5 Best Blog writing Tips and Tricks

Blog writing Tips:

Writing blog is not like eating apple,This takes quest and time. Blog writing is such an art, Majority of blogger are not aware from it. Creative mind can creates creative blogs, So here everyone is better than others. Almost bloggers do many mistakes during writing articles. Because of these inaccuracy, bad effect is created in the user’s mind. Then user want to get rid out of this cobweb. To avoid that situation, We need to improve blog writing. Blog writing tips will make you able to improve blog writing with accuracy. Let’s see, the blog writing tips are as following,

Blog writing tips

Straight-forward Content:

Content is king in blog writing. Content should be grammatically correct and purge from duplication. Try to make straight-forward and short sentence for reader better understanding. Short paragraphs look pretty and easier for reading. Avoid to repeating sentence in an article. Keep remember that, content length should be up-to 400 words. Don’t utilize redundant slang inside content paragraphs. Divide the whole article in different stages for better understanding.Describe the whole article as an interesting story, So the reader will enjoy during reading it.

Headings and titles:

Headings and title are the part of highlighted places on articles. Titles describes the theme of entire article so, title should be catchy and short. Sometimes writers ignore that aspect then they don’t get positive feedback from user side.

Attraction with Images:

Images are used to describing the article scenario. Usage of images in article increase the visitors on site and increase the user concentration. Always give preference neat and clean images without any blur. Image size should be slandered size. Don’t use copyrighted images because it violates the rules.

Internal Linking:

Interlinking will help the user to understand the words depth. Must interlink your specific keywords during writing article. Actually internal linking is the magnificent aspect of Search engine optimization. Internal-linking decrease the bounce rate because internal-linking increase site pageviews.

Seo Factors:

Seo factors are essential aspect of blog writing. Especially meta-title, description and tags are crucial feed for search engines. Search engines takes your given or provided meta information (titles and description) then display in search results. Meta information should be relevant with content criteria. XML Sitemap and robots file are another finest on-page Seo factors. Anchor text on hyperlinks is also important for user perspective. If you are WordPress user then install and step-up WordPress Seo By Yoast, this plugin accomplish all aspects of Seo.

Above blog writing tips are necessary for each article. Hopefully, these important points will help you to make your blog best than your competitors. You can enhance your knowledge about Seo through read 5 things that will improve organic Seo. For more query or help, leave a comment. 😉

3 Best Email Marketing Tips and Secrets

Email Marketing Tips:

If we think as a professional blogger perspective, Traffic is a big enough way to generate handsome revenue. Email marketing is the magnificent medium of traffic. Here is few finest email marketing tips, that will help you to generate organic traffic on your blog. Some bloggers complain that his site have not enough traffic and day by day gonna down constantly.

Email Marketing Tips

Publishing post daily is not only way to maximize the traffic. Email marketing is the source of conveying your message on every person doorstep.

Three best email marketing tips are following as,

  1. Target Audience
  2. Attractive deal offering
  3. Time & Consistency

Target Audience:

Audience is the genuinely traffic, whose we need. We must target our audience before broadcast emails. Therefore, it is our first priority to target audience for our newsletter updates. Target audience could be men or women, 18 plus or below the age, category persons like doctor, beauty salon, students etc. These are mandatory terms, whose we need to follow. Must target USA, UK, Canada audience because they have worth.

Target Audience in email marketing

First you think as itself, what actually you are offering in emails. Is this for kids, teenagers, adults or upper persons then sorting your email list. Content should be relevant with your human category don’t send mathematics assignments to doctor because there is totally confusion.You can send mathematics assignments to students because this category definitely match with student criteria. Always try to think as a user doctrine.

Attractive Deal Offering:

Consumer always thinks his own benefit first, because it’s a part of human nature. As I said above, think as a user. Deals and offers always attract user and grab his mind, free services like weight loss calculators on beauty sites, site rank checker tools and gadgets etc.

Attractive deal offering in email marketing

E-Commerce sites could offer saving money on various things like “buy one get one free”. Here is hundred of examples to express the deal and offers criteria.

