound that makes people very anxious & take long time to think about it & make unimportant talking very quietly.

Pain is a part of life

There are glances of dislikeness that something is very harmful to people & increase no cry of murder, crime of stealing that go away man or women forever leave peace & happiness. Pain makes people unhappy, their eyes full of tears, their lives full of sorrows.

Pain is a Realistic Problem:

Pain is a true & unpleasant reality that everyone face daily. Pain is like a mask, which people wear because of pain. People hide themselves from the society. They don’t want to face friends, family or relatives, they feel that time of pain cannot come to the end. They have feelings of feared that some thing happened bad. At the time of sorrow clouds of pain appear everywhere, its true that in real life pain is a realistic problem.

Aspects of Pain:

Everyone in his life faced pain might be one time, maybe two times or more. There are two aspects of pain.

  • Physical Pain
  • Emotional Pain

Physical pain is an ability to bear physically uncomfortable. For example, When you are running & balance of your feet unstable then you fell down. You can’t stand up & say “That hurt”, you shout loudly. Physically pain change time to time, physically pain can be treated emotional pain is much dangerous as compare with other pain. When some one emotionally hurt, he can never stand , never enjoy his life with joy.

Physical pain after long or short time go away but emotional pain always stay with men. Pain is very unhopeful or difficult feelings to deal with. A man may be has many painful experience, which change his life.

Effects of Pain:

Every thing has positive & negative effects .Pain also has both effects on human life. Sometime pain gives  us a golden time to achieved our goals & aims of our life. It might be beneficial for us, When we get something, which has importance in our life. We forget this difficult period of pain, Pain hurt us that time but after long time. When we achieved something. We will be thankful to the pain then we say pain could be a good thing.On the other hand, when due to the pain , we lose our important things, loves-ones, close relations. We feels that pain is very unpleasant sensation, it change all over the life. We fell down top the bottom, this time of pain gradually passed & this time period never be forgotten. There is unnecessary pain around us.


Pain is temporary according to Joshua J.Marine,

Pain is what make life interesting; overcoming this is what makes life meaningful.Joshua J.Marine

Illiteracy Definition And Its Effects

Illiteracy Definition And Its Effects:

Literacy means the ability of read and write.According to this definition,more than 70 percent of our population is illiterate.In a recent report of UNICEF,it has been revealed that more than 20 million children do not have opportunities to get admission in primary schools Pakistan.In modern era,a nation cannot confront the challenges with an overwhelming illiterate population.

Illiteracy Definition And Its Effects

Elementary or basic or primary education system must be very strong to cope with the problem of illiteracy.Our policy makers have always ignored the vitality of elementary education.If a person is not able to read and write,he will not be able to get further education.Furthermore,he will remain an illiterate and ignorant person.Because of the deficiency on this basic level of education,the doors of opportunities of a good and high standard life will remain shut for him.

An illiterate person can’t take good  decision:

An illiterate person cannot vote wisely.He is not aware of the importance of vote and electoral process.In this way,he remain unconcerned with political affairs.An illiterate person is not conscious of his rights and duties in the society.He may easily be exploited.An employer may give him unjust wages.He can be deprived many of the rights,he deserves.

A Campaign should be launched to eradicate illiteracy:

There is a dire need to launch a campaign to abolish illiteracy and promote elementary and basic schooling,so that we may achieve the target of 100 percent literacy rate.This target can be gotten by working on multiple levels.First of all,more primary schools should be opened to achieve this target.There should be declared an educational emergency.Adult schools must also be opened to adorn the adults with basic education.


By concluding the discussion,we can say that if a person has a strong base at primary or elementary level,he will be able to build a skyscraper of high and higher education on this foundation.Illiteracy is a curse which must be uprooted.By launching a massive and revolutionary literacy campaign,we can abolish illiteracy and achieve 100% literacy rate .This is the only way to make future strong and stable.

How to Create Google Map

Create Google Map:

Hopefully, You are already familiar with Google map. But almost people’s trouble that, How to create Google map in easy and instant way. There is no secrecy among people and Google, Because Google already reveal methods and instant way. Maps is essential way to getting approach to consumer. Because, If you want to find out any place anywhere around the world. Usually your first preference would be Google maps, due to his efficiency. So, Here we will tech you that, How you can become the part of this community. Let’s Start with us. I already told and declare in various articles, To get access on all Google products, Just you need a Gmail account. Then Login to Google Maps .