Time & Consistency:

As everyone better know this word “time is money”. Before broadcasting email, You should keep in mind, Is you sending emails time meet with chosen country working time. Because working hours is more important and matter. If you broadcast email in non-working hours like (night,mid night, evening) so, bounce rate will be high and CTR would be low.

time and consistency in email marketing

Other thing is consistency, Majority of bloggers ignore consistency and not send emails on regular basis, Resultant they lose active users and his activities. So as a professional, now it’s our responsibility to keep update our users with every minute.


Newsletter design or template design also matter and put impact on user. Don’t ignore designing procedure, Attractive templates attract users that you serving better than your competitors. Connect your social network with newsletter. Read the email marketing relevant article “What is MailChimp and its features“. Newsletter should be simple not complicated and to the point. If you like further assistance regarding email marketing tips then discuss it below. 😉

Importance Of Female Education

Importance Of Female Education:

This is an age of learning and awareness.No country can make progress without active participation of female in all fields.The education of female  is as important as of male.In fact education of women is more important than that of men.This is because, they play the most important role in bringing up their children.We cannot ignore the importance of female education.Female education is necessary for the progress of any country because of this we cannot ignore of the female education.

Female education

We are living in an age of equality and women’s emancipation.Now,women are working shoulder to shoulder with men,in almost all walks of life.Education is the back-bone in the body of progress and development.Women are half of the population.No society or country can face the challenges of the modern age without education its major part of population.Children remain in the company of mothers,most of the time.Women are more loving and understanding with children.That is why;they can be very helpful in educating their families,if they are literate.

Women Play Different Role in The Society:

An educated female can better run the affairs of her family than an illiterate woman.She can look after her children,if there is some kind of emergency situation in life.Islam has made it compulsory for every man and woman to get education .The government should provide opportunities so that women may get education at their doorsteps.In western developed countries,women are not only getting education of their choice but also working in every field of life.They are doctors,engineers,pilots,judges,lawyers,businesswomen and even soldiers too.

We Find Women In Every  Field Of Life:

Now-a-day,almost all fields are open for competent and educated women.They are playing their constructive roles in education,medicine,agriculture,politics,social sector,culture, technology and science,nursing and so on.

Today,women are considered the part and parcel of civilized societies.Without their active participation,the dream of a progressive society cannot be fulfilled.Today,they are not mere the object of romantic poets but ideals for world of reality and matter.They have been recognized in all fields of life.Education is the first condition to make progress in life.So,they must be given the right to get education of their own choice.

The Life & Thoughts Of Socrates

Thoughts Of Socrates:

Today we will interact on “Thoughts of Socrates and its facts”.Socrates was one of the most respected philosopher in the 5th century B.C. He was not studying about culture fashion and other matters that are considered socially important. He was the most interesting and influential thinker,Whose message was effective conclusion to  transformed the entire enterprise. He learnt art of using language effectively & method of reasoning & reaching conclusions by considering theories & ideas of sophists, ideas of Ionian & the culture of Periclean Athens. He also knew the logical tricks developed for a new purpose.

Thoughts of Socrates

The achievement of truth , he had willingness to change everything in question, everything gave him idea about the critical philosophy.

Philosophy cover all fields such as knowledge, morality, thoughts, virtual, nature, immorality, relation between body & soul & about how people should live.

To know Socrates, We have to depend upon his students:

Socrates was a great public teacher & also well-known for his casual & informal talkative skills in his own time. He wrote nothing about his knowledge, unfortunately for getting information about his personality, We have depend upon his students, Plato & Kenophon were best students of Socrates. Plato had information about the last day of Socrates’s life. At the last day of his life, He claimed that philosophy was more important practice for obtaining used to death & dying. They had detailed information of his methods & results. But confusion is that, Plato was a philosopher , he injected his theories into dialogues.