How to Create Google Maps step 1

After Login into your account. Go to my places >> Then Click on Create a Map.

How to Create Google Maps step 2

After done click on Create a map. This page will be redirect on another page, Where will ask to find your map location. Where you will see multiple tools, Which tool would be used during making map.

How to Create Google Maps step 3

Here you need to find your location and drop the marker on that place.Marker is also highlighted on the above image.

How to Create Google Maps step 4

After dropping marker, it will ask about your business title and short description with phone numbers/website/email etc. These queries is important, Because customer can find your contact details near your map location. So, Be professional and should stay in touch with your customer. See the above image for this entire procedure. when all aspects is complete then Save your map. As soon possibly, Google maps team will review your map and determine the location then approve it. You can also integrate or put your maps/business location on your websites through Google maps API key.

Let us know that, If you have authentic ideas and knowledge so please share with us. We love to listen our visitors homework. We promise that, After optimize your work then we must publish in our community. For more assistance, Join the comment. 😉

Nuclear Weapons & their Hazards

Nuclear Weapons:

We are living in modern age world in which technology spread very quickly, Nuclear weapons are also form of technology. Today world has the threat of nuclear weapons, chemical weapons. The chemical energy is become the problem of the world today. Nuclear power is important for our protection but these weapons destroyed the world & we can’t control over it.

Nuclear Weapons

Use of nuclear energy makes upset the world. Missiles are atomic weapons which explodes & destroyed the whole world with in 35 minutes. Nuclear war create too much smoke that quickly create hottest temperature & shortest of rainfall would occur over one half of the middle northern.Due to nuclear war rain fall would decrease because monsoon could not develop.

Nuclear Weapons Effects:

Use of nuclear weapons damage the crops, Which result lower production, agriculture badly effected in northern hemisphere. Society totally disturb because of nuclear weapons. In nuclear war only develop countries keep their people alive, if their crops destroyed like Canada, Australia & united states. Due to nuclear war mostly population is weak because lack of food.

Powerful & harmful energy affect the human skin change into liquid due to heat, buildings fell down very suddenly, vehicles crash into each other everywhere , human bodies everywhere. When we bomb Nagasaki & Hiroshima on a one million tons of (trinitrotoluene) TNT, 3 miles in radius was totally damage. Now, with 20 millions tons TNT, small degree to 100 millions tons maximum, can damaged a whole 25 miles in radius and more. No one can stop this, If we are able to overcome the nuclear weapons. Some countries would but nuclear weapons or some countries. Which have nuclear power make their own such weapons & other countries would start another war.

Example of Iraq’s nuclear power plants were destroyed under Saddam Hussein government because it was threat to world peace. This can be controlled only by stopping people from making nuclear weapons. People have a disease of destroying or ending the world & create a living hell for all of us.

Nuclear energy is also very important for success and for protection from enemies, this power is used in making rockets, Which making fastest travel of space. In space program uses of such energy are good because they use this energy under their control. If we you nuclear weapons against the peace it become dangerous to us, Our health or safety , Our plans or reputation. Today, many countries have atomic power & have their own nuclear stations, but some of them use this energy to threaten other countries. Using of nuclear weapons become a disease, which completely ruined the world. Weapons made by the nation for prevented & provide their moral principles for bringing peace in the world. Such use of nuclear weapon disturb the thoughts of people , they believe that such type of technology only cause harm or damage their lives & society, many other people believe that such weapons help them to improved or increase their power, make them able to complete with other developed countries.


Nuclear weapons used for both , protection or destroyed the peace of the world people, who think that these weapons.

Computer Education And Its Importance

Computer Education And Its Importance:

This is the age of modern scientific inventions and discoveries.Computer is the most revolutionary invention of this age.We find the usage of computer education in all the field of life.It is being used in designing, banking, aviation, space, sciences, education, agriculture, medicine and so many other fields.Internet and E-mail are most revolutionary products of computer.These things have changed the world into a global village.

Computer Education And Its Importance

Computer Should Be Make the compulsory Part of Our Education:

So,keeping in view these facts,we will have to make the knowledge of computer a compulsory part of our education.If we do not make it the part of our education,we will remain far behind than other countries in this revolutionary age of computer.We should transfer all the data of our government departments on computer.After computerizing it,we must train our government staff to use this revolutionary machine.