Family life of Socrates:

Socrates was born in Athens , he was the son of Sophroniscus. He got his basic education in music literature & gymnastic. Socrates had trust on superiority of statement of convince people with opinion &  he spent great part of his life in Athens in the public & marketplace. Socrates had not good or attractive personality, short stature but he was good hardy and self-controlled person. He fully enjoyed his life, he devoted his life for the achievement of his valuable goals & also achieved social popularity.

Attitude towards politics:

Socrates had too much interest in politics, he controlled politics activities in the direction that he want , he had thoughts that by philosophy & teaching he could serve best service for his country. He involved in teaching activities due  to  this Socrates did not record his philosophy in form of books, articles or in any other form. His way of teaching was based on philosophy subject like self-knowledge, love, thinking of doing right, justice. He believed that no person have bad habits, this weakness come in a person in result of ignorance.

His trial:

Socrates was a patriot & had deep belief on religion, at that time there were many people, who disliked Socrates attitude for the Athenian blamed that he was nevertheless committed a crime & establish new religion. He was charged because of introducing new god or goddess, ought the gods of Athens state, he was also charged due to misguided. The principle of democracy to the young people, he was in mistake to identified with Sophists. This might be possible because a comic poet Aristophanes made fun to his ideas or feelings in his play. The clouds as the master of a “thinking shop”.

Plato sorry gives the importance tot he main idea of the defense made by Socrates, it was the idea of his life , he was agreed to executed due to small majority of Athens’s people. He took court’s death sentences as a joke, a group of people who listen the facts about his crime was so angered with his death penalty because Socrates had great value as a best philosopher who had a mission to do something good for his country.

His friends wanted to escaped him from the punished of death, but he follow the law & die. Socrates mission “No one is wiser than you” his goals of life is to help people to get self-knowledge, he made public discussion of the main of life that knowledge & virtue is very important of the success of human life. “The unexamined life is not worth living”.

Top 10 Social Bookmarking Sites For Seo

Social Bookmarking Sites:

Social Bookmarking emerged in 1996 and now it has become the task of webmasters or Seo. Social bookmarking sites not store data itself, they just pass reference in the shape of links and meta-information like description, title and tagging. Social Bookmarking sites provide the interface to his user for rating and commenting on that post, which we had submitted few minutes ago.

Top 10 social bookmarking sites

Social Bookmarking sites is the crucial factor of Search Engine Optimization. Social Bookmarking is essential because high volume of sites links/backlinks, can take return good capacity of traffic and also increase Google Page Rank in search engine. Now it became the trends of Seo. Here we will revealing that, Top 10 Social Bookmarking sites with the short introduction of sites criteria. Before declare the top bookmarking sites, We need to clear few things. whose sites that we will showing, whose rank can be updated with the passage of time. Hopefully, You will already familiar with few sites. Now look at the following list of Social Bookmarking Sites list;


Everyone know that name and have enough experience with that. No-doubt, You can be a player of Facebook. But this can be possible that you are not aware with this totally. Facebook have 750 million+ approximate monthly user and have an honor of world largest social network. Facebook also considered as a social bookmarking site. Because Here we share or submit link on timelines and largest pages or groups. We also interact with our friends and send link to friends though chatting. Here is numerous of sources that can become the reason of link submission on Facebook. Now don’t be late and start it today.


Twitter is also familiar name and one of the second largest social networking platform. Twitter has 300 approximate monthly user with the most popular social networking platform. Twitter Alexa  rank Globally is 8 and rank in unites states is 7 and now you can estimate its popularity. Twitter also similar like Facebook but little bit different. You can simply submit you daily sites link in the shape of tweets. More followers means more traffic and more traffic is equivalent to more revenue. Start your journey with twitter instantly.

Google Plus:

Google plus is my favorite social bookmarking site network, Behind this, numerous reasons but Google plus is well-efficient and Honorable social platform. Google plus is considered as a third largest social network with 150 million+ approximate monthly users. Google plus is also important in the perspective of Seo. Google plus still showing posts on search results that’s why his users getting traffic on his sites. Almost bloggers ignore the presence of Google plus, I have a message for all of them “Don’t ignore Organic traffic”.