The teachers in schools should be educated in this field on priority basis,So that they may educate the children.children. Modern computer labs should be opened in all schools.In this way,we will be able to go with the stream.Computer education is the need of modern era.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Computer Education:

With the revolution of computer,some problems have also emerged.For example,now cyber crime are also a major issue.Fraud and cheating through internet is very common.By educating the people,we can protect them from such kind of things.Furthermore,computer software industry is also a revolutionary field.

Advantage and disadvantage of computer education

Now,software engineers earn very much.This is the fast growing industry.By educating the students in this field.We can earn huge foreign exchange by software exports

The Whole World Is On Our Finger Tip:

At the end,we can say that computer has brought a revolution in all fields of life.Computer education has shortened the distances.The whole world is on our finger-tips.We have entire world on the screen of a tiny magic box which seems to be a miracle.Now the entire world is just like a global community because of internet.So,we cannot deny the vitality of computer education.We will have to adorn our people with the education of computer.If we do not do so,we may not be able to face the challenges of modern life.

Self Reliance and Our future Target

Self Reliance Definition:

Self reliance is the ability to do things & make decisions by yourself without needing other people to help you. Self reliance is not a new concept. It conceptual term self-reliance is strongly feelings & makes life bright but in practical  term. It’s too much complicated, in economic term. Self reliance means that change poor state to wealthy state. According world bank developing reports, the economy of Pakistan has been in opposite direction & the political & social structure should thing about this problem.

Self Reliance Essay

The world bank divide all developed & developing countries according to low-income, middle-income & high income,  Pakistan is a developing country , Which has low-income system.

World Bank Assessment:

World bank help the developing countries to increase their per capital income. These countries able to cross the line of low-income countries to middle-income countries, But Pakistani’s per capital income condition become more difficult to cross low-income to middle-income. Foreign societies , industries & technological companies taking a part to doing financial help for Pakistan but this help is not real it may be a temporary process. Removal of cold war , end of political beliefs that people are equal in eastern Europe , requirement of those countries to reconstruct economy will have serious impact on the bright future of developing countries also including Pakistan.

Dependence on Foreign aids:

For developing countries foreign financial help is an important source of financing their public sector, for short period such countries relayed on their self-reliance to achieved their goals, but existence of such countries base on foreign aids become an important part of our system. This dependence reduces the courage of self-reliance, to control this problem & to succeed over national self-reliance to become a respected independent state require a behavior to change a political system.But due to much problems or challenges developing countries slightly frightened to deal this difficulty.

Main problem of developing countries are increase in growth rate of population, increase in illiteracy rate, wide range of unemployment, unsatisfied environment, poor infrastructure, energy crises, not enough availability of social services, due to such serious problems economy cannot stable with the help of foreign financing.Undesirable resources of public & private sectors for research & development in one another serious problem for developing countries.

Lack of Capital for developing countries:

Lack of capital, technology , mineral resources & foreign control over such countries. Transport & communication sector, research & development sectors are more backward than energy, there is no focused on railway engines , railway tracks is in poor condition, because of such problems. There are the high burden on budget of the federal government.

Some of developing countries are depended on their agriculture sector like Pakistan is an agriculture country, But unfortunately this sector is also backward. Farmers have no enough land for cultivation, they are no familiar with new technology. Lack of machinery is one of the biggest problem for this sector. Many products they import, Which they can be grow agriculture like edible oil, foods grains pulses & also milk manufacturing sector are not producing enough goods due to lack of electricity. These sectors are not generate high profit, Which can change economic condition.

Pakistan has good mineral resources also has good climate for the growth of different types of crops, but unfortunately due to lack of technology & lack of knowledge, they can’t produce high profit. Improvement in taxation system also required.


Make polices to control over corruption fellow. The rules of developed countries imply strict laws, educate our nation, motivate labors by giving them allowances bounces, overtime payment etc. Works on dams is important for the success of developing countries, construction of dams help in reduce shortage of electricity. Privatization & industrialization help in-built self-reliance, government should take step to polices to fight against economic & non-economic forces.

Self reliance means self-supporting. Self supporting is a self-employment, Which can fight against poverty, unemployment & educate our nation specially youth. Father of our nation Quaid-e-Azam said,

It is my beliefs that our salvation lies in following golden principles of conduct set for us by our great law-giver the prophet of Islam. Quaid-e-Azam

We should convert dream of our Quaid into reality, not by reliance on foreign aids, Should work hard for the shinning future of our country.