Pinterest is an interesting social bookmarking site that, which have numerous categories with numerous boards. Yes, Here we create main board and insert numbers of pins inside in it. One pin is considered as a one link submission. You can create own boards and add your followers in it. You can keep update your follower with create new pins daily. Pinterest 250 million+ approximate monthly users. Pinterest have 26 globally Alexa rank and 16 Alexa rank in united states. Join this finest social network.


Tumblr is a micro-blogging platform, where everyone can start his blog journey. Tumblr also known as popular social bookmarking site. Tumblr provide the blogging interface for his users to start short form of blog and share multimedia type things. Tumblr have 115 million+ approximate monthly users. Tumblr have 36 globally Alexa rank and 15 Alexa rank in united states. You can also create a blog on tumblr and share photos, videos, articles etc. Now, Create a blog on tumblr.


Reddit is another popular internet front page and social community. Reddit have 40 million+ approximate monthly users. Reddit have 38 globally Alexa rank and 10 Alexa rank in united states. But keep remember that, Reddit have strict polices for users. Follow them otherwise they will drop your submission even your domain in spam box. You can submit 2-3 links/per day,don’t submit bulk of link because there is some restrictions. Simply add links and choose maximum users category then submit it. Almost bloggers don’t avail benefits from Reddit network, because they don’t have enough knowledge about this. Actually Reddit is pure bookmarking site that’s why mostly peoples don’t understand its criteria, You need to spend two or three days then you will be familiar with this. Yet, If you are not a part of Reddit community then join it today.


StumbleUpon is a discovery engine that finds new website, blogs, photos and also videos. StumbleUpon show recommend websites, photos or videos to his users. StumbleUpon is also include in pure social bookmarking sites. Everyone can be the part of this magnificent community. You can also share your daily blog post reference/links here with short descriptions and tagging. StumbleUpon is a great way to drive huge traffic on your site. StumbleUpon have 30 million+ approximate monthly users. StumbleUpon have 204 globally Alexa rank with great appearance in search result. You could be the next person of this community.


Digg is a current news and fresh articles talking about social bookmarking site. Digg also submit links, articles and videos etc. Digg has much appearance in search results. Digg 70 million+ approximate monthly users. Digg have 598 globally Alexa rank and 458 Alexa rank in united states. You can create your Digg account through Facebook and twitter profiles, just switch your social accounts with Digg then enjoy it.


Folkd is also similar like delicious but folked is premium. Folkd is not free like above, they charge 1$/per month. Folkd is used to submit references and links submission. Peoples see your links submission and visit your site, if they like it. Folkd have good appearance on search engines. Folkd have 3.5 million+ approximate monthly users. Folkd have 2,819 globally Alexa rank and 295 Alexa rank in India. Become a member of Folkd community.


Delicious is also similar like Reddit and others social bookmarking sites. Delicious is used to submit links and daily updates or easy to use interface. Delicious also provide the following or subscription system for people’s interaction. Delicious have 2 million+ approximate monthly users.Delicious have 1,514 globally Alexa rank and 2,968 Alexa rank in united states. Delicious also have enough appearance in search engines results. You can take advantage of delicious, to become the member of delicious.

Let us know, Are you getting benefits from these top social bookmarking sites. If you want to know the secret of huge traffic, Must read 5 things that will improve Organic Seo. For further assistance to us, leave your comment below. 😉

How to Enable Gzip Compression For Website

Gzip Compression For Page Speed:

The biggest and common problem with developers & bloggers is that, Webpage speed.Because page loading speed put enough impact on users. Almost bloggers facing this tragic situation. Including me in 2012, when I started my blog journey. This was incredible experience. Page speed is also matter on your website performance and site quality. Search engines also preference quick/instant load pages.

How to Enable Gzip Compression

Gzip compression compress HTML, CSS and java files even your site images. Gzip compression reduce the file size and increase the page loading speed. Gzip compression save 40 to 60% loading time and also file size. If you are a WordPress user then recommend you to give preference w3 total cache plugin and also Gzip. Both are reliable and recommended. Now I will show that, How you can enable Gzip compression and reduce your page loading speed and get positive feedback from your users/readers/visitors side. Note the website speed before & after enable gzip, Then you can estimate the differ both of them.

Enable Gzip Compression using .htaccess file:

We will enable gzip through .htaccess file from server-side. For this task Goto or Login inside your Cpanel then Goto ->File manager and open .htaccess name file. then simply grab or copy the below code and past inside .htaccess file.

# Start Gzip Compression Code

mod_gzip_on Yes
mod_gzip_dechunk Yes
mod_gzip_item_include file .(html?|txt|css|js|php|pl)$
mod_gzip_item_include handler ^cgi-script$
mod_gzip_item_include mime ^text/.*
mod_gzip_item_include mime ^application/x-javascript.*
mod_gzip_item_exclude mime ^image/.*
mod_gzip_item_exclude rspheader ^Content-Encoding:.*gzip.*

# END Gzip Compression Code

After paste the above code, Again save the .htaccess file. Open new window in your browser and check your site speed. Hopefully, Now this will work fantastic !!

You need to check your site on Gzip compression checker for conformation that, it is enabled or not. Also check and analyze your site speed & page loading time through Pingdom tool. Both are user-friendly and free to use it.

To being professional, you need to adopt professional skills and techniques. If you are interested to decrease your site loading speed then image optimization is the one and crucial factor. Gzip compression doesn’t put effect on server files. Gzip compression also save your site bandwidth that’s means it is saving you money. Now for dispute on that topic, you can comment below. 🙂

Importance Of Reading in Our Life

Importance Of Reading:

We know that, books has great importance for humans. We cannot ignore the importance of reading. Who’s people do not understood the importance of reading, they cannot get the wealth of knowledge. Behind developing countries importance of reading has great part.

Importance of reading

A room without books,is like a body without soul.

A truly scholar man will feel like a fish out of water, when he is not in library. A book lover does not fall a prey boredom. He is not friendless man because books are best friends.

A good book is a good friend in solitude as well as in gathering.

Libraries are centers of learning. Knowledge and wisdom. The habit of reading makes people able to get pleasure. Look at the West, their libraries are their power centers, where people are empowered with intellect and knowledge. But, some people are devoid habit of reading. That is why, students confine themselves only to textual books with selective studies.

Libraries present a scene of wilderness. Books in libraries seem to be prisoners imprisoned in glass-cases. By reading and developing the habit of study, We can be benefited in so many ways. In libraries, we can read books of our choice or taste. By book reading, we can entertained. We can pleasure along with intellect and wisdom.

A hobby a day keeps the doldrums away“.

Books Are The Major Source Of Getting Knowledge:

Some people like to read stories and fictions while some like to read poetry.There are a few people who like to do research work by visiting libraries. Some people like to read religious stuff. In short, everyone has his own taste. Books in libraries will quench the thirst of knowledge of the people if they are interested in them. Some young people read cheap kind of literature, Which develop immoral and vulgar behavior in them. Aged and old people like to read serious kind of literature for their pleasure.All these people are equally served by libraries.Islam also make us inclined toward getting knowledge by all means.Books area major source of getting knowledge. The teaching of the”Holy Quran” and “Hades Sharif” make us inclined repeatedly toward getting knowledge by all means.


By summing up, In any era, we cannot ignore the importance of reading. We can say that libraries, books and the habit of study are sources of pleasure. If people are attached to libraries, Society will flourish in wisdom and intellect. Although, this is the age of internet, yet the books have still very much importance. Students should read books as a hobby. This hobby will give them pleasure. 🙂

Economics a tool Of suppression

Economics a tool Of suppression:

In our society many people have habits to upsetting or annoying the other people, such people have antisocial habits. When the political & legal system of a country such as to choice of such people then all economic condition would collapse because all organization do illegal work because of force. Economy of a country under the threatens of such personalities.