Google Adwords Keyword Tool Planner Usage Guidance

AdWords Keyword Tool:

Keyword research is an appropriate art of Organic Seo. AdWord keyword tool is a finest keyword planner. Hopefully,You already familiar with Search engine optimization and its ranking factors. Keyword is also a part/factor of Seo. AdWords keyword tool is the product of Google similar Google Analytics. In other words, Google determine the world specific keywords searches and resultant count the popularity of particular keyword then stored into in AdWords library, It is just an imagination of AdWord infrastructure.

Google facilitate his users with flexible AdWords option such as, Country to country targeting, Negative keywords, Specific search engine selection and further so on. Google doesn’t consider and count his own search results of keywords, It is also determine his partners searches. In 2013 stating, Google Marge the keywords planner tool inside AdWords accounts. Before, This tool was used individually and not connected to AdWords.

Actually AdWords is basically used for adverting purpose but Google accumulates the various features in it. Most of blogger confused about that, how they choose the best keyword for his blog. So, Question are many and infinite but answer is only one “AdWords Keyword Tool“. AdWords Keyword tool have numerous features and qualities in the perspective of Seo & Efficient blogger. I will reveal that, How you can utilize it and avail benefit from it.

How to Use AdWord Keyword Tool:

Usage of keywords is always include in first preference. Until, We select or choose our articles on keywords strength basis. The reason is that, Search engine understand the voice of keywords such as computer understand the binary digits 0 & 1. So, keywords is playing important role to consolidate our article Seo.

Let’s come back on topic, and express the usage of AdWords keyword tool. You simply need a Gmail account to get access on AdWords account also keywords tool. Next after, get access on it. Go to AdWord Dashboard >> Tools >> Keyword Planer. Now you are on the right way, At that place, You will find various filters on left sidebar and upper front side a plain keywords search box and further more. Simply search any keyword like “Information technology” etc. Then resultant, It returns Global/Local monthly searches with measured competition level and also CPC or suggested bid rates. See the below image to understand the entire procedure.

Adwords Keyword Tool Planner

Above image is the whole procedure of AdWords keywords tools. We already marked the prominent places for your understanding. First is entrance path inside this tool and secondly is search the particular keyword box. Slightly ahead, third is the result or output of the given keywords query including monthly searches (Global,Local), Keywords competition level on the internet finally is CPC rates means that, a specific suggested bid rate for this keyword. Further optimized filter tools are available there to refine your keywords searches.

AdWords keyword tool is not a complicated gadget, It is interesting if you understand its criteria. Eventually, We described the whole scenario of this tool in a single image. We personally utilizing it and trying to get benefit from it. We will suggest you, Always choose low competition keywords because it is easy to get efficient rank on low keywords instead of high keywords in the search engines. Other thing is that, Choose the maximum bids/CPC keywords because it will increase the AdSense revenue.

Let me know, If you have better one ideas and techniques to get and choose finest keywords then share with us. You can submit your homework/task/ideas/skills with us, We love to listen it then share or publish in our community. Hopefully, You understand the AdWords elements and techniques of keywords selection. Further assistant or query, alarm me through comment. 😉

My Favorite Book Holy Quran Essay & Article

The Holy Quran Is The Main Source Of Guidance:

The Holy Quran is a main source of guidance for not only Muslims but all the human beings.This is the last book of ALLAH.This was descended  upon Hazart Muhammad (SAW).There are ‘6666’ verses in it.It has ‘114’ chapters.This devine book has been divided into 30 parts which are called ‘Paraas’.It was descended gradually in about ’22’ years and ‘5’ months.

Holy Quran

“Sura Fatiha”  Is The Preamble Of The Holy Quran:

“Sura Fatiha” is the preamble of the Holy Quran. This is the recited ‘Surah (Chapter) of the Holy Quran. In every ‘Raka’of ‘Namaz’,Surah Fatiha is recited.”Sura Baqra” is the largest Surat of the Holy Quran. It has ‘286’ verses.”Surah Kausar” is the smallest surah of the Holy Quran. It has ‘3’ verses.There are more than ’73’ thousand words in the Holy Quran.

The Subject Of The Holy Quran Is Human Being:

The subject of the Holy Quran is human being.This is away of salvation for humanity. This shows us the right path.It has many incidents of
ancient nations.These incidents have been described to show us the right path. The names and the incidents of many Prophets have been
mentioned in it. Hazart Musa’s(A.S) name and incidents are mentioned in 29 ‘Paraas’ out of 30.

The Holy Quran is a miraculous book which can be learnt by heart.Furthermore,ALLAH has taken the responsibility to secure the text of the book.ALLAH has not taken such responsibility about other devine books.There are millions of ‘Huffaz’of the Holy Quran,all over the Muslim world.

The language of the Holy Quran is Arabic.ALLAH has made it easy to understand for the people who want to make it their source of guidance.In the early era of Islam,Muslims follows the teaching of Islam in letter and spirit.They applied its teaching in all walks of their lives without exception.That is why,they ruled the world.But today we recite daily repeatedly but do not apply its teaching in our practical lives.Rather we go on our own way.Today there are more than ‘1500’million Muslims around the globe.They have more than ’57’independent countries.But they do not have any important role in world’s politics and economy.This is all because,they have given up the teachings of the Holy Quran. .

The Holy Quran Is The Last Message Of ALLAH:

By summing up the discussion,we can say that the Holy Quran is the last message of ALLAH.This is a miraculous book.But this not just
to recite. This is to act upon.But, today,we recite it only for the ‘sawab’ of the dead.Someone has said,”ALLAH had made this book of livings but today we(the Muslims) have made it the book of the dead”.

Teenage Depression and Symptoms

Teenage Depression:

What is Depression:-

Which you are sad & feel that you can’t enjoy anything , because your situation is so difficult & unpleasant, it is also a disease in which people react unusually.

Teenage Depression & Increase in suicide Rates:

When adults or people, who are in teenage are in depression.They commit suicide. Deaths in young age 14-19 mostly occur by suicide than heart diseases or other disease. Depression in this age not easily identify, Which cause increase in suicide rate. People or children, who are in depression face serious difficulties or problems in school, college also in family & personal adjustment.

Teenage Depression and Symptoms

Signs of depression in children & adolescents are impatient, bad mood, angst. They are not able to show, what they think or feel. Teenage is a time of emotional confusion, surprised mood, dark thoughts & high degree of sensitivity. It is a time to make changing in system, create new things, use new ideas & methods for betterment.Physicians are not only take care of patients also parents , teachers, friends, siblings & anyone, Who interact with patient on daily basis.

Teenage Depression is masked:

Symptoms of adult depression are like a masked to share the sadness, adults may show sate of being bored & usually suffer from irritability or may involved in risky activities. Bad mood in not only the symptom of depression , it may accompanied by other mental issues such as eating disorders, anxiety, unable to relax. Symptoms of depression are disorders of mood, sadness, hopelessness, withdrawal & thoughts of suicide, high changing in sleeping hour, lose interest in social & other activities, attacking behavior, irritation, fed-up from life, disruptive behavior etc.  Depression is a serious condition due to this people can’t enjoy their lives.

Teenage Depression and Symptoms

Depression can’t be easily diagnosis , but physiologic testing might be helpful in difficult presentations. Symptoms of depression varying from class to class, symptoms of depression in high class teenagers are low self-esteem, decrease in value of popularity, Compete with peers in luxury items, teenagers from poor families may depressed by less support by parents, Carrier problems, low slandered life, decrease in resources etc. These symptoms cause disruptive behavior, suicide, damage themselves, lose friends & supporters.

What do the westerns say about teenagers depression:

How can physicians deal with depressed patients western psychiatrist plan the way or method to identified depression is “Screen out the vulnerable groups of children & adolescents for the risk factors of suicide & then refer them for treatment”. Factors which caused by depression include commit suicide with in few months, disorders of mood also indication of attomption at suicide, excessive alcohol etc.  Physicians have suggested to way of treatment “Psychotherapy & medication”. Psychotherapy is a method to treat depressed people . It is a psychological methods without uses of medicines & operations, in this method patient treated well by giving them advice & encouragement.

In medication, medicines are used for treatment sometime medication may be necessary for patients rather than psychotherapy. Teenagers can successfully cross the barriers and obstacles, Which lie in the path of their success, Some of them found it difficult for themselves, friends & other people who caring them to improve their well-being & encourage them.