Economics a tool Of suppression

Anti – social characters become a serious problem for society, In this society economics is one of the major problem. Anti-social nature people have been making a net to make complicated economic situation for the societies by using wrong interpretations, which result ends of socialism. Today such anti-social elements make economic to be blunt.

Understanding of economics is a prerequisite for achieving total freedom in the society:

For the getting freedom in the society economics is important to understand. Today everyone face the problems, number of problems are increase in society as time goes. Everyone trying to find the answer of such question: How can i Live ? But answer of this question can be easily found by understanding the concept of “Economics”.

Economics is the way in which money, industry & trade are organized in a society. Anyone can easily understand the basic principles of economics but unfortunately with the increase in the number of men, broad stature of government, big group of banks, see it very helpful to make it unknown for other. This is very ought to be ashamed himself. They do it for their selves & deny many other people.

Nine-tenths of life depend on economics & remaining one-tenth based on social or political, if anti-social personalities freely move in the world then they make people unhappy.

Capitalism a destroy system:

Capitalism destroy the economy of any country. In this system society based on interest by loaning from financial institutions. Capitalism is a system in which property, business & industry are own by private individuals & not by the state.

Capitalism destroy all system of country, this system had no energy & liveliness people not take active part in economy activities. Society system totally consist on mortgage & did not run its activities cleverly. When people take loan from financial & other institutions they pay interest on such loan, but when the failed to run their business successfully than they can’t pay interest as well as amount of loan or when they run business successfully then profit of the business is taxed each year. So, that business man is not able to renew its machinery, increase its capital, expand the scope of his business. World gets poorer in capitalism system.

Communism is an illegal attempt by a group to people to change country’s political system. It fights against the capitalism by become the system which based on the principles of capitalism.  Socialism is an other concept it is the set of people who are the member of political parties. This group of people create a system in which everyone has a n equal opportunity to get benefits from country’s resources. In this system main industries of a country owned by the state. We can decide about the economics that,

  1. There might be a subject known as economics.
  2. There is a confusion about total ownership.

It’s up to state, what concept choose for society. No subject itself has bad effect but misuses of the subject, which create trouble. In the developing countries in some areas poverty rate is very high, mothers commit suicide because of the price of bread, rent & wages can’t fulfill their needs, ratio of poverty is increase due to wrong circulation of money, Which cause “inflation & deflation”.

An inflation is increase in the price of goods & services in a country. A deflation is a reduction in economic activity that leads to lower level of industrial output , employment, investment, trade, profit & prices. No one economist & philosopher find the solution of economic problems.


Anti-social personalities destroy the world economic system, only one solution to protect economic system is that, don’t help anti-social personalities & never work for them. Only work for honest leaders.

Democracy versus Dictatorship

Democracy versus Dictatorship:

In this article, we will interact on “Democracy versus Dictatorship”.When you choose or select candidate by voting right for to run country system. These people are from different political parties, which we select by voting for them in election. These people might be from those parties, which you dislike. In dictatorship only one political part governed rules & regulations in dictatorship very strict person from army or by forced rules in a country.

Democracy versus Dictatorship

Many people are in favor of democracy & some feel that dictatorship is best. In dictatorship system decision are made quickly. Benefits provide from both economy & military people can’t decide things for themselves, people with power have rights to control other people’s actions. In democracy system people from different parties ruled in different areas for which they are selected by votes. People have also right to make decision or to contribute in political system.

Nations that have democratic system face lot of face, or behavior. Which is intended to hurt, restrictions or limitation faced by army on the other hand nations. Who have democracy system enjoy freedom, high standards of living & other facilities.

Reasons to Invite Dictatorship:

When political, economic & social system of a country is upset or out of control them dictatorship occur. Many countries face dictatorship system, In Pakistan, due to instability of political system many dictator ruled many times. In this system decision are made quickly & efficiently because it is not multiparty system. Few numbers of people involved in decision-making. The leader or controller from the army , Who governed a country decides new polices, makes new laws. This system helps people to overcome their confusion about economy instability in past. Organized plans for the benefits of their country , used the methods to motivate people to meet or achieved goals.A strong & capable dictator encourage military other countries have fear of attacking.

Dictatorship Glorification:

In dictatorship only one party control all political & economic system also control social life. This system improve literacy rate. every sector rapidly developed. In dictatorship people have no rights to elect the leader to their choice, also have not freedom to develop their own views or make implement in their ideas,  no one can go against dictatorial system. Living standards of people influenced by dictator. They can’t live freely, Mostly laws made in dictator against the public’s desires.

Glorification of a leader in a dictatorship is a method to make confirm that people of a country are faithful & agree that government in power. Some people are in favor of dictatorial system. They think that, this system is more efficient & beneficial for country’s economy, political & social system. This system loses the enthusiasm of other countries from attacking & also make citizen of country afraid from rebelling. Dictatorship system sometime very successful in many countries.

Democracy & Its fruits:

In democratic system people freely decide, Which people are best for them. People have right to spoken that what is going to against them. In democracy system government allow people to help in making decisions . Democracy is come from rules of logic, laws & rules are made in democracy system according to public opinion.

Political rights, political equality, right to elect leader. This facilities & opinions give to the public in democratic system. People have freedom to develop their own views and ideas. All political parties make decisions & new polices for the betterment of economy. This system also encourages people to work hard for the benefits of the country.

In democracy system leaders try to build good relations with neighboring countries. Democracy system meet the needs of public acceptance, result in high living standard than dictatorship. According to George Bernard show:-

Democracy is a device that ensure we shall be governed no better than we deserve.George Bernard


Democracy is better than dictatorship because freedom of nation is ultimate important for the success of nation, Low living standards is result of dictatorship. Friedrich W.Nietzsche saying about freedom is,

People demand freedom only when they have no power.Friedrich W.Nietzsche

In democracy people face no restrictions & limitations.

Psychology Of Fashion

Psychology Of Fashion Introduction:

In this article, We will learn about “Psychology Of Fashion” and its appearance.Psychology is the scientific study of human minds & the reason for people’s behavior. It is the situation of a man’s mind that he has, which makes him think or behave in the way that he want to do. Sometime people act out the role that are connected with their characteristics, Which are differ from others & place in society. This is ingeniously designed to provide new ideas or methods that how we look like in society & what position,we have taken.

Psychology Of Fashion

Companies want that its employees act as successful & professionalism employees. As employee, who is  not doing act according to roles or position, which society required from him then society tend not to trust him. In this result customer lose trust on him & feedback of retailer from such employee is negative.

Beliefs Regarding Impressive Displays:

For high living standard or for shinning future people have to work. A person, who has high goals or standard from him/her self, face many difficulties to find employment. Such Peoples set high goals of their selves but they have no knowledge, how they can mange their appearance. For the job first impression is very important, knowledge, attitude, character etc will not caught the attention, good appearance & well dress person attract the panel. They hire or select only those person, who can manage their personal appearance.

Women are consider best for employment but they can easily manage their appearance according to the job requirement. They wear pants, wearing makeup even, good styling hair. Women do such formal things because these are the symbol, Which send a message to others that they have proper social position. After getting job, people have different interest, styles, appearance, responsibilities.

Appearance is Considered Better Than Knowledge:

From childhood to being an adult or parent give us confidence that we are able, We can do everything. Which is better for us or our society, when we come to actual age of maturity, efforts of our parents help us in job. Well dress is one of the form of expression, for seeking the job appearance focused firstly. Knowledge help in doing work. Without good appearance knowledge of candidate is useless. Employer appreciated unique appearance & also knowledge & offered high level of job. A person, whose appearance unique from others employers gives them chance to do other work. They are doing only one task, they do different roles due to this their knowledge in every department or experience increase. Every profession required good personality because people impressed with dressing. Unfortunately, knowledge of an individual ignored in the process of selection, in this result right people not selected for right job.